Gene / 2CD reissues on the way

Gene’s first album “Olympian” is one of five to be reissued by Edsel

Edsel Records will reissue all five of the official studio albums by UK Britpop era band Gene in January 2014.

The albums have all been remastered and these reissues are being issued as two-CD sets, with a large selection of bonus tracks added, including BBC radio sessions and unreleased live performances (see full track listing below). These deluxe editions will be presented in the now familiar casebound book packaging.

Gene were signed to Polydor Records and enjoyed a fair amount of success in the mid-to-late nineties with three top twenty albums, before their popularity waned towards the turn of the millennium. They disbanded in 2004.

All five albums Olympian (1995), To See The Lights (1996), Drawn To The Deep End (1997), Revelations (1999) and Libertine (2001) will be issued on 27 January 2014.

Track listings



Disc One

  • 1. Haunted By You
  • 2. Your Love, It Lies
  • 3. Truth, Rest Your Head
  • 4. A Car That Sped
  • 5. Left-Handed
  • 6. London Can You Wait?
  • 7. To The City
  • 8. Still Can’t Find The Phone
  • 9. Sleep Well Tonight
  • 10. Olympian
  • 11. We’ll Find Our Own Way

Bonus tracks:

  • 12. For The Dead
  • 13. Child’s Body (BBC Radio Session 18/5/94)
  • 14. This Is Not My Crime (BBC Radio Session 18/5/94)
  • 15. Left-Handed (BBC Radio Session 1/2/95)
  • 16. We’ll Find Our Own Way (BBC Radio Session 1/2/95)

Disc Two

Live At Sound City 18/4/95

  • 1. Sleep Well Tonight
  • 2. Left-Handed
  • 3. Be My Light, Be My Guide
  • 4. Haunted By You
  • 5. A Car That Sped
  • 6. Truth, Rest Your Head
  • 7. London Can You Wait?
  • 8. Sick, Sober & Sorry
  • 9. I Can’t Help Myself
  • 10. Olympian

Live at The Forum 6/7/95

  • 11. To The City
  • 12. Sleep Well Tonight
  • 13. Haunted By You
  • 14. Trust, Rest Your Head
  • 15. Sick, Sober & Sorry
  • 16. London Can You Wait?
  • 17. Speak To Me Someone
  • 18. Left-Handed
  • 19. Olympian
  • 20. Be My Light, Be My Guide


To See The Lights

Disc One

  • 1. Be My Light, Be My Guide
  • 2. Sick, Sober & Sober
  • 3. Her Fifteen Years
  • 4. Haunted by You
  • 5. I Can’t Decide If She Really Loves Me
  • 6. To See The Lights
  • 7. I Can’t Help Myself
  • 8. A Car That Sped
  • 9. For The Dead (Version)
  • 10. Sleep Well Tonight
  • 11. How Much For Love
  • 12. London, Can You Wait
  • 13. I Can’t Help Myself
  • 14. Child’s Body
  • 15. Don’t Let Me Down
  • 16. I Say A Little Prayer
  • 17. Do You Want To Hear It From Me
  • 18. This Is Not My Crime
  • 19. Olympian
  • 20. Child’s Body
  • 21. For The Dead

Disc Two

BBC Radio Session 14/12/95

  • 1. Save Me I’m Yours
  • 2. Drawn To The Deep End
  • 3. Speak To Me Someone
  • 4. Fighting Fit

BBC Live at The Phoenix Festival 18/7/96

  • 5. Fighting Fit
  • 6. Sleep Well Tonight
  • 7. Speak To Me Someone
  • 8. Be My Light, Be My Guide
  • 9. Left-Handed
  • 10. Why Was I Born
  • 11. Olympian


Drawn to the Deep End

Disc One

  • 1. New Amusements
  • 2. Fighting Fit
  • 3. Where Are They Now?
  • 4. Speak To Me Someone
  • 5. We Could Be Kings
  • 6. Why I Was Born
  • 7. Long Sleeves For The Summer
  • 8. Save Me I’m Yours
  • 9. Voice Of The Father
  • 10. The Accidental
  • 11. I Love You, What Are You?
  • 12. Sub Rosa

