Fans left disappointed over errors on Roger Taylor “Lot” box

Roger Taylor "The Lot" career-spanning 13-disc box set

Roger Taylor‘s solo career-spanning box set The Lot was due out today, but Amazon are no longer selling the set after fans complained of a host of errors with the box, both with the music itself and typos in the actual text.

Errors are said to include the following (this is only some of them):

  • • Track index marker error on track 9 of Shove It.
  • • Pressure On (from Electric Fire) is the wrong mix
  • • Wrong running order of Fun On Earth bonus tracks with Whole House Rockin’ playing first and Dear Mr. Murdoch coming second.
  • • Audio issues with Life Changes from Blue Rock where the song suddenly stops, and then the first seconds of the song start again.
  • • Shove It (Extended Mix)  on The Cross Singles 1 disc is the wrong mix (it’s actually The 2nd Shelf Mix).
  • • There are apparently many typographical errors and the lyrics to the first four songs of Electric Fire are missing in the book

This is apparently being taken seriously, since the following announcement appeared on Roger Taylor’s Official Facebook Page today:

“We are aware that there are issues with some box sets which have been received and we are investigating this as a matter of importance.

A follow up announcement will be posted very soon.

Thank you for your patience.

Team RT”

SDE will bring you more news on this when we have it.

New! Update 12/11/13 – From Roger Taylor’s Facebook Page


During fulfilment within the factory of this box set some fans have been left with duplicate CDs or missing CDs.

If you need replacement discs please come back to Michelle.noble@umusic.com who will ensure you receive a replacement disc. We sincerely apologise for this error.

If your box is damaged please send back to your retailer.


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I am curious as well if the edition released Nov.10th 2014 has all things fixed or if their are still issues with this boxset.

Jim Galvin

I just got mine, I don’t know if I have a bad one or not. How do you tell? I don’t know the mix differences

steve plant

may i ask why are fans left disappointed with this?
i am a quueen and roger fans i have all there albums some with errors on
its like queens fist album it as a error on it , i did not see or hear anyone saying anything about that, so why are you now .
albums with errors on or a lot better and become more rare as time gos on and they will be harder to get hold for in time…
any fan would know this


Jesus :(

I wonder if they’ll ever fix the Fun in Space issues….

Michael Wiley

A friend has received the “corrected” box set, which still has problems galore on FUN IN SPACE, including but not limited to speed issues. Such a shame that even in its second iteration this set is still not error-free. Not a cheap set, either.

Leslie Hanagan

Sounds like there is a new problem, some “tape slippage” during ‘My Country I & II’ on the ‘Fun In Space” album. Does anyone else hear it?


The Cross Singles CD1 still has the 5.55 mix of Shove It, which suggests a tape identification mix-up similar to the Bros reissue, rather than a mastering error. Celebration is still 4:38 and not 40 seconds longer.

Pressure On’s missing chorus vocal has been fixed, and I Can’t Get You Out Of My Head sounds fine to me, with no remnants of an edited count-in intro. The track marker issue between tracks 8 and 9 on Shove It also seems fine now.

Still more to check and confirm!


The boxset just arrived this lunchtime, ahead of schedule. Perfect condition. It really is a fantastic-looking item; I don’t buy many deluxe releases so cannot compare too much, but it’s very sturdy and doesn’t scream “cheap”.

Onto the most important aspects: it’ll take a while to work through the check-list of reported errors with the original batch, but my copy already has a corrected pressing of Life Changes, and the book has restored all the lyrics for Electric Fire. So I would assume all of the other problems have been likewise rectified, but I will continue to check….


Well, FINALLY today I got an e-mail from Universal, saying the set has shipped! So, will keep you updated….


Try amazon.ca (canada) works out the cheapest set around.


Nigel, that sounds outrageous!

I’ve got mine pre-ordered with Universal themselves, but haven’t even had a e-mail of any kind from them advising if/when this set is going to be shipped (the original dispatch/release date when I ordered was 16th dec). This whole set’s been a bit of a shambles in every sense.

Nigel Pearce

Pre-ordered this from Amazon UK on Nov 4th.
To date,I have received 5 emails stating various excuses as to why it had not yet been dispatched.Today I received a 6th email stating I would not receive it before Christmas.
So,I checked the website and it is available to order from Dec 18 with guaranteed Christmas delivery !
So,I ring Amazon UK and they tell me if I reorder right now,I will get it by Dec 24 but I would have to pay an extra £10 on top of my order price,but my original order will not get to me before Christmas – can anyone explain why ???
They even told me by email on Nov 27th that they would upgrade my postage method to premium to ensure it’s arrival next day.Now it’s in stock and I can’t have it !
Would not recommend Amazon to anyone at the moment,feel cheated and I have been lied to enough !
Amazon – waste of space !!!


Anyone pre-ordering from amazon.co.uk must be wondering what the heck’s going on with this release; one minute it’s due Dec 16th, then all availability details vanish, then it has the dreaded red-text temporarily out of stock…and the price is jumping around more than a very jumpy thing on a hot tin roof….anything between £79 and £126!


I just got the replacement discs – all 12 CDs – no DVD (as they had already announced via email).

First thing I tried was the Cross – Shove It CD.
It is the version with the 2nd Shelf Mix instead of Feel The Force now.

I wonder what other surprises lie ahead …


Ooops, please ignore my previous comment. I mixed up two problems – nothing to see here …

Jens Iwarson

My replacement discs was sent today, according to a mail from Michelle at Universal. I have no idea how many replacement discs there actually are, but it was in pluralis.

