Extended 80s / new 3CD set


In May, Universal Music will release Extended 80s a three-CD compilation of classic extended remixes from pop’s classic era.

The selection is notable for including a few relative rarities, even if they are not as “sought after” as the blurb describes. John “Tokes” Potoker’s superb ‘Dance Mix’ of Peter Gabriel‘s Sledgehammer (famously absent from the So deluxe box) gets its first proper mainstream CD reissue and the ‘US Dub Mix’ of Tears For Fears‘ Shout is not commonly used on remix compilations.

Assuming the labelling is correct (it often isn’t) they may have missed a trick by opting for the ‘Extended Version’ of Alison Moyet‘s All Cried Out. That version has been available on the Alf CD for the last 30 years. The version on the second twelve-inch (QTA4757) called “The Remix” is a more creative reworking and hasn’t been issued on CD before.

Scritti Politti‘s Absolute remix was included on Salvo’s 2012 compilation Art of the 12″, Volume Two, while the ‘Extended Version’ of Sign Of The Times by The Belle Stars was on the third volume of the same series which was released in February this year.

Whether they are rare or not, this is an attractive collection. It includes the long versions of Wham!s Everything She Wants, The Cure’s Lullaby, Swing Out Sisters Breakout and Visage’s Fade To Grey (an 80s/new wave stalwart) amongst its 38 tracks (almost four hours running time). It is also a bargain at just over a tenner.

Extended 80s is released on 19 May 2014.

Track listing

Disc: 1

  • 1. Relax (12inch New York Mix) – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  • 2. Situation (Extended Version) – Yazoo
  • 3. Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (Extended Version) – Soft Cell
  • 4. Girls On Film (Night Version) – Duran Duran
  • 5. Everything She Wants (12inch Remix) – Wham!
  • 6. Don’t You Want Me (Oliver Lieb Extended Remix) – Human League
  • 7. Atomic (Diddy’s 12inch Mix) – Blondie
  • 8. Sledgehammer (Dance Mix) – Peter Gabriel
  • 9. It’s My Life (US Mix) – Talk Talk
  • 10. (Feels Like) Heaven (Extended Version) – Fiction Factory
  • 11. Absolute (Gary Langan Version) – Scritti Politti
  • 12. Shout (US Dub Version) – Tears For Fears

Disc: 2

  • 1. Lullaby (Extended Mix) – The Cure
  • 2. Spellbound (12inch Mix) – Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • 3. Pretty In Pink (Berlin Mix) – The Psychedelic Furs
  • 4. Never Stop (Discotheque Mix) – Echo & The Bunnymen
  • 5. Quiet Life (12inch Mix) – Japan
  • 6. Fade To Grey (Extended Version) – Visage
  • 7. Close To the Edit (Closely Closely, Enough’s Enough) – Art Of Noise
  • 8. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (Murder Mix) – Dead or Alive
  • 9. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Escape Act Video Mix) – Frankie Goes To Hollywood
  • 10. Diggin Your Scene (Long Version) – The Blow Monkeys
  • 11. Poison Arrow (US Remix) – ABC
  • 12. Really Saying Something (Extended Mix) – Bananarama feat Fun Boy Three
  • 13. Our House (12inch Extended Version) – Madness

Disc: 3

  • 1. Chant No.1 (12 inch Version) – Spandau Ballet
  • 2. Pull Up To The Bumper (12inch Remixed Version) – Grace Jones
  • 3. Sometimes (12inch Mix) – Erasure
  • 4. I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Extended Mix) – Nik Kershaw
  • 5. Love Of the Common People (Extended Version) – Paul Young
  • 6. Breakout (N.A.D Mix) – Swing Out Sister
  • 7. A New England (12inch) – Kirsty MacColl
  • 8. All Cried Out (Extended Version) – Alison Moyet
  • 9. Duel (Bitter-Sweet MIx) – Propaganda
  • 10. Genetic Engineering (Extended Mix) – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
  • 11. All Stood Still (12inch Version) – Ultravox
  • 12. Pacific State (Origin Mix) – 808 State
  • 13. Sign Of The Times (Extended 12inch Version) – The Belle Stars

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robert croxton jr.

will these somgs be available on the itunes store anytime soon?

