Genesis / R-Kive 3CD anthology


A three-CD Genesis anthology collection titled R-Kive will be issued by Virgin EMI / Universal Music next month.

This 37-track set will contain material spanning 42 years and uniquely documents the band’s history with classic Genesis material compiled alongside selections from the solo careers of Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, and Mike Rutherford / Mike + The Mechanics.

So the chronological track listing takes in Mike + The Mechanics’ The Living Years, and Over My Shoulder. Phil Collins hits In The Air Tonight and Easy Lover are on disc two and Peter Gabriel‘s Solisbury Hill, Biko and Signal To Noise (from Up) also feature (nothing from So!)

R-Kive is released on 29 September 2014.

Track listing

Track listing:

Disc 1

  1. ‘The Knife’ – from ‘Trepass’ (1970)
  2. ‘The Musical Box’ – from ‘Nursery Cryme’ (1971)
  3. ‘Supper’s Ready’ – from ‘Foxtrot’ (1972)
  4. ‘The Cinema Show’ – from ‘Selling England By The Pound’ (1973)
  5. ‘I Know What I Like’ – from ‘Selling England By The Pound’ (1973)
  6. ‘The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ – from ‘The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ (1974)
  7. ‘Back In N.Y.C.’ – from ‘The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ (1974)
  8. ‘The Carpet Crawlers’ – from ‘The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ (1974)
  9. ‘Ace of Wands’ – from Steve Hackett’s ‘Voyage of the Acolyte’ (1975)

Disc 2

  1. ‘Ripples’ – from ‘A Trick of the Tail’ (1976)
  2. ‘Afterglow’ – from ‘Wind & Wuthering’ (1976)
  3. ‘Solsbury Hill’ – from Peter Gabriel’s first self-titled album (1977)
  4. ‘Follow You Follow Me’ – from ‘And Then There Were Three’ (1978)
  5. ‘For A While’ – from Tony Banks’s ‘A Curious Feeling’ (1979)
  6. ‘Every Day’ – from Steve Hackett’s ‘Spectral Mornings’ (1979)
  7. ‘Biko’ – from Peter Gabriel’s third self-titled album (1980)
  8. ‘Turn It On Again’ – from ‘Duke’ (1980)
  9. ‘In The Air Tonight’ – from Phil Collins’s ‘Face Value’ (1981)
  10. ‘Abacab’ – from ‘Abacab’ (1981)
  11. ‘Mama’ – from ‘Genesis’ (1983)
  12. ‘That’s All’ – from ‘Genesis’ (1983)
  13. ‘Easy Lover’ – (Originally released in 1984)
  14. ‘Silent Running’ – from Mike + The Mechanics’s self-titled album (1985)

Disc 3

  1. ‘Invisible Touch’ – from ‘Invisible Touch’ (1986)
  2. ‘Land of Confusion’ – from ‘Invisible Touch’ (1986)
  3. ‘Tonight Tonight Tonight’ – from ‘Invisible Touch’ (1986)
  4. ‘The Living Years’ – from Mike + The Mechanic’s ‘Living Years’ (1989)
  5. ‘Red Day on Blue Street’ – from Tony Banks’s ‘Still’ (1991)
  6. ‘I Can’t Dance’ – from ‘We Can’t Dance’ (1991)
  7. ‘No Son of Mine’ – from ‘We Can’t Dance’ (1991)
  8. ‘Hold On My Heart’ – from ‘We Can’t Dance’ (1991)
  9. ‘Over My Shoulder’ – from Mike + The Mechanics’s ‘Beggar On A Beach Of Gold’ (1995)
  10. ‘Calling All Stations’ – from ‘Calling All Stations’ (1997)
  11. ‘Signal To Noise’ – from Peter Gabriel’s ‘Up’ (2002)
  12. ‘Wake Up Call’ – from Phil Collins’s ‘Testify’ (2002)
  13. ‘Nomads’ – from Steve Hackett’s ‘Out Of The Tunnel’s Mouth’ (2009)
  14. ‘Siren’ – from Tony Banks’s ‘Six: Pieces of Orchestra’ (2012)

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I totally agree with the others. What a strange compilation and a waste. I won’t purchase this because I already own all of the Genesis tracks and I’m not a fan of the solo work outside of some of Gabriel and Collins. Mike & the Mechanics? Really? If this were to be a ” Genesis” archive, then it should be just that!

Mark Armstrong

Lot of negative comments about this andof course I can understand it from the hardcore Genesis faithful…I’m not sure compilations like this work, too much ground to cover and you end up pleasing nobody.

I’m with Saputraj, have a soft spot for Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea…love it!! It’s not on this set?

Oh well, please enter me into the competition anyway!

[…] Mike + The Mechanics, Tony Banks and Steve Hackett. Full details and track listings can be found here. Three people will be randomly selected and will win a copy […]



I’m a Genesis fan, but only occasional solo fan (apart from Steve Hackett). I bought this set yesterday for just £11 notes which I didn’t think bad. Listened to it a couple of times through. The production is great – says remixed by Nick Davis. I need to compare but on first listen the end of Suppers Ready seems longer and Gabriels vocal sounds different.

