Ian Broudie / Tales Told reissue

First time on vinyl • Remastered • bonus 7″ single • Expanded CD

Ian Broudie‘s 2004 solo album Tales Told has been remastered and will be reissued with bonus tracks on CD and vinyl in May.

As detailed yesterday, this is the inaugural release from Pete Paphides’ new label Needle Mythology (along with Stephen Duffy’s I Love My Friends).

Broudie is of course best known for his work with The Lightning Seeds and for ‘Three Lions‘ which in 2018 made chart history when it enjoyed its fourth spell at number one.

Paphides described Broudie as a ‘misunderstood’ writer, saying “I think there’s a kind of melancholy at the heart of what he does.” He supports this claim by suggesting that “the reason why a lot of people think ‘Three Lions’ is one of the best football songs of all time is because it’s really about disappointment, and about the tension between disappointment and that idealism that there might be a perfect moment out there, that is still attainable.”

On its original release back in 2004, Tales Told marked a departure from Broudie’s previous work with The Lightning Seeds. Here, Ian offered an intimate, stripped back, confessional album with his songwriting drawing on personal events in his life.

The CD reissue is presented as a gatefold vinyl replica with 4 bonus tracks

The album was never issued on vinyl, so this is its debut on the format. It’s presented as a 180g black vinyl pressing in a gatefold package and comes with a seven-inch single with four bonus tracks, three of which are previously unreleased.

The CD editions comes as a ‘mini-LP CD’ or vinyl replica and appends the same bonus tracks. Both vinyl and CD include slightly revised cover art with an alternate photo from the sessions selected with glasses-free Broudie staring directly at us. All audio has been remastered by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering.

The vinyl LP+7″ and CD edition are released on 10 May 2019 (note that the vinyl doesn’t include a download code).

A limited number of SIGNED editions of both formats are exclusive to the SDE shop. Order via this  link or simply use the buttons below.

Tales Told 180g black vinyl LP

Side One

1. Song For No One
2. Whenever I Do
3. He Sails Tonight
4. Smoke Rings
5. Got No Plans
6. Always Knocking

Side Two

1.Tales Told
2. Lipstick
3. Super Cinema
4. Home From Home
5. Something Street
6. Broudie’s Blues

Seven-inch EP

Side A

1. Home From Home (Band Version)
2. Song For No One (Demo)

Side B

1. Shifting Sands
2. Something Street (Early Version)

Tales Told remastered CD edition

1. Song For No One
2. Whenever I Do
3. He Sails Tonight
4. Smoke Rings
5. Got No Plans
6. Always Knocking
7.Tales Told
8. Lipstick
9. Super Cinema
10. Home From Home
11. Something Street
12. Broudie’s Blues

Bonus tracks

13. Home From Home (Band Version)
14. Song For No One (Demo)
15. Shifting Sands
16. Something Street (Early Version)

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Andy Mac

any chance of more stock of the signed CDs paul?

Andy Mac

ta for speedy reply paul – there’s definitely demand if anything changes!


Can anyone detail where the signatures will be? I am all for signed copies, but often the great front sleeve art work (as in these two) simply ends up looking like it has been defaced usually by someone’s bad hand writing or a bad pen.


would also love super deluxe versions of all lightning seeds albums on cd and vinyl and hopefully a dvd!!

Andy Clark

I thought these were sensibly priced (on vinyl) to be honest, most standard new releases are around the £20-£22 mark anyway, add in extras such as a 7″ and they’re going to cost a bit more. If they’re decent pressings and well presented then I’m happy to pay £25.

I’m sure Mr Paphides & Co already have a list of albums scheduled for their new label but I just want to make a case for “Home” by Terry Hall. Vinyl was my preferred medium even back in 1994 and I can clearly remember this being the first ever album that I was unable to buy on vinyl (I even tried to order it in Andy’s Records only to be told it was CD and cassette only). Ian Broudie produced the album and there’s a great version of “Sense” on it but from memory the album slipped under the radar at the time which is a shame.

Whatever is released, I’ll be keeping a close eye on Needle Mythology and look forward to seeing what their future plans are.

Paul Harvey

Home is one of my favourite albums! I had the pleasure of meeting Terry Hall a couple of years ago and spoke about his two solo albums. I got him to sign my copy of Home and commented that I hoped there would be a vinyl reissue one day!

Fingers crossed!!

For the record, Terry Hall is one of the nicest (and coolest) musicians I’ve ever met!!


