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Rhythm of Life collector’s edition box

Cherry Red Records will reissue all four PWL-era Kylie Minogue albums in October as single disc special editions, 2CD+DVD deluxe editions and super deluxe collector’s edition box sets.

Released in consecutive years, Kylie (1988), Enjoy Yourself (1989), Rhythm Of Love (1990) and Let’s Get To It (1991) delivered four UK number one singles between them (including the pop froth classic I Should Be So Lucky), a number that could have been significantly higher if the young Australian had been a bit luckier, since she chalked up six number two hits in the same period. As other PWL artists came and went (Sam Fox, Big Fun, The Reynolds Girls etc.) Kylie had four very successful years at Pete Waterman’s label and her success was remarkably consistent with only a few of the latter singles missing out on top ten chart placings.

The single-disc special edition versions of these new reissues simply fill out the CD capacity with bonus twelve-inch mixes and non-album singles, while the deluxe editions offer another CD full of remixes plus a DVD with the promo videos (‘restored and remastered’) and some don’t-get-your-hopes-up ‘bonus footage’. These three-disc sets up the ante in terms of presentation, all coming in clamshell boxes with the discs in card sleeves. A 32-page booklet is also included. They sound similar to the individual Blur ‘lift-off lid’ deluxe sets although those also boasted some well-chosen postcard designs (but lacked the DVD).

Where Cherry Red have really pushed the boat out is the decision to create Collector’s Edition box sets of each Kylie title. Crucially, there is no extra audio or video in the box sets; you get a vinyl picture disc of the standard album presented in die-cut sleeve, the 2CD+DVD deluxe, a poster and six postcards and a 48-page book – all presented in a deluxe box. At the moment these appear to be exclusive to the Cherry Red store [not any more – see links below] and at £60 a pop you are looking at £240 for the set which may well be too rich for many Kylie/PWL fans. They probably turn up on Amazon for less cash at some point [they have but not cheaper…yet].

The mid-range deluxe editions are available via Amazon, but whereas similarly-spec’d Edsel titles normally retail for between £13-15 for some reason these have launched a very unrealistic £25 price-point on the UK site. By the time of release we would expect at least £10 to have been shaved of the current figure and of course pre-orderers always pay the lowest price (thanks to the pre-order price guarantee) so hopefully nothing too much to worry about.

The one-disc special editions are basically pointless, and current pricing differentials aside, it’s hard to fathom who the fans might be that want a remastered album with just a few – but not too many – bonus remixes. The picture discs in each box set is essentially an acknowledgement that no one is expecting these to get played very much (vinyl picture discs never sound great) and Cherry Red will be hoping the souvenir hang-it-on-the-wall factor will kick in and encourage fans to cough up.

All of these are Kylie reissues are released on 27 October 2014. Let us know what you think of them and which versions (if any) you will go for.

Kylie (box set)

Kylie (deluxe 2CD+DVD edition)

Enjoy Yourself (box set)

Enjoy Yourself (deluxe 2CD+DVD edition)

Rhythm Of Love (box set)

Rhythm Of Love (deluxe 2CD+DVD edition)

Let’s Get To It (box set)

Let’s Get To It (deluxe 2CD+DVD edition)

track listings


Kylie (3-disc deluxe edition)


1. I Should Be So Lucky
2. The Loco-Motion
3. Je Ne Sais Pas Pouquoi
4. It’s No Secret
5. Got To Be Certain
6. Turn It Into Love
7. I Miss You
8. I’ll Still Be Loving You
9. Look My Way
10. Love At First Sight

Bonus Tracks

11. Made in Heaven
12. Locomotion
13. I Should Be So Lucky (Extended Version)
14. Got To Be Certain (Extended Version)
15. The Loco-Motion (The Kohaku Mix)
16. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (Moi Non Plus Mix)
17. It’s No Secret (Extended Version)
18. Made In Heaven (Maid In England Mix)

DISC 2 (deluxe and collector’s edition only)

1. Locomotion (Chugga-Motion Mix)
2. Getting Closer (Extended Oz Mix)
3. I Should Be So Lucky (The Bicentennial Remix)
4. Got To Be Certain (Extra Beat Boys Remix)
5. The Loco-Motion (The Sankie Mix)
6. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (The Revolutionary Mix)
7. Made In Heaven (Original 12″ Mix)
8. I Should Be So Lucky (12″ Remix)
9. The Loco-Motion (12″ Master)
10. Glad To be Alive
11. Getting Closer (UK Mix)
12. Made In Heaven (Heaven Scent Mix)
13. The Loco-Motion (Oz Tour Mix)

