King Crimson / Live At The Orpheum


January 2015 sees the release of Live At The Orpheum, a new King Crimson live album that comprises performances from the band’s 2014 US tour.

This release features 41 minutes of material performed by the band’s new seven piece line-up, including classics such as Starless, Sailor’s Tale and The Letters. The audio is mixed from multi-track performances recorded at the two concerts at the Los Angeles venue (September 30th and October 1st 2014).

This release is available as CD+DVD-A digi-pack which offers stereo audio in 16/44.1 and 24/96 hi-res respectively. A very limited gatefold vinyl edition pressed on super heavyweight 200g is also available.

Live At The Orpheum is out on 20 January 2015. It can be pre-ordered from Burning Shed the official online store or using the links below.

CD+DVD-A (Amazon links)

200g Vinyl LP (Amazon links)

1. Walk On: Monk Morph Chamber Music
2. One More Red Nightmare
3. Banshee Legs Bell Hassle
4. The ConstruKction of Light
5. The Letters
6. Sailor’s Tale
7. Starless

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I have the vinyl version. This sounds amazing on vinyl, and I like the song selection. I saw another person complaining that two of the songs are improv/soundscape pieces. Rather than thinking of this as a collection of live favorites, this is better taken as an album constructed from live performances. The song selection and sequencing really make this a pretty cohesive work for a live album. The recording and performances are studio quality, except for some of the vocal work.

Unfortunately my copy has a few blemishes caused during manufacture that make loud popping sounds on both sides of a certain part of the record. I am going to write the label to see if a replacement copy can be provided. If not, I am still able to make a good FLAC recording using Audacity to edit out the pops.

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My Burning Shed vinyl showed up today. Spun this heavy duty slab several times. It is just fabulous. Very high quality sound for a live album and really enjoyable. I hope there is a part 2 in the works cause I’d love to have the whole concert.


Still waiting for my limited edition vinyl to arrive…in transit. Can’t wait!


My copy arrived today.

Where to begin…
We have 41 minutes of live 2014 King Crimson, normally I’d be agog with excitement. Sadly this time I am not. Two of the tracks are improvs / soundscapes, one of them originally had vocals (TCOL) but not there are none and the ones with vocals, except “Starless” are so so. Sadly Jakko as lead vocalist isn’t something you walk away from with a positive thought. This release reminds me why I didn’t like 21st Century Schizoid Band and thought the SOM album was ok.

I am not in the crowd that listens to tracks through my DVD player, so that extra disc will gather dust. I would have prefered live video of the songs, or maybe other songs, but oh well. As for the mix, I had to crank it up at times in order to hear it, at least the subtle parts.

Everyone has their favorite songs, but if Heir Fripp was trying to wrangle in new fans, the selection of songs was probably not a good choice.


Edit: The addition of Mel Collins is a nice touch, however to use him instead of vocals for TCOL was not, IMO a good choice. IDK about you but hearing Jakko sing about lint on an aliens wanker would be priceless.

Robert Atkin

I just got my copy today from Burning Shed and have played it through twice on the CD. Love it, Love it.

Amazon.co.uk show the CD/DVD currently out of stock.

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[…] • King Crimson / Live at the Orpheum […]


I drove many hours to attend one of the Chicago performances on this tour. It was astounding, with three drummers working their parts out in advance, while adding yet another dimension to Fripp’s repertoire.
Forty-one minutes for a single vinyl LP makes sense, but if you’re going to put 24-bit/96kHz hi-res files on a DVD, why not put the whole concert on it? It would certainly fit, and they could simply make the vinyl edition a two record set.
I agree with John above, that this is more or less a tease and additional material will be coming out later. For what it’s worth, here’s the set list I experienced:
Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Part One
The Talking Drum
Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Part Two
Hell Bells
The ConstruKction of Light
One More Red Nightmare
A Scarcity of Miracles
Pictures of a City
Level Five
The Letters
Sailor’s Tale
The Light of Day
Hell Hounds of Krim
21st Century Schizoid Man

Pictures of a City, Sailor’s Tale and Starless were amazing. :-)


I’m with Fat Old Bloke. :)

Fat Old Bloke

I’m happy with my Steven Wilson remixed albums. That’s all the Crimson I need.


I have almost every fart, squeak and rumble KC have ever released, but I find this release ill-conceived. We know that DGM will most likely release both nights at the Orpheum for download, along with much of the tour, so I cannot bring myself to pay twice for the same performance knowing that this short teaser will be usurped in the very near future by the full monty. Maybe they should have padded-out this new release with audio of the bizarre conversation at DGM that decided this is an essential purchase for KC fans.


Let’s look at this release from a diff POV. There’s seven tracks, one is an intro, most likely an “improv” of some sort, soundscapes possibly. Then there’s “Banshee Legs Bell Hassle” which brings to mind improvs from the past, if in name only. So there’s possibly two non songs right there. From seven tracks to five. The rest break down like this:
Two from Red: “One More Red Nightmare” and “Starless”. Two from Islands: “The Letters” and “Sailor’s Tale”. And the title track from The ConstruKction Of Light.

Five songs from three albums and two possible improvs.

Robert did say that there would be no songs from the Belew era due to the new direction that KC was going. Ok, fine. But hello, there was still at least six more albums from which songs were played, a wider (limited) selection would have gone a long way to generate more wider interest.

After all that let me say that I will indeed be buying this, if only to complete my collection.

robert atkin

Already ordered a few weeks ago. 41 minutes is short, so must be saving other songs for s special release


Why in the world is this release only 41 minutes???

Michel D.

A shame this is not the whole show, but to be able to hear those songs live again (in a new band configuration) is bliss!!!