FIRST PICTURES / The Beatles / The US Albums box set: Beatles VI

Beatles VI / 2014 CD reissue from the US Albums box

Following on from our exclusive photos of The Beatles US Albums box set, we are working our way through the individual albums to show you exclusive pictures of the real packaging. Today here is Beatles VI.

Beatles VI was released in June 1965 and consisted of six tracks from the UK’s Beatles For Saleas well as Bad Boy and Dizzy Miss Lizzy, both of which were recorded specifically for the American market. The later would end up on the UK version of Help! (not issued until August 1965), as would You Like Me Too Much and Tell Me What You See, both included here. Ticket To Ride had already been a transatlantic number one at this point, but that song was being saved for the next record (Help!). Only its mellow B-side, Yes It Is, was included on Beatles VI.

The Beatles VI reissue contains full mono and stereo versions of the original record. It is available separately or as part of the US Albums box set.

Track listing

Side one

  • Medley: “Kansas City”/”Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey”- 2:30
  • “Eight Days a Week” – 2:43
  • “You Like Me Too Much” – 2:34
  • “Bad Boy” – 2:17
  • “I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party” – 2:33
  • “Words of Love” – 2:10

Side two

  • “What You’re Doing” – 2:30
  • “Yes It Is” – 2:40
  • “Dizzy Miss Lizzie” – 2:51
  • “Tell Me What You See” – 2:35
  • “Every Little Thing” – 2:01
Back cover (click to enlarge)
Inner sleeve reproduced (click to enlarge)

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For the collectors out there: Looks like a different cover construction to the original vinyl and the Japanese mini lp Capitol Vol 2 versions.
The originals have the front cover photo as a sticker hiding the paper folds on the top and bottom left .
Here they have constructed it the other way around with the sticker being used on the back cover.
Obviously makes for a better looking cover but not as authentic a replica as the Japanese Capitol Vol2 box.
Should add some fuel to the fire over on the Stevehoffman forums!

Marshall Gooch

Interesting point, Steve. I find that, since they’re not using the fake-stereo and mono US masters for these (like they did on the two Capitol Albums boxes), there’s no point in getting this box or any of the separate CDs if you’ve already got the 2009 Stereo and Mono boxes. It would be nice if they would release a third Capitol Albums set to include the remaining US releases that were different (A Hard Day’s Night [United Artists US] , The Beatles Story, Yesterday and Today, Revolver, and Hey Jude) WITH the ’60s US master versions. Maybe the suits at Universal are listening…!