Jethro Tull / Minstrel in the Gallery: 40th anniversary La Grande Edition

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Jethro Tull‘s 1975 studio album, Minstrel In The Gallery will be reissued as a four-disc deluxe edition in May.

The 40th Anniversary La Grandé Edition, as it is being called, will be a 2CD+2DVD set that will feature a new stereo and surround sound mix of the album by Steven Wilson along with seven bonus tracks, six of which are previously unreleased.

The second CD in the package features a live recording of the band performing at the Olympia in Paris on July 5, 1975, a few months prior to the release of Minstrel In The Gallery. A 5.1 surround mix of this live performance is also included on one of the DVDs (King Crimson guitarist Jakko Jakszyk mixed the stereo and 5.1) along with an eight and a half minute film of the band performing Minstrel In The Gallery in Paris from July 1975.

The other DVD includes the new Steven Wilson 5.1 (along with Summerday Sands and a very different version of Requiem in 5.1), flat transfers of the original LP mix at 96/24 and a flat transfer of the original QUAD mix. Both of these mixes include the B-side Summerday Sands.

As with previous anniversary sets this comes in a case-bound DVD book that includes an 80-page booklet featuring track-by-track annotations by Ian Anderson, recollections by roadie Kenny Wylie, Maison Rouge maintenance engineer Pete Smith, and string section member Liz Edwards plus lyrics, tour itinerary and rare and unseen photographs.

This 40th Anniversary La Grandé Edition of Minstrel In The Gallery will be released by Parlophone on 4 May 2015. A single CD and limited edition vinyl pressing of the Steven Wilson also be released.

Track Listing 

Disc One: New Steven Wilson Stereo Remix

  • 1. “Minstrel In The Gallery”
  • 2. “Cold Wind To Valhalla”
  • 3. “Black Satin Dancer”
  • 4. “Requiem”
  • 5. “One White Duck / 010 = Nothing At All”
  • 6. “Baker St. Muse”
  • 7. “Baker St. Muse”-“Pig-Me And The Whore”
  • 8. “Baker St. Muse”-“Nice Little Tune”
  • 9. “Baker St. Muse”-“Crash-Barrier Waltzer”
  • 10. “Baker St. Muse”-“Mother England Reverie”
  • 11. “Grace”
  • 12. “Summerday Sands”
  • 13. “Requiem” (Version 1) *
  • 14. “One White Duck” (Take 5) *
  • 15. “Grace” (Take 2) *
  • 16. “Minstrel In The Gallery” (BBC version)*
  • 17. “Cold Wind To Valhalla” (BBC version)*
  • 18. “Aqualung” (BBC version)*

Disc Two – Live at The Palais Des Sports, Paris, July 5, 1975 (A Jakko Jakszyk Stereo Mix)

  • 1. “Introduction (The Beach Part 11)”
  • 2. “Wind Up”
  • 3. “Critique Oblique”
  • 4. “Wond’ring Aloud”
  • 5. “My God”
  • a. Flute Solo Including: “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Bouree/Quartet”
  • b. “Living In The Past”
  • c. “My God” (Reprise)
  • 6. “Cross-Eyed Mary”
  • 7. “Minstrel In The Gallery”
  • 8. “Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day”
  • 9. “Bungle In The Jungle”
  • 10. “Aqualung”
  • 11. “Guitar Improvisation”
  • 12. “Back-Door Angels”
  • 13. “Locomotive Breath”

with improvisation and including “Hard Headed English General” and “Back-Door Angels” (Reprise)

* Previously Unreleased

The DVDs will feature the DTS & DD 5.1 surround mixes as well as the 96/24 PCM stereo mix and and an eight and half minute film of the band recorded in Paris on 6th July 1975.

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To James, if you’re still here:

The “Minstrel” book certainly suggests “Too Old” is on the way. The last sentence of the essay reads: “Were they becoming too old to rock n roll? Watch this space.” As teasers go, that’s pretty definite I’d say!

Haven’t played the 5.1 yet, but — maybe I’m the only one — I couldn’t hear much difference between Wilson’s mix and the original LP mix in stereo. No “added sections” like in Passion Play, for example! Since I think all the albums from here until “Heavy Horses” had excellent original mixes, I’m not expecting Wilson to do much to them — it’s the 5.1 which will make these tasty.


Typically I find SW’s **STEREO** remixes rather uneventful. The mastering on those remixes is usually more of a talking point for me, but even then, usually not much to say there either. Luckily, JT hasn’t really been mastered poorly in any of its past iterations.

However, the 5.1 is usually where the magic is. I agree with kinesiscd.com – these (and the King Crimson sets by Wilson) exist primarily for their surround mixes. Listeners of the “new” 2.0 stereo versions might be disappointed.

