Julian Cope: Reissue details


A few of you have requested more information around the Julian Cope reissues that are out this week – in particular exactly which tracks/variants on are the bonus discs of the two-CD reissues of World Shut Your Mouth and Fried.

I can confirm that World Shut Your Mouth has the three extra tracks from the 1996 reissue (Wreck My Car, Hey Class Butcher and Eat the Poor) and adds the remixed version of (The) Greatness and Perfection (of Love). There are also two B-sides along with four tracks from a February ’83 John Peel Session and three from a January ’84 David Jensen session. See full listing below.

Fried‘s 11-track bonus disc adds more material from BBC Radio One: a December ’84 Janice Long Session and another John Peel Session, this time from May ’84. Again, the three bonus tracks from the mid-nineties reissue are maintained; these are Land Of Fear, Mic Mak Mok and I Went On A Chourney.

Both reissues are remastered by Andy Pearce and come packaged in jewel cases. The 16-page booklets include notes from Mick Houghton who was The Teardrop Explodes and Julian Copes’ PR man from 1980 to 1986.

The World Shut Your Mouth and Fried reissues are out tomorrow on Caroline International.


World Shut Your Mouth 2CD Deluxe

Fried 2CD Deluxe



World Shut Your Mouth 2CD Deluxe

Disc: 1
1. Bandy’s First Jump
2. Metranil Vavin
3. Strasbourg
4. An Elegant Chaos
5. Quizmaster
6. Kolly Kibber’s Birthday
7. Sunshine Playroom
8. Head Hang Low
9. Pussyface
10. Greatness And Perfection
11. Lunatic And Fire-Pistol

Disc: 2
1. Wreck My Car
2. High Class Butcher
3. Eat The Poor
4. Greatness And Perfection [Remixed version]
5. 24a Velocity Crescent [Single B-side]
6. Pussyface [Single B-side]
7. Head Hang Low [John Peel Session 05/02/1983]
8. Lunatic And Fire – Pistol  [John Peel Session 05/02/1983]
9. High Class Butcher  [John Peel Session 05/02/1983]
10. The Greatness And Perfection Of Love  [John Peel Session 05/02/1983]
11. Reynard The Fox  [David Jensen Session 05/01/1984]
12. King Of Chaos [David Jensen Session 05/01/1984]
13. Laughing Boy [David Jensen Session 05/01/1984]


Fried 2CD deluxe

Disc: 1
1. Reynard The Fox
2. Bill Drummond Said
3. Laughing Boy
4. Me Singing
5. Sunspots
6. The Bloody Assizes
7. Search Party
8. King Of Chaos
9. Holy Love
10. Torpedo

Disc: 2
1. Land Of Fear
2. Christmas Morning [Janice Long Session 12/12/1984]
3. Disaster [Janice Long Session 12/12/1984]
4. Mic Mak Mok
5. Pulsar [Janice Long Session 12/12/1984]
6. Sunspots [John Peel Session 29/5/1984]
7. Me Singing [John Peel Session 29/5/1984]
8. Search Party [John Peel Session 29/5/1984]
9. Crazy Farm Animal [Janice Long Session 12/12/1984]
10. I Went On A Chourney
11. Hobby [John Peel Session 29/5/1984]

World Shut Your Mouth 2CD Deluxe

Fried 2CD Deluxe

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Mark Turrell

The down side of Fried is that the version of ‘Reynard the Fox’ from the later WSYM ep (the one with the big speaker on the front) is omitted, and yet again the single remix of Sunspots is missing.

on each of the three jc deluxe twofers, single mixes have been omitted.
WSYM – greatness and perfection is missing.
Fried – sunspots
St julian – eve’s volcano.

Mark Turrell

addendum – st julian is also missing the single mix of WSYM.

Mark Turrell

i contacted caroline international.
they are aware of the missing single mix of ‘greatness’, and typos in the booklets.
they told me JC signed off on the audio quality of both releases.
they said any repress will correct the faults but they never said they were going to do one.
i doubt we’ll get a corrected version of WSYM disc 2.

russell finch

Mark you’re right – the new Fried sounds very good, a big step up on the 96 version, which makes the WSYM travesty all the more strange.

