John Barry / The Deep soundtrack


Hot Shot Records will reissue John Barry‘s soundtrack to Peter Yates’ 1977 film The Deep in February 2014.

As with many of his James Bond soundtracks, Barry collaborated with a high profile singer as part of this project and in this instance he and Donna Summer created the song Deep Down Inside (Theme From The Deep). The track was a top five UK hit as well as being nominated for a Golden Globe.

This new CD reissue adds a B-side (The White House Years) and a 12-inch ‘disco version’ of the theme tune to the original five track album.

The Deep is released on 10 February 2014.

Track listing

  • 1. Return To The Sea – 2033 A.D.
  • 2. Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep Inside)
  • 3. Theme From The Deep (Instrumental)
  • 4. Disco Calypso
  • 5. Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep Inside) (A Love Song)
  • 6. The White House Years (Single B-Side)
  • 7. Them From The Deep (Down, Deep Inside) (12″ Disco Version)

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Buy the official Ltd 3,000 copy Intrada release, this version is crap!


I have the Intrada ltd ed, but can you elaborate on why you think this version is so bad, Jamey ?


Will it actually be a real transfer of the master tape, or just a vinyl remastering like Cherry Red sometimes do ?


Looking at the tracklisting, this is more like a cd-single from “Theme From the Deep”, than a real album.


Return To Sea 2033 A.D. was the A-side of the album running for 24.15. Very moody, trippy piece, more like a suite if I remember correctly.

With the added tracks this will run to over 50 minutes.


But that’s the problem Michael, there seems to be more Donna Summer and not really more of the lovely Barry score.


Hmm as great as the album is, and it really is one of his better non Bonds, it is a little slight when it comes to actually music. The Donna Summer track took up a fair chunk of side 2, leaving mainly the first side to the actually score from the film. So I’m mildly excited to see just what this turns out to be, but by the looks of it it doesn’t look like enough to make me want to upgrade my vinyl copy.

Paul H

I always felt that the single was one of the most underrated songs of Donna Summers’ career, and before downloads wasn’t easy to find. Not sure how it could be stretched to an albums worth of material, but I’ll give it a go. As a film “The Deep” has been somewhat left behind as well…you rarely see it mentioned and from what I recall it was Ok….


That’s exciting. What a curious and very welcome choice for a reissue.