Garbage / 20th anniversary reissue


Garbage will reissue a 20th anniversary edition of their 1995 eponymous debut album in October, across a number of different physical and digital editions.

A two-CD deluxe edition and 3LP vinyl box contain the album plus nine-track compilation of period B-sides (referred to as ‘G-sides’). The vinyl box comes with an LP size ‘fan-generated’ booklet and an autographed photo of the band. The vinyl also comes with a digital download.


A two-LP release is album tracks only, although photos seem to suggest this is a coloured vinyl pressing, whereas the box is black vinyl. Whether the coloured vinyl is limited or exclusive to one channel is not clear at present.

While the physical sets include the B-sides, you get none of the many remixes issued at the time. Curiously, and disappointingly for SDE fans, there is a super deluxe edition that goes well beyond this offering but it is DIGITAL ONLY. You get a massive 41 extra bonus tracks above what’s included with the 3LP or 2CD. This content features 11 unreleased tracks including half a dozen “early demo mixes” of some tracks. This is available via iTunes (and other places too, probably) but you can offset your disappointment at the lack of physical release by grabbing a pre-order of this digital SDE from Amazon – if you’re quick off the mark – for less than £8!


Everything has been newly remastered from the original analogue tapes. These reissues aren’t officially released in North America, so everything there will be an ‘import’.

Garbage 20th Anniversary Edition is released on 2 October 2015.

Price watch: The pre-order status and price are a bit all over the place at present but the 3LP set should be around £65 or $95. The current Amazon UK price of £55 is in line with this. The 2CD should settle down to about £13, but only Amazon France is near that at present. The digital SDE for £8 is a no-brainer.



3LP Vinyl Box Set with SIGNED card

62-track Super Deluxe Edition DOWNLOAD only!


2CD Deluxe


Vinyl 2LP (coloured vinyl not confirmed for all regions/channels)

3LP box set

Side A
Only Happy When It Rains
Side B
As Heaven is Wide
Not My Idea
A Stroke of Luck
Side C
Stupid Girl
Dog New Tricks
Side D
My Lover’s Box
Fix Me Now
G-Side 1
Girl Don’t Come
Driving Lesson
Trip My Wire
G-Side 2
#1 Crush (Nellee Hooper mix)
Butterfly Collector
Alien Sex Fiend
Kick My Ass

2CD Deluxe

CD1 – Garbage
1. Supervixen
2. Queer
3. Only Happy When It Rains
4. As Heaven is Wide
5. Not My Idea
6. A Stroke of Luck
7. Vow
8. Stupid Girl
9. Dog New Tricks
10. My Lover’s Box
11. Fix Me Now
12. Milk

CD2 – G-Sides
1. Subhuman
2. Girl Don’t Come
3. Sleep
4. Driving Lesson
5. Trip My Wire
6. #1 Crush (Nellee Hooper mix)
7. Butterfly Collector
8. Alien Sex Fiend
9. Kick My Ass

