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SDE newsletter subscribers will probably already be aware that, by popular demand and starting this week, SuperDeluxeEdition will be offering the service of alerting readers to the popular DEAL ALERTs via email straight into your inboxes, so you don’t miss the best deals. This will be in addition to the posts on Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to be added to the list to receive deal alert emails then please follow the instructions below:

• If you DON’T currently receive the free weekly SDE newsletter then click on the link below to subscribe and click ‘yes‘ to the deal alerts question on the subscription page.

• If you DO subscribe already, then please check your inbox for the latest newsletter and once you’ve opened it, scroll down to the bottom to ‘update’ your subscription preferences to include you in the new email DEAL ALERTs.

Please note: You are always in control! Once you’re signed up, you can choose to opt-out at any time simply by clicking on “update subscription preferences” at the bottom of any SDE newsletter or email and making the change to your settings. Also, SDE won’t share your email address with any third parties.

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Johnny Keith

Yes please !!!

Neil Mulcahy

Please add me.Thanks !


Please add me too! Thanks! ✌️

andy brian

Please add me too!

Nigel Draper

Great service- please add me to your email list. Cheers!

Gary Knowles

Grateful if you can please add me to the alert list – many thanks!


Me too !
Thanks !


Sign me up for deal alerts please.

Derek Folganan

Please add me to mailing list


Please add me to mailing list.

Francis Maher

Please include me for the e-mail early
DEAL ALERTS , Paul . I really enjoy
this site , great fun , and the sheer numbers of other music fans like myself .

Mark Duncan

Please add me to the mailing list!


Can you add me too? Thanks

Jamie Richardson

Please add me to the list. Thank you for a great site!

theo oerlemans

please ad me to the mailing list


please add me to the alert
thank you

Keith Byrne

Hi Paul please can you add me to your e mail list.Tjank You,Keith

Linda Tomlin

Please add me to the mail deal alert list.


Please , add me to the newsletter! Thanks!!

David McCloskey

Could you add me to the mailing list please :)

Robert Wardlaw

Please add me to the weekly deal alerts e-mail list.

Jim Mumford

Hello! Would you please kindly add me to the mail deal alert list. Thank You!


Count me in


Nigel Simpson

Please add me too. Thanks for doing this.

Mark O'

Please add me


Count me in please

Theresa Johnson

Many thanks for signing me up, I love hearing about anything remastered, especially if it includes vinyl! . You’ve done a great service to us pink Floyd fans that have been following the band for many years! I personally saw the wish you were here/animals tour way back in the day. That was my first concert ever, and have been booked ever since! Thanks Pink Floyd, you changed my life forever!!!

James vandegrift

Great idea. Please add me

Leung Lok

please add me to the mail deal alert list, thanks!

Iain Carmichael

Amazon Australia has the Five Years Bowie box for $110 at time of writing. About£60 . About a third cheaper than UK price . Don’t know how much you’re stung with postage but it ain’t a bad number.

Arlene Touchie

Please add me to all ,thank you


Please add me…thanks!

David Goodrich

Please sign me up for e-mail alerts

Dominic Champniss

Please add me up

Dave Williams

sign me up for email alerts please


Sign me up, please.

Adrian Mariviu Turdean

Yes please


Please add me to your email notification list, too. Thank you.

Jan Greeve

me, me, me!!! :-)

Christine Cook

Me too!

Jose Miguel Gutierrez

Paul muchas gracias por el magnifico trabajo que realizas en SDE.
Y Felices Navidades y Año Nuevo 2017
Un saludo y gracias


Thanks Paul

Herman Foster

Email alerts

Kevin Barrett

Yes please!

graham best

Please send me the email although at the moment I am short of spare cash for Special Editions.
Gov has turned down my request for PIP even though I’ve been getting Disability Benefit for over 20 years?

Wayne Olsen

Yes please.

Sean T

Thanks Paul


Please add me !


Let me know when the PHIL COLLINS SDE is released and where I can purchase it.


Hi Paul
I have subscribed for deal alerts but don’t seem to get them anymore. Can you add me please?

Chris Hanington

Hello Paul
Seems I am not receiving any of your emails lately…not sure what happened. Can you please check as I hate missing those deal alerts!
Thanks kindly.

Chris Hanington

Hello Paul
No, still nothing and nothing in my spam folder either. If we can’t figure this out, can I supply you with a different email address?
Thanks again.

Chris Hanington

Hello Paul
Just wanted you to know that updating my email preferences did the trick. Thanks for helping me through.
All the best.