Fleetwood Mac / “Boston” 3CD set


The live recordings on this new three-CD set feature the classic blues line-up of Fleetwood Mac (Mick Fleetwood, Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, John McVie and Jeremy Spencer) and date from February 1970 when they played three nights at the Boston Tea Party venue.

The tapes were originally left unissued, following Peter Green’s departure shortly after the gigs, but were remixed and remastered in the late nineties for individual issues of the three separate nights. They have been trotted out a number of times since, and this new set collects the three nights together, using the re-mastered recordings to present a complete document of these shows.

The release comes packaged in a round box with a 24-page book and – just what you wanted – five beer mats (!). The booklet contains new sleeve notes and reworked artwork.

Track listing:

Disc: 1
1. Black Magic Woman
2. Jumping At Shadows
3. Like It This Way
4. Only You
5. Rattlesnake Shake
6. I Can`t Hold Out
7. Got To Move
8. The Green Manalishi

Disc: 2
1. World In Harmony
2. Oh Well
3. Rattlesnake Shak
4. Stranger Blues
5. Red Hot Mama
6. Teenage Darling
7. Keep A Knocking
8. Jenny Jenny
9. Encore Jam

Disc: 3
1. Jumping At Shadows
2. Sandy Mary
3. If You Let Me Love You
4. Loving Kind
5. Coming Your Way
6. Madison Blues
7. Got To Move
8. The Sun Is Shining
9. Oh Baby
10. Tiger
11. Great Balls Of Fire
12. Tutti Frutti
13. On We Jam

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Matthew north

I finally bought this set this week, outstanding work, Having owned the Black Magic Woman 3 LP box set since the 80s, I loved the music but the sound balance was way off, esp the hi hat being WAY too loud.

Nick Watson you did a superb job, the mix of Rattlesnake Shake which had the biggest flaws in the original version is just outstanding.

I'm not nick...

I noticed my comment (reply to Nick Watson) is still in the process of moderation, strangely. Can someone please fix this?

I'm not nick... AGAIN

My reply below Nick Watson is STILL caught in the spam filter. Is something going on here?

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Seems the same tracklisting as the limited and numbered boxset I got a few years back. Great sound, great shows, makes a mockery of the many and varied old vinyl sets I used to have of these shows when I was a student.

Nick Watson

Glad to hear you say that Philip :-)

I’m the guy that remixed this for Snapper back in the ’90s. I was hoping to remaster the set from my original mixes (which I have) but this reissue was done without my involvement. If they used my original masters without any changes whatsoever to the signal, then the HDCD encoding will still be intact.

I have better mastering facilities now so I’d still love to remaster this one day! It’s a great set. I ran into someone online recently who tells me that I got the balance between the guitars wrong but I guess you can’t please everybody :-)

Paul B

Nick, can’t thank you enough for the excellent job you did in remixing these back in the 90’s. I have the original Snapper box set from ’99. As per Philip’s comment, earlier releases of this material were a muddy mess sonically. I LOVE the sound you managed to set free from these old masters and this set is amongst my ‘desert island’ collection, without a doubt! But here’s an anomaly: there’s no HDCD encoding on disc 2. None that I can detect & decode anyway. I have 3 different copies – the box set, the later 2003 discrete CD’s (discs 1 & 2 only) and a third found on the web as flac files. HDCD encoding is present on discs 1 & 3 of all these but not on disc 2. Bizarre. Any thoughts..?

Jesse Levy

Nick: I also thank you for the great job in the ’90s. Now if Peter will record again…..

Chris Straub

Oops. I mean I’ll be picking this up just for disc THREE.

Chris Straub

Glad to see these reissued. Volume 3 has been going for WAY too much money on Amazon and Ebay lately. http://www.amazon.com/Live-Boston-3-Fleetwood-Mac/dp/B0000457AS/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1379280305&sr=8-6&keywords=fleetwood+mac+boston These discs have the exact same track listings as the 3 individual CDs that were put out by Snapper a few years back. Vol 1 and 2 have remained available while Volume 3 has become nearly impossible to find. This is as close to a definitive version as there has been. Plus the price is right. I’ll be picking this up just for disc two. I wonder if these are reissued as HDCD’s as the last batch were?

Todd R.

For as many times (vinyl, cd, cd again, and again, and again) these have been put out, it would be nice (perhaps this) if they would just put out a definitive version (again, perhaps this) to tell it’s story, showcase it, and be done. Obviously the recordings/shows ment something (noting that the band did just put out a Buckingham/Nicks fronted LIVE IN BOSTON 2 DVD /CD set in 2004 ish… :). Not to bad for a bunch of shows in a space now occupied by what – a 7/11 mart in Boston’s Back Bay?