Bonus Tracks

  • 13. Drawn To The Deep End
  • 14. Autumn Stone
  • 15. Cast Out In The Seventies
  • 16. Nightswimming
  • 17. We Could Be Kings [single edit]
  • 18. Dolce & Gabbana Or Nowt
  • 19. Wasteland

Disc Two

Bonus Tracks

  • 1. As The Bruises Fade
  • 2. The Ship Song

Live At The Royal Albert Hall

  • 3. Where Are They Now
  • 4. Save Me I’m Yours
  • 5. Voice Of The Father
  • 6. Sub Rosa
  • 7. Speak To Me Someone
  • 8. Drawn To The Deep End
  • 9. New Amusements
  • 10. Olympian

BBC Session 2/10/96

  • 11. Voice Of The Father
  • 12. Sub Rosa
  • 13. The Accidental
  • 14. Why I Was Born

BBC Session 24/6/97

  • 15. For The Dead
  • 16. Save Me I’m Yours



Disc One

  • 1. As Good As It Gets
  • 2. In Love With Love
  • 3. Love Won’t Work
  • 4. The British Disease
  • 5. Fill Her Up
  • 6. Something In The Water
  • 7. Mayday
  • 8. Angel
  • 9. The Looker
  • 190. Little Child
  • 11. Stop
  • 12. The Police Will Never Find You
  • 13. You’ll Never Walk Again

Bonus Tracks

  • 14. Toasting The Union
  • 15. Man On Earth
  • 16. All Night
  • 17. To All Who Sail In Her
  • 18. Pass On To Me
  • 19. Touched By The Hand Of Havoc
  • 20. Common As Air
  • 21. Slice

Disc Two

Live In Concert BBC Sound City Newcastle Riverside 29/10/98

  • 1. You’ll Never Walk Again
  • 2. Fighting Fit
  • 3. Mayday
  • 4. Where Are They Now
  • 5. As Good As It Gets
  • 6. We Could Be Kings
  • 7. Stop
  • 8. Olympian
  • 9. In Love With Love
  • 10. The British Disease
  • 11. Be My Light, Be My Guide
  • 12. Speak To Me Someone
  • 13. Sleep Well Tonight
  • 14. Voice Of The Father
  • 15. London Can You Wait?
  • 16. Sick, Sober & Sorry



Disc One

  • 1. Does He Have A Name
  • 2. A Simple Request
  • 3. Is It Over?
  • 4. O Lover
  • 5. Let Me Rest
  • 6. We’ll Get What We Deserve
  • 7. Walking In The Shallows
  • 8. Yours For The Taking
  • 9. You
  • 10. Spy In The Clubs
  • 11. Somewhere In The World

Bonus tracks

  • 12. Let Me Move On [Long Version]
  • 13. If I’m A Friend [b side of ‘Let Me move on’]
  • 14. Left For Dust [b side of ‘Let Me move on’]
  • 15. Supermarket Bombscare [b – side of ‘Is it Over’]
  • 16. Little Diamond [b – side of ‘Is it Over’]

Disc Two

  • 1. Rising for Sunset [unreleased studio version}
  • 2. Who Said This Was The End? [b side of ‘Is it Over’]
  • 3. From Georgia to Osaka [b side of ‘Does He Have A Name’]
  • 4. With Love In Mind [b side of ‘Does He Have A Name’]
  • 5. Welcome to Dover [b side of ‘Does He Have A Name’]
  • 6. Baby I’m Sorry [unreleased studio track]
  • 7. Man Seeks life [unreleased demo track]
  • 8. 6 am unreleased [unreleased demo track]
  • 9. Skin Parade [unreleased demo track]
  • 10. You [Chapel Studio Version]
  • 11. Does He Have A Name[demo version]
  • 12. Simple Request [demo version]
  • 13. Is it Over [demo version]
  • 14. Spy in the Clubs [demo version]
  • 15. Walking In The Shallows [demo version]
  • 16. Let Me Move On [demo version]
  • 17. O Lover [demo version]

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Unfortunately, the single version of Fill Her Up (which was on CD 1; CD 2 had the album version) and both extra B-sides from the For the Dead (version) single (Sick, Sober & Sorry and Truth, Rest Your Head, both live at Helter Skelter, 6/7/95) are missing. Apart from these omissions, a nice compiling effort :)

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Has anyone actually heard the new remasters? Curious if they are highly compressed/bass boosted or genuinely opened up?


thanks for the info!