All in all – I liked the box and the ultra fast reaction from Universal in trying to correct their errors was above expectations.


Universal’s webstore also has a new release date of December 16, so this suggests that the re-pressed discs will now be part of that batch. Good news!

I’ve got a 15% discount voucher from them, and might be tempted to use it on The Lot. It would be £84 then.


Damn… Hate censorship… Can’t help but wonder what this Killian said! Box set sounds shite. What a mess and £90?

Phil Cohen

I had considered buying this set to get the first-ever CD release of several previously vinyl-only mixes and songs. Glad that I didn’t buy it after reading all of the horror stories.


i buy the lot box collection the last week but the cd -fun on earth exclusive edition not including the songs “-dear mr murdoch nude mix &-whole house rocking” im very angry and sad because i buy this collection for this songs (and… of course the songs (turn on tv wanna testify) because i had this 1977 songs from vinyl) another question is a song called the shores of formentera is a song of roger??? is not include in the ultimatequeen.co.uk information i dont know. i see this remix in youtube. thank u. and sorry by my english translation. :-(


Five days ago I wrote this mail to Virgin/EMI (contact@virginemirecords.com):

I recently bought Roger Taylor’s “The Lot” box from amazon.de.
As you will possibly have heard or read, there’s been complaints about loads of errors on that set.
Having listened to each disc and read every word in the book I can only confirm this.
As far as I know an official statement regarding correction and replacement has not yet been made, from neither party involved.
Do you happen to know more?
I’d be grateful to hear from you!
Kind regards,

To this day, they didn’t even bother to reply. I think that says it all.


Amazon have a new release date for this set, 25 November. One assumes this is a corrected version. Also, the mp3 edition has been removed, with “2nd December” now showing as its availability date, so presumably the digital files were faulty as well. No price is given for the mp3 album, but the CD box will be around £90.

John Able

I pre ordered the box set through Amazon about a month ago for £99.99. Had an email from Universal on Friday just gone with a 15% promotional code – had a quick look, advertising ‘ The Lot ‘ at £99.99 so ordered, with discount therefore £85.00 ( bargain ) and canx order with Amazon.
Received email on Monday from Universal telling me they have cancelled my order as no stock available. Went back to Amazon to order, no stock available !! Not usually a whinger but this is really annoying. Now stuck without one at all.


John, I’d imagine all (faulty) copies not already shipped out have been withdrawn to the problems. I expect a new batch will be forthcoming. Who wants to live for…..oops, I mean, who wants a duff set anyway?




Thanks Paul.


I have yet to have anyone confirm or tell me if this is being released in the U.S. Why is that? That includes anyone one at QueenOnLine.com though I have only asked on the discussion board. Just the same. Seems really odd and sad. Queen are one of my favorite recording groups so this is all really disappointing. I was surprised that the first “short promotional film” (i.e. “music video”) for the song “I Wanna Testify” was left off of the compilation. It is a great song and film clip and evidence of Roger having a successful single out years before any of the other members of the group. The film is not only good but reminiscent of “Bohemian Rhapsody”….how could THAT be left off?!


Also the DVD seems to be mastered incorrectly: Whenever there’s a lot of movement, the video is faulty.

The sad thing is, the overall box set is visually very beautiful compared with other products.


Can anyone confirm if the mp3/digital version of the set is affected in the same way? iTunes are selling it as one item “album only” for 59.99, but amazon are not only much cheaper at 53.49 for the bundle, but they offer all tracks individually as well.


Apparently the ITunes bundle doesn’t include the material included on the DVD.


I agree with bob. Killians comments are completely OTT and offensive. It is very frustrating when new or re-released material gets messed-up, but not to react to that extent. Recently found this web site; finding it very informative and comprehensive. Keep it coming!


I actually think killians post should be removed as it is offensive and has no place on a website like this.


Sorry, but ‘Deluxe’ editions are more of a surprise to me if they DON’T come with errors related to the audio or text/pictures and packaging.

Seems they are hastily cobbled together in most cases with a massive disparity between cost and content.

I’ve stopped buying them now because I do feel stupid for getting sucked in and most of the content is usually available in much cheaper 1 or 2 disc formats anyway.

Half the time you are paying over£70 extra just for a hardback book and reproduction inserts.

With the new Tommy set for example, you can get the 5.1 Blu-Ray and the double CD edition of the album and live tracks separately for under £30. So you are paying the £40 extra for a book, a disc of demos and a poster.

Is that value for money?


Another screwed-up reissue project.

I don’t buy any of them anymore until I’ve had confirmation that everything (today, I guess, you have to hope for “most” of the set) is OK. I might not get the cheapest Amazon preorder price, but I don’t have all of the trouble with botched sets either.

Maybe you should put together a list on this site of major screw-ups with these “deluxe” editions … my list here is a kilometer long … and it keeps growing. Quality control just ain’t what it used to be.

Thanks for this website, by the way. I’m a regular reader. :)

Stan Butler

Catch a grip Killian.

There’s no need for that sort of talk, even if it’s only tongue in cheek.


Could it be that this set was done by the same people who also ruined the first Duran Duran album reissue? Sounds quite suspicious to me, with the errors at the beginning of several tracks, just like the “Girls on film” desaster on “Duran Duran”.
They are both from EMI, so….


Queen are no longer with EMI, they’ve switched to Universal in 2011. Doesn’t take away the fact the box is full with errors and i’m sure it will be corrected.