Harmonia / Complete Works / five-LP vinyl box set


Krautrock ‘supergroup’ Harmonia see their complete works reissued in October as a  5LP vinyl box set.

The band were formed of Michael Rother of Neu! and Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Möbius of Cluster, with Brian Eno joining for sessions in 1976. Of the three studio albums Musik von Harmonia (1974) and Deluxe (1975) were issued in the original era. The third album Tracks and Traces from the ’76 sessions wasn’t released until 1997 under the Harmonia ’76 moniker.

The forthcoming box set includes all three of those long-players, and since this is being issued by Grönland Records, Tracks and Traces uses the expanded track listing from their 2009 CD reissue of that album. Live 1974 is included, along with Documents 1975, a new rarities set featuring live recordings from Hamburg and a couple of studio tracks.

As can be seen from the image above, the box set includes a pop up artwork, a 36-page booklet with previously unreleased photos, the original Harmonia Live Poster and download code for all the albums.

Dieter Moebius who sadly died very recently, had worked with Grönland on this very package. It will be released on 23 October 2015.



LP 1 / Musik von Harmonia
1. Watussi
2. Sehr Kosmisch
3. Sonnenschein
4. Dino
5. Ohrwurm
6. Ahoi
7. Veterano
8. Hausmusik

LP 2 / Deluxe
1. Deluxe (Immer Wieder)
2. Walky – Talky
3. Monza (Rauf Und Runter)
4. Notre Dame
5. Gollum
6. Kekse

LP 3 / Live 1974
1. Schaumburg
2. Veteranissimo
3. Arabesque
4. Holta – Polta
5. Ueber Ottenstein

LP 4 / Tracks and Traces (Harmonia ’76)
1. Welcome
2. Atmosphere
3. Vamos Companeros
4. By The Riverside
5. Luneburg Heath
6. Sometimes in Autumn
7. Weird Dream
8. Almost
9. Les Demoiselles
10. When Shade Was Born
11. Trace
12. Aubade

LP 5 / Documents 1975
1. Tiki – Take at Harmonia Studio in Forst
2. Live at Onkel Pö in Hamburg
3. Proto – Deluxe at Harmonia Studio in Forst
4. Live at Fabrik in Hamburg

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jonathan slater

Please release the Harmonia box st on CD thanks.


I think the vinyl code can be used on the grönland label page, where it says “Vinyl-Code einlösen” or “Vinyl Code for MP3” in englisch. Heres the link: http://groenland.com/

I just got mine, and it is a very nice set. If someones interested in the content of the set, there is a nice unboxing video of the box on YouTube:


Gianpiero De Filippo

I bought the Harmonia Complete Works box set, got my digital download code…but cannot figure out from which webpage I can download the tracks, anybody can hekp me please?


It looks like they are offering Document 1975 as a cassette w/ download for around $14 usd. Poke around and you will find it at Norman and places like that. For some reason the label is not yet selling it directly.


All of these discs exept the last one ‘LP 5 / Documents 1975’ are available on cd. However the 4th LP ‘Tracks and Traces’ is credited to HARMONIA & ENO ´76. You can find the cd in the Groenland Records Online Shop or at amazon, discogs and other outlets. There’s even another remix version of this LP available on cd.


A fantastic reissue similar to the one Neu! released back in 2010. Waiting to have them side by side at home in two months time…


If there was information pointing to those downloads being FLAC at CD or better quality, I’d be much more on board with this release. Assuming it’ll probably be the usual 320 MP3 stock though.


114€ on jpc.de

110+ delivery on the Grönland website.

Will include downloads



This music is best served by CD, imo. Still, it’s a nice release.


Was quite interested in this as I only have Tracks and Traces.
However at £132 (current amazon price) I can’t justify it. Will have to see if it ever reaches a more reasonable level (but for something as niche as this I doubt it).


Any chance of a CD release for this set? I don’t believe the rarities or live recordings are available digitally.

Nice collectors’ piece, but not sure there’s enough to entice me to make the analog jump on these albums at that price point. I have a suspicion others who already own the studio discography will be of a similar mind.

Ah well, more power to those who do want to snap this up.