Grace Jones / Nightclubbing reissue physical formats on show

Grace Jones / Nightclubbing reissues (Click to enlarge)

Out tomorrow is Universal Music’s reissue of Grace Jones‘ 1981 album Nightclubbing.

As pictured, the four physical formats include single CD remaster, two-CD deluxe, a two-LP ‘Back To Black’ vinyl edition anda 22-track ‘Pure Audio’ hi-res blu-ray audio version. All audio is remastered from the original 1981 analogue masters.


2CD Deluxe

2LP Vinyl


Pure Audio Blu-ray Audio

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Paul Chapman

thanks Paul

Paul Chapman

So the vinyl arrived today sadly it’s scratched.

As with the Frankie – Relax 12″ it’s factory damage as there’s a fair amount of “paper” dust in them.

So that’s going back

Has anyone used the download voucher? is it the vinyl version or is it the 2CD version?

Carl Edwards

I like this reissue – I do think though that they missed a trick by not including more grace pictures and also by a DVD including one man show, the videos to the singles and tv / live performances from the period. C


A One Man Show should have been included on DVD.
That was a missed opportunity.


Love it, but a pitty there is no booklet with the vinyl [it looked that way on the picture] … was hoping on a lavish booklet like the Kate Bush vinyls have..,


I’m here in The US. The release date is May 13th for the single disc. I guess the 2cd deluxe will only be available as an import. Bummer.


I have looked so much forward to this release.
Bought it in the best possible sound edition “The Blu Ray Pure Audio”
Which is great!
But they then offer you to download it as well, which is a fantastic service
until you realize that it is a 320 mp3 download.
Why would i want it as a mp3 320 when i bought the blu ray pure audio to get the best possible sound 24 bit/96 kHz?
The CD would be better to rip……
That is just so frustrating!!!


Thank you, Benny and Bjorn, for keeping the plastic slipcase alive. The other DEs look so cheap without it.

Lee Anderson

I just presumed the Deluxe Edition was going to be a book format. Quite disappointed when it arrived. What’s with the very cheap looking ‘Deluxe Edition’ wraparound sticker??? When did they stop with the plastic slipcases? Content great – packaging weak. Should have bought the Blu Ray.


Unfortunately the wraparounds went some time ago… (at least a couple of years I believe).

I didn’t know this album before (although most of the tracks made it onto the Compass Point Sessions double CD compilation) but I have to say it is very good indeed. The bonus CD is also excellent.

I don’t mind the packaging too much (although I agree that a book would have been nicer) however what I do hate is the graphic design which has resulted in colour choices that make it difficult to read some of the text.
I guess my ageing eyes don’t help much either… :-)


Completely agree. Cheap “Deluxe” edition.


I bought the deluxe cd set from hmv instore which i don’t normally do but as it was only 12.99 rather than wait for amazon for a quid less i went with that. will check it out later.


I’m with you on this, Joe. Why don’t people who want it in a lossless format just buy the CD?


I honestly don’t hear any difference between 16/44 and 24/96 when I have compared the same album in both formats, (yes I do have a decent set-up!), so I have always been happy to buy the CD and copy it to my PC to get a lossless version I can move around easily.

I only tend to buy ‘high-res’ physical formats now if they contain a unique 5.1 mix and of course plenty do thanks to a certain S. Wilson.

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Does anyone know if this album will be available for download in lossless digital format?


Buy the CD and make a lossless digital copy.


Qobuz have in both 24/96 and standard 16/44 lossless…..



If you buy the CD though you always have a back-up hard copy as well.