I played 5-a-side football for years with a bunch of people who were largely, but not solely, from the music industry.

For a couple of years there was a scouse bloke called Ian who played. It wasn’t until a couple of years later, and after he’d stopped playing, that someone mentioned it was Ian Broudie.

I wasn’t (/still am not TBH) a Lightning Seeds fan and I’d only ever seen him in pictures with his glasses on so I didn’t recognise him (though this sleeve is very much what he looked like at the end of a game of footy!).

I have to say he was a really lovely bloke. I just wish I known while he was still part of the game as I’d’ve talked re his production work for Bunnymen and The Fall).

I won’t buy this release straight off but, off the back of knowing what a good bloke he is, I will try and hunt it down online and give it a listen with view to purchasing if I like it.

Bob McCartney

I agree with Ross. Would love to see SDE versions of all Lightning Seeds releases. Super Power Pop!

Ross Baker

Not an album I ever foresaw getting a deluxe edition, very happy about this. Shame one of the tracks is from the Smoke Rings EP, as that only has two exclusive tracks now making it even less satisfying a listen! But overall, great to see.

What I’d love to see, however, is deluxe reissues of his Lightning Seeds albums. I don’t think there’s enough critical expectation for SDEs, but even just 2CD versions with all the main b-sides as a second disc would be nice.

Wayne klein

I echo your comments. Calling Edsel! ( and please do a nice remastering job)


Yeah, proper Deluxe Editions of all Lightning Seeds albums would be great. And a DVD featuring all the promotional videos (including live performances, concerts…) I presume there are still lots of demos, sessions, et cetera in the vaults… Anyway, here some thoughts:

Deluxe Edition

1. All I Want 2:55
2. Bound In A Nutshell 4:34
3. Pure 3:48
4. Sweet Dreams 4:30
5. The Nearly Man 3:11
6. Joy 4:18
7. Love Explosion 4:19
8. Don’t Let Go 4:00
9. Control The Flame 3:26
10. The Price 4:20

1. All I Want (7″ Remix) 3:03 [Original a/side]
2. Joy (7″ Remix) 4:07 [Original a/side]
3. God Help Them 3:45 [Original b/side]
4. Fools 4:13 [Original b/side]
5. Frenzy 3:59 [Original b/side]
6. Persuasion 4:55 [Original b/side]
7. Hang On To A Dream 2:28 [Original b/side]
8. All I Want (Extended Version) 4:30 [Original 12″ a/side]
9. Pure (‘The Spiral Tribe Series’ Remix) 4:38
10. Joy (Bonus Mix) 4:05 [Original b/side]
11. All I Want (US Club Mix) 6:10 [Original 12″ b/side]
12. Pure (Simon Mayo Session) 4:22
13. All I Want (US Club Mix Edit) 4:03 [US promo only]

Deluxe Edition

1. Sense 4:13
2. The Life Of Riley 4:04
3. Blowing Bubbles 4:17
4. A Cool Place 2:58
5. Where Flowers Fade 5:04
6. A Small Slice Of Heaven 3:50
7. Tingle Tangle 3:23
8. Happy 4:33
9. Marooned 4:41
10. Thinking Up, Looking Down 5:20

1. The Life Of Riley (Tony Garcia Radio Mix) 4:10 [Original 7″ a/side]
2. Blowing Bubbles (Extended Remix Version) 5:48 [Original 12″ a/side]
3. Something In The Air 3:42 [Original b/side]
4. Flaming Sword 3:21 [Original b/side]
5. Lucifer Sam 3:06 [Original b/side]
6. The Life Of Riley (Remix) 4:28
7. 15 Reasons 4:16
8. It’s Better This Way 3:35
9. Open Goals (Original Version) 3:33
10. The Life Of Riley (Tony Garcia Rileyrama Mix) 5:25 [Original 12″ a/side]
11. Blowing Bubbles (Bigger Bubbles) 4:45 [Original 12″ b/side]
12. The Life Of Riley (Instrumental) 4:04 [Original 12″ b/side]

Deluxe Edition

1. Perfect 3:29
2. Lucky You 4:20
3. Open Goals 3:50
4. Change 4:03
5. Why Why Why 4:15
6. Marvellous 5:31
7. Feeling Lazy 3:55
8. My Best Day 5:00
9. Punch & Judy 3:17
10. Telling Tales 2:53

