James Brown / I'm Real / 2CD deluxe


James Brown‘s 1988 album I’m Real will be reissued as a deluxe edition next month by Funky Town Grooves.

The 11-track album, produced with production team Full Force, is remastered (from the original tapes by Sean Brennan) and comes with a bonus CD full of remixes , including multiple versions of singles I’m Real and Static.

Neither of those 45s could repeat the pop chart success of Living in America from three years earlier, but they were both top ten hits on the Billboard R&B chart.

The I’m Real deluxe edition will feature sleeve notes by Alex Henderson and is released on 16 March 2015.

Track listing

Disc: 1
1. Tribute
2. Im Real
3. Static (Part 1 and 2)
4. Time To Get Busy
5. You And Me
6. Interview
7. She Looks All Types A Good
8. Keep Keepin
9. Cant Git Enuff
10. Its Your Money
11. Godfather Running The Joint

Disc: 2
1. Static (Single Version)
2. Static (Full Force Remix)
3. No Static (The 8 Minute Full Force Def Mix)
4. Im Real (Single Version)
5. Im Real (Special Version)
6. Real (Full Force Hyped-Up Mix)
7. Time To Get Busy (Single Version)
8. Time To Get Busy (Full Force Remix)
9. Busy JB (Time To Get Get Mix)
10. Tribute (Special Version)

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Chris Marks

Anyone know if the dynamics are intact or is this just another 21st century brickwall piece of crap?

Rene O.

Actually i think i,m real is a great album and i,m very glad that all the remixes will beon the second cd ..when it have the same BBR treatment i wil be more then happy , will definitive buy this 2 cd set ..Hopefully more re-issues and/or expanded stuff will come upin the future.


Agreed with Rob – glad JB’s catalogue is getting some love…though I’m not really into his material post-1976 or so. For me his peak was 1965-1975. So many classic songs. (Lots of filler too, I suppose)

Hopefully this leads to expanded re-issues of material from much earlier in his career.


I don’t know how to feel about this – glad SOMETHING of James’ is getting this treatment, but I also recognize that this, in all honesty, is his worst album.

Paul H

I’m guessing late eighties James Brown is not part of the SDE demographic :-)


Haha…you’re probably right, although I have the original 1988 CD of this and like it (not least for the presence of Full Force). I wouldn’t have thought this album was high on anyone’s list of reissues, but then again Gravity got the BBR treatment a couple of years ago.