Joy Division / new vinyl reissues


Rhino will reissue Joy Division‘s two studio albums Unknown Pleasures and Closer on vinyl next month, followed closely by similar vinyl re-releases of compilations Still and Substance (with the latter newly expanded).

All these 180g records use the 2007 remasters except Substance which uses a 2010 remastering. Both Still and Substance will be gatefold two-LP sets and for the first time on vinyl, the expanded track listing from the original CD release of Substance is used here PLUS plus two additional songs: As You Said and the Pennine version of Love Will Tear Us Apart. This 19-track version will also be issued on CD.

Rhino have promised that “each design replicates the original in painstaking detail” and Unknown Pleasures and Closer will be re-released on 29 June with the two vinyl compilations and the new CD edition of Substance following on July 24 2015.

For some reason the 2LP Substance is just £18 at the time of writing (in the UK) whereas Still is £31. So either the former is a bargain or the latter is overpriced. You decide!


Unknown Pleasures vinyl LP


Closer vinyl LP


Still vinyl 2LP


Substance new expanded 2LP

Track listing

Unknown Pleasures
Side A
1. “Disorder”
2. “Day of the Lords”
3. “Candidate”
4. “Insight”
5. “New Dawn Fades”

Side B
1. “She’s Lost Control”
2. “Shadowplay”
3. “Wilderness”
4. “Interzone”
5. “I Remember Nothing”

Side A
1. “Atrocity Exhibition”
2. “Isolation”
3. “Passover”
4. “Colony”
5. “A Means to an End”

Side B
1. “Heart and Soul”
2. “Twenty Four Hours”
3. “The Eternal”
4. “Decades”

Still (2LP)
Side A
1. “Exercise One”
2. “Ice Age”
3. “The Sound of Music”
4. “Glass”
5. “The Only Mistake”

Side B
1. “Walked in Line”
2. “The Kill”
3. “Something Must Break”
4. “Dead Souls”
5. “Sister Ray”

Side C
1. “Ceremony”
2. “Shadowplay”
3. “Means to an End”
4. “Passover”
5. “New Dawn Fades”
6. “Twenty Four Hours”

Side D
1. “Transmission”
2. “Disorder”
3. “Isolation”
4. “Decades”
5. “Digital”

Substance (1CD and 2LP Track Listing)
1. “Warsaw”
2. “Leaders Of Men”
3. “Digital”
4. “Autosuggestion”
5. “Transmission”
6. “She’s Lost Control”
7. “Incubation”
8. “Dead Souls”
9. “Atmosphere”
10. “Love Will Tear Us Apart”
11. “No Love Lost”
12. “Failures”
13. “Glass”
14. “From Safety To Where”
15. “Novelty”
16. “Komakino”
17. “As You Said”
18. “These Days”
19. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (Pennine Version)

Unknown Pleasures vinyl LP

Closer vinyl LP

Still vinyl 2LP

Substance new expanded 2LP

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Got Still from Amazon Italy for just £17 including shipping!


The Substance reissue is available in the USA! Found the CD and vinyl versions at an independent record store in NYC. Audiophiles take note: the 2010 remastering on CD sounds excellent. Much less dynamic range compression than the equivalent tracks from the Best of Joy Division comp. Also a great improvement in sound quality compared to the heavily-compressed Unknown Pleasures and Closer deluxe reissues from 2007.


I ordered from Still from Amazon but the release date has changed twice. Now saying 31st July.
Has anyone else ordered form Amazon and actually received theirs yet?


I just got ‘Still’ and ‘Substance’. Still has a nice cardboard material with raised lettering and vertically inserted cardboard sleeves, but no sign of linen. Substance is not a gatefold but it is 2 discs inserted into a somewhat wider sleeve. Still awaiting ‘Unknown Pleasures’.


It feels like every 12 months the Joy Division LPs get re-issued with very little in the way of extras. The last re-issues of Closer and Unknown Pleasures on 180g vinyl, and with a textured sleeve on Unknown Pleasures, can still be picked up for £11 from Fopp or Head. I won’t waste my money on this reissue. If only Virgin could find the full “Short Circuit” gig and release that.

Alan Fenwick

They honored my original order at the cheapest price which was £13.68, customer service was very good.

They made me place a new order then e-mail the order number to customer support then they reduced the price down to £13.68.

I was disappointed they cancelled without warning, but to be fair to them they resolved it very quickly.