DISC 3 (DVD) (deluxe and collector’s edition only)

1. I Should Be So Lucky (Promo Video)
2. Got To Be Certain (Promo Video)
3. The Loco-Motion (Promo Video)
4. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (Promo Video)
5. It’s No Secret (Promo Video)
6. Made In Heaven (Promo Video)
+    Bonus Footage

7. The Loco-Motion Top of the Pops
8. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi Top of the Pops


Enjoy Yourself (3-disc deluxe edition)


1. Hand On Your Heart
2. Wouldn’t Change A Thing
3. Never Too Late
4. Nothing To Lose
5. Tell-Tale Signs
6. My Secret Heart
7. I’m Over Dreaming (Over You)
8. Tears On My Pillow
9. Heaven And Earth
10. Enjoy Yourself

Bonus Tracks

11. Especially For You
12. All I Wanna Do
13. Just Wanna Love You
14. We Know The Meaning Of Love
15. Hand On Your Heart (The Great Aorta Mix)
16. Wouldn’t Change A Thing (Your Thang Mix)
17. Never Too Late (Extended Version)
18. Tears On My Pillow (Extended Version)
19. Especially For You (Extended Version)

DISC 2 (deluxe and collector’s edition only)

1. Hand On Your Heart (The Heartache Mix)
2. Wouldn’t Change A Thing (The Espagna Mix)
3. I’m Over Dreaming (Over You) (Extended Remix)
4. We Know The Meaning Of Love (Extended Version)
5. Tears On My Pillow (12″ Remix)
6. Especially For You (Original 12″ Mix)
7. All I Wanna Do (Extended Version)
8. Hand On Your Heart (Smokin’ Remix)
9. Wouldn’t Change A Thing (Yoyo’s 12″ Mix)
10. Especially For You (Original 7″ Mix)
11. Hand On Your Heart (Video Mix)
12. Wouldn’t Change A Thing (The Espagna Mix Edit)
13. Never Too Late (Oz Tour Mix)
14. I’m Over Dreaming (Over You) (7″ Remix)
15. Hand On Your Heart (Dub)

DISC 3 (DVD) (deluxe and collector’s edition only)

1. Especially For You (Promo Video)
2. Hand On Your Heart (Promo Video)
3. Wouldn’t Change A Thing (Promo Video)
4. Never Too Late (Promo Video)
5. Tears On My Pillow (Promo Video)
+    Bonus Footage

Kylie at the BBC:

6. Especially For You (on ‘Wogan’)
7. Especially For You (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)

8. Hand On Your Heart (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
9. Wouldn’t Change A Thing (on ‘Wogan’)
10. Wouldn’t Change A Thing (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
11. Never Too Late (on ‘Going Live!’)
12. Never Too Late (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)


Rhythm Of Love (3-disc deluxe edition)


1. Better The Devil You Know
2. Step Back In Time
3. What Do I Have To Do?
4. Secrets
5. Always Find The Time
6. The World Still Turns
7. Shocked
8. One Boy Girl
9. Things Can Only Get Better
10. Count The Days
11. Rhythm Of Love


12. Better The Devil You Know (The Mad March Hare Mix)
13. Step Back In Time (Walkin’ Rhythm Mix)
14. What Do I Have To Do? (Pumpin’ Mix)
15. Shocked (DNA 12″ Mix)
16. Things Can Only Get Better (Original Mix)

DISC (deluxe and collector’s edition only)

1. Better The Devil You Know (Dave Ford Mix)
2. Step Back In Time (Tony King Mix)
3. What Do I Have To Do? (Between The Sheets Mix)
4. Shocked (Harding/Curnow 12″ Mix)
5. Better The Devil You Know (Alternative Mix)
6. I Am The One For You
7. What Do I Have To Do? (Billy The Fish Mix)
8. Better The Devil You Know (US Remix)
9. One Boy Girl (12″ Mix)
10. Shocked (Harding/Curnow 7″ Mix)
11. Things Can Only Get Better (Original 12″ Mix)
12. What Do I Have To Do? (Sax On The Beach Mix)
13. Step Back In Time (The Big Shock)

DISC 3 (DVD) (deluxe and collector’s edition only)

1. Better The Devil You Know (Promo Video)
2. Step Back In Time (Promo Video)
3. What Do I Have To Do? (Promo Video)
4. Shocked (Promo Video)
+    Bonus Footage

Kylie at the BBC:

