Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Welcome to the Pleasuredome to be reissued (again)

No bonus audio • New sleeve notes • CD packaged in hardcover book

BMG will reissue Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s 1984 album Welcome To The Pleasuredome in October under their new ‘Art of the Album’ banner.

According to BMG their ‘Art of the Album’ initiative is about “celebrating the album as an art form” and the sleeve notes (written by Paul Flynn) in both the vinyl and CD reissues will explore specific aspects to the album such as ‘The Key Players’, ‘The Songwriting’, ‘The Production’ and ‘The Legacy’ etc.

What this and other reissues under ‘Art of the Album’ umbrella don’t do is offer any bonus audio. You just get the standard album. That in itself is a fluid concept for Welcome To The Pleasuredome, since the original CD edition didn’t match the vinyl LP or cassette. However, the original vinyl track listing has established itself in recent years as the defacto ‘official’ version of the album.

The single CD release will come packaged as a hardcover book (also known as a ‘casebound book’) and the vinyl will be the usual gatefold double LP. The vinyl uses the same mastering as the Sainsbury’s white vinyl exclusive from last year and the CD is the same as the 25th anniversary remaster from 2010.

For the time being, both editions of this ‘art of the album’ version of Welcome To The Pleasuredome can be pre-ordered exclusively via PledgeMusic. They will be issued on 17 October 2017.

Pre-order Welcome to the Pleasuredome at PledgeMusic.

Welcome To The Pleasuredome – An abbreviated reissue history:

  • • 2003: German label Repertoire Records issue a CD+DVD edition of Welcome To The Pleasuredome which comes with black cover art. Two bonus tracks on the CD and four videos on the DVD.
  • • 2009: Japanese-only two-CD reissue offers the album in mini-LP CD packaging with a nine-track bonus disc of mixes and B-sides.
  • 2009: Return to the Pleasuredome box set issued in Japan, offering two CDs, a DVD, a T-shirt and ‘the f.g.t.h. condom’.
  • • 2010: Salvo Records issues a two-CD deluxe edition of the album which includes a bonus disc of previously unreleased mixes, demos and outtakes.
  • • 2014: The limited edition Inside The Pleasuredome box set issued – limited to 2,000 copies. Lavish and largely full of vinyl.
  • • 2016: White vinyl version of Welcome to the Pleasuredome made available exclusively in Sainsbury’s in the UK and FNAC in France.

LP – 180g Double Vinyl LP & Booklet


  1. well…
  2. The World Is My Oyster
  3. snatch of fury (stay)
  4. Welcome To The Pleasuredome


  1. Relax (come fighting)
  2. War (…and hide)
  3. Two Tribes (for the victims of ravishment)


  1. Ferry (Go)
  2. Born To Run
  3. San Jose (The Way)
  4. Wish (The Lads Were Here)
  5. Ballad Of 32


  1. Krisco Kisses
  2. Black Night White Light
  3. The Only Star In Heaven
  4. The Power Of Love
  5. Bang

CD – in Deluxe Hardback Cover & 28-page Booklet

  1. The World Is My Oyster
  2. including well… and snatch of fury (stay))
  3. Welcome To The Pleasuredome
  4. Relax (come fighting)
  5. War (…and hide)
  6. Two Tribes
  7. for the victims of ravishment
  8. Ferry (Go)
  9. Born To Run
  10. San Jose (The Way)
  11. Wish (The Lads Were Here)
  12. including The Ballad Of 32
  13. Krisco Kisses
  14. Black Night White Light
  15. The Only Star In Heaven
  16. The Power Of Love
  17. bang

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[…] previous ‘art of the album’ reissues (such as Frankie‘s Welcome To The Pleasuredome) these don’t offer any bonus audio, but what they do offer (apart from the new remastering, […]


I was just saying it’s hardly been a year with no new Pleasuredome. Well, here it is…


Inside Liverpool… Come On !


