James / Live in Extraordinary Times

New live album • Signed CD and vinyl packages • Box set includes DVD

This December, James will release a Live in Extraordinary Times, a collection of live recordings from their 2018-2019 Living in Extraordinary Times tour.

The tour covered 14 countries and 86 shows, including their biggest ever audience at Manchester Arena, an intimate club gig in Madrid and a memorable show in Philadelphia.

This band-curated release offers 23 tracks on the two-CD edition and 13 tracks on the 2LP coloured vinyl versions (there’s blue and yellow variants).

Live in Extraordinary Times 2CD+DVD+2LP blue vinyl photobook box set

A limited box set version features both CDs, a DVD of live performances from Madrid and Philadelphia, the two LPs, a 24-page hardcover photobook (limited and numbered) and a 12-inch print signed by the band.

Live in Extraordinary Times will be released on 11 December 2020. (Update: apparently the vinyl download is only the tracks on the records not the 23 tracks on the two-CD set. SDE was given incorrect info originally – sorry).

For now, this is exclusive to the band’s store and all signed editions are totally exclusive. Peruse the store for all the formats and bundles or check out some highlights below.

Key formats from the band’s official store

LIVE in Extraordinary Times 2CD edition


1. Five-0


4. P.S.
10. LAID

LIVE in Extraordinary Times 2LP vinyl

Madrid Side 1

1. Five-O
2. Broken By The Hurt
3. Feet Of Clay
4. She’s A Star

Madrid Side 2

1. Waltzing Along
2. Living in Extraordinary Times
3. English Beefcake

Manchester Side 1

1. Hank
2. Picture Of This Place
3. What’s It All About

Manchester Side 2

1. Attention
2. Many Faces
3. Sometimes

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I just wanted to report: Today I received my signed package, no CD-R’s, and the double CD package (a hard-book) is pretty good, great quality.

Regarding the signed stuff 1 card 1 postal, NOT all the band signed them (only 3 of them), Tim autograph is separate from the rest (postal).

I didn’t know the signed card was so big i cut it with the scissors a little on the corner….dam.

Steven Burke

I got the digital version, the “1920×1080” HD download is terrible quality, no fine detail whatsoever and the two concerts are only 2.9GB and 2.0GB. It looks like a DVD. No 5.1 either. Glad I didn’t fork out money for the actual DVD. Most YouTube 1080p videos have significantly better detail than this. Quite a bit of artifacting as well, not surprising given the @ 5~6 Mbps bandwidth they’ve squeezed this down into.


what a pity Paul that my first comment wasn’t posted… I was telling the truth.

BTW at then end just for curiosity i created a James account on the site and surprise they are gonna send the package via DHL if one is willing to pay it of course. I did and preordered signed let’s see this time.

I love James buy yeah sometimes their marketing department is a mess.


I’m so confused by the number of people complaining a 30 year old hit isn’t included on a live compilation of a recent tour they didn’t attend.

There are plenty of versions of it out there, including one on their previous live album.

It’s like that ‘Streets Of London’ sketch from Big Train.

Chris Squires

The second best sketch on Big Train. Very, very true to life.The best sketch can’t really be talked about before the watershed but it involves tissue in the workplace, ‘nuff said.

On topic, never be amazed at what people find to moan about here on SDE. You can’t be unhappy if you are grateful. I guess I am mostly grateful for what we get. 37 years As a Stephen Duffy fan will make you grateful.


Missing links:-
Say Something (follow up to ‘Laid’ and achieved 1 place higher (24) in the singles charts as a double A side with Jam J which mean’t something then) – a cracker of a tune. How often do they play that live?

Sit Down – already noted by others it is missing. But why? What is the reason they don’t play it live anymore? I know they used to as I remember seeing it played in a gig at G-Mex I think. Was it made longer? Yes and here it is from 1990. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lv2yYKiB8lQ

It’s expected to play the new stuff but play the ‘big’ hits too.

Formed in 1982, they have been around longer than most will realise. Earlier releases did well in the Indie Charts and then How Was It for You, Come home and Lose Control made the Top 40 in 1990but only when Sit Down was re-released in 1991 did their popularity begin to grow.

It’s not all about the charts anymore but play the hits too lads!

Looks like a very decent release otherwise!

