Jason Donovan / Ten Good Reasons


BMG are to reissue an expanded version of Jason Donovan‘s 1989 debut Ten Good Reasons in February…

The Stock Aitken Waterman produced album ended up being the best selling album of 1989 and features three number ones including the duet with Kylie Minogue, Especially For You.

The album has already had a comprehensive 2CD deluxe reissue via Edsel back in 2010, although this now out of print and BMG are putting out this one-disc edition to coincide with Donovan’s upcoming Ten Good Reasons tour. This new release actually just replicates ‘CD one’ of the previous double-disc edition, omitting 17 remixes from the bonus disc. It does include extended versions of all the singles though (see track listing below).

This slim line digi-pack release includes a 20 page booklet featuring original sleeve notes, an ‘exclusive’ postcard and message from Jason Donovan.

Ten Good Reasons is reissued on 19 February 2016.



1. Too Many Broken Hearts
2. Nothing Can Divide Us
3. Every Day (I Love You More)
4. You Can Depend On Me
5. Time Heals
6. Sealed With A Kiss
7. Question Of Pride
8. If I Don’t Have You
9. Change Your Mind
10. Too Late To Say Goodbye
11. Especially For You (Duet With Kylie Minogue)
12. All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine (Duet With Kylie Minogue)
13. Wrap My Arms Around You
14. I Guess She Never Loved Me
15. Just Call Me Up
16. Nothing Can Divide Us (Extended Version)
17. Too Many Broken Hearts (Extended Version)
18. Every Day (I Love You More)(Extended Version)
19. Especially For You (Duet With Kylie Minogue)(Extended Version)
20. Sealed With A Kiss (Extended Version)

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Carlton Fisher

When I first saw the headline, I wanted to punch the computer, because I just got this about three months ago for about 35 bucks–the cheapest I could find it. BUT, I got the two-disc reissue, and when I saw this was only going to be a reissue of disc one, I felt much calmer. :)

And why do people have to complain every time a bubble-gum 80s star gets a nice reissue. Some of us are just as happy to have those (as we collect them) as we are to have more “legitimate” music (which we also collect). Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean the people who do want it should have to go without.

Drew Ackroyd

It would have been better and made much more sense to release a 25th anniversary edition of the 1991 Greatest Hits with the videos on the second disc!


I love the idea of a 25th anniversary “Greatest Hits” reissue with the videos. I would love to have all of Jason’s videos on DVD. The two deluxe editions were awesome and thorough, but I was kinda bummed the videos weren’t included.

The reason BMG re-released “Ten Good Reasons” instead of “Greatest Hits” is because the tour Jason is doing right now is “Ten Good Reasons Live.” He is performing the entire “Ten Good Reasons” album, in order. So, in conjunction with that, this makes more sense.

Hopefully, if the tour is successful and this release sells well, it could prompt BMG (or Edsel or someone else) to do something else. Would love to see something for him along the lines of the “30 Years of Bananarama” set from 2012. The CD had 22 songs, but the DVD 35 videos!! It would be cool to see the later videos from the “Mission of Love” album included as well.


Didi you know where can I get the 2cd deluxe edition?


@Kuba………. Amazon have it but it’s a crazy price. Try e bay……… you might lucky. I managed to get a copy in a charity shop last year that was still sealed for 50p. Now that was a bargain!


Absolute Nonsense ! Why doing this ?

The deluxe version was not at the time an hard to find item , In the end it’s been sold at 2.99£ !


@Kiki, have you read my post about the Nathan Jones replacement?


I didn’t realise the 2 CD deluxe version was so hard to find. Amazon have a copy for £79.99 and on e-bay there’s a current bid of £32.99 on one.


The 2CD Set a few years ago is much better. This is just CD1 of that set, so pointless.

Peter Yarrow

Who will actually buy this?

[…] Jason Donovan / Ten Good Reasons […]


Completely pointless. Why not just reissue the 2010 edition?