1. Lucky You (7″ Edit) 3:59 [Original a/side]
2. Change (7″ Radio Edit) 3:38 [Original a/side]
3. Marvellous (7″ Version) 3:47 [Original a/side]
4. Perfect (7″ Edit) 3:15 [Original a/side]
5. Say You Will 3:43 [Original b/side]
6. Dust 3:51 [Original b/side]
7. I Met You 2:22 [Original b/side]
8. Howl 4:07 [Original b/side]
9. Open Your Eyes 3:40 [Original b/side]
10. The Likely Lads 3:42 [Original b/side]
11. Perfect (Acoustic) 3:36 [Original b/side]
12. Feeling Lazy (Janice Long Session) 3:26
13. Telling Tales (Mark Radcliffe Session) 4:00
14. Lucky You (Live in Manchester, October 7th 1994) 3:54
15. Flaming Sword (Live in Manchester, October 7th 1994) 3:06
16. Perfect (Live in Manchester, October 7th 1994) 3:33
17. Change (Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, May 19th 1995) 3:38
18. The Life Of Riley (Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, May 19th 1995) 4:33
19. Pure (Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, May 19th 1995) 4:23
20. Here Today (Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, May 19th 1995) 2:51
21. Feeling Lazy (Live at Glastonbury ’95) 4:28

1. Lucky You (Hard Luck Mix) 8:06
2. Lucky You (Lucky Devil Mix) *
3. Lucky You (Lunar Mix) 5:28
4. Lucky You (Lunar Cabaret Mix) 5:43
5. Lucky You (Rob Sherwood Color Blind Club Mix) 7:42*
6. Lucky You (Rob Sherwood Tone Def Dub) 4:29*
7. Lucky You (Armand Van Helden Shake And Break Dub) 6:43*
8. Lucky You (Armand Van Helden Workin’ Dub) 7:02*
9. Marvellous (Edit w/o intro) 3:31 [Original a/side]
10. Marvellous (Love To Infinty’s Club Mix) 7:44
11. Marvellous (Aphrodisiac Dub Mix) 7:00
* previously unreleased on CD.

Dizzy Heights
Deluxe Edition

1. Imaginary Friends 2:46
2. You Bet Your Life 3:37
3. Waiting For Today To Happen 3:36
4. What If… 3:26
5. Sugar Coated Iceberg 3:56
6. Touch And Go 3:56
7. Like You Do 3:25
8. Wishaway 3:20
9. Fingers And Thumbs 3:23
10. You Showed Me 4:10
11. Ready Or Not 3:52
12. Fishes On The Line 3:57

bonus tracks:
13. Three Lions 3:48 [Original a/side]
14. What You Say 4:27

bonus remixes:
15. You Showed Me (Tee’s Club Mix) 7:31
16. What If… (Leuroj’s Slo ‘N’ Easy Mix) 4:44 [Original b/side]
17. Three Lions (Julet Rimet Extended Mix) 6:18
18. You Showed Me (Tee’s Capella) *
* previously unreleased on CD.

1. Ready Or Not (Single Version) 3:34 [Original a/side]
2. You Showed Me (Radio Edit) 3:34 [Original a/side]
3. What You Say (Single Version) 4:03 [Original a/side]
4. Another Girl, Another Planet 2:34 [Original b/side]
5. Whole Wide World 2:31 [Original b/side]
6. Outdoor Miner 2:39 [Original b/side]
7. Never 3:01 [Original b/side]
8. The Crunch 2:05 [Original b/side]
9. This Power 2:36 [Original b/side]
10. S.F. Sorrow Is Born 2:45 [Original b/side]
11. Porpoise Song 3:12 [Original b/side]
12. Weirdaway 4:33 [Original b/side]
13. Blue 5:05 [Original b/side]
14. Tout Est Possible 3:26 [Original b/side]
15. Be My Baby 3:46 [Original b/side]
16. Brain Drain 3:53
17. You Showed Me (Session) 3:18
18. Punch & Judy (Electric ’96 Version) 3:39 [Original b/side]
19. Why Why Why (Group Version ’97) 4:01 [Original b/side]
20. Telling Tales (Group Version ’97) 1:53 [Original b/side]
21. Waiting For Today To Happen (Group Version ’97) 3:54
22. Three Lions (Karaoke Version) 3:48 [Original b/side]
23. What If… (Leuroj’s Easy Disco Dub Mix) 6:01

