Joan As Police Woman / Limited coloured vinyl reissues + signed print

Early albums back on vinyl. Exclusive signed print via SDE shop.

Joan As Police Woman‘s early albums have been out of print on vinyl for quite some time so next month, the first three are reissued as limited edition coloured vinyl pressings and SDE has some exclusive signed prints to give away.

2006’s impressive debut Real Life is pressed on ‘crystal clear’ vinyl, while intimate follow-up To Survive (issued in 2008 and featuring David Sylvian and Rufus Wainwright) comes on transparent gold coloured vinyl. Finally, The Deep Field from 2010 (which features the single ‘The Magic’) is a double album and comes pressed on transparent orange vinyl).

All three are gatefold packages and come with download codes. I’m pleased to say that over at the SDE shop we have some exclusive signed prints which will be given away free (one print per customer). A specially-priced three-album bundle (4LPs) is also available.

This limited coloured vinyl pressings of Real Life, To Survive and The Deep Field will be released on 23 August 2019. Head to the SDE shop to secure your copies with the print SIGNED by Joan Wasser (or use the buttons below).


Real Life crystal clear vinyl LP

Side A
Real Life
Eternal Flame
Feed The Light
The Ride
I Defy

Side B
Flushed Chest
Save Me
We Don’t Own It

To Survive transparent gold coloured vinyl

Side A
Honor Wishes
To Be Loved
To Be Lonely

Side B
Start Of My Heart
Hard White Wall
To Survive
To America

The Deep Field 2LP transparent orange vinyl

Side A
The Magic
The Action Man

Side B
Kiss The Specifics

Side C
Run For Love
Human Condition
Forever And A Year

Side D
I Was Everyone
It’s Possible
Human Condition (Solo)

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Frankly beautiful LPs. I have the original LPs as I’ve been a fan of Joan As Police Woman since her first album in 2006. And even before that date. I think the first time I heard about her was in the mid-90s when she was with the Dambuilders and she was Jeff Buckley’s girlfriend. I even saw her the last time I saw Jeff Buckley play live 23 years ago but to be fair I didn’t know much about her at the time. As I loved Jeff Buckley and Cat Power’s first album, a friend recommended her band to me at the time and gave me a copy of her band’s album on tape (I think it was Ruby Red). I must say didn’t like it that much when I first listened to it but I still followed her work because she was playing with (as a supporting act or as a musician) Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Antony & The Johnsons, Rufus Wainwright. Artists I liked a lot. I fell in love with folk and alternative country in the mid-90s and I used to love those artists. Sadly the first two are dead and the third went in a different musical direction under a new name (Anohni).

Anyway, even though I already have the albums, I’m tempted by the bundle offer. The first two albums didn’t come in a gatefold sleeve so that’s interesting. About prints, I love the poster inside the second album (To Survive), it’s called “Are we not women ? A new pleasure to be free.” Truly beautiful poster. As usual, the artwork is superb with Joan Wasser. Unlike Chan Marshall (Cat Power), Joan Wasser never disappoints. I love listening to her music and reading her interviews.


Ordered too.

Kept missing her when she’s played over the years but caught her a few weeks ago and was absolutely fob smacked. Utterly spellbound. Left rather distraught that I’d missed so many of her shows in the past that I could have / should have caught.

Met her afterwards at the merch table and she was an absolute delight – funny, approachable, willing to take pictures, chatty. Absolute peach of a lady.


Is there only one signed print version, as in, only one image, autographed, or do you have one version per album and bundle buyers get one at random?

Ray Oakley

Thanks Paul for finally bringing Joan As Police Woman to my attention! I have ordered the bundle from you and am looking forward to receiving these coloured vinyl reissues in August. The signed print is a nice bonus and I fully understand the need to limit them to one per customer, which results in more to go round! Also, the bundle price you are offering not only reduces the costs against individual album prices but even with UK postage works out cheaper than other retailers with the exclusive signed print being an obvious bonus, as is the faith I have that you will pack the items to your usual meticulous standards to help avoid any damage in transit.


This ‘one per customer’ thing is easy to get around. I placed 3 individual orders and will therefore receive 3 signed prints. Simple really…


I never knew there were extra tracks on the vinyl version of the Deep Field before this so thanks for bringing it to my attention. Will now have to mull over spending £29 to get them!


Mulled and ordered! Thanks Paul


Glad to read about them being gatefold. Often recent ones are lazy double discs in a simple sleeves. Thanks for the print offer!

Chris Squires

I had never heard of JAPW before my time on SDE. Happy to say I am a total convert. Lovely songs indeed. Just about the only purely 21st century music I enjoy bar Duckworth Lewis.
Thank you.


Hi Chris,

There’s loads of excellent more recent music / artists out there, and I’m sure there’s plenty you like.

Here’s a few recommendations to try:

Sufjan Stevens – his albums can be quite diverse in style, but try Carrie and Lowell, Illinoise and Avalanche – the last one being the outtake songs from Illinoise, but quite brilliant.

Joanna Newsom – Kate Bush fans are likely to like her music. Harpist, pianist, unique voice, sounds like a nightmare, but she’s unique in a talented way. Divers and the triple album Have One On Me are excellent.

Gretchen Peters recent album Dancing With The Beast is as good a place to start.

Laura Viers latest The Look Out is great.

I see a lot of bands live who I’ve never heard before, and often then start to listen to their recorded output. All of the above are brilliant live.

Is anyone else enjoying Jamie Cullum’s new album? Great songs, and another one who’s good to see live.

Chris Squires

Ha, just tried to give your suggestions a quick go on Spotify, always open to new stuff.

The funny thing is when putting in Joanna Newsom all I got was the opening theme from the Muppet Show, which I have always thought was brilliant……but not what I expected.

I will try the others as I have found so much enjoyable music through these pages….

Charlie Waffles

I wish the lovely Joan would come to my place and sign the print.

The Beastie Boyzone

If I but the LPs separately do I get 3 signed prints? That’s probably worth it for an extra £5…

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

sometimes responses on this site are a bit ‘passive aggressive’?

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star


David Bly

This is wonderful timing as I’ve been meaning to get some of her back catalogue and then just don’t get around to it.
The anthology lit a fire under me but I still hadn’t done anything, but now – hooray!
All 3 in one fell swoop plus the signed print!

Thanks again Paul for great stuff like this!

Rich G

Thanks Paul. Are the coloured vinyl reissues exclusive to SDE or it the signed print aspect that is exclusive please? Thanks Rich

Martin Power

I was looking at these second hand the other week so a timely buy for me and a signed print winner!! Also picked up the Liam Gallagher vinyl

Cheers Paul a great additon