5. Better The Devil You Know (on ‘Going Live!’)
6. Better The Devil You Know (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
7. Better The Devil You Know (on ‘Christmas Top Of The Pops’)
8. Step Back In Time (on ‘Going Live!’)
9. Step Back In Time (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
10. Shocked (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)


Let’s Get To It (3-disc deluxe edition)


1. Word Is Out
2. Give Me Just A Little More Time
3. Too Much Of A Good Thing
4. Finer Feelings
5. If You Were With Me Now
6. Let’s Get To It
7. Right Here, Right Now
8. Live And Learn
9. No World Without You
10. I Guess I Like It Like That

Bonus Tracks

11. Say The Word – I’ll Be There
12. Do You Dare? (NRG Edit)
13. Closer (Edit)
14. Keep On Pumpin’ It (Angelic Remix Edit)
15. Word Is Out (Extended Version)
16. If You Were With Me Now (Extended Version)
17. Give Me Just A Little More Time (Extended Version)
18. Finer Feelings (Brothers In Rhythm 12″ Mix)

DISC (deluxe and collector’s edition only)

1. Keep On Pumpin’ It (Angelic Remix)
2. Do You Dare? (NRG Mix)
3. Closer (The Pleasure Mix)
4. Word Is Out (Summer Breeze Mix)
5. Too Much Of A Good Thing (Original 12″ Mix)
6. Let’s Get To It (Tony King 12″ Mix)
7. Right Here, Right Now (Tony King 12″ Mix)
8. Live And Learn (Original 12″ Mix)
9. Keep On Pumpin’ It (Astral Flight Mix)
10. Do You Dare? (New Rave Mix)
11. No World Without You (Original Mix)
12. If You Were With Me Now (Orchestral Version)
13. Finer Feelings (Brothers In Rhythm Dub)

DISC 3 (DVD) (deluxe and collector’s edition only)

1. Word Is Out (Promo Video)
2. If You Were With Me Now (Promo Video)
3. Give Me Just A Little More Time (Promo Video)
4. Finer Feelings (Promo Video)
5. What Kind Of Fool? (Promo Video)
6. Celebration (Promo Video)

Kylie at the BBC:

7. Word Is Out (on ‘Wogan’)
8. Word Is Out (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
9. Give Me Just A Little More Time (on ‘Going Live!’)
10. Finer Feelings (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
11. What Kind of Fool? (Heard All That Before) (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
12. Celebration (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
13. Celebration (at the Smash Hits Poll Winners’ Party)

Kylie (deluxe 2CD+DVD edition)

Enjoy Yourself (deluxe 2CD+DVD edition)

 Rhythm Of Love (deluxe 2CD+DVD edition)

Let’s Get To It (deluxe 2CD+DVD edition)

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“Turn it into love” i remember that i listen instrmental mix. Why don’t include on that box? Or maybe remix in that time

[…] All formats of the Kylie reissues will now be issued on 9 February 2015. More details here. […]


Can’t wait for these, especially the vinyl box sets. I’ve ordered all versions. Waited so long for these. I have the Japanese remasters from a couple of years ago, so I’m hoping for the same quality throughout these.


It’s also missing the “Junior Cortez Remix” of Got To Be Certain .

Andelko Preradovic

In 2014. – I don’t think that you NEED Amazon. You can use it but also – you don’t have to. You can sell it directly to your customers and fans. I understand the fear – but the price can backfire record company, and this is just what is happening here. Many re-releases in the world (not Cherry Red) we’re sold and now are expensive – but many are still on sale. What will happen to Kylie? Let’s take a stand (buy/not buy).
Maybe the real question is – how much would you pay for Kylie if it’s sold out? 20, 30, 40, 50 UKP?


Kylie Minogue’s music is dreadful, MOR crap. No amount of deluxe edition gussying up is going to change that.


In your opinion. I happen to enjoy it. Don’t see why people have to spurt venom out on every post.


Record companies and artists releasing material can and should be able to price their sets according to their own estimations of value. It’s up to us to decide personally whether we find the items to be worth the asking price. If not, then we don’t buy. If enough people don’t buy, then maybe the prices will come down. If not, then good for them. I want artists and labels to be able to make money off of product. If it’s a product though not fitting of the price tag, then I won’t buy it. I’ve heard people complaining about the recent Pink Floyd boxes as being too expensive. If that is so, then don’t buy them. If you think it is worthwhile, then buy them.