1. You Showed Me (Tee’s Radio Edit) 3:28 [Original a/side]
2. You Showed Me (Tee’s Freeze Mix) 7:27
3. You Showed Me (TNT’s Frozen Dub) 7:48
4. You Showed Me (Tee’s Alternative Mix) | (Tee’s Radio One) 3:31
5. You Showed Me (Bonus Beats) 4:08
6. You Showed Me (Attica Blues Vocal Mix) 4:56
7. You Showed Me (Attica Blues Instrumental) 4:56
8. You Showed Me (Wiseguys Remix) 4:38
9. You Showed Me (Wiseguys Instrumental) 4:38
10. You Showed Me (Strike Twice Vocal Mix) 6:31
11. You Showed Me (Strike Twice Instrumental) 6:29
12. What You Say (Psychedelic Beach Trip – Parts I & II) 4:18
13. What You Say (Psychedelic Beach Trip – Part III) 5:22
14. What You Say (Wiseguys Remix – Vocal) 5:45
15. What You Say (Wiseguys Remix – Instrumental) 5:43

Deluxe Edition

1. Life’s Too Short 4:04
2. Sweetest Soul Sensations 3:32
3. If Only 4:56
4. City Bright Stars 2:56
5. I Wish I Was In Love 3:28
6. Happy Satellite 4:09
7. Get It Right 3:26
8. Cigarettes & Lies 4:20
9. Crowdpleaser 4:05
10. Tales Of The Riverbank 4:11
11. Pussyfoot : Reprise 1:44
12. All The Things 3:38

bonus track:
13. Three Lions ’98 4:03 [Original a/side]

bonus remixes:
14. Life’s Too Short (Way Out West Vocal Mix) 6:12 [Original 12″ a/side]
15. Sweetest Soul Sensations (Terminalhead Remix) 5:39 [Original 12″ a/side]
16. Life’s Too Short (3 Jays Club Mix) 6:26 [Original 12″ a/side]
17. Sweetest Soul Sensations (Underwolves Mind Games Remix) 7:23 [Original 12″ a/side]

1. Life’s Too Short (Mercury Rev Remix) 3:37 [Original b/side]
2. Swoosh 3:27 [Original b/side]
3. Everyday And Everynight (Unabridged) 3:59 [Original b/side]
4. Three Lions ’98 (Karaoke) 4:03 [Original b/side]
5. Song For No One 2:54
6. Tables Have Turned 3:25
7. To Love Somebody 3:10
8. Gerry’s House 1:40
9. Off To Sunderland 0:52
10. Happy Ending Lies 4:01
11. Escape From Cairds 0:46
12. And When You Laugh 4:00 [Dubstar featuring Ian Broudie]
13. Life’s Too Short (ATFC Lightning Dub) 7:23 [Original 12″ b/side]
14. Three Lions (Sake Bar Mix) 3:46 [Original b/side]
15. Life’s Too Short (Way Out West Dub Mix) 6:33 [Original 12″ b/side]*
16. Sweetest Soul Sensations (Terminalhead Dub) 5:39 [Original 12″ b/side]*
17. Life’s Too Short (3 Jays Dub Mix) 6:26 [Original 12″ b/side]*
18. Sweetest Soul Sensations (Underwolves Mind Games Dub) 7:23 [Original 12″ b/side]*
* previously unreleased on CD.

Four Winds
Deluxe Edition

1. 4 Winds 5:03
2. Things Just Happened 3:19
3. Ghosts 3:10
4. Said And Done 3:29
5. Don’t Walk On By 3:47
6. The Story Goes 3:04
7. On A Day Like This 3:15
8. All I Do 3:47
9. I’ll Be Around 2:36
10. I Still Feel The Same 2:59

1. Ghosts (Single Version) 3:08
2. Pure (Live Acoustic) 4:10
3. The Life Of Riley (Live Acoustic) 3:40
4. A Small Slice Of Heaven (Live Acoustic) 3:02
5. I Still Feel The Same (Live Acoustic) 2:03
6. Sense (Live Acoustic) 2:56
7. Things Just Happen (Live Acoustic) 3:04

