FIRST PICTURES / Deep Purple “Made in Japan” super deluxe box set


Released on Monday 19 May is this five-disc Super Deluxe Edition box set version of Deep Purple‘s 1972 album Made In Japan.

Three CDs contains the full show from each night (newly remixed) with a fourth collecting together all the encores. A DVD with 60-minute documentary and unseen live footage is also included.

The optical discs are housed within the inside front and rear covers of a very glossy 60-page hardcover book, which has a very readable essay from Malcolm Dome, some notes on the remixing from Martin Pullan and plenty of quotes from famous people falling over themselves to say how inspirational Made In Japan was for them. The usual crew, Slash, Bruce Dickinson, and ex-F1 driver Martin Brundle…!?

A heavyweight seven-inch single is a replica of a Japanese promo and the inclusion of a replica Japanese Tour Programme from the time is a very nice touch. Unlike the Rush vinyl box this has an excellent Pete Frame ‘Family Tree’. Although we couldn’t find his name on it (!?) it’s clearly his work.

This box doesn’t come with a physical hi-res version of Made In Japan, but like the McCartney deluxe editions prefers to offer this via download. The included code gets you a remastered hi-res stereo of the original mix, as well as a hi-res stereo version of the 2013 remix. In both cases you get the original running order of the standard album, not all three nights.

Made In Japan is also available as a 9LP box set, a 2CD deluxe edition, a 2LP vinyl, a standard remastered CD and a Pure Audio blu-ray audio (which does provide a physical version of the two hi-res versions mentioned above).

Scroll down to view all the photos.


4CD+DVD box set (full 1972 tour – 2013 remix)


9LP Vinyl box set (full 1972 tour – 2013 remix)


Pure Audio – Blu-ray Audio (incorrectly called ‘DVD Audio’ on Amazon!)


2CD Edition (2013 remix of album + all encores)


2LP Edition (1972 mix – remastered in 2013)

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Paul Wren

The vinyl box set, normally about £80 to buy in the UK, is now available from Great Offer Store at £45 plus £6 postage – absolute bargain!!


If you cannot find the Pure Audio in the US (and you can’t) buy it on ebay from a outfit called RockBoxCoUK. They have all the pure audio you are looking for. They are located in downtown England and shipping is super fast. And you don’t have to pay in euros. (What is a euro anyway? I think it may have something to do with europe?) Anyhoo check these guys out they are first rate


I Bought the High Fidelity Pure Audio release of “Made in Japan”. The remixed portion of the disc, sounds as good as it can. In the booklet, Martin Pullan explains some of the problems with the original master tapes.
I think they did a very good job on this release. They could have made a 5.1 or 4.1 version as well. The only bad thing about this release is that there are no encores. This blu-ray disc could have been the perfect opportunity to hear a full concert that does not end after space truckin’. Aaah well, maybe they will do that for the 50:th anniversary edition. :)


One refreshing piece of news…Amazon is helping make this right for customers who purchased the box set & got shafted on the downloads. If you purchased your box set on Rhino from Amazon US, email Amazon with the order info, complain about the missing downloads and ask for a partial refund to cover the missing product. I asked for a 40% refund and got it. Rhino’s “solution” is absurd & their reputation has gone down considerably in my book.

Herb k

I thought it was. My copy arrived today and couldn’t find the code anywhere. I went as far as saving the sticker from the shrink wrap. Ja
Also got mine from amazon so at least I can listen on my amazon cloud.

Herb k

I sent rhino an email and they responded to me by apologizing and saying that I could exchange it for something of equal value. The download is not a USA thing. Too bad but I still love the deluxe package.

Michael Cucka

Just found this out: Rhino/WEA have confirmed that download codes are included ONLY with european copies of this release…
There is a subtle difference in the paper page placed on the back of the box set I purchased from Amazon – the listing of contents omits the “HD Audio Download”, despite the box sticker and the book within the box maintaining those are included.
The paper backing states the release is from Rhino and Warner Music Group, as opposed toe Universal Intl on the printed back of the box.
So it seems non-EU copies of the set omit the codes – definitely false advertising and probably worth some sort of refund – though I certainly won’t be holding my breath…

Kurt Kozyra

I received my super deluxe version on Tuesday, and no download codes in package, I returned to amazon for another and again no download codes. My wife moved the packaging on the back and it seems the back piece covers the listing for download info, but no codes. Very frustrating.