Digital Super Deluxe Edition

1 Supervixen
2 Queer
3 Only Happy When It Rains
4 As Heaven is Wide
5 Not My Idea
6 A Stroke of Luck
7 Vow
8 Stupid Girl
9 Dog New Tricks
10 My Lover’s Box
11 Fix Me Now
12 Milk
13 Subhuman
14 Girl Don’t Come
15 Sleep
16 Driving Lesson
17 Trip My Wire
18 #1 Crush (Nellee Hooper mix)
19 Butterfly Collector
20 Alien Sex Fiend
21 Kick My Ass
22 Stupid Girl (Danny Saber Mix)
23 Stupid Girl (Rabbit In The Moon – Future Retro Mix)
24 Stupid Girl (Jason Bentley & Bruno Guez – Shoegazer Mix)
25 Stupid Girl (Dreadzone – Vocal Mix)
26 Stupid Girl (Dreadzone – Dub Version)
27 Stupid Girl (Red Snapper Mix)
28 Stupid Girl (Todd Terry – Tee’s Radio Mix)
29 Stupid Girl (Todd Terry – Tee’s Freeze Club)
30 Stupid Girl (Todd Terry – Tee’s In-House Dub)
31 Stupid Girl (Todd Terry – Todd Terry’s Bonus Beats)
32 Queer (Danny Saber – Alt Vox Mix)
33 Queer (Rabbit In The Moon – Hefty Bag Mix)
34 Queer (Rabbit In The Moon – F.T.O.I. AKA Dub Mix)
35 Queer (Adrian Sherwood – The Very Queer Dub Bin Mix)
36 Queer (Martin Gore & Paul Freegard – The Most Beautiful Woman In Town Mix)
37 Milk (Siren Mix)
38 Milk (The Wicked Mix feat. Tricky)
39 Milk (Goldie – Completely Trashed Mix)
40 Milk (The Tricky Mix)
41 Milk (Rabbit In The Moon – Got It Mix)
42 Milk (Rabbit In The Moon – Butchered Vegas Mix)
43 Milk (Rabbit In The Moon – Udder Edit)
44 Milk (Goldie – VIP Rufige Trash Your Shit Mix)
45 Milk (Massive Attack – Trance Mix)
46Milk (Massive Attack – Classic Mix)
47 Milk (Massive Attack – Primal Mix)
48 Milk (Massive Attack – Ultra Classic Mix)
49 Milk (Massive Attack D Mix)
50 Dog New Tricks (The Pal mix)
51 #1 Crush (Original Mix)
52 Vow (Joan Of Ark Mix)
53 Vow (Stripped Down Mix)
54 Vow (Tuesday Night Club Mix)
55 Fix Me Now (Alternate Subbass Mix)
56 Subhuman (Supersize Mix)
57 #1 Crush (Early Demo Mix)
58 A Stroke of Luck (Early Demo Mix)
59 My Lovers Box (Early Demo Mix)
60 Not My Idea (Early Demo Mix)
61 Only Happy When It Rains (Early Demo Mix)
62 Supervixen (Early Demo Mix)


3LP Vinyl Box Set with SIGNED card

62-track Super Deluxe Edition DOWNLOAD only!


2CD Deluxe


Vinyl 2LP (coloured vinyl not confirmed for all regions/channels)

SDE helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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[…] Also, for better or for worse, coloured vinyl is normally regarded as premium/limited edition fare, but box set purchasers don’t get the coloured edition. It was the same situation with the 2015 reissue of their debut album. […]


U.B. where did you read that the 3LP box ships in December? Amazon.de lists it as Sept 2015 and out of stock, uk as 30 Oct.. I found a retailer that supposedly has it at 2-3 days and the price seems right (too expensive).
Does anyone have it? Why is it so expensive?

Paul Anderson

The 2 Vinyl is out in Europe on Oct 30th and in USA for Black Friday Record Store Day on November 27. The box set ships in December.


Shane, the garbage.com – store says: “PRE ORDER – expected dispatch date w/c 7th December 2015”

I doubt that any store is able to dispatch it earlier…


I strongly suggest qobuz. I may have had to relabel all tracks, but I’m very happy. I am buying all formats anyway.


Qobuz seems to have three editions including the “Super Deluxe” 62 track edition, but the description of the resolution is confusing. It says 24-bits / 44.10 kHz, but that doesn’t make sense since the first 21 tracks should be 24-bits / 96.00 kHz. But, considering that they have priced the “Super Deluxe” several dollars less than the “Deluxe” 21 track edition, maybe they are serious? If the album was recorded in 44.1 I guess that’s possible. Does anyone know more?

James Giraffe

Thanks TheRedPen and also Deadhead. You can’t even buy the 2CD version from Amazon anymore! You are greeted with this message: “Item Under Review
While this item is available from other Marketplace Sellers on this page, it’s not currently offered by Amazon.co.uk because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are dispatching it, or the way it’s described here. (Thanks for the tip!)

We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you may still find this product available from other sellers on this page.”

What on earth is going on this release?

Shaun Vaughan

Could be they are receiving complaints about the packaging. I’ve had to send the double CD pack back 3 times now to Amazon because the idiots they employ to pack stuff are slipping this into a card envelope for dispatch. Needless to say the card CD case arrives crushed each time. Waiting for my fourth one to arrive.

James Giraffe


Well I’m not having as much luck with Amazon. They keep telling me the Super Deluxe download isn’t available (it is, but it’s now £30.49!!! http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0164QECL6/), and they suggest I buy the CD instead. Wish me luck, please!


Hi James,
See Deadhead’s post above.