At this point, the only thing I would buy is a physical CD release of the singles compilations with all the key mixes that were released digitally (on Qobuz and others).

Alex P.

I hate to say this but the MOV & Sainsbury’s releases I received TWICE were all warped vinyl! My original USA Pressing has the best dynamics and the German DMM pressing is a close 2nd but with a lower noise floor due to better quality of vinyl. Vinyl reissues are not up to what they should be now a days.


I have the original double and the original CD and truth be told its really not that good when you get past the widescreen production job.


Frankie Say – NO MORE.


As the CD is a casebound book, will this still be the usual CD shape and size or will it be a DVD shape and size?

I have quite a few audio discs that were made into books which are DVD shaped, so this would be nice if it was like this. The booklet would be so much nicer done like this.


This is ridiculous.

That begin said, I just preordered both the CD and vinyl.


When you say the original CD and vinyl were different, do you mean versions/mixes/edits of tracks, or just the running order of tracks?

I don’t have this album in any way, shape or form (I was only born in 1978 so I completely missed it first time around), so I’m hoping for recommendations on the best version(s) to buy. Naturally I wanted the “Inside…” box set from 2014 (was it really that long ago?!?!?!) but financially it was never going to happen.

I’ll pass on this one because it seems pretty basic, but I’d like suggestions on how a completist like me can get as many versions/mixes/edits (on CD or FLAC) as possible.

Thanks. :)


CID 101 is the best version

Leslie O'Keeffe

Wasn’t this early CD edited and have tracks missing If i remember correctly? Also has the original cassette version of this album ever been released on CD


It’s the only one I still play. Subsequent cd reissues of the album version are a let down.


If ever there was an album begging for a 5.1 mix….. The tracks that were mixed into 5.1 on the Rage Hard disc were amazing.


I am also amazed that they haven’t done it. Which of the reissues mentioned above is the best one ? I still have the Original cd pressing …


Much better than the Art of Noise Daft 5.1. I get better surround separation from DPL II . A long, long time ago after I had purchased all of the ZTT sacds I asked them when we could expect more (I was hoping for some 808 State) they said they had no intention of doing any more. This is a real shame because I’ve always thought the surround realm is the perfect place for their meticulously produced recordings.

Martin Kilroy

Hi Paul, I have obtained all of the above over the years. Return to the pleasuredome was a deluxe greatest hits rather than a welcome to the pleasuredome reissue so it’s “only” the other 5 that count!


All this for WTTP (outstanding record that it is), but still no expanded love for Seal’s first (or second) album. Even just re-releasing the 2005 DVD-A’s on Blu-ray would be worthwhile, but they are each deserving of real box sets with real expanded material. Come on, ZTT!


Managed to grab the Sainsburys release so a pass for me – Not sure it qualifies as a ‘deluxe’ though


i won’t mind getting this.

i like anything with books, and this suits me fine.

i don’t own all the other releases either, so since it doesn’t cost
a lot, it’s good for a collector too.



Love the album, loved the band but no more from me cash wide as the band see none of it and that’s just not right


As all the fun (aside from the music) of ZTT were the multiple editions…surely this is just continuing the fabulous ZTT story – and long may it continue!

Chris Fahey

Too Much Pleasure?

David S

I cannot believe there is anyone that needs this. I own this album four times over and I am sure there are other fans that own more. I am good with my lot and as from an audio point of view, this offers nothing knew, I would like to echo other comments and say ‘Enough is Enough!’

Auntie Sabrina

With the 2CD 25th Anniversary Edtion currently on sale for £9.99 at Amazon I don’t see this selling many copies BMG….


