Funkadelic / One Nation Under A Groove 2CD deluxe edition


Charly Records will shortly release a deluxe two-CD book edition of Funkadelic‘s 1978 classic One Nation Under A Groove.

The book contains photos and comprehensive sleeve notes and the second CD offers the tracks from the original bonus EP, which was a seven-inch vinyl release available with early copies of the LP.

One Nation Under A Groove is released on 10 March 2014.

Track listing

Disc 1 – One Nation Under A Groove LP:

  • 1. One Nation Under A Groove (7:26)
  • 2. Groovallegiance (6:55)
  • 3. Who Says A Funk Band Can’t Play Rock?! (12:04)
  • 4. Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis Enema Squad (The Doodoo Chasers) (10:42)
  • 5. Into You (5:39)
  • 6. Cholly (Funk Getting Ready To Roll!) (4:25)

Disc 2 – One Nation Under A Groove EP:

  • 1. Maggot Brain (7:34)
  • 2. Chant (Think! It Ain’t Illegal Yet!) (0:50)
  • 3. Lunchmeataphobia (Think! It Ain’t Illegal Yet!) (4:08)
  • 4. P. E. Squad / Doo Doo Chasers (Going All-the-way-off Instrumental Version) (4:17)

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DJ Tone

I’m sure they could’ve dug up some alternate mixes or demos from this LP.
They should’ve released the 12″ version along with the instrumental mix.

[…] Funkadelic / One Nation Under A Groove 2CD deluxe edition […]

Andrew Bean

The US version had a 7″ with the tracks on the new reissue. I’ve never seen the UK bonus 12″, but I presume the 11 minute version referred to is the same as on the US 12″ single (which also has a 5 minute instrumental version).
Agreed, it’s a missed opportunity. Not a surprise, given that this is a slapdash company who seem to have released about a dozen different compilations taken from the four Funkadelic albums they have the rights to!

Mark Phillips

I thought the original album came with a bonus 12″ not a 7″

And there’s nothing here that hasn’t been on the last 1cd reissue, as Steven says above.

Total waste of a 2CD format, even if it makes one get off one’s ass and jam! Mummy what’s a Funkadelic?


Wasted opportunity. The last reissue of this album by Charly had all these tracks on one CD. There’s a great live show from the One Nation Anti Tour (Howard Theatre, 1978) that would have made a great bonus disc.


I’m not sure why they are bothering with a second disc. All these tracks would fit on one disc. Less convenient and more expensive this way.

Gary Russell

Arrghhhh – and yet it misses off the 11 min mix of One Nation… that was on the bonus EP in the UK. Such a shame…