Hawkwind / This Is Your Captain Speaking / Albums & Singles ’70-74


A new 11CD Hawkwind box set This Is Your Captain Speaking… Your Captain is Dead celebrating the ‘space rock’ band’s United Artists era from 1970-1974 will be released in March.

The following albums are included: Hawkwind, In Search of Space, Greasy Truckers’ Party (2CD) Doremi Fasol LatidoThe Space Ritual Alive in Liverpool and London (2CD), Hall of the Mountain Grill, The 1999 Party (2CD) and this set also comes with a bonus disc collecting rare single mixes called Of Time and Stars – The Singles.

The studio albums (in bold) are new remasters and everything is presented in card sleeves within a clamshell box.

This is due for release on the 23 March 2015. At the moment only the German Amazon have it up for pre-order but best advice is don’t wait because the price is a stunningly cheap €21 which is less than £16 – for an 11-disc box set!

Track listing

CD 1: Hawkwind

  • 1. Hurry on Sundown
  • 2. The Reason Is?
  • 3. Be Yourself4. Paranoia – Part 1
  • 5. Paranoia – Part 2
  • 6.Seeing It As You Really Are
  • 7. Mirror of Illusion

CD 2: Xin Search Of Space

  • 1. You Shouldn’t Do That
  • 2. You Know You’re Only Dreaming
  • 3. Master Of The Universe
  • 4. We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago
  • 5. Adjust Me
  • 6. Children of the Sun

CDs 3 & 4: Greasy Truckers Party (2 CD)

disc 1

  • 1. Announcement/Apology
  • 2. This Is Your Captain Speaking (breakdown)
  • 3. This Is Your Captain Speaking
  • 4. You Shouldn’t Do That
  • 5. The Awakening
  • 6. Master Of the Universe
  • 7. Paranoia

disc 2

  •  1. Earth Calling
  • 2. Silver Machine
  • 3. Welcome To The Future
  • 4. Born To Go
  • 5. Brainstorm (Jam)
  • 6. End Announcement

Bonus tracks:

  • 7. Master Of The Universe (Original 1972 LP mix)
  • 8. Born To Go (Original 1972 LP mix)

CD 5: Doremi Fasol Latido

  • 1. Brainstorm
  • 2. Space Is Deep
  • 3. One Change
  • 4. Lord Of Light
  • 5. Down Through the Night
  • 6. Time We Left This World Today
  • 7. The Watcher

CDs 6 & 7: The Space Ritual Alive (2 CD)

disc 1

  • 1. Earth Calling
  • 2. Born To Go
  • 3. Down Through The Night
  • 4. The Awakening
  • 5. Lord Of Light
  • 6. Black Corridor
  • 7. Space Is Deep
  • 8. Electronic No. 1

disc 2

  • 1. Orgone Accumulator
  • 2. Upside Down
  • 3. 10 Seconds Of Forever
  • 4. Brainstorm
  • 5. Seven By Seven
  • 6. Sonic Attack
  • 7. Time We Left This World Today
  • 8. Master Of the Universe
  • 9. Welcome To the Future

CD 8: Hall Of The Mountain Grill

  • 1. The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear in Smoke)
  • 2. Wind of Change
  • 3. D-Rider
  • 4. Web Weaver
  • 5. You’d Better Believe It
  • 6. Hall of the Mountain Grill
  • 7. Lost Johnny
  • 8. Goat Willow
  • 9.Paradox

CDs 9 & 10: 1999 Party (2 CD)

disc 1

  • 1. Intro/Standing On The Edge
  • 2. Brainbox Pollution
  • 3. It’s So Easy
  • 4. You Know You’re Only Dreaming
  • 5. Veterans Of A Thousand Psychic Wars
  • 6. Brainstorm
  • 7. Seven By Seven

disc 2

  • 1. The Watcher
  • 2. The Awakening
  • 3. Paradox
  • 4. You’d Better Believe It
  • 5. Psychedelic Warlords
  • 6. D-Rider
  • 7. Sonic Attack
  • 8. Master Of The Universe
  • 9. Welcome To The Future

CD 11: Of Time & Stars – The Singles

  • 1. Hurry On Sundown (mono single version)
  • 2. Mirror Of Illusion (mono single edit version)
  • 3. Silver Machine (original single mix)
  • 4. Seven By Seven (original single mix)
  • 5. Lord Of Light (single mix)
  • 6. Born To Go (live single version edit)
  • 7. Urban Guerilla
  • 8. Brainbox Pollution
  • 9. You’d Better Believe It (single version edit)
  • 10. Paradox (remix single edit)
  • 11. Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)
  • 12. It’s So Easy 13. Seven By Seven (live Space Ritual single edit)
  • 14. Silver Machine (Roadhawks single mix)
  • 15. Seven By Seven (remixed single version)

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Gone up to 29.99€ on German site now


The box says “Mastered by Peter Mew & Nigel Reeve at Abbey Road Studios, London”. I guess they didn’t use Abbey Road just to fiddle with the knobs… :)

Sonic_Hawk on Dime

I’d prefer to know a bit more about what’s meant by “remastered” before I buy a product that duplicates what I already possess.

