FREE Download of Bruce Springsteen’s live Prince tribute


Not only did Bruce Springsteen produce a touching Prince tribute with his rendition of Purple Rain on Saturday evening, but he’s now offering the track to fans as a free download.

To download an audio version of the Boss’ cover of the Prince classic, simply head to this page on Bruce’s live site and follow the instructions right under the “Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY” heading. You also have the option of buying the whole show as a download or on CD.



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Is it gone? I can’t seem to download it now from that link.

Charlie D

Truly a great heartfelt version, by ALL members of the band. From Max Weinberg’s drumming to SVZ, this really is a great version.


One thing to come from the Purple One’s passing is that all the live videos that kept getting plucked from youtube and the like by his legal heavies are all being reuploaded now. There’s an excellent 1984 live version on yt that is around 19 mins long.

Annoyingly, though, all his studio stuff seems to have been pulled from the streaming services, so it’s in one hand and out the other!

Justin Isbell

Does anyone know how to actually download the track? My windows 10 system simply plays the track and there doesn’t seem to be a ‘save as’ option. Am I simply missing something here…?

Justin Isbell

Just saw your comment Paul and realised it must be Microsoft Edge. No problem when I used IE11. I really don’t know why I persist with Edge.

Ronald Kuipers

There is a reason this man is called THE BOSS


Nice live tribute but this download will appeal to fans of the Boss. As a Prince fan I’d prefer to listen to the original for the thousandth+ time any day.

Geert De Wilde

Prince would have sued him :)

Paul Wad

Mmm, I don’t seem to be able to take advantage of this free download, as each time I click on the link it just takes me to a black page with the song playing. Could someone please tell me what stupid mistake I’m making?

Paul W

Thanks Paul – seems obvious when you say it!


Was expecting this to be terrible, but it’s not bad. Right up until the guitar solo onwards anyways.

Paul E.

Thanks, as always, Paul for the information! An amazing rendition by The Boss. Someone mentioned his Bowie cover and I wanted to credit his excellent Eagle’s (Glenn Frey) tribute “Take It Easy” performed in January [also offered as a free download – the entire show as a matter of fact].


Class Act.

Anthony C

Absolutely amazing – bless you Bruce.

That’s the sort of thing Prince would do!

Thank you so much!!!!



Superb – brought a shiver to the spine

Paul Murphy

Papa Memba yesterday. Billy Paul today. Absolute nightmare year.


As with the Bowie tribute another fine performance from the Boss.


Wish they would offer rebel rebel as well