As I mentioned on PledgeMusic four days ago, What FGTH fans are waiting for are:

– “Inside Liverpool” box set, follow up to “Inside The Pleasuredome” box set;

– “Sex Mix, Volume 2”, follow up to the 2xCD “Sex Mix Volume 1” (and after that, “Sex Mix, Volume 3);

– a live album or two, plus a DVD of live performances thrown in (30 years have passed since the split of the band, and yet no live album has ever been released);

– a CD singles box set, with all versions and B-sides, packaged in sleeve replicas;

– The two complete albums in 5.1 form (on Bluray, DVD-Audio, SACD…), not only the selection featured on “Rage Hard – The Sonic Collection” back in 2001);

– The FGTH tracks featured on “So80s Present ZTT” as 12inch vinyl box set.


I am of the understand the band own the exclusive rights to all live material.

Only a few years ago I am sure Holly once said this wouldn’t be released.

So the band need to be persuaded to authorise the release of live material and a label would then need to be persuaded to issue it.

Rune T

>– “Inside Liverpool” box set, follow up to “Inside The Pleasuredome” box set

Totally agree. Compared to the total plundering of the Pleasuredome-vaults they have barely scratched the surface of Liverpool.

I like Liverpool a lot, would love to see more from that period.


Hi Paul, for me Liverpool is a fantastic album, almost as good as the first and a sign of better things to come. It would be great if some day, you may take the time to elaborate your opinion about the album. Thanks!


Paul, I really want to love Liverpool, but something won’t let me. Perhaps the very minimal involvement of the band. This is the epitome of a cold, digital recording.

frank seifert

I double this…all!

Mar Wolfgang

According to Brian Nash in his autobiography of his FGTH years – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nasher-Says-Relax-Brian-Nash/dp/190680298X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1504622273&sr=8-2&keywords=relax+nash -, none of the former members of the group receive a penny from these re-releases. I have been buying these re-issues for years and must admit there is a bit less fun involved knowing that.


PLEASE STOP re-leasing, re-packaging in any format! A great and but enough is enough!


They must have (finally) run out of period remixes. They already did a 2xcd of new remixes and there are no more unreleased tracks. So all there is left is newly remastered stuff, adding a book, perhaps a DVD with interviews, more vinyl, etc. The only thing they haven’t released yet is a live cd. They must not have any (good ones) otherwise they would have released those songs by now.

David Michael

There is no information regarding vinyl pressing. The Music on Vinyl reissue is about as good as it gets in my opinion for vinyl I have the original and the picture disc and the Sainsbury versions. Nothing can touch the MOV pressing. I would be curious as to the source and details about the vinyl mastering.


Hi Paul,

Got to say I’m intrigued by what’s being put out under the ‘Art of the album’ banner – a quick look around finds the following are also coming out under AOTA;

Suicide; Suicide (I guess Mute no longer have the licence?)
Damned; Damned, Damned Damned

I hope for the Suicide reissue they don’t use the Blast First/Mute ’98 remastering – it’s truly awful and muddy compared to the original.


Suicide is likely to still technically be with Mute, as BMG now own the Mute catalogue. Not sure if new releases on Mute are included or if the currently Mute is fully independent.

Derek T.

Re Mute – New releases from Mute are independent. The company behind the label is now called Mute Artists Ltd. BMG own the old Mute Records Ltd stuff.


That’s what I thought but wasn’t sure if BMG were also backing Mute Artists. Thanks, Derek.

Jeremy Orbell

I’ve not missed much in collecting the band over the years but this will be a stretch. I kinda like the book packaging concept but probably not enough to justify buying it. What I’d really like to see is a proper expanded edition over two discs with each CD dedicated to the two pieces of vinyl. Alternatively, and I’ve just dug this out of my archive, a six part suite that replaces and adapts standard versions with Relax Greatest Bits and Two Tribes (Keep the Peace) from the singlettes/cassette singles etc.


