INXS / All The Voices 10LP vinyl box



Universal Music will issue All The Voices, a 10LP vinyl box set collecting the work of INXS, in September.

The box will contain all ten Hutchence-era studio albums remastered at Abbey Road using the digital 2011 remasters. We are promised ‘exact replicas’ of original packaging and 1997’s Elegantly Wasted is pressed on LP for the first time within this set.

The albums will also be available individually in November 2014, if you don’t want to stump up for the entire catalogue in this box set.

All The Voices is released on 1 September 2014.

Albums in the box:

  • INXS
  • Underneath The Colours
  • Shabooh Shoobah
  • The Swing
  • Listen Like Thieves
  • Kick
  • X
  • Welcome To Wherever You Are
  • Full Moon, Dirty Hearts
  • Elegantly Wasted

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£99 on the universal store ;)


It would be great to get the early albums with the correct austrailian covers. Totally disagree that Welcome was not a great album!
The above photo has been updated. So I’m glad it’s the sailor boy on the cover now.
Looking forward to them.


Hi Paul. Thanks for that. I was astounded when Universal reissued the INXS back cat on CD in 2011 – replicating the Mercury (Holland) releases. The original Shabooh Shoobah CD (by Mercury) from 1988 faded “Spy Of Love” out too soon and mis-cues the gap between “Golden Playpen” and “Jan’s Song”. Therefore – Universal replicated those errors!!
They also replicated the generic Mercury CD labels – that’s beyond bizarre! Mercury also butchered the original album artwork (typical for the 80’s)…huge lettering, track numbers inside individual squares, large barcodes – Universal replicated the lot (instead of going back to the original artwork and restoring that for CD) – which is why I don’t have much hope for these “reissues”.

Richard Lowenstein and Ollie Olsen have mentioned a number of times in the last few years how tied up Universal and the Hutchence estate is. Ollie is constantly plagued by fans for a reissue of the 1989 Max Q album, and he’s all for it, but there’s too much nonsensical red tape.

Universal could do some really special Record Store Day stuff. On 20th March 1985, INXS released “Dekadance” in Australia – a cassette only release featuring alternate mixes of six songs from ‘The Swing’ with occasional recordings made by the band as they walked through airports (plus a cover of “Jackson”)…the cardboard case cassette was available in six different covers. The mixes on the cassette have never been released digitally, why not (finally) put that out on CD?
There was also a 12″ promo (only) of the cassette which omitted the bands airport recordings – a limited vinyl pressing for Record Store Day. It’s all been sitting in a vault somewhere since 1985, far more exciting than reissuing reissues of not very hard to find albums.

The “Welcome To….” album cover that is in the ‘All The Voices’ photo that you’ve included is 100% the original vinyl release. Sadly, not a great album. The first five were unbeatable. The first two reissued on CD by Raven Records, including all the B-sides, non album singles, unreleased demos, live tracks plus liner notes on each track from the surviving band members.
Shabooh Shoobah, The Swing and Listen Like Thieves have been constantly overlooked. How many Kick releases / reissues have there been now. Come on Universal!!!!!


Agree . . . a very underated album that unfortunately came out when everyone had gone grunge.
“Full Moon” is also a great album. How the duet with Ray Charles wasn’t a hit, I will never know. Every track a winner . . .


Problem is, Universal will make ‘exact replicas’ of the European vinyl releases. The first three albums weren’t released in the U.K. until 1988.
The exact replicas should be of the Australian pressings.
“Underneath The Colours” should have the original typeface on the front (replaced outside Australia) and be a gatefold cover with the colour photo montage (not black and white as used by the rest of the world).
“Shabooh Shoobah” should include picture labels of the statue on the front cover and include a replica of the poster originally issued in Australia.
“The Swing” should be in a gatefold die-cut sleeve to replicate the photo montage of the original and include the original unique labels.
“Listen Like Thieves” should also be in a gatefold sleeve but without the band name in the top right hand corner that has ruined every rest of the world (excluding Japan) format pressing up to the present day.
…..but they won’t. It’s such a shame. Re-release them properly!! Give us all the b-sides and remixes from the early to late 80’s. Release a DVD compilation that includes a cleaned up version of The One Thing video (the one with the instruments in bandages) AND the video to To Look At You. How in 2014 do those things still not exist? Crazy!

Juan Pastor

You are right Jon,

Lately I’m getting all the INXS’ Vinyl the first editions, “Underneath The Colours” came with photo montage on full color, the CD version comes on black and white and it gatefold, “Kick” came on gatefold same “X”

This new release would be from analog master tapes, and if everyone want’s all the videos and songs, remixes, lives, compilations from INXS just go to forum http://www.identi.li and looking for this post “”INXS – “La Coleccion Maestra” Dos Servidores DLC”” from the an user named juan_2015 it’s totally free.