Mig – yeah I caught that in the booklet too. Too Old is mediocre Tull to me, so I’m only tacitly interested in this one. I love “Salamander” a lot, but that album doesn’t pull me in beyond that. Still, I’m just glad somebody is digging into the archives and reproducing these albums.

Finally, the packaging – absolutely tremendous in every way. I’ve got TaaB, Warchild, APP, and now MitG and they are superb. Only wish Aqualung could be released like this, and I’m a bit miffed that Benefit doesn’t follow the same stylistic pallet as these do.


Does this mean that TO OLD FOR R&R is next? How far will Ian go? Everything would be good by me

peter chrisp

I disagree on the Aqualung box set, being a huge Tull fan, in the end the box set was one of the best reissues in my collection 4 discs and including a bluray edition could not ask for anything better and of course a vinyl
selection inclusive superb!

Ake Bergvall

What Heinerich points out about the Amazon UK link is also true for the Amazon US link, which now takes you to a single CD edition.


Hi Paul
I just realized, that the Amazon UK link that you posted, is leading to the wrong edition… ;)
This is the right link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Minstrel-The-Gallery-40th-Anniversary/dp/B00T0S7CYA


I really enjoy the book like CD/DVD format of Jethro Tull’s CDs. I’m definitely on board with Minstrel. I would also like to add my voice to the comments made about Aqualung. I, like Phil Cohen never play my DVD/ Bluray set of Aqualung. Makes me sick at hearing the flaws on it. If nothing else, release Aqualung on DVD or Bluray with the audio corrected.

peter chrisp

What can i say with Jethro Tull obviously now a thing of the past, i have actually lost count how many reissues have been available the last couple of years, once again this one will be huge, no doubt once again by Steve Wilson? I remember buying their “Crest Of A Knave” in the middle of 1986
and some of the reviews as suggested above, where I.A’s voice was not too
dissimilar to Mark Knopfler hmm interesting. Also quite noticeably Yes
are following in the same footsteps, I am sure there will be more J.T. reissues in the not too distant future

CJ Feeney

By the time we get to the 40thanniversary of the late 70’s albums, they’ll be overlapping with the 50th anniversaries of the late 60’s stuff and the record company may decide that the early stuff is more lucrative and go back to the start.

Let’s face it, we haven’t been jumping up and down demanding 20th or 30th anniversary editions of the eighties albums (though the A/Slipstream package was very welcome to some of us).


I was a very late starter in getting into Tull, mid 80’s, so some of my comments will upset the purists, sorry. I thought the first few albums sounded very dated, the 2 concept albums terrible and the 74-76 ones sub standard. My favourite stuff is “Songs from the Wood” through to “Under Wraps”. “Broadsword” being my all time favourite. After that Ian’s voice was so bad he sounded like Mark Knopfler! I do love a lot of stuff right through their career and it brings back good memories.


I’m looking forward to this and think these editions are a great value for fans and collectors.

Alan Baldock

Pity they never followed through with the idea of re-recording the drums for Under Wraps with Doanne Perry playing real drums instead of the electronic stuff. There are some great songs on that album and it’s the last album before Ian’s voice went. Maybe there is still time, it would be interesting.


Only seven more years to wait then. :-)

For me, I already think “Heavy Horses” has a glorious production — how can it be bettered? Still, I’m looking forward to “Mouse Police” in 5.1…


The first issue is whether Steve Wilson would want to keep grinding out these remixes (assuming he’s not stockpiling them) into the next decade. Naturally, somebody else could step in to do the job, but “Stormwatch” brings us to 2019 — by which time Ian will be in his 70s.

The second is that releases start to get patchy from “Stormwatch” on, and sales dropped markedly. Ian’s run as band leader up to “Horses” is flawless in my opinion, an unprecedented 10 year, 10 classic album plateau, but afterwards — not. It may be seen as a law of diminishing returns: a deluxe set for an album that didn’t do very well? Can’t see it. I guess they’ll cherry-pick. So I’m just hoping they keep up the enthusiasm (and sales remain high) at least up to 2018…


I get the sense his remix work is a bit like Orson Welles’ late career advertising work or John Lydon’s butter commercial: it’s a way to fund the more challenging solo work he’s doing which is doubtless nowhere near as financially successful as Porcupine Tree had gotten. Granted, his “day job” is much more on his terms since he’s picking and choosing the projects, but I’m going to venture to guess that he’s going to keep “grinding out” these things as long as his work needs external financial backing.