I am not a fan of any of the artists in discussion here, but I wanted to comment on this pricing mumbo jumbo that to me, frankly, just smells. There are costs to produce these sets, including paying artists in all stages of the production, rights to other record companies if required and then the manufacturing and distribution and other expenses along the way. These are passed on to the retailers and then consumers. Fair pricing, in which everyone in the chain gets a reasonable profit is one thing, but to have someone in a head office throwing a dart at a target to see if he can get more just “because…” is just plain wrong. This is a time when the consumer has immense control of prices – by exercising their right to buy or not. These are desperate times for a lot of record companies, and they can sense that. A little common sense mixed with a buyer’s choice is a potent weapon against these insane price grabs.


Cherry Red have always done their releases at high prices and they’re often printed in pretty small batches from what I can gather. I know for a fact they’re expensive at wholesale prices too (usually around £5+VAT a copy) which may explain the high mark up. Their quality can be a bit hit and miss, some have been excellent while some are not (one I heard was particularly bad) but on the plus side they do put out some rare stuff that many other companies wont even consider.

[…] them very soon. Each individual title is currently under £15, emphasising how off the mark the Kylie Minogue sets are in terms of pricing. The Lisa Stansfield box set and the individual releases will be […]

F. Nieuwenhuis

In 1998 Mushroom Records International BV released 4 titles with all the remixes from the first 4 albums, including Celebration (Have a party mix, original 7″ mix, Good times mix), What kind of fool (tech no logical mix, no tech no logical mix, Pete Waterman’s 12″ master mix), Kylie’s smiley mix (extended), and more. Each 2CD’s. Titles: Greatest remix hits volume 1, Greatest remix hits volume 2, Greatest remix hits volume 3 and Greatest remix hits volume 4. Check these out! All original and legal.


Well I hope I won’t give in and buy the boxes at those prices. There is no justification for such high prices given the content and given trend of prices for such editions. And Cherry Red are not known as a deluxe label. So, I am really interested in what these will end up looking like, the paper finish, the cardboard type, the picture disc, the design of the book and layout.


I refuse to pay £75! and the 2xCD/DVD sets are £25 – someone’s having a laugh! The recent Belinda and Bananarama reissued albums retailed around £15. If they come down to that, i will buy all 4 albums but if it doesn’t happen, I won’t be making any purchases


I thought my eyes were deceiving me. On Amazon pre order price for collectors edition (please sit while you read this) £74.96 each!!!! I hope they come down price.

On another note this topic has caused the most conversation for a while, the popularity of the little pop pixie Kylie



i think it is largely unfair as the time of vinyl rips being plonked on reissues have passed. It comes down to who is project managing the releases and from what I can tell it is the same personnel who looked after the Japanese remasters and the South African GH reissue in 2011 and the 2009 iTunes digital catalogue releases. I don’t doubt for a second there will be top notch transfers and mucho attention to detail with all elements of this project. The label are the means to the end as to manufacture and distribute the product. I wouldn’t assume bad things for these…. quite the opposite.

Personally, I do agree tough in that whlist it is simply impossible to please all diehards… the balance of inclusions is at times difficult to strike. I just wish more of the iTunes digital catalogue exclusives (the 2009 EPs and the 2011 What Do I Have To Do EP) had been included rather than repeated mixes from the Greatest Remix Hits. and as afore the maligned omission of the 3 1992 original studio recordings. (What Kind/Where/Celeb)

I think it is great we are getting the unreleased Sax on The Beach MIx of WDIHTD and finally an official release of Steve Anderson’s (excellent) Big Shock Mix of Step Back.

I think it is interesting that more diehards have confessed they are sticking to just Deluxe Editions. The price point for the Collector Editions just seems to prohibitive. Even more so if you are out of the UK where shipping easily trebles. I think an “pre-order all 4 for £200” discount offer may have been advisable/ welcomed.


Just seen on Amazon, the Collectors Editions are showing online, but they are not showing a price. So exclusive to Cherry Records online


I will buy at least one version of each, but not for those prices.
I am shocked, cannot believe, that Cherry Red got permission to reissue Kylie! They are churning our reissues on their dozens of sublabels and the quality suffers. Be it the uncredited vinyl rips, the extremely un-NPOV liner notes, the typos, the raised volume “re”masters, it’s simply the worst pick if you want something reissued.

I will probably buy the box set of each if the price drops and amazon carries it, mostly for the book, as I expect to see some great images.