If it’s just an EQ tweak, then I’m not all that bothered really.


This already out in Sweden since a few days. The remastered studio albums sound fabulous. Vastly improved compared to my ’96 remasters. Doremi have never sounded dirtier and sludgier to my ears :). Also nice with restored track lists, same as the original vinyls. Nice sleeves, gatefold for the first, Greasy, 1999 and Space Ritual. Could have been nice with a booklet with some info. The printing on the covers is too small for my old eyes :)…


was £16.91, now gone up to £30 on Amazon uk

but 24.97 euros=£18.55 on Amazon Germany site


It’s now available at Amazon UK @£16.91.

For UK residents, this works out a bit cheaper than Amazon Germany, if you select free delivery


Last year I ordered a B.B. King box set from Amazon France, and it took over 3 months to arrive in Canada. Since no charge appeared on my card for many weeks, I assumed the order failed to go through. Regrettably I understand almost no French, so was unable to inquire about it. But surprisingly it did show up, and it was fine.

As for this Hawkwind box, I can’t get too excited about it as I have all the music already. Now if all the discs had a 5.1 Surround option and there was a nice thick book with it, that would be a different matter!


The Canadian dollar sucks right now, but gas is cheap (for the first time in it-feels-like-forever), but it came to $37.77 including shipping from amazon.de regardless. Dirt cheap for 11 CD’s…. that’s less then $3.50 per disc!
Like some of the above, I’ve never ordered from the German site before… UK, US & Canada, that’s it. But with Google Chrome it’s easy as can be.

I’m totally stoked about the Pretty Things ‘Bouquets From a Cloudy Sky’ box (got the notice from Ugly Things that it shipped today), but this deal has got me even happier!


Couldn’t turn this down. Thanks for the heads up Paul, and the info about Google Chrome.

John. Murray

Don’t know a word of German and never been on the German Amazon site in my life before. Still managed to successfully order this within 30 seconds – no probs!

Nice bargain!!


Wonder if they are going to reproduce the gatefold sleeves. Also, that it’s not going to be flat and loud remasters.


Excited by the 2CD “Greasy Truckers” set — has this been released before as a standalone Hawkwind album? Since it’s 2CD, there’s more here, I presume, than was on the 3CD version in 2007 (Hawkwind was only on disk 3)…and maybe in a better mix, too?


2007 3 cd release didn’t include 1972 original lp mix-bonus tracks (Born to Go, Master of the Universe)


Wow, thanks for the tip. I’m in the U.S. and got it for $23 including shipping!

Trevor King

Thanks for the alert. Had no problem with German Amazon, got mine for EUR 21,17 .

Blade Runner

Well, on jpc.de, they have also an English site, you can order the box for € 19,99 plus p+p.


Currently €24.97 inc €3.80 UK delivery = £18.50. My 1st time ordering from Amazon Germany but Chrome translates fine. Pre-ordered. Cheers!

Simon Taylor

Rough Trade has this advertised at £35 in the UK so perhaps a good guess for UK price would be around £30 or just under. Either way this looks likely to be about a tenner less.


Cost me £18.50 which includes delivery to the UK.


Yeah, the pattern is pretty the same, so it should be a deafult-like buy :). I bought on Amazon Germany, Spain and Italy without problem. Buttons are the same and any additional text was easy to understand with google translate.

The price is a real bargain! But I’m afraid those will be a cheep, budget cardboards. I also don’t see any booklet.


I (german) order a lot at different amazon shops in languages I don’t understand and agree with Philip. They work more or less the same and you can use the same identity. I am always suprised how fast they deliver eg. from Italy or Poland (not to mention the lower prices compared to Germany).


Nio probs with Amazon Germany, it follows the same patterns as the UK site, and even lets you use the same log in and credit card details.

This is a definite order for me, hopefully will see even cheaper prices in the UK, but this will do for now.

Peter MC Cormick

Great price but will let it go as find it impossible to use the German site owing to language .

Peter Mc Cormick

Google chrome .Even worse . Nothing is translated The translate button is even in German so don’t know where that is .Thanks anyway but this is really for people who know German and I don’t know one word of it .