Is Paul McCartney preparing to announce a new studio album?

‘Things’ are happening in the Paul McCartney camp right now that suggest some kind of announcement – likely to be news of the release of Macca’s 17th solo studio album – is imminent.

Paul was in his hometown of Liverpool at the weekend and as was widely reported he was spotted out and about with The Late Late Show host James Corden, apparently filming an episode of the ever popular Carpool Karaoke.

Amazingly, later on McCartney played a short set in The Philharmonic pub to around 50 lucky locals. The set included a new song (“this hasn’t been released yet”).

The top of Paul’s twitter page was changed to just white space before the weekend and on Sunday he tweeted the mysterious image at the top of this post, with no explanatory text at all. Is it a road going into a tunnel? Is it a pyramid in front of a setting sun? Answers on a postcard! The tease continued yesterday, with the another picture tweet of the image at the bottom of this post. At least we can see what that is – microphones in a studio!

Paul’s adept at promotion (remember his lunchtime gigs on the back of a truck to promote New) and the Carpool Karaoke will have been agreed on the proviso that it goes out at the right time to promote a forthcoming release.

If this activity does relate to a new studio album, it will be the follow-up to 2013’s New and the first since Paul signed to Capitol Records (which happened in late 2016).

Paul tweeted this image on Monday.

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Ian Mears

I just pre-ordered the colour vinyl of the LP.

Interestingly, my first attempt was through a Rolling Stone magazine article within the email that comes out of the US. The link took me to a USD$39 price, but the only postal addresses it would accept were in the US.
I then went to the Macca website and through that link, which recognises I’m in Australia, it was AUD$100 (which is about USD$70) – – 45% more for me in Aus.
As annoying as how much of the RSD stuff goes to the US so we have to pay inflated eBay prices (yes, I mean you, Macca’s ‘Christmas Song’ on red or green vinyl)

Kevin S

Egypt Station


Seems as if the album’s not being released this Friday.


Can’t imagine it will be a McCartney III as it would go against the fabric of this type of solo album which is TOTALLY solo, produced by himself and all instruments played by himself.
We know that the new album has a named producer and that his live band plays on at least parts of it and there might even be a guest or two so highly unlikely it will be a McCartney III… My take on it :)


I’d go with the McCartney III theory.

The first drawing has a triangle (3 sides) 3 lines in the triangle and then three loops around it.


I think it’s going to be McCartney III. New picture uploaded to fb. McCartney’s name written on lined paper and there are 3 lines after his name…


I’m guessing a double A-Side single will be released on the 20th of June.

Tony Orwell

New Album Title “The light at the end of the Tunnel is that of an oncoming Train”

Brian Stanley

Didn’t SDE already tell us all about the upcoming album on April 1 ? #DubSandwich !!!


Maybe it will be something live with a new studio recording or two…or thee. Or a new compilation with some new tracks on it…


I herby predict the fortcoming album to be entitled, “Cave Train” with it’s ever so slight reference to the best post Beatles related creation Caveman.

Wayne Olsen

This year is also the 40th anniversary of “London Town.” Silver rain was falling down…


Catweazle – PM is 75 years old. It’s amazing he could sing his old songs – even reasonably well – into his 60s.

Many of his famous tunes are difficult for even a young, skilled tenor. Dude is 75. Time has just unfortunately caught up with him a bit.


I know. Unfortunately he is tarnishing his own legend. Wish he had stopped touring years ago. Just my opinion…

Kenneth Tilley

i’m a beatles fan of many years but i gave up on solo McCartney quite a while back. Live his voice is definately not what it used to be.

Leonardo Lotti

Have you seen him performing ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ on his last couple of shows? It’s truly awful! He should definitely change the keys to some of those songs, but it is not even charming anymore, it detracts from the overall experience. As a matter of fact, I find his shows getting more and more predictable by the minute. Since 2010, his set is virtually the same (with just a few changes here and there), he says the same things before playing certain songs, tells the same old stories (like the one which he says that George Harrison was a great ukelele player and says “let’s hear it for George”!!!), the effects are the same, stage design etc. Quite frankly, I wasn’t amused with “New”. Even though the producers were top notch, the songs were bland and uninspired. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Paul McCartney, but I feel that these days he is doing nothing for his true fans other than play gigs for people who have never really dug deep into his catalogue or the Beatles. “Na na na na na na na, na na na na Hey Jude, and now only the boys, the girls… Arhhh

Leonardo Lotti

Absolutely! Jon Bon Jovi has been changing the key to almost every single song he plays live. Genesis also had to do the same thing for their “Turn It On Again Tour” in order to accomodate Phil’s voice. So, why can’t Paul? I would even feel more excited about a possible forthcoming McCartney live album or tour, but at this pace, no… Remember the US Tour from 2005? The one that spawned “The Space Within Us” ? That was the last great got to see tour, the setlist was adventurous, reinvigorated and even inspired, I should say!


I’m totally with you on the last sentence Leonardo!


Wow. Leonardo, you’re REALLY ungrateful…

Leonardo Lotti

Nigel, believe me. I am not!


Ummm the guy is 75 years old… I think it’s pretty amazing that he can still sing considering how long he has been at it!

John Orr

On another wee side note, Just got an email from HMV stating that they have more stock of Air’s Moon Safari, Glow in the Dark vinyl. Apparently limited in number.

Ben Williams

Car Pool Kareoke being broadcast next week – so new song today, tomorrow or Friday – I’ll put money on it!


Seems as if the album’s being released this Friday.


Whatever it means it doesn’t matter to me! Since Macca did not listen to his fans about Flowers In The Dirty deluxe box (all of you know what I mean) misfortune I’m just waiting for the missing Wings albums deluxe boxes only. If it’ll be release or not remains to be seen.


