Pre-order Polly Samson’s new paperback with a David Gilmour signed CD

Back in stock (for now)

You can acquire a David Gilmour-signed CD by purchasing Polly Samson’s new book A Theatre For Dreamers from Rough Trade.

A Theatre for Dreamers Samson’s Sunday Times bestselling novel, which was a 2020 book of the year in a number of publications.

This new paperback edition comes with an exclusive signed CD, featuring four songs inspired by the book. The four tracks were written by Samson and David Gilmour, and performed by Gilmour and the couple’s daughter Romany. The limited edition CD is signed by Polly Samson and David Gilmour.

Gilmour doesn’t really ‘do’ signed items, so this is a rare opportunity and a book and a signed CD for less than £9 seems like a great deal! These will ship on 15 April 2021.


David Gilmour and Romany Gilmour

      1. Yes, I Have Ghosts
      2. Tell The Truth
      3. Astral Dust
      4. Kokineli

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That’s a clever way of pushing sales, for sure. I wonder how many purchasers are actually interested in the book. Then again, not everybody’s married to a rock legend, so why not make the best of it? :D

Bill Hammell

Will the CD be available with the book for regular purchase?

Dave Spencer

Contacted rough trade yesterday who advised they should have put a filter of 1 per customer on this release but it got lost in translation and they all sold in a few minutes. The warehouse advised me that there would be no more at 11 o clock yesterday but it appears they were putting them on as they were telling me this. Hence I didn’t check and it appears more were available so missed out again.

Some one on Ebay has 3 for sale at £165 each. This kind of scalping drives me mad. If I could I ‘d have bought 20 and stuck them on e-bay at book price just to spite the gits.

Graeme Ewan

Just bid the full price and don’t pay on a duff Id. Wouldn’t do it to a non scalp but F them!! Revolt

Phil Tate

“Contacted rough trade yesterday who advised they should have put a filter of 1 per customer on this release but it got lost in translation and they all sold in a few minutes.” So can’t they just reduce all orders of more than one copy down to just one? No money has been taken yet. That would mean there’d be some more signed copies for real fans to order, with the added bonus of shafting the scumbag scalpers.


Glad I follow Polly, who dropped the link early on. If you don’t follow her, you should! She’s amazing, and she has done things like this before.

Stevie C

Congrats to the lucky ones that got the signed copies. Only got unsigned myself. Find it amusing that probably only two replies actually mentioned the music. Looking forward to hearing more new DG tunes, as got RSD single, so suspect they will be similar in style. Thanks Paul for the heads up on this release and happy birthday.

Sébasto Cha

I am devastated. I have been there several times in the past two days, but it has never been in stock for me. Well done to the lucky ones.


Devastated :(
Personally speaking – this is the best scoop I have ever seen on SDE.
I missed it… after visiting SDE 3 times a day for years, I didnt look yesterday..

Credit to Gilmour for signing.
There will be some extremely happy people today.


So sold out for now signed cd? Ehh


At 10:49 a.m. in Canada (East coast time) = “Pre-Orders sold out. Please check your local store for availability.” This in regards to the signed CD.


Two copies of the book and signed CD are on ebay. Selling for £199.99 and £150. Surely Rough Trade can find out who the sellers are and cancel their orders so that true fans can purchase.


Signed CD back on…make sure to click the paperback+ option

Ian Murphy

Just ordered a copy of the book + CD at 13.30 UK time. Worth returning to Rough Trade to check every now and again

Gary Hurley

At 13.30 on Thursday 18/3/21 I placed my order as it is still in stock!
You can only order 1 per person.

Paul E.

Finally secured the signed CD version at 8:20 AM (GMT-5). Shipping to the US was rather painful at £13.26 but how often can you score a signed Gilmour CD? Glad I was patient as I almost purchased this yesterday unsigned.