Neil Kelly

They do play ‘Sit down’ live still but only when they feel like it which is how is should be. They are much bigger than that one song

Lee Carson

Some of the issue with Sit Down is that the band get bored with playing it especially as they have a catalogue of over 100 songs ready to play most nights

If you look at their set lists songs come and go on a regular basis and whilst I attended concerts where Sit Down was present I have never felt short changed when it has been omitted

Matthew James

The band finally sent out an email to its fan list announcing the release. It states, “Available only from the official James merch stall on TM Stores, via wearejames.com.” Not sure if that refers to every configuration. There’s also a link to “Pre-order exclusively via wearejames.com,” suggesting that if made available elsewhere it wouldn’t be until after December 11.


This was one of my favourite live shows in recent times, from their acoustic-ish self-support slot to the great setlist which showcased their most recent excellent album and a wide variety of tracks from their career. So pleased they’ve recorded and released it.

I seem to remember a discussion on Twitter by Tim Booth who was responding to calls for them to film the show by explaining just how much it would cost and how some venues weren’t keen on this sort of thing, so I’m glad they managed to get it done.


Actually, I won’t be buying this! For the pleasure of having something the size of a small book & T shirt courierd to me it’s over 20 quid & then I’d have to pay tax on top so no thank you!! Hopefully it will appear on Anazon at some point!

I love the track listing though!


I wish they would do a proper deluxe version of Gold Mother with all the long, and inexplicably, out of print Rough Trade material, that Laid boxset was excellent.
I’ve tried to get on board with their new stuff but sadly just does nothing for me.


Bit confused? Gold Mother was on Fontana. Are you talking about all the b sides?

I’m still struggling with the last album.

DVD only being in box set is very irritating.


i meant the Rough Trade singles that came out in late 80s (the first different versions of Sit Down & Come Home which having cracking b sides still out of print), while they were obvs on a different label they would tie in with the Gold Mother era if they could ever get round to it.


Sorry, I realised after posting but couldn’t delete/alter my post. Yes, it would be good if they did do a full deluxe edition of Gold Mother. As you say, the issue is with licensing the material from Rough Trade.

The Misnomers

100% agree. Dvd should be available with CDs. Not everyone wants the same material on vinyl and cd. On that note… glad the vinyl comes with a download! Too bad we can’t download the audio of the dvd too…
As To their new music, I’ve been a fan since 1990… I’ve enjoyed all their experimental twists and turns but I agree the last two albums have not been as strong. They played a new song last tour which sounded terrible…


The laid box wasn’t excellent the DR on all the discs was horrible distorted. I didn’t buy that boxset even on sale.


Thank you for this alert. We have been to see them regularly over the years and they are brilliant!!
The box set will be a welcomed addition to my collection. Thanks


Any info on where the live tracks on cd are taken from? Just curious if tracks on vinyl are duplicates or different live versions of songs that appear on both. And also is dvd region free? Thanks


Looks to me that all three formats have different tracks on, so you have to plump for the 75 quid combo to get all of it. At least with Getting Away With It they had the same concert on the DVD and the CD albeit with one edited song.


sit down is one of james worst songs Johnny Yen is a far superior song especially live IMO


It looks like a pretty good representation of where they are now, and they do always throw in a few hits (She’s A Star, Laid, Sometimes etc are on here).

I’m slightly surprised Nothing But Love isn’t on there, as it’s been a mainstay in recent years. But Moving On is there, which is brilliant! If you don’t know, give it a listen.

If you’re after more of a live cd of the older stuff, “Getting Way With It Live” is probably the one to go for.


Jumped on this immediately. T-shirt and CD bundle for me. Shipping to the US is pricy, though.


For hardcore fans who regularly see their favourite bands live over numerous tours it obviously does not matter to them if the biggest sellers(i.e Sit Down!if you go see James) or most popular songs are left out of the set lists.But there are still many who might just attend one show who might feel cheated or disappointed if the songs they most know or like are not performed.It is a difficult balancing act for bands bored by playing some of their most popular songs.But most artists are still willing to please their casual fans by performing some obvious favourites.It is usually the petulant and pretentious artists who deliberately ommit the fan favourites.I recall Nirvana disappointed tons of fans when they deliberately omitted Smells Like Teen Spirit from some of their shows.Kind of mean when they knew that some fans idolised the song and had travelled thousands of miles just to experience it live!

Chris Squires

I recall sitting on the train home from the opening night of Before The Dawn and directly in the seat behind me a lady was (quite loudly) bemoaning the fact to her fellah that she hadn’t heard any of the songs before. I was taken aback mainly because… surely she had heard of Running up that Hill as a bare minimum and secondly, because Kate didn’t sing Wuthering Heights the whole show was a blow-out for this very lucky person who was at the opening night of a show many thousands of people would have crawled over hot rocks to attend.
I kept my counsel.