Mark Turrell

on the flip side i just played Fried and it sounds great all the way through. A little bit punchier than the ’96 version. credit where it’s due he did a good job on that.
which begs the question how is WSYM so bad.
maybe there was a file mix up and the wrong ones went to the pressing plant.

russell finch

Mark, thanks for the tip – I had been going to give Fried a wide berth but now will give it a try.

Mark Turrell

WSYM is a disaster. numerous spelling errors in the booklet and even incorrectly listing “hey high class butcher” as “hey class butcher”.
if you have the 96 remaster and floored genius 2 you have every track (seeing as others point out the single version of “greatness” is actually the album version twice over) bar the b-side version of “Pussyface” which itself is taken from vinyl.
the sonics of disc one are truly appalling, not patch on the 96 remaster. thin brittle with no bottom end whatsoever. I’m beginning to think andy pearce is either the unluckiest mastering engineer ever for being given such poor source material over and over again (he has previous), or the real answer which is he’s not very good. His previous attempts IMO have been less than stellar especially his butchery of the icicle works 3cd deluxe edition of “if you want to defeat …” where instead of taking a blanket off the speakers, he put one over them by rolling off all the top end.
avoid at all costs and just find a nice copy of “greatness” single and rip the two tracks you need.

russell finch

Agreed – and I would have thought that any professional mastering engineer would lay his hands on previous CD releases and so if he’s been given duff materials to work with he would realise it. He ought to be ashamed of himself with this disc (1), it’s disgustingly poor.


Wish they’d reissue WSYM on vinyl. Someone nicked my copy in the 90s.

russell finch

I bought WSYM and compared it to the 96 remaster. New one sounded horrible, no bass at all (and I mean none). Biased towards the left speaker on all tracks too. Nasty. Going back to Amazon.


Trash and Metal Micky you are obviously connoisseurs, as I too think Kolly Kibbers Birthday is one of Julian Cope’s best songs. I also really like Ouch Monkeys (TDE)


Great interview with Julian on the reissues. Starts at 1:36:21



My apologies Paul – will do.


Hi Paul – don’t like to nit-pick but if you can get a message to the label the “remix” of “Greatness & Perfection” on CD2 of WSYM is in fact the album version repeated from CD1.


Why don’t you message them yourself as Paul had nothing to do with this release.


Personally I think the mastering is vastly superior to the 1996 re masters. Fried, especially is much cleaner sounding and not as muddy as before. The clarity of both is much improved and there’s more detail because of this.


Base.com – ONLY £7.99 Each and FREE Postage + they’re on Cashback websites like TopCashBack!

They’re waiting for stock ATM but I imagine they’ll get them in in the next couple of days. Order now though in case they put the price up!


That’s where i ordered both from i got WSYM on Friday but Fried is still on Back Order. I was thinking of cancelling my order and getting it elsewhere but everywhere i have looked it’s the same story. Seems like the distribution from Caroline International sucks.


They must have trouble sourcing Fried as mines is on Back Order and everywhere i have looked it’s saying the same.

Dave H

The mastering sounds exactly the same as the previous CD version to my ears. As the booklet states Mastering: Andy Pearce, it doesn’t state Re-mastering so one can assume the sound hasn’t changed.

Have you looked at the inside last page of the booklet? There are session dates though not sure if it’s recorded date or transmission date.
There are no lyrics but there is a 16 page booklet with an essay by Mick Hougton.


Hi Dave – yup, there’s a date beside each session track but nothing else – like you say, we don’t know if that’s a broadcast or a recording date. Also, I’ve now noticed a few typos in the tracklistings (I’m a listen-first-read-later kind of girl!) which is a bit disappointing. Mick Houghton’s notes are quite entertaining and, I guess if we want to read JC’s take, it’s in “Repossessed”.

Dave H

Yes Caroline, I got what you meant after I posted the comment. Info like musicians on the sessions are missing. It would be nice to know who played what on the sessions.


I picked these up yesterday from Fopp at £9 each. “WSYM” sounds very similar to my original vinyl, if a little sharper on the top end. Nothing sounds overloaded or compressed and the b-sides and session tracks are in good shape. “Fried” is sounding much the same, although remember that some of the mixing on that album is a little eccentric.

