Julian Cope / Saint Julian reissue

Saint Julian 2CD Reissue / Julian Cope

Julian Cope‘s 1987 album Saint Julian will be reissued as a 2CD Deluxe Edition on 4 February 2013.

This was the third solo studio album for the ex-Teardrop Explodes frontman and his first for Island Records. It delivered two UK top 40 hit singles in the form of World Shut Your Mouth and Trampolene (a third Eve’s Volcano (Covered In Sin) peaked just short at number 41).

This reissue features a bonus disc of b-sides and remixes and amounts to a coupling of the original album with the 1997 rarities compilation The Followers Of Saint Julian, although Spacehopper Annexe wasn’t on the ’97 release.

There was a 2004 Japanese-only release of Saint Julian which is effectively replicated by this new deluxe edition. It is not known at present whether the 2013 reissue is a new remaster.

Saint Julian Deluxe Edition

Disc 1

  • 01. Trampolene
  • 02. Shot Down
  • 03. Eve’s Volcano
  • 04. Spacehopper
  • 05. Planet Ride
  • 06. World Shut Your Mouth
  • 07. Saint Julian
  • 08. Pulsar
  • 09. Screaming Secrets
  • 10. A Crack in the Clouds

Disc 2

  • 01. I’ve Got Levitation
  • 02. Umpteenth Unnatural Blues
  • 03. Disaster
  • 04. Warwick the Kingmaker
  • 05. Non-Alignment Pact
  • 06. Mock Turtle
  • 07. Almost Beautiful Child (I & II)
  • 08. Transporting
  • 09. Trampolene Warne Out Mix
  • 10. World Shut Your Mouth Trouble Funk Mix
  • 11. Pulsar Nx Live
  • 12. Shot Down Live
  • 13. Eve’s Volcano (Covered in Sin)/Vulcano Lungo 12″ Remix
  • 14. Spacehopper – Annexe

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paul b

are the 9 tracks all b sides from this albums singes or are all/some unreleased ?
all i know and love is the brilliant “world shut your mouth”.

Mark Turrell

another interesting sidenote.
julian cope’s brother Joss formed a spoof 60’s band called The Remaynes who issued a one off single on Bam Caruso in 1986.
They did an Andy Kershaw session for the BBC later that year which were all covers, and one of the tracks they did was ‘Spacehopper’ which predates St Julian by about a year.

Mark Turrell

It should be noted for completionists that.
1 – it does not include the single mixes of ‘eve’s volcano’ or ‘WSYM’.
2 – ‘i’ve got levitation’ is 5 seconds shorter than the vsn on the ‘WSYM’ EP.
3 – ‘transporting with interview’ is also not present, so you have to also keep ‘the followers of st julian’ comp just for that track.

Us sale market

I’d been suggested this blog by way of my own step-brother. My business is no longer specific whether or not this distribute will be written by ways of them while nobody else understand this sort of specific around my problem. That you are incredible! Cheers!

Scott Briggs

Saint Julian showed up in the mail today, 2/27, had preordered
it via Amazon. So far so good, it’s not in a slipcase or anything,
just a basic 2 CD jewel-case edition. Insert booklet is entertaining
thus far with comments from D. Ross Skinner and Cally, Copey’s
manager/product manager at the time. Playing Disc One right now:
sounding darned good thus far. Sounds sharp and bass crisp and cracking and it’s not sounding distorted to my ears at all. So glad they reissued this and proud to own it. Also, I’m a massive old time Cope fan but I don’t own all the b-sides and rarities since I stopped mainly collecting bootlegs and such many years ago, for the most part.

Plus, I don’t bitch that they might put stuff on these reissues that I might already own, or not, since half the time, if it’s done right, the quality on the reissues, even of the rare, demo or unreleased material, is so much better than some dodgy old copies of them. So I have nothing but praise so far for this reissue and Universal Music for getting behind it. Maybe an old vinyl copy would be nice as reference, but gosh I’m happier having a nice crisp remastered CD to hear this record properly, perhaps, for the first time in years. An old cassette copy you had in 1987 is just gonna cut it. This is. One thing I don’t
understand is why critics in 1987 leveled a charge of “rockist” at Cope.
What other type of music was he supposed to be releasing in 1987 (or at any time?)? Bloody Skiffle? Bloody Sea Chanties? Most critics are ARSES. Period. I mean, I’m a published critic/writer but I daresay I would never go into print saying something THAT stupid. God, I hope not! And also, this album is so much better than the kind of ersatz
pop sludge he put out with My Nation Underground which I never
was that knocked out by, myself. A few tracks were stellar, perhaps,
but it cannot hold a candle to the masterpiece Saint Julian.

[…] Julian Cope‘s third album presented with a bonus CD of non-album tracks and remixes. More here. […]

Scott Briggs

Been a massive Cope fan for years and this is the first
I’m reading of this deluxe ed. of Saint Julian today (1/7)
and I immediately went and pre-ordered it on Amazon.
Just reading of this got me playing Cope all night again here, this is also one of my favorite of all of his albums anyway so
I wasn’t about to miss out. I heard digital versions
of some of the other deluxe Cope reissues the Teardrop
Explodes one sounded fantastic to me, and listened
to most of Peggy Suicide deluxe but not all of it.
Haven’t come across the Jehovahkill one yet.
As for buying these editions on CD here in the USA
you can forget it (minus online) since we have almost
zero record shops worth a damn here, except maybe
in NYC and bits of Brooklyn. I live out on Long Island
in Nassau County and we have F.A. for record shops
worth anything anymore. Zip. And even years ago
most of them wouldn’t have known who Julian was/is,
and wouldn’t have stocked stuff like this anyway.
As for me I cannot wait to get the new deluxe Saint
Julian in my hot little hands next month, should be
a great driving CD of all time which it is anyway.
I’ve got every other Cope CD queued up on the old
WinAmp all day long every day always ready to rip.
Well, minus his past three or four albums since
I cannot find them here in the States. Guess I’ll
be ordering those up on Amazon as well.
“millions of nobodies dying for a nobody cause”

Seth Hollander

I have the Jehovakill reissue and can listen to it happily. The bonus material is a pleasure to have. If you have the original issue, you can get the reissue just for the bonus disc!
The interview track Jan mentions is on the Followers Of Julian CD mentioned in the article. It was dropped for this reissue in exchange for Spacehopper-Annexe.
I really want all the 90s JC albums to be Deluxe Editioned. I fear that not buying this will diminish the chances of further Deluxe JC reissues, but I have all the tracks on this already and am on a low budget these days. Aaargh!!!!! Wish they had done Autogeddon instead (I still don’t have the Paranormal In The West Country EP)!

James Milner

Kevin. You are correct. The Jehovakill Deluxe is appalling. It is so badly mastered that a noticeable ‘crackling’ can be heard throughout. Possibly one of the worst reissues of the last few years. In contrast, the Peggy Suicide remaster was excellent.


Hey Jacques- question for you mate: I am also a lifelong fan and haven’t bought the Jehovahkill remaster because I read it was mastered poorly and so “hot” that it is almost distorted in places. Do you find this to be true? Thanks.


Decent tracklisting on the second disc. Disappointingly they could have added the promo interview disc that was distributed at the time. I think for radio play, but stores got it too, with a signed sleeve. I have one.


kind of disappointed that this has no extras on it that a longtime fan wouldn’t already have. The Jehovahkill rerelease was loaded with extras, not to mention The Jehovahcoat Demos release.