Phil Wilson

Disc 2 of TSTL now looks like this, according to Sainsburys who have them all at £8.99:

1. Save Me I’m Yours – BBC Radio Session 14/12/1995

2.Drawn To The Deep End – BBC Radio Session 14/12/…

3.Speak To Me Someone – BBC Radio Session 14/12/1995

4.Fighting Fit – BBC Radio Session 14/12/1995

5.London Can You Wait? – BBC Live At The Phoenix F…

6.Voice Of The Father – BBC Live At The Phoenix Fe…

7.Sick, Sober & Sorry – BBC Live At The Phoenix Fe…

8.Fighting Fit – BBC Live At The Phoenix Festival …

9.Sleep Well Tonight – BBC Live At The Phoenix Fes…

10.Speak To Me Someone – BBC Live At The Phoenix Fe…

11.Where Are They Now – BBC Live At The Phoenix Fes…

12.Be My Light, Be My Guide – BBC Live At The Phoen…

13.Left-Handed – BBC Live At The Phoenix Festival 1…

14.Why Was I Born – BBC Live At The Phoenix Festiva…

15.You’re My Best Friend – BBC Live At The Phoenix …

16.Olympian – BBC Live At The Phoenix Festival 18/0…

17.We Could Be Kings – BBC Live At The Phoenix Fest…


apparently the tracklistings have changed? on bol.com Olympian disc 1 also has Olympian single version as track 17, TSTL disc 2 has 17 tracks instead of 11 (no info on details) and Libertine also has A town called malice!! hurrah!


also really excited and a pity that some tracks are missing as Renato says. But I think For the dead (version) is there, it’s on the regular To see the lights, isn’t it? I count 3 times For the dead in these reissues, the single version as bonustrack on Olympian, the demo as the last track of TSTL disc 1 and the new version as track 9 on TSTL. Please correct me if I’m wrong!


Well, as a longtime Gene fan and collector, I’ll say that only “Libertine” looks interesting to me. The unreleased songs and alternate versions/demos are what I like to see on a deluxe edition.

The bounty of session versions and live tracks on the debut album look OK, but less essential. Almost everything else is previously-issued, with the exception of some of the sessions and the Newcastle concert (which was on a well-circulated bootleg).

I’ll probably end up acquiring the lot eventually. Just wish there were more demos/alternate versions instead of live versions among these.


Where the heck are their cover of The Jam’s A Town Called Malice, the single versions of Olympian and Fill Her Up, and For the Dead (new version)? We should also have got their promo videos on DVD…


Forgot to say there are Q+A’s with Matt James (drummer) on youtube relating to these releases – part one here :


He’s a wine merchant now apparently, he also says there’s likely to only be a vinyl version of Liberine as the vinyl rights for the rest are owned by another company that haven’t granted their use for anything other than CD.


Pre-ordered the lot. I’ve always had a soft spot for Gene and were one of my favourites at the time although they were very soon passed over by the press/public. A case in point being that when I mentioned Martin’s solo album at the time it was released to a few people (plus the fact he was ‘from Gene’) it just drew blank expressions. A real shame, they were unfairly labeled Smiths clones but were head and shoulders above most of the ‘brit pop’ tripe served up in the early 90’s.

Anyway, as John mentioned earlier Martin Rossiters recent solo album is certainly worth searching out – a superb album.


Great news, I already have all that stuff but I’ll happily buy it all again. One of the best bands of the 90’s by far.


Sounds good, but then again so many remasters are just bass-boosted versions with squashed dynamics. But if they improve on the sound of the original masterings, which were also quite compressed and treble-heavy on some tracks, this could be something.


Not to piss on any bonfires but I never thought Gene were worth the original mastering, let alone a remaster! Just my opinion!


Totally agree with John…very excited about those releases!!!!

John Able

This is fantastic news ! I hate to say forgotten band of their era, but they are kind of a forgotten band of their era !
The latest solo album by Martin Rossiter is very powerful.
Hopefully this will help to produce some new material.