[…] £5 – a third of the price with a third more content. In fact, Universal’s own recent Extended 80s three-CD collection (the one with the unreleased version of Peter Gabriel‘s Sledgehammer) is […]

I really don’t actually understand how I finished up in this article, nevertheless i imagined this kind of publish was great. I can’t identify who you are nonetheless definitely you will your famed doodlekit for many who may not be currently. Cheers!


On the theme of tracks for an 80’s 12″ wishlist I would like to hear decent versions of all of the 12″s by Leisure Process – particularly the stonking ‘A Way You’ll Never Be’.

Mike F

It sounds like I Won’t Let The Sun… is the 2nd version (NIKT4).

Also the 12″ of A New England is either a different mix, or has had one minute shaved off it.

Mike F

The clip sounds like the conventional mix.


Too bad. I’m looking for the first 1983 extended version.
Thanks for the additional info Mike.

Mike F

Regarding the 12″ mix of I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me, the 2nd version – as stated correctly by another Mike – is on the Human Racing remaster. It has some stutter editing at the beginning, and has some of Wouldn’t It Be Good dropped somewhere in the middle. The original (and IMHO much better) mix has clear vocal percussion throughout, no stutter editing, and no Wouldn’t It Be Good dropped in. I also agree that the 2nd mix of Dancing Girls should have been on there (at the expense of the other if necessary.) Wouldn’t It Be Good also has two remixes, and the best one was chosen in that case IMHO. I’ve never been keen on Drum Talk which also has 2 remixes, and I’m not in a position to rate that having not listened much to either remix.

[…] I told you about the three-CD Extended 80s compilation earlier this week? I think we were all quite excited that […]

simon s

@Daran very helpful, some great cross referencing by you! Cheers Simon


Wham ”Everything she wants” (12inch remix) is the same track that is on the Final album ??




The Sly Fox Lets go All the way multi mix is also on the reissue of Sly Fox – Lets Go All The Way (2002) which i have also includes the short blix mix , the diamond dub mix.


@ simon s

Re DM remixes. Yes they are the original 80’s mixes on the compilations (actually I think only the 1st remix set has 80’s mixes on – I would need to go and check my sleeve notes).

There are dates listed against the mixes and some are dated as 80’s, plus I am wading through the amazing Depeche Mode – Monumental book which had all the releases and catalogue numbers from UK/Germany/US and the mixes on the remix CD’s tie in with those shown in the book by name and remixer.

Hope that helps.


My recollection is that Human Racing has the 1984 ext version not the 1983 ext version. He also missed the second Dancing Girls mix, wasnt happy!


Sony’s Legacy label released a pretty good digital compilation in March- 80s 100 Remixes. Some gems on there, though a few tracks are just album versions. Only £8.99 on Sainsburys.


Thanks for the tip-off. It’s also on Spotify which means you can sift out your personal favourites.


I quite like the mix of songs on this but I’m not sure enough to buy. Some great suggestions listed above, I’d love to see some of the should have been big groups like Fiat Lux, Secession (‘Michael’), This Island Earth (either of their only two fantastic singles) or Leisure Process. Just something a bit different. The master tapes may be long gone though due to these bands being some of those that tended to hit just outside that mightily important Top 40 chart position at the time!


@Gary Kevorkian did the US 12″ mix for hipsway not the reissued 12″. There are three 12″ mixes for ask The Lord.

Falco’s do it again is one of shep pettibone’s best ever mixes. I also was disappointed that b&j were not able to secure the license from WB records but that so80s set was superb, no complaints!

Thanks for these obscure 12″ recommendations, all. I have not heard Secession, It’s Immaterial or Furniture mixes. Will have to check those out.


There’s a mix of Let’s Go All The Way titled ‘Multimix’ on a 3cd dutch comp from the mid 2000s called 80s Extended that has bits of We Will Rock You in it, terrible sound quality though. Also, if anyone is looking for the 12” mix of Brilliant Mind it’s on the reissue of Furniture’s ‘The Wrong People’ album from 2010 and the 2011 comp. 12”/80s Alternative


Hahaha, let me answer this one for you, Neil! They wanted their compilations to be “Extended” from the “80s” into the “90s”, I think :D


Why do compilers slip in the Diddy remix of Atomic, which is from 1995? Not exactly a true reflection of the 80s.