Michael Cucka

Like Kurt, my copy of the LE box set from Amazon does not include the download codes – anyone know what’s going on???

Steven O'Connor

That’s good to know there’s a decent booklet. Thanks for clarifying that. I had thought not, based on the pics above and my recent experiences where the blu-ray packaging was skimpy plus compared to comparative DVD and CD releases.

While audio quality is the most important thing, I do like to think some love and care has also gone into the packaging of what I’ve bought. And I’m one of those guys who reads the liner notes. (For example, I loved those recent XTC Nonsuch liner notes – the stuff about Gus Dudgeon was hilarious, and well written. I don’t like to think I might miss stuff like that.)


In explanation of my comment above, the title of the most well known rock song on the planet has been rendered as ‘Somoke On The Water’ on three separate occasions, once on each of the three gatefold LP sleeves.

I’ve emailed Universal but I’m guessing they won’t bother replying…


This release is remastered and remixed, but how good does it sound? I have bought this music 4 times. Original vinyl, Original Cd, Remastered 2 Cd, and live in japan 3 Cd box. Hmmm? should I buy this a 5:th time?


The sound quality of ‘The 1972 Mix’ on the CD is simply awful. It has been compressed until the life has been sucked out of the songs and signature elements of some of the recordings (the ‘chugging’ guitar in the intro to Highway Star and the howl of feedback at the end of Smoke on the Water have disappeared into the mix entirely). Stick to earlier releases. I would ask for my money back if I could.


My download code has given me a full set of the three concerts at 24/48 rather than the 24/96 versions of the 1972 mix and 2013 remix of the original album as advertised on the coupon. How hard can this be to get right?

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frank wesner

The Download Code only include Thema First 7 Songs
The rest ist missing also The hd and Video Files
No response from backonvinxl.com
( superdeluxe vinyl Version )

Steven O'Connor

I quite like that some of these releases are now also providing a blu-ray option (and have ordered the Grace Jones one), but why must the blu-ray packaging often be so cheap looking? I don’t find those pure audio blu-ray cases particularly attractive at all. Is that just me?

I’m assuming the content on the 2 CD version and the blu-ray is equal? So buying the blu-ray you get the content in high res, but none of the nice packaging of the 2 CD edition. And you may not get a booklet of any kind with the blu-ray. And it’s £5 more.

Do companies think people who would quite like the high res version to play on their blu-ray player don’t care if the packaging looks low budget? Or perhaps their hope is consumers will buy the 2 CD version and the blu-ray? But it has just put me off buying either, because I feel I’m missing out on high res if I buy the 2 CD version, and I’m missing out on the good packaging if I buy the blu-ray version. Or am I being totally unreasonable, and we should all be happy there are choices?

The Grace Jones blu-ray hasn’t arrived yet, but I fully expect it to be no more than the case, the insert cover and the disc. Same with the studio Quadrophenia blu-ray I have pre-ordered. It puts me off buying the blu-ray pure audios.

When I see them in the stores, they look really cheap looking alongside on the other things on offer around them. I find this a real shame. Give me those new XTC and Yes blu-ray releases any day.


I wouldn’t let packaging that you find unattractive put you off. It’s the music that you will be listening too time and again.


Sorry, to not too before the grammar police knock at my door!

Peter Chrisp

An all time classic album, one of the best live albums of all time? I remember when it first came out all those years ago. Although i unfortunately “sold” my vinyl albums how silly was that, this will be
the 4th time i will have bought the album, the original vinyl, no doubt
a cd copy when it first appeared, then in 1998 a Spanish edition of the album containing the extra 3 live tracks, and even better 7 extra studio
tracks from various albums how good was that. The unfortunate aspect
is the inner sleeve all in Spanish?!! But it is well worth it


Will the 9LP vinyl box set contains the same bonus as the cd/dvd super deluxe (at least 60-page hardcover book, family tree, hi-res downloads, and a replica Japanese Tour Programme)?
This is not obvious when we look at the picture of the lp-set above, while amazon.de or fnac.com seem to say “yes”.

Frank Wesner

i have this and the code only include the standard album –::((((
on the voucher original text:
i sent 3 Mails to Back…. no response –::(((