The track selection is quite poor. Whoever owns the Oz Greatest Hits Remixes vol.1 -4 and most previous reissues will already have all these. As many pointed out, lots of tracks/mixes are missing. Why not take this chance to do it? Because it’s not what they do. If you compare reissues from Cherry Red labels between previous ones (take some Salsoul reissues) and other labels, for example in Japan, CR reissues the same albums but switches one or two bonus tracks.
They sure don’t want to go the extra mile to include something that’s never been released before!


The reissue of Bananarama’s album or Jason Donovan is not the same price .. I don’t buy it


How is it possible that the beautiful “Turn it into love” in those years was never remixed and there is not even a demo-mix/remix?


Are the “Made In Heaven” (Maid In Australia Mix)
and “Made In Heaven” (Maid In England Mix by Pete Hammond)
the same versions? –


Forgot to add:

Can anyone tell me the difference between the:
– It’s No Secret (album version) and
– It’s No Secret (7″ Mix’)- supposedly released on the itunes re-release of Greatest Hits (1992)

Either I am listening to the wrong version, or I can’t tell the difference

PS. The audio quality of the itunes re-release was very average.


@FierceRobert: The 7″ Mix (3:33) of It’s No Secret is simply an early fade of the Album Version (3:57).


Is that all? Thanks Jim. The way it was described on wikipedia, it sound as thoughit was some rare unreleased alt version of the track

Thanks again


Been waiting for these. Almost purchased the Japanese remasters but backed out.

I do have some criticisms about this release:

* Price – I agree with the majority of you. The prices seem exorbitant. One can only hope they will go down if demand consequently suffers

* Choice of remixes – I was expecting some brand new, unreleased, alternative mixes. but unfortunately it’s just a re-hash of whatever already exists, albeit in remastered form. It’ll be good to hear them in new audio, because those GH remix CDs are in awful need of remastering. However, it’s still disappointing:
– Most disappointed with “Kylie” album. Was really looking forward this, but nothing new is on offer;
– The remixes on “Rhythm of Love” don’t really interest me;
– Would have been awesome to include “What Do I Have To Do” etc somewhere

* DVD – They could have provided additional remixes/audio in place of the DVD; I don’t really care for the videos.


£19 each is too much for me, given that I’ve got most of the remixes elsewhere. Shame, as I’ve waited years for these to be re-issued.


Isnt PWL owned by Warners anyway? Thought Pete sold out 20 years ago?


@paul….. You’re welcome for the detailed analysis. Hopefully not too detailed!

@jim… I too have the Japanese remasters and the Sourh African GH. And the other releases you list. It seems a shame that more of the 2009
iTunes releases and mixes haven’t made it to cd hard copy or these reissues. From the synth mixes EP of WDIHTD, just the Billy the fish mix has made it to these reissues when it did feature on the SA GH cd.

Whilst I see Shocked DNA 7″ mix follows suit of all other single mixes, the unedited DNA 7″ mix of said single (which has the longer keyboard intro as created by DNA but cut down by PWL) would have been a welcome CD debut on ROL cd2.

You just can’t please everyone…. We’d all compile them differently. I’m looking forward to seeing the sleevenotes/ artwork on the CD/DVD packages.


My apologies up front if this analysis/rant runs on too long!

While the jump from Special (9.99) to Deluxe (18.99) isn’t horrible — though Pete Waterman clearly thinks Kylie fans deserve to be charged a premium for deluxe editions that would be 14-15 pounds maximum — the jump to Collector’s is highway robbery. For an extra 41 pounds, you get a vinyl LP, an oversized booklet, a poster, postcards and a box??? I think the Collector’s Edition would have been more appealing to die-hard Kylie fans with a list price of 39.99 pounds (which seems reasonable, considering what is in the box).

Regarding the content itself on the Deluxe Edition, the only version I’d consider buying, I decided to go through my Kylie mp3 files and determine the highest quality source for each song/mix (which is what I used to import each track). This is my breakdown for the Kylie PWL songs/mixes I have in iTunes:

58% – 2012 Japan 1CD studio albums
5% – 2011 South Africa GH CD
5% – 2010 Jason Donovan “10 Good Reasons” 2CD set (for Especially for You and All I Wanna Do)
12% – 2009 iTunes downloads
8% – 2002 UK GH 2CD set
12% – 1998 Australia Remix Hits 3 & 4 2CD sets

The 68% from 2010-2012 CDs are the newest remasters and sound stellar. To my ears (and from looking at the files in WavePad), the other 32% are still of very good quality (and I should note that 10 of the tracks in this 32% are WKOF+mixes, Celebration+mixes and WITW — which aren’t even included in the 2014 remasters!).

