Foreigner / The Complete Atlantic Studio Albums 1977-1991


Rhino will release a new Foreigner box set this October.

The Complete Atlantic Studio Albums 1977-1991 will be a clamshell box that will contain the first seven studio albums along with all the bonus material from the 2002 deluxe editions – 80 tracks in total.

The set includes: Foreigner (1977), Double Vision (1978), Head Games (1979), 4 (1981), Agent Provocateur (1984), Inside Information (1987) and Unusual Heat (1991).

This seven-CD set is released on 13 October 2014


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To all: If you are referring to MP3 albums remastered, iTunes (worst sound quality in the industry-but that’s normal for Apple), and Amazon are completely inferior to Google Play. GP’s mp3’s are 320kbps every single time, and if you download, don’t like it, they give you no grief about refunds. Same price, exact same inventory, MUCH better sound. I used iTunes for years, but I had a question about a purchase, a tier 1 “tech remoted my pc, without asking clicked on an update that clearly stated “this update him harm this computer” and it deleted 3,000 of my own songs (special remixes from my DJing days), , my hard drive, and their response was “Sorry for the inconvenience, would a $5 credit make it OK?” NO joke. SERIOUS QUESTION- I was looking at both the 4-disc 2014 set, and the re-issues of each from 2001 (for album tracks not on 2008 greatest hits clearly labeled “REMASTERED.” You guys seem to know your stuff. How can I determine definitively what is remastered? I know you’ll say by listening–but it’s a very different sound between my pc where I download and the finished product I load onto my phone. I would truly appreciate any help with this. Thanks! BradKC


Sadly missing is the final studio album with Lou Gramm, “Mr. Moonlight”.


Unless I’ve missed it, there is no mention that these are the remastered versions. Just the expanded tracks are on a seperate disk.


£28.99 on amazon now.


Agent Provocateur deserves its own expanded reissue….the 12″ mixes, the 7″ remixes, the B-sides, the 1985 remix of Cold As Ice…..


Great idea, this set! This is probably a very nice starting point for Foreigner starters.

Nothing much for me here… I have the 5.1 versions of the debut and 4, the mid-90s remaster of “Agent Provocateur” and the Japanese Mini-LP version of “Inside Information”.

Not too crazy about the other ones, but I would like a proper remaster of “Inside Information”. The Mini-LP is a little louder, but pretty much the same quality-wise. Then again, as somebody pointed out above, it sounds fine to begin with.

More 5.1 would be awesome, or the 12″ mixes as you guys already mentioned… The 2 remixes of “Reaction to Action” are amazing, so is the extended “I want to know what love is”, and the 12″ version of “Say you Will” is a lot of fun too. And those instrumental and orchestral versions of “That was Yesterday”… Neat oddities!


£16 is much better!


Thanks for the heads up on the price drop Richard , at £16 it’s too good not to buy


26.99 seems rather a lot for albums that have long been about a fiver each. Yes you get the bonus tracks (for what they’re worth) included, which isn’t the case on the Original Album Series, but those are usually available for half the price of this box….


Amazon price now dropped to a very reasonable £16.27

Friso Pas

Agent Provocateur was never expanded. Where is the supreme 12″ version of That Was Yesterday?


Agent Provocateur was never expanded but it did get remastered in 1994


There’s only Inside Information and Unusual Heat that have never been remastered and they sound fine anyway.


I suppose they didn’t remaster the rest?