Juliana Hatfield / Weird

Limited orange vinyl edition • Out in January

Juliana Hatfield will issue Weird, her second album in less than a year, in January 2019.

Hatfield plays all the instruments and is joined by Freda Love Smith (Blake Babies, Sunshine Boys) and Todd Philips (Lemonheads, The Juliana Hatfield Three) who each play drums on multiple songs.

Weird, as might be apparent from the title, is an album about disconnection and discomfort. “I often feel cut-off from other people, from my feelings, from technology, from popular culture,” says Hatfield. “I feel weird, I feel like I’m dreaming my life and that I am going to wake up some day.”

Like the recent Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John album, Weird is being released on US indie label American Laundromat and I’m pleased to say that the SDE shop has secured a small imported allocation of the limited orange vinyl edition (and CD version) of Weird. Head over to the shop, or use the buttons below to pre-order.

Weird will be released on 19 January 2019.

1. Staying In
2. It’s So Weird
3. Sugar
4. Everything’s For Sale
5. All Right, Yeah
6. Broken Doll
7. Receiver
8. Lost Ship
9. Paid To Lie
10. No Meaning
11. Do It To Music

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“Weirdly” (see what I did there) I went through a bit of a Juliana Hatfield phase recently. Couple of thoughts: her last two albums – the ONJ album and the Trump ‘inspired’ Pussycat were both pretty good which bodes well for this one. Also, her last few before that are also petty consistent. But… her 2008 album How To Walk Away is absolutely great. It completely passed me by back at the time but now I think it might be one of the best albums of the decade, certainly her best. Highly recommended!


Very curious to hear this. I feel quite the same as Juliana feels, totally detached from the absurdity of useless technology (produced only to feed consumerism) and the exasperated accelerated anti-culture that is widespread around me.

Derek. i agree, I’ ve been complaining about this for ages now…


IT struck a chord with me as well. Nice to hear someone articulating the same feeling.

Derek Langsford

Ironic how vinyl has quadrupled in price compared to when CD came on the scene when CDs were twice the price of vinyl. The extra cost of CD was considered a barrier to its expansion and acceptability. Now the cost has flipped with CD about the same as it was in the mid-80s and vinyl twice the price of CDs.

But I understand that vinyl is still a much smaller portion of the new music market than CD or downloads, so it is a specialized product like boxed sets. And that comes at a premium. I have a hard time affording all I want on CD/Blu-ray/digital media and am glad I have not been bitten by the vinyl bug. It would threaten my financial well being and my marriage!


Good she’s playing some UK dates next year too.