I also don’t get it. It’s the second time at least that I see this 95 remix (which doesn’t even sound 80s. If at least it did…!) issued on a pure 80s compilation. Wtf?


But they could’ve included The new disco mix which was basically an extension of the original 7″ and album version. It was on the 1995 cd single. I think it was specially created for that release. it sounds so much better and more like the original versions.


Would love to see the Shep Pettibone remixes of Falco’s “Do It Again” some day. As licensing rights are unclear, Blank&Jones were not able to get these mixes for the ‘So80s presents Falco’ 2CD-release in 2012.


@Cal – great idea, loud whoop!

I used to work in the music industry at a major label and I know firsthand the pain involved in licensing for compilations such as these – so much work. But I would imagine the cost in licensing some of the mixes we are interested in would not be that high. :) Would be a good idea to do some sort of crowdsourcing model for funding this type of project.

@Jeremy – yes I agree. The shep remix of Opportunities is overlooked and I recall Chris Lowe liked it a lot as well. No idea why it was never remastered. Funny you mention Sly Fox. I was just searching for the cd reissue of their first album. Can’t seem to find it. Never heard of the “we will rock you mix.” All those mixes you mentioned are superb as well.

Steve H

And where’s the 12″ of Brilliant Mind by Furniture. Wonderful pink-panthery sax break on there and always sounds like the 7″ version was an edit from that mix and not just extended for the 12″

Steve H

Ed’s Funky Diner (Friday Night Saturday Morning mix) by It’s Immaterial is one of my favourite 12″ers from the 80s. Also the dead man’s curve mix of Driving Away From Home. Both brilliant


I have a 3-inch CD single of Sledgehammer with an extended version of the song. Is this the same version included in this new compilation?


The Shout mix on that obscure version of Big Chair is longer, but not very good, as it seems to come to a spluttering halt as if it was a pre-production version that escaped the studio in someone’s back pocket. Imagine the UK 12″ carrying on for 30 seconds after it normally fades out and you’ve got it. Tis on YouTube somewhere…

With regards to the All Cried Out remix, it’s one of my favourite 80s 12″ mixes and the Alf album would make a superb deluxe edition. Looking at Alison’s website, though, she has virtually disowned her older material, so it may never happen.

Steven Roberts

Hmmm. The Sledgehammer 12″ is the one true ‘rarity’ than I can see here – but not enough in itself to warrant a purchase.

Anyone know if these mixes are all sourced from master tapes, or will some of them be needledrops?


I always liked compiling 80’s 12″ sets. Last year i was on the Steve Hoffman forum asking people which 80’s 12 inches are essential when compiling a set for yourself. I got a lot of replies and out of that came 2 sets with 10 volumes each. A total of 200 tracks.
It’s long and i hope that is ok here but here is box 1:

1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Rage Hard (The Young Person’s Guide To The 12″ Mix) (12:06)
2. Traveling Wilburys – Handle With Care (Extended Version) (5:19)
3. Fine Young Cannibals – Suspicious Minds (U.S. Remix) (5:20)
4. McFadden & Whitehead – Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now (Full Version) (10:44)
5. Dee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart (Meeting Of The Minds Mix) (5:14)
6. Level 42 – Lessons In Love (Extended Version) (6:58)
7. Wings – Goodnight Tonight (Special Disco Mix) (7:17)
8. Nik Kershaw – Wouldn’t It Be Good (Extended 12″ Remix) (6:52)
9. Depeche Mode – People Are People (Different Mix) (7:14)
10. U2 – Desire (Hollywood Remix) (5:23)

1. Giorgio Moroder – Chase (Original 12″ Version) (13:06)
2. Rolling Stones – Miss You (Special Disco Version) (8:36)
3. Timex Social Club – Rumors (Remix) (7:37)
4. David Bowie – Let’s Dance (Album Version) (7:40)
5. Chic – Good Times (Original 12″ Version) (8:00)
6. The Stranglers – No Mercy (Cement Mix) (6:47)
7. Prince – Little Red Corvette (Dance Mix) (8:22)
8. Donna Summer – This Time I Know It’s For Real (Extended Version) (7:22)
9. Queen – Hammer To Fall (Headbanger’s Mix) (5:19)
10. Lime – Your Love (Remix) (7:03)

1. Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight (Full Length Version) (14:34)
2. A-Ha – The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (Extended Mix) (7:09)
3. Patrick Cowley & Sylvester – Do You Wanna Funk (Extended Version) (6:50)
4. Foreigner – That Was Yesterday (12″ Version) (6:20)
5. Talk Talk – It’s My Life (Extended Version) (6:19)
6. Simple Minds – Promised You A Miracle (U.S. Remix) (6:04)
7. ABC – The Look Of Love (U.S. Remix) (7:40)
8. Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers – Get Lucky (Album Version) (6:07)
9. Herbie Hancock – Mega Mix (6:17)
10. Level 42 – Hot Water (Mastermix) (10:21)

1. Prince & The Revolution – America (12″ Version) (21:38)
2. Beats International – Dub Be Good To Me (12″ Version) (5:15)
3. Roxy Music – Angel Eyes (12″ Version) (6:39)
4. The Human League – Don’t You Want Me (Extended Dance Mix) (7:31)
5. Jan Hammer – Miami Vice Theme (Extended Remix) (6:54)
6. Dan Hartman – I Can Dream About You (Jellybean Remix) (7:32)
7. Genesis – Mama (Long Version) (7:28)
8. Donna Summer – I Feel Love (12″ Version) (8:10)
9. Yarbrough & Peoples – Don’t Stop The Music (12″ Version) (7:51)
10. Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive (Promo 12 Inch Version) (6:59)

1. Communards – Don’t Leave Me This Way/Sanctify (Gotham City Mix) (11:08)
2. Go West – We Close Our Eyes (Total Overhang Club Mix) (5:56)
3. Soft Cell – Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go (12″ Version) (8:54)
4. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes (Annihilation) (9:11)
5. Tears For Fears – Shout (U.S. Remix) (8:03)
6. Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over (Extended Version) (6:14)
7. The Stranglers – Skin Deep (Extended Version) (7:14)
8. Duran Duran – The Wild Boys (Wilder Than Wild Boys Extended Mix) (8:01)
9. Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me) (Extended Version) (6:35)
10. New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle (Extended Dance Mix) (6:43)

1. Ultravox – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Special Re-Mix) (10:02)
2. The Cure – Why Can’t I Be You (Extended Mix) (8:06)
3. Propaganda – Duel (Bittersweet) (7:35)
4. Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel – White Lines (Don’t Do It) (12″ Version) (7:28)
5. Hall & Oates – Out Of Touch (Video Mix) (4:28)
6. Phil Collins – Take Me Home (Extended Mix) (8:07)
7. Prince & The Revolution – Mountains (Extended Version) (9:52)
8. Adamski feat. Seal – Killer (12″ Version) (5:32)
9. Soft Cell – Torch (Extended Version) (8:27)
10. Yazoo – Situation (Special Dub/Vocal Edit) (9:01)

1. Prince & The Revolution – Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix) (7:37)
2. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Sex Mix) (16:25)
3. New Order – Blue Monday (Complete Original 12″ Version) (7:28)
4. Madonna – Borderline (U.S. Remix) (6:57)
5. Drum Theatre – Eldorado (Dance Mix) (6:29)
6. Third World – Now That We Found Love (12″ Version) (8:17)
7. Dan Hartman – Vertigo/Relight My Fire (Full Length Version) (12:00)
8. Was (Not Was) – Spy In The House Of Love (Jeffrey B. And Dangerous Mix) (6:35)
9. Alison Moyet – Is This Love (L.A. Mix) (5:23)
10. Level 42 – Something About You (Sisa Mix) (7:40)

1. Yello – The Race (12″ Mix) (13:24)
2. Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf (Night Version) (5:12)
3. Johnny Kemp – Just Got Paid (Extended Version) (5:30)
4. Traveling Wilburys – End Of The Line (Extended Version) (5:34)
5. Icehouse – No Promises (Dance Mix) (8:50)
6. Prince – Glam Slam (Remix) (8:52)
7. Julian Lennon – Too Late For Goodbyes (Vocal Extended Special Mix) (5:56)
8. Lipps Inc. – Funky Town (Original 12″ Version) (7:46)
9. Roxy Music – Dance Away (Canadian Extended 12″ Mix) (6:31)
10. The Specials – Ghost Town (Extended Version) (5:59)

1. Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Ultimate 12 Inch Extended Mix) (10:01)
2. Simply Red – Holding Back The Years (12 Inch Extended Mix) (5:45)
3. Kajagoogoo – Too Shy (12″ Version) (5:45)
4. Prince – U Got The Look (Long Look) (6:42)
5. Primal Scream – Loaded (Long Version) (7:04)
6. Wham! – I’m Your Man (Extended Stimulation Mix) (6:53)
7. Pet Shop Boys – Being Boring (Extended Mix) (10:40)
8. Afrika Bambaataat & The Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock
9. Bangles – Walk Like An Egptian (Extended Dance Mix) (5:50)
10. The Art Of Noise – Moments In Love (12″ Version) (10:16)

1. Prince & The Revolution – I Would Die 4 U (Extended Version) (10:22)
2. Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Special Remix Dance Version) (7:22)
3. Sniff ‘N’ The Tears – Driver’s Seat (Long Version) (5:49)
4. Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough (Live Version) (5:42)
5. Stan Ridgway – Camouflage (Album Version) (7:17)
6. Big Country – In A Big Country (12″ Version) (6:17)
7. D Train – Music (Dub Version) (7:04)
8. U2 – New Year’s Day (Long Version) (5:35)
9. The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary (Long Version) (6:55)
10. Donna Summer – Last Dance (Full Length Version) (8:12)


I think the time is near for SDE to begin compiling their own albums.

1. Compiled with assistance of SDE subscribers
2. Licensing help from the label contacts that frequent here
3. The new imminent website shop
4. SDEs own label imprint (quality built in)
5. Proper mastering on everything
6. Genre specific releases
7. Special discounts for me for the idea

Can we get a Whoop for this!?!


@Jon – interesting that you’ve put the Shep Pettibone remix of Opportunities in your little mix. I agree this is a seriously underrated mix, and all the compilations seem to favour either the “Disco” mix or the original extended single version.

My little off the top of my head 80s 12″ compilation:

1. Erasure – Chains of Love Extended Version
2. New Order – Shellshock Extended Version
. Sly Fox – Let’s Go All the Way We Will Rock You Mix
4. Hazell Dean – Whatever I do, Wherever I go
5. Man 2 Man Meets Man Parrish – Male Stripper (UK Love Mix)
6. Miami Sound Machine – Bad Boy (Shep Pettibone Remix)
7. Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance (Arthur Baker 1/2 Way 2 House Mix)
8.Red Box – Lean on Me (Dogmatix)
9. Stephen Tin Tin Duffy – Kiss Me (Mixe Plaural)


New Order Shellshock Extended Version (9:45) is on so80s volume 6:



I’d love to see the extended versions of the Eurhythmics “You have placed a Chill in My Heart” as well as lesser known but fine extended versions such as China Crisis “King In A Catholic Style”. And I have always enjoyed the 12″ Versions of Elton John – “Passengers (Extended Re-mix by Julian Mendelsohn)” Oh and “Live It Up” by Mental as Anything. I’m sure we could all go on…..


Sorry I meant hipsway – Ask The Lord . Their best song (IMO)

Gary C

Kevorkian did the reissue mix? Wow didn’t know that. That tune got reissued a bunch of times tho.
What I would want is those extra tracks from the 7 inch double pack of the first release of Ask The Lord, Film Theme and End Titles I think they are called.


Another good 80 mix collection is Retro: Active Rare & Remixed volume 1 – 6 from Hi-Bias Records

simon s

Were there any extended remixes of depeche mode releases from the 80s? I know there are remix albums by DM but are they original remixes from the decade?


I think the real surprise would be to see if Alison Moyet’s All Cried Out is the “The Remix” or just the album version? By they way does anyone know if all these tracks are segued into one another like a continuous dj mix?


There’s also an a cappella mix of Tears For Fears’ “Shout” that was only on a U.S. promo 12″. Would be nice to see that on CD someday….

Gary C

I have a vinyl rip of that Sledgehammer mix, that comes in at 7 mins 20 secs. I dunno if the drums are meant to sound so thunderous, the bass drum more so. If this turns up on iTunes I would be interested.