Not everything on here is the same quality, but its not a bad set and is interesting listening to a wide selection of stuff with a thread. Chill out and don’t buy it if you don’t want but save your energy to direct at something worthwhile directing it at.


This is horrible.
A pointless compilation.
Who designed this ?


Looks like a tax write-off to me. Their accountants have sent through a memo and they need something loss-making in a hurry to off-set blah blah blah.

So they came up with something that no-one’s going to buy.

Meanwhile, my dream of a King Crimson-like box of A Trick of the Tail / Wind and Wuthering complete with some shows and a fully restored ‘It’s Yourself’ and ‘Spot the Pigeon’ keeps on keeping on…

[…] release ties in with the R-Kive three-CD hits anthology. Additionally BBC 4 will be showing a Genesis documentary later this year […]

Halloweenjack says

how about speeding up the release of the first five or six albums on blu ray audio???? they are already overdue by quite some time (just 1 out: selling)
why the guys signed off on this one i do not know. Just another ploy of the “industry” and the so-called connaisseurs who get paid fat salaries to sit on their asses and come up with stuf like this. I guess it just fell out of their fat asses one day and couldn’t get flushed so they bring it out to make a buck. Let’s NOT buy this crap


Useless box set. Missing Shortcut to Somewhere [with Fish] which should of made things slightly interesting [only because of the fact that Fish was in Marillion which initially some called an early Genesis knockoff].

Neil R

I would rather have a super deluxe edition of Lamb Lies Down On Broadway!


Jesus (he knows me), what a horrendous sleeve, title, concept, tracklisting. I bet even the barcode is awful as well.



I’m going to 142nd the question of “why?”

It’s arguably not even a good entry-level introduction to the band, it offers nothing to long-time fans or collectors, and after already pretty well nailing the first with the three disc collection some years back, this feels very remedial.

Sadly, the IDEA of a big collection including solo cuts has merit, but it would have been far better had it been curated in the sense of the John Lennon “Gimme Some Truth” collection – a few rarities and odd singles or b-sides alongside a really meaty array of hits, album cuts, etc. That way, the intermediate fan gets everything they want and maybe a few rarer bits draw in some long-time collectors as well.

As it stands, this is neither fish nor fowl.


Interesting idea to combine band and solo material. No way could a 3 disc set do it adequately though. It’s laughable that there’s nothing from PG’s So. Cover art is ok, Title is ridiculous – makes me imagine songs remixed by current EDM or hip hop DJ’s.

Hey Virgin EMI/Universal/Edsel/Cherry Red/whoever – I would love to see Mike Rutherford’s “Smallcreep’s Day” and Tony Banks’ “Still” in expanded remastered deluxe format.

Those I would buy in a heartbeat. “R-Kive” I’m going to pass on.


If this is a ‘Deluxe Edition’, I wander what the regular edition is like…

Paul Kent

…another totally benign comment of mine has been removed from a thread (also, from the Beatles In Mono vinyl thread). Please tell me why, Paul. I mean, this thread is nothing but criticism of this collection, so what did I say that deserves censoring?


The Pensioners of Prog go for the yoof vote with that title. Misguided? Seems so reading these comments!

C Feeney

Just a further comment. This site makes no apologies about it’s bias towards eighties pop and seventies prog. Genesis fit both profiles.

BUT this site is called Super Deluxe Edition and I have to ask why this sorry product is being given space when it comes nowhere near being super or deluxe.

C Feeney

Wot! No Ray Wilson;)


What an ugly cover.


I own multiple copies of almost everything this band has ever released, including the solo careers. The ‘exciting’ publicity blurb beforehand was a complete red herring. This is absolutely pointless, and for the first time in over 30 years, I don’t think I’ll bother purchasing this.

For my 2 cents, I don’t mind the cover image. The name on the other hand is ridiculous, especially for a band that’s already had two ‘Archive’ box sets.

The ’42 years’ is actually correct when you look at the track listing.


Oh my… :(


It’s the kind of compilation you find in a service station shop, except it appears to be a budget compilation at a premium price.

Paul Kent

Why? Just… why?


42 years??????

Barrie Sillars

This is the biggest let down in recent years. A similar build up to that of Pink Floyd. At least they are releasing a new album, sort of. But this new compilation is pointless. No new material and we had the platinum collection of Genesis material only a few years back which was fairly representative of the back catalogue. Mixing solo and band stuff is not going to attract anyone. I can’t think of many who want Suppers Ready and Easy Lover! If they had any imagination they could have done something with the fact it’s the 40th anniversary of The Lamb. A nice box set would have been something to get excited about.


Awful cover & track listing.


This is the proof that random play lists of previously available material should remain where they belong to: the digital world.

This is also the proof that bad product naming isn’t good for one’s brand.

And as for the design? Nothing more than a poor version of Kumi Yamashita’s art (check on Google…)

Bruno MacDonald

Strange to think that this atrocity came from the same stable as the excellent Platinum Collection triple set.


