Iron Maiden / The (not very) Complete Albums Collection box

Parlophone Label Group are repressing on black 180g vinyl Iron Maiden‘s albums from 1980 – 1988.

However the Complete Albums Collection box pictured above isn’t quite what you expect because it only contains the first three albums (Iron Maiden, Killers, and The Number Of The Beast) but gives you space to fill up the box as you ‘collect’ the further vinyl reissues as they are released.

Parlophone will also being pressing a limited run of seven-inch singles from these albums which like the LPs will be cut from the original analogue master tapes.

All of the above will be released on 3 October 2014 and the albums are also available separately, although it’s actually cheaper to buy this limited edition box than to be the three albums without the box.

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I’m glad it’s been re-issued on 180g black vinyl. Passed on the 2012 re-issuing campaign b/c of the picture disc. Now I hope they do a 1990-2000 or 1990- 2010 vinyl box set re-issue. The 80’s vinyl are pretty easy to come across. but the 90’s and early 2000 stuff is the rarer and most expensive vinyl to get your hands on.


I just listened to the new vinyl copy of “Somewher in Time” and i noticed quite a strange thing:

The loneliness of a long distance runner has a playback problem around 2.20 mins. in the song. The sound gets strange (muffled) and it seems like the song slows down for a few seconds. just like in the old days, when you tipped with the finger on the tape while in playback mode.

It really sounds different to the original pressing, i compared it. And it can’t be my turntable… It’s also not audible in the latest CD reissue.

Strange, otherwise the mastering is just perfect.

Somebody else noticed this?


@Roman that’s great news that these appear to be quality pressings. I pre-ordered the U.K. Edition hoping.


I got the first three LPs last Friday and listened to all of them. These ARE top notch quality pressings. No crackles, or pops. They sound way better than the picture discs released about 2 yrs. ago. If you haven’t got the originals or your originals are full of crackles and pops, buy these… I am very happy with the new editions.


Hmmmh – all that grumbling again from “fans” & “foes”.
Remember folks: No one is forced to buy!
I’m a long time collector from the beginning on.
Why should I buy those albums if they are exactly copies of the originals? I already own them as “originals”.
I am not going to buy!

Jon Shaw

How is this good for the fans? The 12″ singles had/have more tracks and larger artwork which is why we bought them in the first place. Does this mean that this time in 2016 we’ll be seeing another wave of re-issues of the same lps this time on 200 gram/picture disc vinyl with 12″ versions of the singles to entice the fans to part with their cash for the upteenth time? C’mon Steve H – treat your fans and your catalogue with more respect.


The box itself has more albums written on it than the three included. Presumably they want people to buy the box and then add the other albums bought individually. Why not give people the option of buying the whole lot together?



you should have to collect tokens from each release and send them in to get your box like the ‘First Ten Years’ 12″ releases in 1990.

Ahh nostalgic vinyl memories


If these turn out to be quality pressings then I’m in for at least 6 of the early LPs.


Thanks for your cue! :-)


Yeah, your memory is definitely playing tricks on you as I’ve checked my 7″ vinyl collection to make sure I was right.

FYI, ‘Total Eclipse’ was also included as part of the bands ‘Beast On The Road 82’ world tour) to support the ‘Number of the Beast’ album .


* – The above should have read that ‘Total Eclipse’ was the original b-side to the ‘Run To The Hills’ single.

C Feeney

Maybe my memory is playong tricks with me. But I’m pretty sure it was the Run to the Hills single. I don recall ever seeing The Trooper single at home.

Thanks for the reply.


@ C Feeney – The b-side listed on Amazon is ‘Total Eclipse’ which is correct as per the original 1982 single release.

‘Cross Eyed Mary’ was originally released as the b-side to ‘The Trooper’ a year later in 1983.

C Feeney

Only two years on from the picture disc series started only a year since that ended. A chance to duplicate.

Having said that the Picture Disc collectors box is now selling for £200 to £300 having been originally issued with the first two albums for ~£40.

Investment opportunity maybe?

Had a look at Amazon and I am dissapointed that “Run to the Hills” does not have the original b-side, which was a cover of “Cross Eyed Mary” by Jethro Tull. My older brother had that single, and it was my first exposure to Tull’s music, albeit second hand. Don’t know what the other original b-sides were, maybe others can comment.

Odd to be nostalgic about an album like “Number of the Beast.” Still not nostalgic enough to buy a copy. Might have bought the single if it had the right b-side.


Cross Eyed Mary is the b-side on The Trooper 7″…..I’m listening to it right now. The re-issue single sounds superb btw.