If artists were to base their releases on the requests of ‘fans’, music wouldn’t be worth listening to.

Paul Murphy

Bob Dylan’s would.


Bob Dylan is the pinnacle of art.

mick lynch

I was only thinking of this a few months ago. he’s never really went longer than 5 years between albums so i’d say its around the corner

Tom D

I can’t see them announcing the White Album 50th anniversary release just weeks before the “Yellow Submarine” movie is re-released in theaters, and surely the White Album set would be coming out in the fall, way too far away to announce now. I’d say that signs are pointing toward McCartney’s full album coming out next Monday, his birthday, and we’ll probably see him on Corden’s show next week as well. (Geoff Emerick has worked with Paul fairly recently—”(I Want To) Come Home”—so it’s possible he’s involved in the new album.)

Andrew M

Am I the only person who sees this and thinks of the stereo pictures from the inside of Press to Play?

I think it’s an SDE of that album :)

John Barleycorn

There’s a newer image on Macca’s twitter feed now, a black and white photo of a guitar which, on closer inspection, is the same one he used when he played the new song. New album a-comin’ methinks.

Ian Ryder

I reckon, the album is gonna be called ‘Time Tunnel’.


Is the photo studio 2 of Abbey Road Studios?
Is the drawing a zebra crossing?

Please let it be a 50th SDE of Abbey Road

David M

2019 surely?


It’s for his new album and nothing to do with the Beatles. He recorded it last year and it’s been expected for seemingly ages. He played a new song in Liverpool over the weekend and was filmed for an episode of Carpool Karaoke, which will presumably air only once the new album is released. Thought his last couple pf albums were really good, fingers crossed for this. Hope we also get Wildlife and Red Rose this year, September for October perhaps ahead of a November White album anniversary box.

Tommy D

A Helter Skelter Symbol … Maybe …


It’s a rough drawing of the maze from the westworld tv show.



Yeah, it’s uncanny…unless Macca’s about to make an appearance in Series 2??? ScouseWorld?


It is from Westworld but it is not the maze. It is the drawing of Arnold’s four-level pyramid of consciousness, shown a few times in Westworld when the theory of consciousness was explained.

Guy V

Thinking new album in July/August. White album 50th in November and Wings Super Deluxe Boxes in January. Good tease.


Flooding the market like Van Morrison, so soon after Dub Sandwich.



Adam Shaw

Now another picture on Twitter of his Les Paul .
New album coming soon then !
What version will you be buying ?
Cd , vinyl , delux cd with extra tracks , super delux box 6 months later with dvd , coloured vinyl and of course Japanese version with extra extra songs .
Gona be an expensive summer.




I was impressed enough by the wonderful NEW to buy this. Looking forward…


Whatever it is, please no download only content!


I think the qurater cut into the circle suggests a re-re-re-release of his entire back catalogue at quarter speed!


Stan Butler

It will take ages to listen Wings Over America, never mind the slurring effect on the vocals.


It looks more a railroad than just a road…maybe he became a Born-Again Christian and he’s preparing a cover album of Bob Dylan’s Slow Train Coming :-))))))


I think he should be much more worry about releasing the missing Wings albums in deluxe edition box set than prepering a new one !!!!!
I suppose there’ll be no more since Paul and Capital Records made a deal back in 2016 !!!!!

David M

Isn’t new music more interesting than regurgitated old stuff in a pretty package?

Chris Squires

“it depends”……

If the new music is a pile of tosh then give me a well constructed back catalogue any day.

Having said that the back catalogue needs to be well thought out and include something unheard / worthwhile.


I agree with you. If the “new music” isn’t any good, I rather have good SDE of one of his back catalogue.

Larry Davis

My take…if new music wasn’t any good or interesting, I wouldn’t be interested in the old stuff anymore anyway, no matter who it is!! Always focus on how an artist evolves AND maintaining the catalogue in cool ways with SDEs…btw, the “New” album was brilliant…Macca never made a bad record, and at this rate, he never will…and wow, new album, White Album 50 AND SDEs of Red Rose Speedway AND Wild Life?!?!? Now THAT is a handful (and $$$)

Ben Williams

I’d rather have a new McCartney album but with certain other artists of his stature, I’d rather have a deluxe edition.

Adam Shaw

As Emmerick has changed his Twitter pic to the same as Macca you’d assume it’s Beatle related and the microphone pic looks like an old Abbey Road picture .
Or has he helped Macca on a new recording ?


Huh? I thoughts why we were all here?! Superdeluxe must never die!!

Mike M

Confused. Chris Carter announced on his weekly “Breakfast with The Beatles” program here in Southern California last Sunday that the Archive releases for “Wild Life” & “Red Rose Speedway” were coming out later this year. Can’t see a new studio album, White Album at 50 box plus 2 new Archive realeases all coming out at roughly the same time.


His (pop/rock) output over the last 20 years plus has been pretty much universally great. Looking forward to whatever this is.


I didn’t think too much of ‘New’ and he’ll have to do much better this time to convince me he’s still got it. And as much as I would have loved to be there I really find that little ditty pretty lame.


I’d suggest the title of the drawing is “Back to the Egg” :-)


I can’t say I’m at all interested in McCartney but my immediate association on seeing that drawing was Glastonbury pyramid stage.
Too early for an announcement for next year’s festival though surely!


…now you mention it… it kinda does…

Bernard O’Hara

Is there a chance of a 50th anniversary SDE White album?

Jaime Heras

Geoff Emmerick has also put that image in his Twitter profile.


Sure looks like it! (His drawing skills seem to have deteriorated quite a bit since ‘Flaming Pie’ …)


… as have his singing skills :-(