Expose / Exposure deluxe edition


Cherry Pop will release dance/pop group Expose‘s 1987 debut album Exposure as a two-CD deluxe edition in January 2015.

Although the group never found mainstream commmercial success in the UK, Exposure was massive in the US and the album spawned four top ten singles Stateside, including the number one hit Seasons Change.

This double-disc deluxe edition features 19 bonus tracks largely made up of radio edits and extended remixes. Eight of them are said to appear on CD for the first time including two PWL mixes of Point of No Return.

Exposure is reissued on 19 January 2015.

Track listing

Disc: 1
1. Come Go With Me
2. Let Me Be the One
3. Exposed to Love
4. Season’s Change
5. Extra Extra
6. Point of No Return
7. Love Is Our Destiny
8. I Know You Know
9. You’re the One I Need
10. December
11. Point of No Return (1985 Single Version)*
12. Exposed to Love (Single Mix)
13. Come Go With Me (Single Mix)
14. December (Single Version)*
15. Point of No Return (1987 Single Version)
16. Let Me Be the One (Remix Edit/Single Version)
17. Season’s Change (Radio Mix)
18. Point of No Return (PWL 7″ Remix)*

Disc: 2
1. Exposed to Love (Extended Mix)
2. Come on Go With Me (Extended Mix)
3. Point of No Return (Extended Mix)
4. Let Me Be the One (Extended Remix)
5. Season’s Change (Extended Mix)
6. Come on Go With Me (Radio Mix)*
7. Point of No Return (Crossover Mix)*
8. Let Me Be the One (Crossover Mix)*
9. Season’s Change (Crossover Mix)*
10. Point of No Return (PWL UK Extended Mix)*
11. Let Me Be the One (UK Remix)

*Previously unreleased on CD

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Expose’s first album was release on a deluxe edition, but some tracks are missing, some versions; Como Dub with me, Dub Of No Return (Strikes Again), Expose to love Dub ….


The 3-CD reissue of What You Don’t Know is fantastic. The sound is leaps and bounds ahead of the original CD. Bring on a reissue of the third album!

Ian Ryder

Can someone settle an argument I’m having with myself in my head? There are no blokes in drag on the sleeve of this CD, correct?


Why no post about Expose’s “What You Don’t Know” 3 CD deluxe edition? It is set to release Aug 18th and is available for pre-order. 45 tracks including previously unreleased remixes and demo’s. This looks like an amazing release. Just wanna get the word out.


Lewis Martinee shared Cherry Pop’s post saying that “What You Don’t Know” Deluxe will be released in August. Can’t wait.

Amy Green

Extra! Extra! Exposé’ fans will be super excited to know that Exposé’ creator/songwriter/musician/producer is working on a 3-disc Special Edition of the second studio album by Exposé’: ‘What You Don’t Know’! Read all about it: http://www.noecho.net/interviews/lewis-martinee-producer-expose-pet-shop-boys-debbie-gibson-cover-girls


@Amy Green – Awwwee Yeahhhh. Finally!!!! I can’t wait.


I didn’t see anything about the special edition in that interview. Did I miss it somewhere? I did email the girls last week and they responded saying they believe it is coming shortly.


I see it now. Somehow I missed on my first read through. Very exciting that it’s gonna be 3 disks. I wonder what kind of goodies they have in store for us? Been hoping for this since the first album was re released. They did such a good job with that one. I have kind of made my own “What You Don’t Know” deluxe but it’s only 2 disks and I thought I had every mix that was available. So guessing there are gonna be a few surprises.


Has anyone received theirs yet? Just wondering how it sounds. For some reason mine was not shipped until January 26th one week after the release date. So I won’t be getting it until mid February. Very excited to hear it. I hope the remastering is good.

[…] Expose / Exposure (2CD […]


This looks FANTASTIC. I am disappointed that the Megamix was not included. That was the very first thing I looked for when I saw the track listing. Is there a chance it could be remastered and offered as a download? I’m sure many other fans will agree…that is a must have when putting this collection together. Thanks for the consideration and looking forward to owning this.

F. Nieuwenhuis

I think it will be released on 19 January 2015!!!!!!


These girls certainly deserve some attention. They were were all over US radio in the late ’80’s.

I want a deluxe version of their self-titled album and their Greatest Hits also! Can’t wait to hear what else is coming.


So excited for this release, Vinny! I’m so hoping that one of those future surprises include a deluxe edition of Expose’s second album, What You Don’t Know.


Do we know if it has been remastered? I don’t see that mentioned anywhere.


Expose were really big on US radio, and definitely in the clubs. Looking forward to this release. I already have it on preorder. The mixes look great!!


Never heard of this girl trio, though nice pop, but why oh why don’t Cherry Pop/Cherry Red keep to releasing much better albums? How about expanded editions of albums by 1980s bands such as Amazulu (debut album), Animal Nightlife, Big Sound Authroity, Dead Or Alive (2nd and 3rd albums), Farmer’s Boys (2nd album), Fiat Lux, Fra Lippo Lippi, General Public, Kissing The Pink (2nd and 3rd albums), Pookah Makes 3, Private Lies, Reflex, Savage Progress, Wang Chung, When In Rome??? Come on, there is so much great music from the 1980s that needs be re-released as expanded 2/3 disc editions with extended versions, remixes and b-sides added!!!

Dan H

I don’t disagree that there are many albums that need to be reissued in deluxe formats. No disrespect but just because you have never heard of this trio doesn’t mean it’s less significant. Expose were very popular here in the U.S. in the mid to late 80’s and its a welcome release I’m looking forward to.


Yes, but all the 1980s bands and groups I have mentioned did get singles into the UK Chart, unlike Expose.

Dan H



Well… Exposé has some hits in the UK at the time if I remember well… Their album “What You Don’t know” had its success there, isn’t it ? Anyway, with that wonderful latino sound (you can hear it on PSB’s Domino Dancing), it ‘s a big surprise and a big pleasure to see it there !

Don’t know much of the bands you listed (To me , DOA, kissing the pink and Wang Chung are wanted, but the others…) Maybe they will come at one point … And none of them are girls band such as Exposé was …

Vinny , thanks for your answer ! I’m really thrilled to see those mixes ! the only missing I saw when looking deeper is the “Point Of No Return – Original 1985 extended version” which has differents singers -and a different mix) than the 1987 Extended mix…


Always loved this album an never understood why they never made it in uk


Vinny, learn to love dubs!! Still missing those Breathe ones :)


Not liking “new” mixes on these kind of re-issues. But the Phil Harding mix of PONR was on my wish list for a while.

Vinny Vero

There are no “new” mixes on this collection, Ronald. You can sleep soundly at night. :)


I can confirm that this tracklisting is not final, because a good friend of mine is doing a remix for it that is not listed. Expect an updated tracklist as it gets closer.

Vinny Vero

I know your friend very well. :) His track is not a part of this collection. You’re going to give people a heart attack! LOL! The tracklisting above is final. There are a few surprises in store. The future shall reveal all!


Any news on what the future holds? Hoping that they will re-release “What You Don’t Know.”


I would really love to see the 2nd album remastered also. Has anyone heard anything?


yes !!! what a wonderful girls band !!! Their 3 albums are worth it !

I’m not sure but I think, that as usual, some mixes are missing, but i’m really delighted to find the tiro’s back !

Vinny Vero

Hi, Kiki! I can tell you that no vocal mixes are missing. All of the 7″, 12″ and radio mixes are featured on this collection. Due to time constraints, we could not include the dubs or the megamix. We could only fit so much across two discs. However, we have some exciting things coming together and those tracks might appear elsewhere in the future.


Thanks for everything Vinny!