Prince got it right at the O2. The main concert in the big tent was the all the hits (well maybe not all the hits, but lots) mixed in with some more recent releases. Then the after show in the small O2 Indigo allowed Prince to play whatever he wanted. Two concerts in one night, over four hours of performance, finish at 3.15am. Total cost for both concerts was just over £50 with a free cd with each ticket. It’s hard to believe that was thirteen years ago.


I wish they would issue the 1991 gig on top of the Piccadilly Hotel in Manchester.
I know it was recorded and filmed by Key 103 and Granada TV.

Tom Walsh

Yes, Albert that would be great. I still remember standing in Piccadilly Gardens watching it. They were/are an amazing band with a real depth of catalogue.


No CD and dvd option or buying the dvd on its own madness!!!

Mark Reed

Looks like locking the DVD into the supermegadeluxeedition at £75 isn’t a popular move on Twitter either!


The same ripoff as with Kraftwerk’s latest release (the red box) where you had to buy the biggest and most expensive package of them all just to get hold of the blu ray with visuals to all tracks, not just excerpts. I call that blackmailing which I’m highly allergic to.
From such a Point on I simply ignore a band or an Artist completely so they get no Money from me at all.

gary oliver

if you dont pay up they send the boys round to put your records in non – alphabetical order

John MC cann

Good one


Funny how I regularly obtain replies from you explaining me the world. There are lots of other comments where you do the same but strangely you don’t. Wonder why.


I want to buy a car. Why can’t I get a Bentley Grand Continental for the same price as a Ford Fiesta? Rip-off merchants

John MC cann

I hate to be pedantic ( Which I am)
But if you went through the options list for a fiesta and added them all on ,,,then it would probably be something like the same price as a Bentley grand continental!


Not seen this amazing band for years so I’m disappointed the DVD is only available with the expensive bundle. I’m not going to go for that but I will have a T shirt / CD combo.

Really loved the Night before / Morning after CD’s they did a few years back


You want a Blu Ray just before 2021 you can’t have it.

You want the standard definition DVD (throwaway) you have to buy it in a £75 box edition.

I rename this ‘F-in the fans in the a in extraordinary times’.


Can’t even bung in the T shirt in the £75 set (make it £80 and throw it in). I can’t even see the rear of the T shirt. I guess it’s therefore blank. Nah!


+1 for CD + DVD


No option for CD and DVD?


Looks an absolutely belting buy, gone for the big bundle with the black shirt because I’ve only got 40 James shirts….

Carl Davidson

I want them all !!

Gary Hunter

Am I missing something here, is the DVD only available in the limited box set, if so, that is absolute madness!

Matthew James

Intriguingly unconventional tracklist. I’ll wait to see if/when this is available more widely. The shipping cost of the double CD to the USA is a bit high but not unreasonable. My guess is that the physical product won’t be released in the States though some of the recordings will likely come from tour dates here—oh the irony.

James crew, if you’re reading this, please take note of the ridiculous resale prices of the limited Live in 2008 tour CD, sold during a 2009 tour that did not cover 14 countries, and consider making that available once again. Maybe an appropriate RSD exclusive or digital download?

Liam Bastick

The James concert in Melbourne last year was one of the best concerts I have been to in years. I think it helped that the band sat down next to me in a booth we were sitting in and played the opening song with Tim almost sat on my lap! You could see security wasn’t quite sure what to do, but we all just grinned at each other! Their last album is one of their best.


Preordered the boxset with shirt! That tour was amazing. Great release to look forward too. Hope it arrives by Xmas!!

Stuart Too

But how many of them will sign it? Only 4 of them did for ‘Living In Extraordinary Times’.


The didn’t play live on the previous tour either!


Do you mean Sit Down? They played it at the Sydney gig, for one. But that might have been due to Saul missing the flight due to an apparently bad case of vertigo which left the stand-in guitarist only days to learn a gig’s worth of fan favourites in time for the shows.

Lee Carson

They played Sit Down a few times on the Tour but regularly give it along with some other songs a “rest”. Their set list changes every night. Not just the order but the actual songs.


Love James and this tour really was extraordinary. Will be ordering as soon as funds permit, hopefully tomorrow. Thanks Paul!


Its a good one


No ‘Sit Down’ is a bold move.

Geoff Wint

Out of all the times I’ve seen the band they’ve only played it once (1997) and even it was the second song of the show . I’m happy with that , they never disappoint live

Neil Kelly

Totally agree Geoff although they play it more often over the last 23 years+ than your post makes out… Not sure how many times you’ve seen them over that period or the timeframe of your James gigs