There is something unsatisfactory about them, tho’. No lyrics, no recording details for the BBC sessions and, more to the point, those brilliant and fascinating demos, bootlegged as “Christ Versus Warhol” several years ago, aren’t included. Also, the David Jensen session consists of 3 songs from “Fried” so why is it on the “WSYM” set?! The bonus discs are also arranged very differently – “WSYM” is logically laid out (Playroom b-sides, Perfection b-sides and then BBC sessions) but the “Fried” disc has been all mixed up, presumably to create a specific listening experience. Odd that the same approach wasn’t taken with each. There was a great 4 disc box set in this era and this isn’t it but the pricing is good and Cope’s antipathy towards his old music means that this is the best we’re going to get.

(NB – I’m not from the label by the way, that is actually my name!)

Marshall Gooch

I’m wondering how these will sound compared to those “deluxe” Japanese issues that came out not too horribly long ago. I thought they sounded great!

Charles Hodgson

Seth, Thanks for clarifying on the BBC tracks. So they ARE essential purchases (in case my wife asks, heh!).

Eugene, re: A-Z cataloging: we need some kind of diligent filing clerk version of the “South Park” “Underpant Gnomes” to take care of this while we sleep!
(Step 1 “File CD’s – Step 2 “?” – Step 3 – “Profit”)


Ha! This sounds like my cataloging too.

“Charles Hodgson said:
That’s what I thought too. Got a copy of “FG2″ 2CD somewhere, but A-Z cataloging is about 15 years out of date round my place! Can anyone confirm?”


Been waiting for that first album in this type of format for SO long. Great news !

Seth Hollander

“A few of you have requested more information around the Julian Cope reissues that are out this week”. Err, wot?
First I heard of these reissues and I am exactly who wants to know! I deposit vast amounts of money in your secret Swiss bank account to get exactly this sort of info from you in timely, fancy articles! Any JC info you get, put it up here post haste!
Sadly, reviewing the previous reissues, including that of Floored Genius 2, reveals that there are 3 tracks on the WSYM 2D that aren’t on the aforementioned CDs and only 1 on Fried! Just as sad as last year’s Saint Julian 2D for those of us that already had the Followers Of CD.
Never got the Journey Through The West Country EP, so I continue to hope passionately for a great Autogeddon expanded edition!
Always hoped that the Alan Moore/David J team up project would inspire a Grant Morrison/JC team up! Oh, what life could be if my wishes all came true!

Charles Hodgson

[[RichardAugust 13, 2015I think all of the radio session tracks have already been released on the deluxe version of Floored Genius 2 in 2010 which you can pick up on amazon for under £10]]

That’s what I thought too. Got a copy of “FG2” 2CD somewhere, but A-Z cataloging is about 15 years out of date round my place! Can anyone confirm?
(Bought in any case. I don’t mind having multiple copies of those two gems.)


Had confirmation from Amazon today that my copy of ‘world’ has been despatched and should arrive via prime tomorrow – so they do have them.


Hope someone can inform us about the sonics of the new masterings. I’m very interested!


I’m ashamed to say I don’t own these. Hope the UK link goes back up so I can pre-order.


I think all of the radio session tracks have already been released on the deluxe version of Floored Genius 2 in 2010 which you can pick up on amazon for under £10



I am now imagining a world where I don’t actually buy any original music anymore, just endless reissues of the same titles I bought previously/. Endlessly remastered, endlessly expanded…. sigh…..

I love both of these albums especially World (which features one of my favourite Cope tracks “Kolly Kibber’s Birthday”) so i guess if they are cheap enough – price not currently listed.

Metal Mickey

“Kolly Kibber’s Birthday” is one of my favourite Cope tracks too, a fantastic record, glad I’m not the only one out there! :-)

Chris. L.

Both sets are showing ‘currently unavailable’ on Amazon.co.uk. Getting really pissed off with not being able to pre-order stuff on Amazon.

Charles Hodgson

Just for clarification, the mid-’90’s CD bonus tracks for both albums were originally B-Sides.
Amazon.co.uk lists both titles as “currently unavailable” at present, which is odd. (I pre-ordered both titles, and they have debited my account, so hopefully they are on their way.) Maybe they underestimated demand? They are both classics after all.