01:55 The World Is My Oyster (including Well, Snatch of Fury)
13:35 Welcome To The Pleasuredome
01:29 Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Reprise) [from ‘Fruitness’ 12′]


03:44 The Party Trick (acting dumb)
04:37 The Special Act (adapted from the sex mix)
04:32 The US Mix (come dancing)
03:54 Relax (come fighting)
01:36 Later On (from one september monday)
08:37 War (hidden)
01:04 Have sex with as many objects as possible
03:11 Two Tribes At Madison Square Garden
12:05 The Carnage / The Annihilation
01:08 One February Friday
00:28 ‘War is peace’
00:31 (tag)


04:03 Ferry ‘cross the Mersey (…and here I’ll stay)
04:02 Born To Run
03:04 San Jose (the way)
02:48 Wish (The Lads Were Here)
11:03 The Ballad of 32 (Mix 2)




02:56 Krisco Kisses
04:09 Black Night White Light
04:16 The Only Star In Heaven
00:16 ‘Who then devised the torment?’
08:54 The Power Of Love (extended version)
00:29 ‘my uncle is a monster’
00:28 ‘absolutely obscene’
01:07 Bang…


01:18 Happy Hi! (all in the body)
04:23 The World Is My Oyster (12″ mix)
03:52 The Only Star In Heaven (Starfix)
03:56 Get It On (even longer version)
04:04 Happy Hi!
04:49 Born To Run (live in Newcastle, from “Europe A Go Go”)
03:07 Disneyland
01:05 Happy Hi! (all in the mind)


04:49 One September Monday
05:00 One February Friday
01:38 Scrapped
01:08 Holier Than Thou (the first)
02:29 Trapped
04:10 Holier Than Thou (the second)
02:27 The Power Of Love (instrumental)
01:14 The last voice


Jeremy Bromley

Liking the style – I did a similar thing a while ago with Pet Shop Boy’s Behaviour, although only a single CD, but stretched it to 89mins (which you could do with special CDs.)


I’m curious about the track list for your PSB?

Daniel (from Adelaide)

I would buy that in a heartbeat!!!

adam shaw

Hi Paul
You mentioned that the original cd wasn’t the same as the vinyl, is this cd different ?

Daniel ( from Berlin )

don’t waste our time…
come out with “Sex Mix Vol. 2” or “The Art Of The 12Inch Vol. 4” !


Art of the Album omg…well, at least no cassettes


i have a CD UK version from the 80´s that is very diferent from the salvo remaster ( and it sounds better)

does anybody know if this version has been remastered?



thank you


Surely it’s time this got re-released as a bells and whistles hi-res 5.1 package?

Something along the lines of the Jeff Wayne War of the Worlds box from a few years back would be very welcome:)

Fat old bloke

I’m good
I have the original CD pressing
I’d be interested in a 5.1 mix with the videos one day

Andrew M

That’s in the inside the pleasuredome set. Audio and video in 5.1


Well, talk about flogging a dead……….(insert appropriate funny word I can’t think of)

I love the album to bits and have the 2 cd edition, but there is such a thing as overkill. If they can sell the things, good luck to them.

However, I do take exception to captioning it a “deluxe edition” on the yellow sticker, since all you get with it basically is a fanzine. That, to me, is close to fraud.

Funny synchronicity, yesterday night I was watching Top of the Pops Story of 1984 on YouTube, which was packed full of Frankie.


Trying to work out who this is aimed for…


People like me. I haven’t owned it since I bought it on vinyl when it was originally released, and as much as I’m about deluxe editions, I kinda like the basics of this version. Nice packaging and just the album.

This is one of those albums where, for me, all the bells and whistles are irrelevant.


I’ve got the original vinyl picture disc issue, the original CD issue, the 2010 Salvo reissue, the Inside the Pleasuredome box set (courtesy of Shopsuperdeluxeedition) and the Sainsburys white vinyl from last year.


Stevie B

Go on, you know you want it!

Andrew M

Hehe! Even if I did, my partner would remove my testicles for getting it. And I’m quite attached to my Testicles.

Mike Perkin

I also still have the picture disc.


I, as well have the pic disc. Sounds terrible when played. Much better as an object. My copy is yellowing like it has disc rot.