Ha! I did buy one yesterday but RT let me cancel it after scoring a signature copy today

David Hannah

Just got mine ordered :-)


Signed cds available again. 14:23 here in Germany

Matthew Evans

Hi folks, I just clicked on the Rough Trade website (18/3/21 @ 13:21), and I’ve been able to order a signed copy. Presume some have been cancelled, due to duplicate orders etc. So, if you’re quick you may drop lucky too!!! Best of luck

Marcel Muller

Got my hands on a signed copy :-). Thanks Paul for letting us know!


Just bagged a signed one. Superb!!!


The time is now 8:14 a.m. in Canada (eastern time zone)… Thursday, March 18, 2021… and the signed CD offer (part 2) seems to have disappeared.


Excellent – managed to get a signed one :) Happy bunny.

Phil G

Thanks for the restock heads-up, Paul. Just ordered.

Ian Hartley

The signed ones are back in- just got mine ! It is a good read as well so worth having for the book as well as the tunes and the signatures. A total bargain !


Just ordered signed cd version from rough trade Thursday 18th March 11.20 am. Must be more in stock

Andy Hanson

Signed CD came…went…came back again. Just ordered my signed version (as at 11.15 on 18th March anyway). Who knows the state of play now.

Robert Hammond

Good call, Andy – nabbed one, cheers for that!


Well, I missed the signed CD, but I did pre-order the regular one. Paying 40 Quid to get it delivered!

Yes I Have Ghosts is a nice, melancholic song, so I’m looking forward to the other songs.
The book will probably go into the bin.

Richard Bowden

Just cancelled my un-signed order (very easy to do) having ordered a signed one! Let’s see what happens.

Cyril Jones

In typical Gilmour fashion, I’m sure the 4 tracks will show up elsewhere at one point…

Tim Abbott

There was a signed photo (by both Samson and Gilmour) with hardback copies of the book available last year, along with tickets to a reading + Gilmour performance in a small venue in London which has been pushed back a couple of times for obvious reasons. I’ll admit I haven’t finished the book yet (nor actually listened to the song until now), though it is enjoyable so far.


Unsigned copies of the CD are now available.


It looks like I can consider myself to be a lucky one: it really was a rare opportunity to get an item signed by DG and I saw the news at the right time and could order it. I already bought the 7 inch of “Yes, I Have Ghosts” and I hope that the 3 other songs are as cool as this one.
Anyway, thank you very much Paul for this news!


Anyone else noticed how Gilmour is rapidly turning into Bob Harris?!


Ha! Totally


Well fudge, my finger was not quick enough on that one. Will keep an eye on things should they decide to sign a few more.


Back available with a Un -Signed CD. This is also a Rough Trade exclusive.

Jeremy King

Bargain of the century, alas as appears to always be the case sold out before I had Time to remember my Rough Trade pass word.
Well done to those who were successful.


Questions – I realize the signed CD disappeared super-quickly… but is the non-signed 4-song CD also a limited run?… should we BUY NOW or can we wait?… and, will Rough Trade be the only retailer selling the book +CD combination, or, will it also be available via amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble and the like? The Rough Trade shipping cost isn’t cheap (internationally).


Blimey that was quick . Any chance of you getting any for the SDE store?


That was quick!!

Is it exclusive to Rough Trade?

Mike M

Cheers Paul, delighted with this.


Pre orders sold out

Mark Sherlock

Bugger, got to checkout and it’s gone. Would have been nice. Thanks anyway Paul


Got it in my cart and then had to change my password. When I did that and went back it had gone. Feel unfair. Paul have you any contacts in Rough Trade?

Rich G

Nice deal, thanks Paul. Wonder how many they’ve signed. It could fly out I guess to Floyd fans. Nice that they are helping a smaller record shop too. Seems like a good guy does David. Another expensive day in SDE land though!


Flew out sadly. All gone it seems.

Nathan Thomas

Gilmour does seem to be a good guy. I used to live next door to Gilmour & then he decided he had too many houses & sold it & gave the money to charity. For a musician he was a very quiet neighbour – when I moved down the road a few years later my new neighbour was Glenn Matlock from the Sex Pistols & he was even quieter – he had lovely window boxes (which always surprised me for a Sex Pistol !)