After having the weekend to think about this, I would happily order the new 2CD remasters if I didn’t buy the Japan remasters in 2012. But I have no desire to spend US $150 for a marginal improvement in the quality of 1/3 of my Kylie PWL songs (most of which are full-length remixes that I listen to far less frequently than the album versions/radio edits/remix edits). Also, the 2 unreleased tracks aren’t that appealing to me (yet another unreleased mix of WDIHTD – yawn; and I wouldn’t really listen to the Big Shock Mix of SBIT that much – I love the H&C remix so much I cut it down to a 3:40 radio edit, as I’ve done with many other of Kylie’s PWL remixes).

The booklets with new sleeve notes would be nice to read, but still don’t push these remasters into the “must buy” category for me.

As Paul said, hopefully the obvious absence of any of the new songs/mixes from Greatest Hits 1992 means a Deluxe Edition of that release, or even a 19-CD Kylie PWL singles box with as many mixes/instrumentals/backing tracks as possible, is coming sometime in 2015.

If PWL/Cherry Red released 19-CD Kylie PWL singles box with a hardcover 192-page book compiling all 4 48-page oversized books from the Collector’s Editions, I’d buy that in an instant.


Maybe a re-release of Kylie Greatest Hits is planned that will include all proper single releases and remixes of WKOF and Celebration? It would make sense to do what Edsel did with the Belinda Carlisle releases; wait until everyone has bought the albums up and then release a bonus hits compilation with a couple new or forgotten nuggets.

One can only hope!


Maybe a re-release of Kylie Greatest Hits is planned that will include all proper single releases and remixes of WKOF and Celebration? One can only hope!


oh and like the person stated above… the only official Kylie megamixes from this period (or ANY PERIOD for that matter)* for absent. The Kylie Smiley Mix both versions are absent…… but are there on iTunes. I kind of hoped the Spanish rare curio Exclusivo Megamix which is trapped on vinyl might have been chucked in to offer a real rarity as has never been digitally issued but would have probably needed a vinyl transfer which would have flown in the face of the quality standards of the rest of the audio content. Admittedly, it’s not that great a megamix but a good alternate to the Smiley Mix.

(*save for a couple of DMC non-PWL commissioned ones)


but are there on iTunes.

Shame they are not lossless, itunes is a good idea but mp3 isnt the best format, i prefer to have a cd , if i can`t get the cd it has to be lossless, it would be nice one day, all record companies got together and created a music vault in lossless, so that if we want to track down a copy of a rare Dead Or Alive track, or a B-Side that vault would have it.

Im pretty sure most of the torrent sites exist because they often have music and films that are “out of print” and it would be nice if they were reasonably priced for each track, which often isn’t the case.


I am pleased these are finally happening. Although as sod’s law would have it, i finally caved in March just this year and bought the 2012 Japanese remaster single-disc reissues since it seemed like these were never happening. Then.. BOOM!

I think they are great. Very nice to be finally happening after such a long time in the wilderness for these albums… which are the important beginnings of a bona fide pop star who has stood the test of time. A pop career with longevity… no mean feat.

On Friday I was all over the big collector box sets but over the weekend the realisation that it will cost £262.00 cheapest to get all 4 boxes including domestic shipping. Being a diehard fan and very steadfast Kylie stalwart collector who bought/collected thru the PWL period at the time….. they are aimed squarely at me. The K fan who is dearly and fondly holding on in there and who actually loves this period. Well… for me personally it’s the last 2 album out of the quartet… but you get my drift.

I am now thinking of seriously just passing on the 4 big collector boxes. It is dear to obtain all 4. I passed on this year’s Kiss Me Once box set as I didn’t think the contents were all that great and they also failed to include the DVD from the non-box set but CD/DVD set thereby leaving out some audio-visual content. That was the dealbreaker. I also passed on the K25 Time Capsule singles box set in 2012. The concept itself was cute if not again dear to part with £85 for 49 tracks which I own and have bought physically and digitally numerous times over the last 25 years. These sets seem to be joining this list.

The reasons are really that the additional £40 to get the box is the picture disc and the additional printed matter which will be very pretty indeed but just not quite befitting of the £40 pricetag.

The main issues with the sets (the 2cd/dvd and Collector Box sets are…
– cept for 1 unissued mix of What Do I Have To Do there is nothing previously unreleased but this was to be expected and a dead cert. The vaults were mined for the 1992/93 Greatest Remix Hits Vols 1-4 and then the 1009 iTunes digital catalogue release of the Kylie PWL singles which did give us prev unreleased mixes. A good smattering of these are included but not all.