Dave, I assumed these were no digipaks as discogs didn’t mention it and it seemed like simple folded cardboard. So I ordered from amazon. I stopped ordering online when there are double digipaks because the spines will be all crushed indeed.
Usually the spines are ok in stores, so i choose to pay a bit more to have it in really mint condition. I hope I won’t regret it and it’s not digipak.
In the meantime I chose FLAC for the Super Deluxe, I hope I can convert it in my iTunes easily.

Dave R.

I picked the 2 CD set up on Friday and was really disappointed at the presentation. A flimsy digi pack, all examples in store of which had damaged or crushed spines, and a cheap booklet with lyrics that are barely legible with no background essay. The music cannot be faulted, but you could hardly call this a deluxe offering when the original release in jewel case and only the single disc is of better quality.


>Thanks for the Qobuz link! They have a CD 16-bit version and a High Resolution one. What format is the latter? Does anyone know how much space it is for the whole release? I’m running out of space but don’t want to wait :)
Also, is the 3LP box out at all? Nobody has it in stock


Sorry, I don´t know the format of the Hi-Res files – I chose the WAV-Files.

As far as I know the shipping of the 3LP Box starts in December…


First time poster, but I thought you all might like to know, I purchased the 2CD version from Amazon, and with their autorip service received the super deluxe version for download. A sort of best of both worlds scenario.


Thanks Deadhead, you just saved me some money. I’d already bought the CD from Amazon and was about to buy the super deluxe MP3 download when I saw your comment. Cheers.


I did … unfortunately…

I paid the full price (20,29€ – no special offer for customers in Germany!) yesterday evening and today I found out, that QOBUZ offers a Hi-Res Download (24 Bit – 44.10 kHz) for €19,49 and various other lossless formats like WAV, FLAC, etc for €12,99!

Of course I bought that too…

So I paid more than 30€ for the digital content because there was (and still is) no information about the release of a lossless version of the super deluxe edition around…

Perhaps the following link (hope I´m allowed to post it here?!) could be included in this article by Paul, so whoever is able to by via QOBUZ doesn´t need to pay double the prize for lossy files…


Ian J

Has anyone received the download version from Amazon?


You have to give it to Amazon, I complained about them cancelling the order and I actually got a phone call from customer service apologising and saying they would apply a credit of £7.99 so I would still only be paying £7.99. How many companies let alone e-tailers would actually phone to sort an issue like this out. Yes they could have saved themselves a lot of grief but at least they stand by their promises. Yes I would have loved physical versions of the remixes but as I don’t have all the cd singles I’d rather have them all for £7.99 than not at all

David Simon

Similarly, via customer service, Amazon contacted me within seconds of clicking the button on their customer service page. The man was very helpful, but couldn’t understand what had gone on. He gave me £7.99 credit on my account, so I could order the 62 track version at the promised price. No links involved!


Well, I’ve contacted them.

They were very apologetic and said ‘due to some technical issue this was cancelled and this is now available to purchase at a price of GBP 7.99 instead of GBP 15.98’.
They offered me a link for a copy at the original price of £7.99.

Unfortunately, the link takes you to a copy of the standard 21 track digital download, not the 62 track version.

I have, therefore, contacted them again, but have yet to hear back from them.
For those of you who have already contacted them and been asked to re-order a £7.99 version (rather than order the £15.98 one and have the difference refunded), please check any links that they may have sent you. You may well be ordering the 21 track addition in error.


Why even bother ordering crap download tracks and paying out money for inferior quality?


i managed to get in touch with customer support and they’re sorting me out for the pre-order price. Slightly annoyed that they deleted the initial release and replaced it with a similar one which is technically different, so they wouldn’t have to honour any pre-sales price. Again, glad they are honouring it, good customer service on Amazon’s behalf!


I too complained to Amazon and got a response by phone. I’m now paying £7.99 instead of the inflated £15.98.

If you did pre-order and still want it, just get in touch with them. They will sort it out for you. Excellent customer service.


Also got the cancellation email in my inbox. However, having a search on Amazon, there’s a 62 track MP3 download for £15.99 instead of the deal of the century price we all ordered it for. Don’t think I’ll be taking them up on this, as part of the fun is scoring the deal price. BTW, it’s a load of crap that Amazon couldn’t source this album in MP3, if they have it listed for twice the price. I just think they didn’t want to get burned offering it for such a good price.


To be honest, I’ve just decided that I can’t be bothered re-ordering and then having to claim a partial refund.

