Kajagoogoo and Limahl / Original Album Series / 5CD set


Parlophone Label Group will issue a Kajagoogoo and Limahl five-CD Original Album Series set in January 2014.

This collection will contain the three eighties-era Kajagoogoo albums (Crazy Peoples Right to Speak was credited to Kaja) without bonus tracks and the two Limahl efforts from the same era, including the full CD debut of Giorgio Moroder collaboration 1986’s Colour All My Days.

Expect the usual no-frills packaging with simple card jackets for the CDs and a thin card slipcase to hold the individual albums.

The Kajagoogoo and Limahl Original Album Series is released on 13 January 2014.

Track listing

Disc: 1 – White Feathers

  • 1. White Feathers – Kajagoogoo
  • 2. Too Shy – Kajagoogoo
  • 3. Lies & Promises – Kajagoogoo
  • 4. Magician Man – Kajagoogoo
  • 5. Kajagoogoo (Instrumental) – Kajagoogoo
  • 6. Ooh To Be Ah – Kajagoogoo
  • 7. Ergonomics – Kajagoogoo
  • 8. Hang On Now – Kajagoogoo
  • 9. This Car Is Fast – Kajagoogoo
  • 10. Frayo – Kajagoogoo

Disc: 2 – Islands

  • 1. The Lion’s Mouth – Kajagoogoo
  • 2. Big Apple – Kajagoogoo
  • 3. The Power To Forgive – Kajagoogoo
  • 4. Melting The Ice Away – Kajagoogoo
  • 5. Turn Your Back On Me – Kajagoogoo
  • 6. Islands – Kajagoogoo
  • 7. On A Plane – Kajagoogoo
  • 8. Part Of Me Is You – Kajagoogoo
  • 9. The Loop – Kajagoogoo

Disc: 3 – Crazy Peoples Right to Speak

  • 1. Do I – Kaja
  • 2. Shouldn’t Do That – Kaja
  • 3. Your Appetite – Kaja
  • 4. Rivers – Kaja
  • 5. Sit Down & Shut Up – Kaja
  • 6. Afraid Of You – Kaja
  • 7. Jigsaw – Kaja
  • 8. Fear Of Falling – Kaja
  • 9. Charm Of A Gun – Kaja
  • 10. You Really Take My Breath Away – Kaja

Disc: 4 – Don’t Suppose

  • 1. Don’t Suppose – Limahl
  • 2. That Special Something – Limahl
  • 3. Your Love – Limahl
  • 4. Too Much Trouble – Limahl
  • 5. Never Ending Story – Limahl
  • 6. Only For Love – Limahl
  • 7. I Was A Fool – Limahl
  • 8. The Waiting Game – Limahl
  • 9. Tar Beach – Limahl
  • 10. Oh Girl – Limahl

Disc: 5 – Colour All My Days

  • 1. Love In Your Eyes – Limahl
  • 2. Colour All My Days – Limahl
  • 3. Nothing On Earth (Can Keep Me From You) – Limahl
  • 4. Tonight Will Be The Night – Limahl
  • 5. Working Out – Limahl
  • 6. Don’t Send For Me – Limahl
  • 7. Shock – Limahl
  • 8. Inside To Outside – Limahl
  • 9. Love Will Tear The Soul – Limahl
  • 10. For My Heart’s Sake – Limahl

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[…] The album features the hit singles Never Ending Story and Only For Love and this new edition sees a host of remixes on the bonus disc, including five period remixes of Never Ending Story (six, if you count the French language version L’histoire Sans Fin), a Dance and Dub mix of Only For Love, and other assorted B-sides and demos. It took nearly thirty years for this album to appear on CD. In 2012 the Gold Legion label issued it and earlier on this year the album formed part of a Kajagoogoo and Limahl Original Album Series collection. […]


Have anyone received this set yet? Please comment on the audio quality. Thanks in advance


No 12inch versions added to any of the albums, like the first 3 when they were reissued previously, so I will not be purchasing this set.


hi paul,
typo error

>>Parlophone Label Group will issue a Kajagoogoo and Limahl five-CD Original Album Series set in January 2013.

should ofcoursr be 2014

Herr Angela Merkel

This is just what I had been waiting for. How many times do we have to get backwards into nonsense-history before anyone is courages enough to wanting to move forward?


Release date for Kajagoogoo, Hot Chocolate and KC& The Sunshine band original album series is 13th January 2014.


There is also similar package for Hot Chocolate & KC And The Sunshine Band albums.


Nice set, pity the Kajagoogoo 2004 reissue extras aren’t included (as those can go for daft money these days), but for the casual buyer or 80s collector these 5 albums still represent good value. “Islands” is a very underrated record, and my personal pick of the five.


Have to agree – I love Islands. Really great musicianship and great songwriting from the days when a ‘boy band’ actually meant more than a band that just sang and danced.

Not too sure about the Limahl albums though… not sure I am too interested in hearing those…


I just noticed a Bob Marley and the Wailers box set from Universal’s similar “5 Classic Albums” series. They appear to be the 2001 remasters because all five discs have bonus tracks. It’s nice to see that these bare-bones sets are now including bonus content in some cases.