– we’ve been waiting 20+ years for these 4 albums to be remastered and it seems like this might be it for their history and although there are ”in-print digitally” it seems a real shame that the complete Kylie PWL history is not represented with the omission of WHAT KIND OF FOOL, WHERE IN THE WORLD and CELEBRATION. This seems like the right to get them remastered in same pristine quality as the others will be receiving for these sets. Alas they are missing. They would have made a great addition to CD2 of the LGTI album which is chronologically where they fit…. released the year after that album was released.

Add to this the fact Celebration was purportedly always vocalled, recorded & produced *IN* the LGTI album sessions.. it seems silly. Perhaps it was fine to overlook their associated remixes on disc 2 but the main 3 tracks should have featured. Placing them on disc 2 would have great value and would have meant her full PWL recording history was represented in this project. It’s no less sonically wrong to append these to LGTI then it is to add the pre-SAW recordings (Locomotion ’87 or Getting Closer) as a pre-fix on the bonus disc/track(s) of the debut album.

On the subject of pre-SAW recordings, Getting Closer 7″ Oz mix and Glad To Be Alive really should have featured on disc 2 of Kylie. :-(

– The bonus footage on the DVDs is likely to be the same as the VHS video albums released at the time which has already featured on the 2002 Jive/PWL DVD release “Kylie: Greatest Hits” which actually even added some additional unseen making of footage of Never Too Late. It seems such a shame that the BBC Top of the Pops performances were not licensed to give a real injection of audio-visual material. to tell this story. The cost must have been too prohibitive and stand to eat into the project’ margins. There’s a decent amount of interesting ITV footage however and performances which would have been great substitute and inclusion. Rhythm of Love performed live (well mimed) on ITV’s Motormouth. Ghost Train had a great interview and making of footage on the set of the Shocked video. The Word Is Out performance and Give Me Just A Little Time performances on Motormouth are also great.

– The longforms concerts are AWOL once again. Although both Kylie On The Go / Live In Japan and Live In Dublin (Let’s Get to it tour) were not issued by PWL (except in japan where the laser disc of On The Go was released by PWL) it would have been to include these. Had the DVDs ONLY appeared in the Collector’s Editions boxes then I would have jumped to get them.
– a longform concert was also filmed on the Enjoy Yourself tour was also filmed too and leaked many years ago. It was meant to be a video released but was nixed in favour of the Live In Japan programme filmed on the 89 Disco In Dreams tour (Kylie, Sinitta, Dead or Alive). I am sure Kylie hates the footage of that concert but since it is sitting there on Youtube for all to see…. it’s (sort of) a moot argument. It’s not fully edited but i think diehards couldn’t care a less. A transfer to DVD from the master source would have more than sufficed since it is rare documentation. This is where the Oz Tour Mix of Locomotion originates which features on Disc 2 of Kylie and is Locomotion played over French Kiss. It would have been ace to have it inside the Enjoy Yourself collector box and a dealbreaker for me to invest in collector box set.

These concerts are all surely all bound up in rights issues it is clear otherwise it would have been included. 3 of Belinda’s reissues feature full length concerts slung in so it feels like KM is the poor relation to her reissues since no TV appearances or full length concerts are included. (OR at least not thought to be part of the “bonus footage”)

The collector box sets are lavish and the matching ribbon is such a nice touch. I can’t help thinking that releasing the picture disc vinyls for each album on their own in limited quantity would have been better. Then a box set containing all 4 pic disc vinyl and the outsize booklets/postcards/poster would have been a better option.

I wonder if a singles box set was also considered at any point with individual CDs for each single to contain/compile all mixes, edits, instrumentals and b-sides/ b-side mixes. That is the only way I would see the mixes released via iTunes would be included on hard copy releases. A Girls Aloud-style box for the KM PWL singles could have worked really well. Or a box with all 4 albums in and all CD singles.

I wish PWL/Cherry Red very well with this project and I look forward to holding the CD/DVD sets. I think they’ve considered the fans wants well but the few irritating flaws are just that…. irritating. I am amazed to think I will not buy the Collector’s Editions but this catalogue is one I have been buying and re-buying for many years. I feel it’s actually becoming an easy decision to restrain myself to the CD/DVD sets. I think everyone knew that no unearthed audio would appear but the (hypothetical) TV footage that could have been included and the packaging was the boon this time in addition to remastered audio. Still very much looking forward though.



