Kate Bush: 'Before The Dawn' merchandise now available online


Good news for Kate Bush fans who weren’t lucky enough to get tickets (or couldn’t travel) to her recent Before The Dawn shows – all the merchandise sold at the gigs is now available to buy online from Kate’s shop.

Fish People keyring

There is a wide range of items but the programmes at £15 a pop are highly recommended since they are the only place where you’ll hear from Kate first hand about how she went about putting the shows together and they are beautifully designed and printed.

The T-shirts are both decent quality and ethically sourced and the Before The Dawn poster is also a cut above the average, printed on pretty thick paper.

The ‘KT Fellowship Rescue Kits’ are a bit gimmicky and not exactly great value with just postcards, badges and a few other bits and bobs inside and I didn’t see too many people opting for the ‘life jacket’ T-shirts which visually are rather unappealing.

A full range of merchandise is available via Kate’s website.

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I bought the KT Fellowship Rescue Tin. Biggest mistake I ever made. What a steaming pile of crap. 4 postcards, some badges and a whistle that belongs in a Christmas cracker for that price. Daylight robbery

Paul Kent

Ethically sourced tat!

alan hansen

keep the trinkets. i’ll hold-out for a cd/dvd set of the performance which is surely forthcoming.


My thoughts exactly. To be honest I’m surprised she has let all this rubbish go on sale. The programme is ok as it’s a nice reminder of the concert but the rest of it is mostly awful. Who in their right mind would pay £10 for that awful keyring and that mug is pretty awful too. It’s more like one of those tacky shops on Blackpool promenade lol


I wonder if it’s Kate’s idea to flog this tat, sorry, souvenir stuff or some bigwig at the record company/concert promoter?

CJ Feeney

As far as I’m aware Fish People is Kate’s own record company and website, so I can only assume she thinks this is a good way to market her music and commemorate her tour. Of it still doesn’t sell it may end up in some kind of Super Deluxe box like Oasis and Pink Floyd tend to specialise in.


I agree. I’ll just buy the programme.


As much of a fan as I am most of this stuff is over priced rubbish!