Florence & the Machine / How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful vinyl box


Florence & The Machine‘s forthcoming album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is to be issued as a limited edition seven-inch vinyl box set.

The six-disc set comes with an exclusive bonus track As Far As I Could Get and includes a download code to provide digital versions of all tracks (presumably MP3s).

All the records are pressed on heavyweight vinyl with each 45 in an individual sleeve and we are promised a ‘stylish’ cigarette style box with a hinged lid and dividers. You also get a booklet.

The How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful box is out on 1 June 2015

Track listing

Disc: 1 1. A. Ship To Wreck 2. B. What Kind Of Man

Disc: 2 1. A. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful 2. B. Queen of Peace

Disc: 3 1. A. Various Storms & Saints 2. B. Delilah

Disc: 4 1. A. Long & Lost 2. B. Caught

Disc: 5 1. A. Third Eye 2. B. St Jude

Disc: 6 1. A. Mother 2. B. As Far As I Could Get (Exclusive Track)

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Richard Harris

Have bought deluxe versions of all 3 Florence albums now and have yet to get the lyrics on any of them! Lots of nice photos and masses of credits of course but surely they could run to printing the words too for those of us who like these things.

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I have Garbage as a 7″ box set.
I only listened to it once and went back to the CD.

Mike the Fisher

It’s novel, but a hassle. I picked up the Jet 7″ box album mainly because someone posted on a forum about one track being so short that it was a hassle to put it on! (One side is about 20 secs.) Heavy vinyl on 7″ singles seems to be a bit of a waste, but at least they’re making the packaging special.


CD will do me. Got it yesterday. A brilliant follow up to Ceremonials.


Island issued a similar edition of Hot Fuss by The Killers in 2005. Six 7″ vinyl singles in sleeves, housed in a sturdy box with a lift-off lid. Back then, it cost 29.99 – how times change eh.

Francesco Cavaliere

A totally pointless exercise in merchandising and at almost four times the cost of the ‘Deluxe’ CD edition too!