Groundhogs / Blues Obituary blue vinyl

British rock band Groundhogs‘ second album, Blues Obituary, was recently reissued with a special limited colour vinyl edition with a die-cut sleeve available.

Issued in 1969, Blues Obituary saw the band slimmed to the classic three-piece line up of Tony TS McPhee on guitar, Pete Cruikshank on bass and Ken Pustelnik on drums.

This is classic raw British blues-rock with a slightly prog edge and features a ‘juggernaut’ of riffs. The audio has been remastered and this comes with two bonus tracks; the mono single cut of ‘BDD’ plus the B-side of that single, a brilliant solo acoustic McPhee performance of ‘Gasoline’.

This limited blue vinyl edition features a special die-cut sleeve and comes with an inner sleeve with notes and a download card.

It’s out now and can be ordered via the SDE shop (or using the button below). A black vinyl edition of debut Scratching The Surface is also available.

Side A

  • B.D.D.
  • Daze Of The Week
  • Times
  • Mistreated

Side B

  • Express Man
  • Natchez Burning
  • Light Was The Day
  • B.D.D. (Mono)*
  • Gasoline*

*bonus tracks

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This SDE post reminded me that I bought “Who Will Save The World? The Mighty Groundhogs,” when I was probably 6 or 7, solely based on the comic book cover. I remember being mystified and confused by the strange music inside. Too weird for such young ears. Don’t know what ever happened to that record. After reading this post, I found a mint copy of the 3 cd “Thank God For The Groundhogs” set containing their first 5 albums for super cheap. My 49 year-old ears have a bit of catching up to do with this band! Thanks, Paul!

Scott Ian

i bought this and I love it. Sounds good and I like the redesigned sleeve.

paul wren

For those wanting optimal vinyl sound quality, then you might want to check out the Sundazed 2009 reissue as well as Sundazed are renowned for going back to the original analogue tapes and using high quality pressing processes – and they don’t cost much either:

phil Burford

“The audio has been remastered” any details – master tapes used ,analogue transfer or ? Is the vinyl pressing GZ or Optimal or someone else ? Thanks

phil Burford

Thanks -wish labels would provide more info


Bought it but not so happy with it.

I listened to it and found it loud but not very pleasurable. I would doubt very much that it is from master tapes. Rather I suspect it is the earlier cd reissue remastered. It certainly does not sound like the original vinyl issue that I had in the mid 80s. That was great!

The other issue I detest the new cover a soppy blue envelope that cover the original cover. What’s wrong with them! Why do they have to meddle with a classic cover!

phil Burford

Thanks for the information on the sound MB .Totally agree with you on the bizarre cover art decision

phil Burford

No real issue Paul just for my tastes seems a bit superfluous