I too have emailed Amazon about this as it it went down to £13.99 at one point – they should honour that price to all existing orders but will see how they respond

Alone With Strangers

They’ve agreed to match my original order price – that’s a saving of £10 so I’m happy with that.

Alone With Strangers

Amazon have realised that they have mucked up their catalogue and have sent emails advising customers that their Substance order has been cancelled but can be re-ordered. Not good considering that the LP was £17.99 wen I ordered it, was part of the Lowest Price Guarantee and dipped below £17 since I ordered.

It is now on sale for £27.99. I’ve written to Amazon to state that I ordered the item in good faith and to ask whether they will honour the previous price – will update if I get a response.


don’t know about you but i have had a very swifty reply willing to honour the price : ))


Im in for these. I own original pressings (bought from secondhand-shop but sounding really great), I even have the reissues, but for now I really want brand-new editions of these.
Especially nice move, since they are adding Substance to the releases.

I never bought the +/- boxset as don’t like the format too much…


Cool price on Amazon FR too (around 16,40€) for Closer and UP.


The release of Still has now been delayed….

russell finch

The tracklisting appears to be exactly the same as the + – box set, except for Heart and Soul !!

Michael Bushell

This is excellent. A couple of years ago, having bought a timetable for the first time in 25 years I set about buying my absolute favourite music on vinyl.

The Substance set (as it was when I bought it on CD) is vital as it gives me LWTUA, Atmosphere, Dead Souls, She’s Lost Control 12″ and the other non-album tracks you could only get on Still, which isn’t really worth it as the live album is of historic interest only.

Mine’s ordered.


I presume you mean ‘Turntable’ not ‘Timetable’ :-)


Can anyone tell if there will be any discernible difference between these discs and the 2007 Rhino vinyl re-issues? I realize there is a difference for Substance but I’m thinking that if I own the 2007 versions of Unknown Pleasures and Closer that there may not be a huge difference in these new discs. Looking forward to Substance and Still as I love how nice these 2007 discs sound.


I second that, Havoc. I have both vinyl reissues of Unknown Pleasures and Closer and they both sound great and the packaging is, to my knowledge, a replica of the original editions, so I am not really sure how these upcoming reissues are different. Anyone?


I sincerely hope that all of these are made available at reasonable prices. I need a good copy of Still and would like to get Substance expanded.


I am tempted (Temptation – no pun intended) to get Still for the Live and for 30+ years MIA version of 24 Hours. Can anyone tell me objectively if it is worth buying this deluxe version of Still for this one track?!?!?! I know the rest of that gig sounds alright, nothing great (like the live show included on the 2007 reissue of Unknown Pleasures).

Thanks for the help my fellow much lovers

John Moore

Why bother??? We have had these before – it’s the milking process-

Not excited at all-

Dr Avalanche

Oh wait, of course. The +/- singles boxset. Forgot about that one… :)

Dr Avalanche

Finally ‘Substance’ gets an upgrade. And LWTUA version 2 gets its right place. Good news, because my CD-maxi of ATmosphere with that version on it has a little bit of CD-rot. I might just buy that one. :)

But 2010 Remasters? Most tracks on it havent been remastered since 1988 as far as I know. Or did I miss something?


Ian Curtis ………. 18 May 1980.
That is 35 years ago tomorrow and I still remember this day as yesterday !


Me too Andre. I was 14 at the time, mad about them then, and (no pun intended), still am.

I have my originals from my teenage years, and the vinyl box set ,
and several reissues.
But, will I give in and buy these? More than likely…..


So you bought the vinyl box set?
I saw it but was disappointed that the reworked artwork basically just removed all the iconic graphics. Seemed a bit of a let down to me.
Just wondering what you thought of them…

Mark Rainbow

The good news from the “Still” discs is the reinstatement of 24 Hours in it’s correct place at the end of side 3.


Still might be interesting. Substance seems like an absolute waste. That tracklisting has been available for decades. The addition of an alt version of LWTUA that exists in many other places – on vinyl and cd – don’t cut it for me.


Unless they are going to do the linen hard cardboard sleeve and even then it’s not worth £30

Have high hopes for these, Rhino do some great reissues on vinyl


If the Still reissue replicates the original design and packaging I *might* be interested as I bought a really badly kept edition second hand a while back which I could do with upgrading.
I have my originals of the others…

Giles Roditi

No image available. Maybe the Still reissue replicates the original I have in my collection with the fancy thick cloth covered ‘hardback’ gatefold with ribbon ? (mine looking a little worse for wear, just looked – I can’t believe it is 34 years old !)