Howard Jones: Humans Lib / Dream Into Action Live at IndigO2 DVD


If you haven’t been keeping up with synth-pop wizard Howard Jones of late, then you’ve missed some quality reissues of his eighties output in recent years.

All his Warner Bros. albums have been licensed to his Dtox label and reissued in limited edition clam-shell box sets, including the CD debut of US-only compilation Action Replay (paired with The 12″ Album) and most recently a triple album box that featured One To One, Cross That Line and In The Running.

Like much of his recent output, these sets were primarily available through his website and came as limited editions with bonus remix discs.

However, if you prefer to do your online music shopping through Amazon, then you are in luck because it looks like Jones is starting to make these recent reissues available there too.

12 August is slated as a release date for Jones’ 2010 live concert where he performed his first two albums in their entirety. Live At IndigO2 is a double DVD complete with bonus features including the VIP soundcheck and interviews.

Many of the individual recent remasters are also available on Amazon.


Human’s Lib / Dream Into Action Live At IndigO2
• UK Pre-order: Howard Jones: Human’s Lib/Dream Into Action – Live At Indigo2 [DVD]


The 12″ Album / Action Replay box set
• UK Pre-order: The 12″ Album / Action Replay Box Set


One to One / Cross That Line / In The Running box set
• UK Pre-order: One To One / Cross That Line / In The Running Box Set

Live at the IndigO2 track listing:

Disc 1

Dream Into Action Set

  • 1. Automaton
  • 2. Why Look For The Key?
  • 3. Is There A Difference
  • 4. Assault & Battery
  • 5. Look Mama
  • 6. Elegy
  • 7. Specialty
  • 8. Dream Into Action
  • 9. Hunger For The Flesh
  • 10. No One Is To Blame
  • 11. Bounce Right Back
  • 12. Life In One Day
  • 13. Like To Get To Know You Well
  • 14. Things Can Only Get Better

Special Features

  • VIP Soundcheck
  • Robbie Bronnimann Interview Jonathan Atkinson Interview

Disc 2

Humans Lib Set

  • 1. China Dance ( Intro)
  • 2. Conditioning
  • 3. Pearl In The Shell
  • 4. Natural
  • 5. Hunt The Self
  • 6. Don’t Always Look At The Rain
  • 7. Equality
  • 8. Hide & Seek
  • 9. Humans Lib
  • 10. What Is Love?
  • 11. New Song

Special Features

  • Rupert Hine & Stephen W. Tayler in the studio
  • Stephen W. Tayler Interview
  • Making Of Film

NTSC ALL REGION DVD This DVD will play on all DVD players regardless of country

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For my money (and when it comes to HJ reissues, it’s a lot!), the remasters are the best-sounding CDs I’ve ever heard. The 12″ album is sensational. To make a high-end product, crisp and clear, that also sounds exactly like you remember it in your head, is quite a feat. One To One, despite being produced by Arif Mardin and thus about as state-of-the-art in 1986 as you could hope for, sounds even more fantastic now.

Yes, all HJ’s products are expensive, but they are of the highest quality. Although I can’t speak for the DVDs as yet, I’ve not bought any of those.


Thanks everyone for your answers and opinions for my question above. Greatly appreciated. Will be buying.


How ironic that this item appears in the related posts box!



That’s right, it’s the track markers that are off slightly. Not noticable if you play the CD all the way through, but if you’ve ripped it to a pooter/iPod etc and it’s on shuffle it can be irritating…

The box sets are individually numbered and mine is well into the 2000’s, so who knows how many they’ve made. They must have a big warehouse!


Regarding that 3rd disc in the 12″ box set here’s some information from http://www.howardjones.com/forum.html
– tracks 1 through 4 are fine
– track 5 stars fine but has 11 ms of audio from the next track present before the end of track demarcation (to corroborate this, I programmed my CD player to play this single track and the very brief clipping at the end of the track IS audible)
– track 6 correspondingly has 11 ms of audio clipped at the start and 29 ms of audio from the next track present at the end
– track 7 has a clipped start and 22 ms of audio from the next track present at the end
– track 8 has a clipped start and 36 ms of audio from the next track present at the end
– track 9 has a clipped start and 34 ms of audio from the next track present at the end
– track 10 has a clipped start and 82 ms of audio from the next track present at the end
– track 11 has a clipped start and proper ending

At the time they were was a lot of complaining going on about this and rightly so and then all of a sudden a load of posts got deleted.


Actually Neil, the information you quoted above is directly from MY post regarding incorrect track markers over at the HoJo forum – I feel honoured! Actually, when several of us brought this problem to light, the reaction of Howard’s production team was one of denial, but Vicky at the Webstore was attentive and accommodating, sending me a second ‘Risk’ disc for comparison. The closest I got to an admission of the (established) production error was an email stating:

“I trust that this brings the matter of the Risc disc to a close. Rest assured we
will closely scrutinise future discs to ensure that track markers are correctly
in place by the pressing company.”

This, along with ‘Look Mama (Megamamamix)’ in WAV format that I had requested – a nice gesture.

In all honesty, other than this one flaw, this set is absolutely brilliant – track selection, sound quality, and packaging, all superb. Glad I have it in my collection.

Paul English

The mastering errors relate to incorrect track indexing as far as I recall. I’ve only played mine a couple of times and barely notice them when I programme random tracks.

The sound quality on the remasters is excessively loud. But not unbearable.


Be aware that disc 3 in the 12″ box set has some mastering errors that they’ve refused to rectify.


Oh really Simon? do tell.


Cd’s great, would recommend!


The DVD is excellent. The quality is top-notch and worth every penny. I have Everlasting Love on an ’80s compliation DVD and it looks dirty and grainy, but the version on Howard Jones’ DVD compilation looks clear and sharp.

I regret not buying the first set of remasters with the bonus disc.


Just a pity they are overpriced like for instance that video collection DVD for £20 + p+p who is he trying to kid.


On his site Video Collection is £17.50 + postage. Great DVD for 80’s music lovers.
Here is the link:

Steve Thorpe

Hi Justin – they stack up as some of the best remasters I have in my collection. Right up there with Nik Kershaw’s recent Human Racing double reissue on Universal Represents. Not over loud and crystal clear – clearly direct from original masters and they breathe new life into all tracks – especially the Human’s Lib / Dream Into Action era. Buy with total confidence


Yes, remaster on this CD is really good & crystal clear. And CD comes in expensive super jewel cases.


I’ve been contemplating getting the remasters for a while. Can anyone comment on how they scrub up….loudness, etc?


Justin I can tell you this much, you will not be dissapointed with the sound on all discs,and the extras are a must for any HOJO collection. Robbie Bronnimann was set the task to remaster and delivers on all fronts. Don’t delay buy today :O)