Kim Wilde / “Close” reissue pre-order

Kim Wilde / Close reissue being prepped by Universal

Earlier this year we reported that Universal Music were working on the reissue of Kim Wilde’s 1988 album Close.

For a while it looked like a summer release was likely, but that has slipped back and the deluxe edition is now due on 2 September 2013.

Universal are staying tight-lipped on the track listing at this stage, but interestingly, they have confirmed to this blog that the release will have ‘more tracks’ on it in comparison to the ‘Cherry Red’ track listing, which was detailed on our earlier post. That tells us that Universal have definitely not just copied what Cherry Red would have done, had they secured the license to reissue this album.

This has also being confirmed as a two-CD set, and it is now available for pre-order.

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[…] we reported last week, Universal have added some extra tracks, over and above what Cherry Red were looking to release a […]


Kim has recorded at least one shelved track with Steve Byrd (“Everyone’s Sweetheart”) so perhaps bonus material along the lines of this might be included, which would certainly make this release even more exciting. I would also love to see “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” included as a bonus, though I reckon it would be seen by many as unrelated to the Close sessions.


Unreleased mixes of never trust a stranger i wager.


Thanks Paul!


Hopefully there’s finally a dvd included with all the promo video’s of Close and some live footage


oh, and i wonder if its that the album versions are replaced with the 7” versions [as is often the case]. that would leave room for a few more tracks wouldn’t it?!


I’m looking forward to this more than most new releases this year. ‘Close’ is a fantastic album and still sounds brilliant to this day! the idea that there’s ‘even more’ than we had hoped makes me very excited! Maybe ‘Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree’ is a bonus/ hidden track, though will be amazing if there’s an unreleased track or mixes we’ve never heard before! Can’t wait!

Oh, and given how well all the other Kim Wilde reissues have done, and how talked about/ anticipated ‘Close’ is, I really hope the series continues with ‘Love Moves’ and ‘Love Is’.


This sounds very promising. Hopefully the extra tracks are not lame modern-day remixes of “You Came”.


Hi everyone, it’s a very good news and soon now.
I’m a french fan since 1981, Kim is a wonderful girl and Close is my favourite album, I’m so excited and you?
If you want, my blog for her is here :

Soon and good week end for all :)


Did Kim do any BBC radio sessions during this period? Universal have included session tracks on Transvision Vamp’s re-issues & also Black’s, but they were removed last minute. Otherwise, it may just be unissued mixes/edits. Demos were be odd for Kim, but colour me interested either way!

Steve Thorpe

Having put together that Cherry Red tracklisting originally with Marcel Rijs from Kim’s website, I am delighted that Universal have managed to find tracks over & above what we thought was definitive at the time! Hope the remastering is as perfect as Nik Kershaw’s Human Racing reissue, and roll on September…

Steve Thorpe

Thanks Paul – yes I think that is probably likely, as the discs were indeed stuffed to the max on our proposed Cherry Pop reissue. I’m not sure if Kim has given access to demo versions for example, which we wouldn’t have been aware of at the time of compiling the original.


Glad to know that Universal are getting into the 80s properly and doing this as well as the Nik Kershaw ones. Paul is there anyway you could convince them to also push for the Grace Jones 80s stuff. Island is owned by Universal now,correct ?

Howard Trigg

Fantastic – I LOVE this album. This and Belinda’s re-releases will make my music year.