GTR / 2CD Deluxe Edition


Steve Howe formed short-lived rock band GTR with guitarist Steve Hackett in 1985, after his departure from ASIA.

With vocalist Max Bacon, bassist Phil Spalding and drummer Jonathan Mover they recorded the self-titled, Geoff Downes produced album, which was issued in 1986. There was never a follow-up, but the band did tour and this newly remastered double-disc deluxe edition from Esoteric Recordings features 14 tracks performed live in Los Angeles in 1986 on the second CD.

Three bonus tracks append the 10-track album on disc one, all taken from promotional 12-inch singles of When the Heart Rules the Mind and The Hunter. Two of these are new to CD.

GTR is reissued on 28 August 2015.



Disc: 1

1. When the Hurt Rules the Mind
2. The Hunter
3. Here I Wait
4. Sketches in the Sun
5. Jekyll and Hyde
6. You Can Still Get Through
7. Reach Out (Never Say No)
8. Toe the Line
9. Hackett to Bits
10. Imagining
11. The Hunter (Special Gtr Mix)
12. When the Hurt Rules the Mind (Single Version)
13. The Hunter (Single Version)

Disc: 2: Live in Los Angeles in July 1986
1. Jekyll and Hyde
2. Here I Wait
3. Prizefighters
4. Imagining
5. Hackett to Bits
6. Spectral Mornings
7. I Know What I Like (in Your Wardrobe)
8. Sketches in the Sun
9. Pennants
10. Roundabout
11. The Hunter
12. You Can Still Get Through
13. Reach Out (Never Say No)
14. When the Heart Rules the Mind

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[…] GTR / 2CD Deluxe Edition […]


I always liked this album but the production hasn’t aged well at all. A good remix would do wonders for it but I don’t expect that to ever happen, unfortunately.


A couple of things to mention for those who care (or don’t!):

1.) Great album (“The Hunter” is amazing), but very low volume and I always found the mix dry.

2.) J.D. Considine is a pile of SHT.

3.) Neurotrend was never an actual second GTR album but it did feature demos for what would’ve been the 2nd album. I interviewed Steve Howe years ago and he told me that his heart wasn’t in it when Steve Hackett left and that’s why a 2nd album didn’t happen.

I also interviewed Hackett just last year for my book and he said he enjoyed the band but not the management.

Neurotrend would’ve had a new lineup of Howe, Bacon, Spalding, Clifford, Robert Berry (who went on to 3 with Carl Palmer and Keith Emerson) and Nigel Glockner (sp)? on drums.

4.) This is indeed the King Biscuit show on the 2nd CD but is still missing songs as the King Biscuit CD did. But it’s a damn good show. Wish I saw the band in Philly in 1986 at the Tower but I was in high school on low $ funds…


I hope this one (particularly the single mixes) have been mastered from original tapes. This one was critically maligned, but I kind of like it. “When The Heart…” was a good single; just played it the other day.

Fun fact: critic J.D. Consadine (sp?) used to have a column in Musician magazine called “Short Cuts” or “Short Takes” or something like that, with super-brief reviews. For this album, his review was simply “SHT.”

Stuart S

I’ve the original Arista CD but you always had to up-the-volume.

On Mr. Hackett’s webstore pre-orders will be signed by Steve.
£13 + postage.




Tracks 1 and 12 on Disc 1 are “When the Heart Rules the Mind”, not “Hurt”.

Hans Jörg

Great news albeit I am wondering why they didn’t opt for a release of the unreleased second album Nerotrend?


This one of those mid-80s albums I’ve always wanted to have in my collection on CD. I wasn’t aware it had already been reissued in the not-so-distant past!


One of the best albums of the ’80s! FYI: the live tracks were previously issued as part of the King Biscuit Flower Hour series.
I’m hoping it’s a good remaster. The One Way remaster sounded worse than the original Arista CD.


“The One Way remaster sounded worse than the original Arista CD.”

Good to know, I just sold my sealed copy for 50 bucks on Ebay. :)


Interesting. Just recently heard the single on the radio for probably the first time since it was in the US Top 40, and wondered if there would be a market for a reissue of this album. I guess someone thinks so.