Would love to see: Bananarama-Love Truth and Honesty (Balearacidic Mix), Howard Jones-Things Can Only Get Better (Extended Mix), Secession-Promise (Extended Mix) Dead or Alive-Hooked on Love (Hot Revolver Mix) all released on cd.


This is an interesting topic, I am sure we are all 80s 12″ aficionados.

I agree this release is a bit samey for all our tastes – but at least there is still interest from record labels to compile these collections.

I also agree on the comment about 12″/80s series. Without question, that is the best series of them all – primarily due to the meticulous remastering. I have never heard a collection of 12″ mixes that sound as brilliant as that series. They get it right every time and the sound is very faithful to the actual pressing of the original 12″. No one has come close to that IMO.

Another series to check out for a few obscure oddities is the weird “Maxi Singles 80” series. There are about four 4-disc collections. Might be too “italo disco ” for some of you but some uber rare oddities from Talk Talk and an obscure French-only remix of OMD’s Secret popped up on one of them. I had never heard of that mix before.

Michiel, I am curious – which 12″ mixes would you put on a second volume of this? I am sure we all have a few 12″ mixes that deserve proper remastering. Off the top of my head, here are a few of mine:

New Order – True Dub
So – Are you sure (Francois kevorkian)
Hipsway – Are you Sure (Francois Kevorkian US mix)
Figures on a Beach – ain’t seen nothing yet. (Justin Strauss)
Prince – Batdance (Moore and William orbit mix)
Shakespear’s Sister – break my heart (Shep Pettibone mix)
Bananarama – love truth and honesty (dancehall version)
ABC- Vanity Kills (Mendelsohn mix)
Erasure – a little respect. ( Strauss 12″ vocal)
Pet shop boys – opportunities ( Shep pettibone mix)

Gary C

Which Hipsway song Jon?


It is a good compilation , but are the same groups and the same songs that are in almost every recoplatorios 80s . In this case all the songs have already been published either in compilations or in their original cd or artist group is for Alison Moyet entered “extended version” , and is the original version of the CD , in the case of Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer “Dance Mix” is in the compilation edited in Spain ” méto2 De Baile 2″ , nothing new , then the companies that do not sell if collections were carried out with versions that have not ever complain edited diso would see what companies what they sold , there are issues of the 80 highly sought after in its maxi version as Stay 12 ” version of Blue Nile , The Lotus Eaters” Set Me Apart (Full Length Original version) ” Friends Again ” State of Art 12 “Version ” etc , lots dido songs that have never edited and could see the light if the companies put a little on your part. I hope that some note and edit these songs and more . thanks

Michiel van Bokhorst

I think I have pretty much all of these mixes. But to have the Tokes mix of Sledgehammer on CD, it is worth it to me. Mind you, I could fill a second edition of this with extended eighties that are a LOT more sought after, by me anyway.


Hmmm, bit samey samey for my tastes, most (if not all) have appeared somewhere before. I have found that the 12″ 80s compilations have shown to be the “truest” reflection of the times. Funnily enough, when you have a look at the Amazon listing, it advises buying with “Electric 80s”, which contains virtually the same tracks, but “DJ Mixed” into 3 mixes.


Does anyone know whether the Nik Kershaw extended 12 inch mix of ‘I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ has been included on the Human Racing remaster? There are 2 mixes of this track.


Hi, Stefano,

There is an extended version of “I Won’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” on the 2012 _Human Racing_ remaster:


I have this release, but wouldn’t know how to distinguish the two mixes you mention. If you can provide any identifiers, I may be able to tell you which mix is on this CD.

Paul Rymer

Sadly the Japan track is the same as the album version, the only extended mix of Quiet Life was created by an engineer later in the 80s and has just been played at fan events.


Hi Paul, can you explain the Quiet Life (Extended Version) on the 3LP re-release from 2012 for me? Is it like the 2 disc Japanese Singles CD that just repeated the same tracks?

The Steve Nye 12″ of European Son would be good to see on CD, as I think that compilation might be the only time it has appeared before?

Justin (UK)

Hi- the Shout (US Dub version) is on disc 2 of the 2006 Mercury deluxe edition of Songs From The Big Chair. The “Extended Version” is the only version still unavailable on CD as far as I’m aware.


Shout (Extended Version) is on So80s Vol. 8