Stephen smalley

Cheers for the qobuz link Mike don’t mind paying that and for better quality download


I complained via Customer Services yesterday and they’ve offered to honour the original price for the 62 track version.


I’ve had a response. I’ve been advised to order again at the current price and they will refund the difference if I contact them.


Complain. I’ve sent an email listing the points Colin made above. Might get some joy, might not.


They should have either offered the compressed low quality downloads for free or put them on CD like the rest of the album and made it a bigger disc set – that I would have purchased! The downloads are just a cop-out, which I will not be bothering with and wasting money on, and to class it as a Super Deluxe Edition because of these is bull!


Super Deluxe Edition? – More like Super Crap ‘Rip Off The Fans’ Edition!


Almost £16.00 for tracks that are just digital downloadable files – what a rip off, considering the sound quality will be less than CDs and probably the vinyl and without all the nice packaging and artwork the 2 sets come with. The downloads are not worth the money, especially as most of it is just remix after remix after remix…….


Well, yes, £16 is still a bargain. I don’t think anyone would disagree with you.

However, I think that it’s a bit shoddy to:

A) Offer a ‘price promise’ of ‘Whenever you pre-order an item eligible for our Pre-order Price Guarantee, the price you pay will be the lowest price offered by Amazon between the time you place your order up to and including the release date.’

B) Then to cancel it two days before release with a reason of ‘We are unable to provide an estimated release date at this time and have cancelled your order. We will continue pursuing this MP3 album and hope to be able to offer it to customers in the future. You have not been charged for this order.’.

C) Then, finally, to re-list the item at a higher price the same day.

The above completely negates the ‘price promise. If we still want the download, we will have to pay the increased price, not the ‘lowest price offered by Amazon’.

It’s obvious they realised they’d messed up and so, to cut their (probably very small) losses, they cancelled orders and relisted at the new price.

To be honest, I’d have been happy if they’d just owned up to their error, apologised, cancelled my order, and sent a link to one with a new price, in case I wanted to re-buy.

It isn’t the first time they’ve done this to me (and others) and I think it’s a pretty poor show.

Gary C

£16 for 62 tracks is still a bargain FFS.


Qobuz have the 62 track version (in wav, flac and a number of other download formats) for £10.39. Now that Amazon have cancelled my pre-order, I’ll take my business here.



Yep – just seen an identical e-mail from Amazon in my inbox. Not impressed (on many levels!)…


Anybody else just had their Super Deluxe Edition download order cancelled by Amazon due to unspecified “issues”? Very poor from Amazon.


I see Amazon have decided not to honour my order @ the £7.99 price they put up originally for the SDE due to a ‘problem’ and cancelled it – re-directing me to the £15.98 link. Disgraceful.


My pre-order has been cancelled today!

We’re writing because an unexpected issue prevents us from delivering your pre-ordered MP3 album listed below:

Title: Garbage
Artist: Garbage

We are unable to provide an estimated release date at this time and have cancelled your order. We will continue pursuing this MP3 album and hope to be able to offer it to customers in the future. You have not been charged for this order.

Steven Moors

Amazon have just emailed cancelling my pre-order for the deluxe MP3 stating an unexpected issue preventing delivery! Odd, was too good to be true.

Stephen smalley

Amazon just cancelled my order for the digital download anyone else had this done? Wonder why?


Downloads – what Garbage!


They can shove their Digital Super Deluxe Edition where the sun don’t shine because I am not paying for music in a format that is slowly killing off the beloved CD and Vinyl formats that music collectors have loved for so many years and can actually ‘collect’ (put on shelves) rather than just have a hard drive full of listed tracks to ‘click on’ and listen to in lower quality sound.


I begrudgingly pre-ordered the Garbage on download at the pre-order price of £6.95. It’s now listed at £15.98 with the new link provided. Seriously hope that the Garbage camp see sense and issue this as a physical product. Too late now, methinks!


On the German 2LP they have a track list for the full album on disc 1 and the bonus tracks on disc 2, and no longer says it’s pink. http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00ZJR8X3K?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=od_aui_detailpages00


Just wondering. If I buy the digital edition do I get a digital Version of the autograph? ;)


This sucks! When I want a Special Edition I want it on CD (or Vinyl) but not as a digital download. This release is something for the fans who were there 20 years ago, this is not for hip Youngsters who can’t appreciate a physical Piece of Music.