“The Very Best/Greatest Hits” – Singles Collection 1989-2009

1. Pure 3:51
2. Joy (Remix) 4:07
3. Love Explosion 4:19 [flexi]
4. All I Want (7″ Remix) 3:01
5. Sweet Dreams 4:28 [promo only]
6. The Life Of Riley 4:04
7. Sense 4:12
8. Blowing Bubbles 4:19 [promo only]
9. Lucky You (Single Version) 3:55
10. Change (7″ Radio Edit) 3:38
11. Marvellous (7″ Version) 3:47
12. Perfect (7″ Edit) 3:15
13. Ready Or Not (Single Version) 3:34
14. Three Lions 3:49

1. The Life Of Riley (Tony Garcia Radio Mix) 4:10 [1996 re-release]
2. What If… 3:27
3. Sugar Coated Iceberg 3:57
4. You Showed Me (Radio Edit) 3:34
5. What You Say (7″ Version) 4:03
6. Waiting For Today To Happen (Group Version ’97) 3:54
7. Three Lions ’98 4:03
8. Life’s Too Short (Radio Version) 3:47
9. Sweetest Soul Sensations 3:32
10. Song For No One (New Version) 2:54 [promo only]
11. Don’t Walk On By 3:47 [promo only]
12. Ghosts (Single Version) 3:08 [promo only]

bonus tracks:
13. Pure (Acoustic) 3:25
14. You Showed Me (Alt Version) 4:49
15. Lightning Seeds Mix ‘N’ Match 12:58


I know… but completists want all versions…

Mike the Fish

There’s another version of All I Want on the b-side of the Lightning Beats white label 12″. It’s kind of a dub mix of the U.S. 12″ version.


I know there was a track entitled “Lightning Beats”, never knew the flipside has different mix. Thanks for this info! Now I def want to get hold of this 12”/mix as well…


As posted on similar threads, Ian Broudie & Stephen Duffy vinyl ordered immediately from SDE. Really looking forward to both releases and wishing much success to all involved with Needle Mythology.
As others are pitching ideas to Pete Paphides for future projects may I offer mine for consideration?
Chateau Revenge by The Silver Seas from 2010 is a gorgeous, much loved and regularly played piece of work round my way, which as far as I know has never had a vinyl release.
When I first heard the ‘Red’ Version I knew I had found another life-long musical companion. This was joined pretty soon after by the ‘Blue’ version which presented the same tracks as re-recorded alternative/acoustic versions- which proved to be equally strong to my ears.
Gauging all the positive messages of encouragement on the SDE site, I feel sure that the Needle Mythology crew will be inundated with many such similar requests for other ‘lost and over-looked treasure’, but hey this is my shout chaps so how about it?
Good luck to all involved with the adventure and thanks to Paul for being the first to make the initial releases available to purchase, sterling work as usual!

Peter Muscutt

That Ian Broudie cover image unsettles me slightly. It’s like I’ve jst told Ian I’ve been sleeping with his wife and he’s about to punch my lights out!! For the record, I have not been sleeping with Ian’s wife.




Signed editions at these prices – a bit too rich? I’d call them very reasonable.

Mike the Fish

I’m not bothered about signatures, it’s closer to £30 for the cost of ownership of the album, including postage. That’s a lot.

Pete Paphides

Hi there. I appreciate they’re not cheap, but then sadly, we’re talking about niche items and I can’t make the economies that come with producing at scale. With Ian’s album, we have to make a payment to Sony before we even begin and obviously we have to absorb the costs of mastering for vinyl, creating brand new artwork and also (with the vinyl) the seven-inch EP. There are three of us involved in all of this (four including the PR) and we all have to cover our costs. This is something we’re all doing outside of our proper jobs. The truth of the matter is that, at this level, you could never do something like this for a living. All I can say is that we’ve tried to make these to the highest specifications and I would hope that the beauty of the music contained therein will, year on year, be worth the outlay. This isn’t meant to sound passive-aggressive (although it’s hard not to make it look that way on the screen!). It’s just that if I didn’t know any better, perhaps I might also be wondering if the records could have been priced a bit lower. But this, at present, is how it is. All the best, P.


Thanks for for the insight, Pete. Interesting to have an idea of the challenges. I’ve ordered both despite not being familiar with either as your recommendations over the years have always been rock solid. Good luck with the label; hopefully this is the first of many releases.

Mike the Fish

Hi Pete. The explanation is much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time.

– Mike


It amazes me how many musicians use such unhappy, miserable looking photos of themselves for covers. Smile!

Mike the Fish

This looks interesting, but I could be priced out of it. A bit too rich for me. If Peter is watching, I’d be keen to see The Upper Room’s Other People’s Problems get the vinyl treatment.