And, for my money, I think these deluxe reissues are a great way to re-evaluate albums that didn’t necessarily do great the first time around. Hell, if they did A Passion Play, I don’t see why they shouldn’t do A, Broadsword or even Under Wraps. As you get into the 80s, you also get the added perk of very different lineups, which means that if all they have to entice is live recordings to staple on, you’re still getting some very interesting musical variation – maybe not on a King Crimson level, but still worth some of your time.

Personally, I’m hoping this reissue series at least takes us into the mid-80s, but I know that’s not to everyone’s taste. If they at least got Broadsword in, I’d be a happy camper.

Steve Bruun

I’ve been very happy with Steven Wilson’s treatment of the Tull catalog and I’m really looking forward to “Minstrel,” particularly the Paris concert. Finally, a live show from the Hammond era! I’m wondering if the concert tapes are incomplete or edited. If there are more tracks, but they wouldn’t fit onto a single CD, I hope they’ll stick the extra material on the DVD like they did with the Madison Square Garden show. Apparently over an hour of the Paris concert was filmed, but if they aren’t releasing it here then I suspect it may never come out.

Regarding Mig’s “Bursting Out” comment – I’m not sure what else is in the can for that album, apart from alternate performances of the same songs. If the album was enhanced with overdubs in the studio (common practice for “live” albums), it might be nice to hear truly live performances (and Ian’s unbleeped song introductions). “Bursting Out” aside, I hope Wilson continues at least through “Stormwatch” to round out the Evan/Barlow era. And I hope that, if there is an expanded reissue of “Songs from the Wood,” it will include the audio and video of the 1977 “BBC Sight and Sound” broadcast.

Leslie Hanagan

Boaz: Steven Wilson remixes, NOT remasters. The remastering is in the hands of someone else.


You are quite right Runicen. Just need to ensure Motoreyes is included…..from the same seassions but cruelly left off the remaster…only available on the large boxed set. Bring it on!



Well, Ian’s definitely got me signed up until “Heavy Horses” — unless he pulls something really amazing out of his hat for “Bursting Out.” Be nice to bring “Too Old To Rock’N’Roll” back into the fold, it seems to get poor press these days but there are some terrific songs on there. After “Horses” though…hmm.


I’m out.
I don’t find Willson remastering work to sound good. Too digital and flat.

Fat old bloke

I’m in !

Mark Hanson

What I don’t understand is why they don’t include all the non-live bonus tracks from the 2002 remaster.

Alan Baldock

Pan Dance and March the Mad Scientist were included on the Warchild box, so not included again here.




Another shout out for an Aqualung digibook (or whatever TAAB, APP, MITG, and Warchild packaging is called)!!! I did not care that the DVD-A was only available by buying the vinyl pressing. I’m a high-res SW collector and avid DVD-A freak, but I don’t own a turntable, and this is the first remix in his repertoire that threw us a curve ball.


I have previously said that if they keep releasing these, I’ll keep buying them.

So really there’s no point in my posting this message at all. I just felt compelled………………….. thank you Mr.Wilson!


Personally, I’m hoping this streak makes it out through the “folk” years (with some new unheard material if we’re lucky) and up through Broadsword & The Beast.

I’d be ecstatic for a Wilson remaster/remix of Broadsword with ALL of the many session out-takes compiled in one place. I suspect it’d even make the Warchild and Passion Play remasters look low on content by comparison.

CJ Feeney

Didn’t Steven Wilson say on SDE a while back that he was turning down work and sticking with albums he really liked. Clearly he’s a big Tull fan. Spin CDs got my order for this as it was on their newsletter on Sunday, same price as Burning Shed £18.99 including p&p.


Great news! These 2CD/2DVD stereo/5.1 book sets are excellent. A shame then that the one fans really wanted (Aqualung) doesn’t exist in this format. Come on Ian, a bit of back-engineering would solve the omission. Ditch the LP and the BluRay, convert the hardback book down to this size…job done, fans happy. Easy win I would have thought.


I would echo that. These cheap but well designed sets are ideal and the Aqualung 5.1 mix needs it’s glitches fixed and re-released in this format.

Phil Cohen

I agree. I never played my “Aqualung” box again after the first two plays, out of despair at the defective Blu-Ray disc. My disc has several loud digital static ticks during the original stereo mix of the album, and one of the two presentations of the “Quadrophonic” mix was unplayable(after the first few seconds, all channels except the left rear go silent).

I’m not blaming the new owner of the Chrysalis catalog(Warners) for EMI’s defective disc, but they (Warners) could address the issue by releasing a corrected Blu-Ray disc that people could buy separately from the boxed set. I’d gladly pay $25 to $30 for a corrected disc so that I could “repair” my boxed set.