Take care!!


Why not use the original masters tapes directly. I won’t pick this up. I’ll wait until they do like The Beatles are doing. Analog direct. If I wanted digital, I would get HD tracks

Enrico G.

Thanx, Stephen!

Alan Fenwick


I’m not convinced about new studio albums been a few pounds under £17. So far this year, i’ve bought (items I have in hand) 37 viny records, a mixture of /new/remastered/re-issues, only one of them has been below £17. While I do agree the set will reduce in price, I disagree about vinyl been as cheap as you claim.


I love this band since I bought my first INXS lp, The Swing, in 1984. Good to have it again on vinyl with all the others albums including the last one with Michael Hutchence on vocals. I was waiting for them but expecially for the last one never realised on vinyl before. I bought the cds’ box set long ago, glad to add this vinyl box set to my INXS records’ collection.


17£ for each album is quite expensive. New studio albums are usually at least a few pounds cheaper, and if you consider that this is all previously issued material, and there is for sure not going to be anything extra to the packaging, there is really no justification for such a high price. I wonder if the WTWYA will be glossy like the original.
Anyway yes, the price will drop for sure.


The true spirit of the band died with the passing of Michael Hutchence, so I think it right to not add any albums post his death. But I have to admit that to my ears the song Afterglow from the Switch album is perhaps the finest thing they ever recorded.


All these ‘classic’ albums are available for peanuts at a charity shop near you every day of the week.


Switch is a good album have to say, several classic Inxsy tracks on there.


Have you seen the price GBP 170! That’s insane.

Alan Fenwick


The price is actually not that unrealistic, breaking that down it works out at £17 a vinyl, how many individual albums do you buy on vinyl that are consistantly below that price?


It obviously is not all of INXS’s studio l.p.s or it would not stop at “Elegantly Wasted”.

Dave C

No! :)


Well, may I say yes ? the “Switch” album was clearly one of the best INXS albums to me, so it should have had its place here…

I’m not ashamed at all of the fact that the “Welcome…” album original LP has been removed, cause it was simply awful and did not respect the vinyl buyers of that time!

I must also say that all these LP reeditions are great, but why don’t they get a deluxe treatment ??? For people who already have most of their albums, this has no really interest in…

David Jakubowski

Not trying to start an argument, I’m legitimately curious—in what way did the original Welcome To Wherever You Are LP “not respect the buyers of that time” and what about it specifically was “awful”? Thanks.


Well, take a look hehre :
– the CD front cover :

– the cassette front :

and finally the Lp front :

When i bought the LP , I just thought the image was awful and could have been a motivation for reject… I didn’t know then that the CD cover was completely different, and far more “welcome” state… It is just my opinion anyway ;-)


To AlexKx – The advertsiement clearly states they are the “Hutchence era” studio albums. Apart from “Pretty Vegas” & “Afterglow”, “Switch” was an obviously rush-recorded album to try and cash in on the disaster that was JD Fortune. I mean, did you ever see them live with JD? He was a complete joke with his feeling up of the microphone stand during “Taste It” and was a smear on the INXS name. But, perhaps it is worthy of an expanded vinyl release someday. And to everyone whinging about some of the details of these reissues….be happy we got them at all! As for them being available for ‘peanuts’ from any charity shop, please, go ahead and buy them from these charity shops with their tattered and torn covers and all the scratches you could possibly wish for! That comment from you was a poor attempt at a cheap shot at a great Aussie band. I do agree with Enrico G though. An expanded edition of “Live Baby Live” on vinyl would be awesome. Somehow the expanded CD just isn’t the same. And they could also re-release the “Greatest Hits” double album on vinyl also. And what about Michael’s solo album? That would be nice on vinyl as an expanded edition that includes the recently unearthed/unheard tracks found by Danny Saber. And most definitely, we NEED an expanded edition of the “Max Q” album which is probably the most underrated album in Australian music history, but still remains one of my most favourite albums ever. Plus a vinyl release of “Dekadance” and a double, triple or even quadruple vinyl release of all the B-sides and 12 inch mixes. Having said all that – HUTCH WAS A FREAKIN’ LEGEND! I miss him everyday.

Enrico G.

I’d like to have an expanded edition of Live Baby Live.


There is an expanded version of Live Baby Live. It’s called Wembley ’91 and is a 2cd release. You can buy iy direct from the band on inxs.com. It’s only been out a few months.