This is the most disappointing reissue of all. On the subject of multiple discs, the digital deluxe edition is broken up into 4 “discs” on iTunes so I don’t think a 4-disc set is too much for an anniversary set.

And it’s baffling that not only did they separate the b-sides from the original album only on physical (why do companies do this? They can and will fit on one CD and, honestly, 99% of the people listening will do it through their mp3 player so retaining the “original intent” is a bit moot in comparison to giving the fans want they want, which is everything in the SDE physical).

And what’s most baffling is the fact they excluded the original version of “#1 Crush” on the disc! It should have been on the bonus disc ALONG with the Remix.

It’s upsetting that no one else is making a big stink about this on social media. Fan demand can create change but aside from myself and a few others, it seems the other fans are complacent with the digital only business.

Rob F

Have I missed the boat on the digital release? The link is broken and I can’t find it on the Amazon UK site.

Carlton Fisher

Am I one of the few people who thinks the concept of a “digital exclusive” is kind of like being told “but this manure is rose-scented”? If I’m paying for it, I want it on a disc in the best quality possible. Shove the crappy downloads right where the rose-garden excrement came from.

Jim Galvin

Still can’t find a proper link for the 3LP version, so i’m gonna have to break down and get it off the Garbage website. $95


Very disappointing !!! I don’t care of “digital Release”, i want CD !
Bloody era of digital …


Same here! I don’t expect every single remix made for this album to be included, but at the very least they could have made it a 3CD release with some of the best remixes!


I suppose being a ‘rock’ band, some of their hardcore fans might find dance remixes too much a horrible departure from their style/direction, so maybe that’s why they weren’t included on the physical releases. But that still doesn’t explain not including the demos…..

—–then again, special editions of their ‘Absolute Garbage’ compilation from many moons ago had a bonus disc of remixes—–

But as someone with a wide taste in music, I love both their rock and dance output. So I can only repeat my wish for a separate 3-disc remix collection.


All those mixes on Absolute Garbage were edits and who knows with the track times not being listed on that digital download some of them maybe edits as well.


I think the 2CD edition with the regular album and the b-sides is not a bad idea: it guarantees a fluent and coherent listening as you get all the era’s songs, not some obscure remixes of a the singles. I personally would have put the original mix of “#1 crush” to these b-sides and the nellee hooper remix onto the remixes, but that’s a question of personal taste. maybe they could have put these 21 songs onto a single CD but I am not sure if the running time of a CD would be enough for all these songs.

surely, it would have been nice to put out a super deluxe editon in the CD format but hey, I don’t think anybody apart us few hardcore fans will bother. Surely, U2 etc did it, but to be honest, I think Garbage play in a different league saleswise. I guess it wouldn’t just make sense commercially.

What I am curious about (maybe Paul can help here): why did you leave one mix off the super deluxe edition? I am speaking of the ‘Torn Apart’ mix of “Vow” which was released on the CD single of that song? Why include everything else, even some unreleased era remixes (massive attack) and new/old ones (another question to Paul: do you know if the songs 52 to 56 are new mixes made now or mixes from the 1995 era which were just not used back then?) but miss out on these special remix?

Also: does anybody know if the super deluxe edition will just be downloadable in the .mp3 format or in .wav or .flac as well?


The US version of 7digital.com has the same preorder track as iTunes and Amazon (“Subhuman [Supersize Mix]”) available for purchase as a 16-bit FLAC, so I’ll guessing/hoping eventually the entire digital release will be available that way. (Their UK site doesn’t have it yet, who knows why.)


Paul had nothing to do with this release so how is he supposed to know why they left a certain mix from it or what mixes are what ?


I sure would have been happy with a least one additional cd with the most vital remixes. I too have many of the cd singles, but it sure would have been a nice touch. The second cd in the deluxe set probably has about 35 minutes of material on it.


About the digital/CD controversy: I think they opted for digital only because the 30 era and 11 unreleased mixes/demos have a running time that would need another 3 CDs. So the first CD for the album, the second for the b-sides, the third, fourth and fifth for the mixes… Of course, this would have made an excellent CD deluxe set but then again many would probably complain about the price.

As a fan since their first release, I already have most of the mixes on CD, so for me digital is fine, I will buy only the mixes I do not already have in a digital format (the mixes which were released only on vinyl back then) and the “new” demos/mixes.

But: download formats .wav or .flac would be nice