So it’s aimed at people who own no Genesis (or solo Genesis) albums who are willing to blindly lay out the cash for a three-disc box set of songs with a questionable track selection? Well done, Virgin EMI Universal (was any record label not involved in this?)

Yossi Barak

Even the new logo & cover look bad.


Everything about this is wrong… :(


Crappy album cover and title.


In the words of Edmund Blackadder (somewhat ammended);

Blackadder: Madam, this collection is like a broken pencil.

Queen Elizabeth: Explain…

Blackadder: Pointless.



It’s fairly obvious, but something this bad demands that I add my down-vote to the chorus for posterity.

Ridiculous compilation. I can see how it might interest a certain type of musicologist, someone interested in how the individual artists contributed to the band by examining their independent works. If that’s the case, a truly representative and comprehensive compilation would be excessive in size. However, it’s a chance to get all the songs from the different artists mastered at the same volume level, in case one was tempted to do some sort of cross-cataloging. Song choices here could have been better.

Artwork and title is dreadful.

Alastair Brown

Had hoped that the 5.1 mixes and video material previously released were being made available again at a reasonable price. Not a chance – Selling England SACD/DVD currently £79.99 on Amazon.

C Feeney

Though the Gabriel era box is currently $127 on amazon.com, which is about £80. Bargain?

Mike Bushell

I’m looking forward to the documentary. Hopefully there’ll be a longer version we can buy. I’ve got my Hackett and Gabriel tickets for later this year so in theory this release ought to be interesting. It isn’t. It’s bizarre, odd, whatever.

No-one’s commented on the odd 3 CD compliation of a few years back which ran in reverse chronolgical order.


That was done, as I understand it, so that the quality improved as you got nearer the end – ie. “We Cant Dance” stuff to start, then “Wind And Wuthering” era and then to the meaty Gabriel stuff. Quite clever I thought.

PS. I don’t understand this new release either

Ben Williams

Thought of something else: “R-Krap”

Ben Williams

I’m a huge Genesis fan and Phil-solo fan and I like ‘So’ by Peter. This release looks like one of those awful CDs you find in a Chinese market place, with a bootlegger’s idea of what were ‘hits’. Nothing from ‘So’ but thank God that Phil’s ‘Wake Up Call’ is included… (ahem)…

An absolute waste of time, considering how there are so many other Genesis products that could/should be released instead of these cheap rehashing of songs.

Yours sincerely


adam shaw

I wonder if the band actually gave the go ahead on this ?


Terrible title, terrible cover. Is that Peter in the shadow? It sure as hell ain’t Phil. Could be David Cameron I suppose…


This is exactly what I have been waiting for in the past few years :/


The name “R-Kive” implies some sort of rarities or vault collection. This appears to be a “hits” compilation (and they kind of stole the name from the Rilo Kiley rarities collection which is called “RKives”)


Logo is awful and reminds me of the London Olympics logo, which was also totally crap.

The name and spelling R-Kive is completely not in keeping with the band and must have been suggested by one of the not very with it grandchildren.

R-Kive? I mean come on, it’s not a rap or hip-hop compilation. Or is it? Their music hasn’t been remixed by Ice-T or Snoop Dogg has it?

Tom N

Baffling. This has to be one of the strangest catalogue compilations released in the last few years. The ‘artwork’ looks more like a Soviet bootleg cover, less like something that Peter Gabriel would sign off on. And the title… I can’t get my head around this. What should have been a simple compilation to put together to tie in with the BBC documentary has been incredibly botched.

eric slangen

Complete useless and a very strange tracklisting but I’m glad they didn’t put on a different remix or new track so now a non buy for me.

Mic Smith

A fairly pointless compilation that assumes if you like Genesis you must like (or be attracted to) the various solo careers as well. My interest is in the seventies period and any aspect of Gabriel’s career and therefore this compilation offers me 50% of stuff I have little interest in and nothing new among the stuff I am interested in. I wouldn’t mind if they provided a different take on Genesis’ output but it’s the same old songs trotted out for the nth time. Poor effort.


Interesting, but…. why?

Danny Graydon

This is pretty much what I expected, alas – and seeing as I have all five box-sets, this is an unnecessary buy. Then again, this is really aimed at securing either new or casual fans, so fair enough. However, what did surprise me is that, in the three Phil solo cuts, the woeful “Wake Up Call” from his single worst album, “Testify” is included. I know “Another Day In Paradise” is perhaps too obvious a contender, but something far better – indeed, “proggy”, could have been secured from the 80’s golden period.

Don Cooper

Was initially prompted to say R-Sawyoucoming but on reflection it is a nice compilation.A bit like Genesis themselves,really.

(Ripples makes me cry for personal reasons.tmi…)


My opinion is that the majority of fans waiting on new Genesis product are established fans who have everything Genesis have put out so another compilation falls way short of what people are interested in.

I am personally still interested in the rest of the HFPA releases for the 5.1 mixes and want to know when they are coming.

Don Cooper

Is that you,John?