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If you haven’t picked up the new Blondie Ghost Of Download / Greatest Hits Redux package (aka Blondie-4(0)-Ever), we’d recommend you check it out.

You may have noticed some references online to a vinyl version of this new set and there will indeed be a limited quantity available in the UK and Europe. In fact we’ve had an early look at the two-LP set and can confirm that it is absolutely fantastic!

It comes with double coloured/patterned vinyl (pink for hits, blue for the new album), contained in a gatefold sleeve that really does justice to some of the photographs that were shrunk down for the 2CD+DVD version.

Greatest Hits Redux on pink vinyl with inner sleeve (right) and booklet (below)

Each album comes in decent quality inner sleeves (the alternate Andy Warhol Debbie Harry image is amazing) as well as full-size four-page booklets with more photos, images and lyrics. In addition you get the Blondie gig poster reproduced at a size that is worth framing and/or putting on your wall.

But there’s more! This also comes with the Live at CBGB 1977 DVD and a download code for all the content as MP3s. Interestingly, Relax, the Frankie Goes To Hollywood cover, isn’t on the vinyl record and becomes a digital-only track here. In case you were wondering, the download code doesn’t give you Put Some Colour On You, Can’t Stop Wanting and Prism. Those three bonus tracks can be bought separately via Amazon or iTunes and have not (so far) been issued physically on any format.

The bad news is that only 500 of these are being allocated for Europe and there will be no represses. The price on Amazon UK at the time of writing is unrealistically high and we expect it to ‘settle down’ and drop significantly, perhaps to around the £30-35 mark.

This is such a enjoyable physical package to own, hold and look at, it’s absurd; never mind the small matter of pulling out the vinyl and playing the damn thing.

Blondie’s Greatest Hits Redux/Ghosts Of Download vinyl set will be released in a few weeks (either 16 or 23 June).

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Ghosts Of Download on blue vinyl
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Gatefold sleeve
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James Patrick

Tackiest Blondie cover ever
It’s a complete joke that the new album is hidden behind the re recorded stuff. Neither the new record or the stupid cover do anything to acknowledge the fact that Blondie was the best GROUP ever!

Jimmy Destri’s Maria was the last real ‘hurrah’ and that was 16 years ago

Rob Puricelli

I just got my copy, and lovely it is too, but my download code doesn’t seem to work. I enter it and the site offers me a Dave Simonett download instead. I’ve email the site and am awaiting a response. Anyone else encountered this?

Rob Puricelli

Never mind, all sorted by Noiseland. Technical hitch rapidly sorted :-)

Rob Puricelli

Very nice indeed! :-)

I noticed that the three bonus tracks not included in the included download with the vinyl *did* come with the Amazon Autorip, which is nice :-)


The vinyl set is now £28.99 on amazon uk

Paul Mac

Interesting, I would swear they were both the same price when I looked yesterday, no way to check now, of course.

Alan Fenwick

@Paul Mac

Recordstore do have it in stock, but it’s £22.99 not £14.99 (That’s the CD/DVD version)

It’s still the cheapest price outside of Amazon, but you raise a very good question about the posibilities of there been a standard vinyl and a Ltd one.


Funny, no one – not one person here – is mentioning the MUSIC. Which is, unfortunately, dire. At least for this old time Blondie fan. I liked the last album for its versatility. That’s what Blondie has always stood for, versatility. You’d get punky stuff, poppy, some disco, reggae, rap, dance, whatever. But not here I’m afraid. It sounds very much like that last Deborah Harry solo album from 2007; just dire, one-dimensional dance music. I bought the CD version and that is enough.


Haj – I listened this morning on my commute to the city …. it started out OK and I thought’ “what is that guy on super deluxe talking about?” …. and “dire” is just about the perfect word. Even “Curse Of Blondie” which is awful is better than this! HOLY HELL! AND it just gets worse and worse! And WTF is that cover of FGTH’s “Relax” all about? Wow, chillingly bad.


the recordstore price above appears to be the cd version – its showing £22.99 for the vinyl

Paul Mac

Recordstore.co.uk have this listed for £14.99, but gives no details of the release. Is it the coloured vinyl version, I wonder or is there a regular black vinyl release as well?

John Derry

What about the French CD? Doesn’t that include the 3 extra tracks?


Wow, this has to be one of the best packages of the last year. The CD/DVD version was quite a little package already, that dual cover with two custom stickers, so great on each side that you don’t know which one to pick, and what it has become on vinyl, wow. And yes thanks, Canada is the best deal of them all. I wonder if the US and Canada are getting more copies, I’d hate to have my orders cancelled.


I was going to buy the deluxe CD/DVD, until I saw that the three bonus tracks are not included. I refuse to buy this release unless ALL the tracks are included on some physical format. A shame.

Alan Fenwick

Only £16.50 at Amazon Canada plus shipping

Rob Puricelli

Thanks for that Alan! Bought and paid for :-)

simon s

Hope the FGTH release uses colour vinyl


If you buy it on Amazon (UK anyway) you get the three additional tracks via AutoRip without having to buy them separately.

C Feeney


Only £28 at amazon usa plus shipping. £15 for the fastest time. Maybe I’ll see if amazon uk drop their price.

I have a soft spot for vinyl when well packaged, and the download code makes it an easier purchase.

Rob Puricelli

I am so glad I didn’t pull the trigger on the CD/DVD version yet!! Hopefully, I’ll be lucky enough to get one of these :-)

Thanks for the info!