Jellyfish: Japanese mini-LP SHM-CDs


Omnivore’s Jellyfish deluxe reissues were great, but the packaging wasn’t really as good as it could have been, with the widescreen gatefold cover image used on the 1990 LP of Bellybutton missing completely! Thankfully, the Japanese versions embrace the detail and spirit of the originals.

As can be seen from the image above the Japanese mini-LP CD aka ‘vinyl replica’ aka ‘paper sleeve’ issue of Bellybutton does indeed boast some rather sexy presentation and replicates the original vinyl gatefold.


Spilt Milk looks similarly desirable and these come with accurate inner sleeves and wraparound OBIs.

Both of these releases are SHM-CDs and both are two-CD sets that replicate the Omnivore deluxe track listings.

The Japanese mini-LP CD versions of the two Jellyfish albums are out on 25 March 2015

Photos courtesy of Universal Japan.

Bellybutton / Japanese SHM mini-LP CD

Spilt Milk / Japanese SHM mini-LP CD

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Marshall Gooch

It’s nice that they’ve done a better job of replicating the artwork of the original LP (and the US cassette), but the original CD was pretty plain anyway. And at the price these Japanese issues cost, I’m perfectly fine with the US Omnivore releases. Plus: 1. Omnivore is awesome. 2. I have both the original US and reissue Omnivore US LPs so I don’t really need to see the foldout a third time. And 3. I have a hard time believing that these SHM-CDs sound any better than a regular CD.

Mark A.

They both have English booklets, with color photos. By the way, I’d like to point out that rather than being a shortened version of “Japanese”, “Jap” is generally considered an offensive epithet whether noun or adjective.

Rare Glam

Thanks for sharing the images Paul. My set has been sent from Japan today, so am looking forward to them and was thinking of sending you photos! If people want to buy them as a pair, they are currently available from Japan in a very nice Disc Union slip case from either of these sellers:

Sushi Sashimi

Hawaii Cyber

Lastly Paul, do you know if these Jap versions include th English language liner notes / booklets? I know the lyric sheet is always in English in these Japanese paper sleeve issues, but sometimes the Jap issues include the English language booklets that come in the UK releases as well, though not always.

Thomas Braun

For Europe JPC (germany) have the best price 36,99€