FIRST PICTURES / The Beatles / The US Albums box set: Help!

Help! / 2014 CD reissue from the US Albums box

Following on from our exclusive photos of The Beatles US Albums box set, we are working our way through the individual albums to show you real pictures of the real packaging. We started with the first Capitol release (Meet The Beatles!) yesterday, but thought we’d mix things up a bit by skipping forward to the eighth Capitol album (not including The Beatles’ Story) and that is 1965’s Help!

The US version of Help! was a gatefold LP (nicely replicated in the vinyl replica packaging) and contained half the number of songs present on the UK album with instrumentals from the movie sitting alongside the seven Beatles songs. 

This reissue of Help! will feature both mono and stereo versions of the album. The rather undesirable but historically accurate ‘duophonic’ stereo mixes (or mono mixes derived from the stereo masters) will not be preserved. Like the UK version of Help! this was issued in August 1965.

The Help! reissue is available separately or as part of the US Albums box set.

Track listing (songs in bold)

  • 1. “Help!” 2:39
  • 2. “The Night Before” – 2:36
  • 3. “From Me to You Fantasy” Instrumental 2:08
  • 4. “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
  • 5. “I Need You” – 2:31
  • 6. “In the Tyrol” Instrumental 2:26

Side two

  • 1. “Another Girl” – 2:08
  • 2. “Another Hard Day’s Night” Instrumental
  • 3. “Ticket to Ride“- 3:07
  • 4. “Medley: The Bitter End /You Can’t Do That” Instrumental 2:26
  • 5. “You’re Going to Lose That Girl“- 2:19
  • 6. “The Chase” Instrumental 2:31
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+1 for vinyl replica


There’s no way your shit isn’t totally in crap condition either. In no way is it somehow outdated to have your c.d. cases kept in good shape because of some type of packaging. What a joke. Talk about being brainwashed. If you want a replica of something it should be the actual vinyl. Maybe you need to get a better job so you can buy what you want so you do not have to have cheap packaging for your c.d.s forcing us under the same circumstances?! If anything vinyl covers should probably be plastic too so that they do not get beaten up. Oh I’m a monster!


Have you managed to find big jewel cases for all of your LP’s?


Here we are, getting what look to be absolutely amazing, spot-on reproductions of the original LPs…and someone gripes that they’re not in jewel cases. Seriously, jewel cases?? It’s not 1987 anymore.

If you can’t handle a mini LP without destroying it, you’re in the wrong hobby. In fact, AlexKx must be trolling, there’s no way that can be a serious complaint.


I agree Joe, I effing hate jewel cases and love replica sleeves and digi packs.


Huh? What’s the difference in the sets?

Anyway…they are still in crappy “mini-album replicas”. They should be in plastic “jewel cases” or “c.d. cases” whatever the hell you want to call them. My God. The term “jewel cases” is so misleading anyway. Wtf? What’s the point after these have been destroyed after a few plays because of their cheap ass packaging?!


Buy this and CAPITOL BOX Vol.1 and 2 for philological material :)


Why not preserve the original duophonic mixes? What’s the point in re-selling us the 2009 masters?

Mikko Suhonen

What is the inner sleeve like?