Nah, nothing new for me, i will pass. I assume the cupboards are bare then.


It’s great that Cherry Red reissue these CDs, it is something great being able to have almost all versions of Kylie, on his first day out (August 15) pre-order price was £ 27.95, the next day is £ 24.95, although its price is lower, I still think it’s too much. If it had been edited by EDSEL RECORDS, I think its price would be a lot lower seeing more editions such as Bananarama, Belinda Carlisle, Simply REd, etc. I think the price is excessive and would have to rectify.

BE.D 12''

Which version is ” I Should Be So Lucky” (12″ Remix) ?
I know about “I Should Be So Lucky” (Extended Version)
and (The Bicentennial Remix).

James Blair

BE.D 12″,
I believe this is the 5 1/2 minute “New Remix” that was first featured on The Hit Factory 2 compilation. It’s also on the …Lucky i-Tunes bundle. It’s not very exciting!!


Erasure’s Pop! 20 Hits (and its follow-up) are also two perfect singles compilations.


New Order’s “Singles” is also a perfect singles compilation.


I know that sometimes good bonus content gets omitted. I’d like to make a suggestion. Many of these bands getting re-releases are getting multiple albums done at a time. It would make sense to me to remove the 7″/Single Versions from the deluxe editions and save these for a chronological singles compilation (so that other mixes could go on the deluxe editions). I would even suggest that this get released maybe a year after the deluxe editions, so as not to hurt album sales to the more timid record buying public. (Alternately, knowing that the singles mixes are left off of the deluxe editions could hurt sales from the more completist fans). Back when the Thompson Twins deluxe editions came out (missing several 7″ mixes), I really thought a singles comp was on the way. The same for when Swing Out Sister did their releases (and maybe Everything But the Girl).

I guess since then, SOS did get a singles comp – but not the one I would’ve asked for. And maybe Vinny Vero is still working on one for the Thompson Twins (which is supposed to be more along the lines of what I’m hoping for).

Take a band like Duran Duran. With the release of either their singles box set or their deluxe edition albums, the content to make my own singles comp is already out there… but we still do not have a complete singles comp for them. And like I said, I have the content already, but if it was released as a comprehensive singles comp, I would buy it!

The Cure’s Galore, The Smith’s and Depeche Mode’s Singles, JAMC’s 21 Singles, E+TBM’s Songs to Learn and Sing, and Pet Shop Boys’ Discography show how to do a proper singles compilation!

Mike the Fish

Except the Pet Shop Boys is missing at least 3 single mixes, due to multiple recordings/releases of the first two singles.


Plus it’s also missing How Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously. It would’ve been nice to see the video mix (which I don’t think has been released as of yet) or the Perfect Attitude Mix on there. Even PopArt omitted that track as well as Was It Worth It (although that compilation had several versions replaced with alternate mixes).


Locomotion (Chugga Motion Mix) is listed


Well, that was a big idea because that’s nearly the only artist from SAW era that did not have its reissue… but !
Let’s take a look at the set list from the beginning:
1st album :
– Locomotion (1st version), Glad To Be Alive & Getting Closer (Aussie versions) are missing (surely as usual Cherry Red stopped on “UK only” releases and didn’t want to make so much work on it…
– Locomotion (Chugga Motion Mix) & (Girls Meets Boy Mix) are also not listed…
– Duet with Jason Donovan have been pushed back to the 2nd album (that’s is a bit strange, maybe there were more space on “Enjoy Yourself” which is the one with less remixes – But in this case, this should have led space for mixes above)
2nd album :
– 7” version & 12” version of “Kylie’s Smiley Mix” have simply disappeared (I think they could fit in)
– Remixes of “I’m Over Dreaming” are here, which is not wrong, but they were released with the 1st single of “Rhythm Of Love” : “Better the devil you know”
3rd album :
– What Do I Have To Do (single version)* (Extended LP Mix)* (UK Remix), Shocked (DNA 7” Mix)*, I Am The One For You (Previously Unreleased track)*, Step Back In Time (Harding & Curnow Remix) (Original 12’’ Mix) are not listed! Some of them might have a different name, but I’m quite sure that * versions are not in !
4th album :
– Word Is Out (Summer Breeze 7’’ Mix) (Again an Australian release!), I Guess I Like It Like That (Edit), Let’s Get To It (7’’ Mix), Finer Feeling (BIR 7’’ Mix), are subsequently missing
– Keep On Pumpin’ It (angeleric Remix) is not listed
– And finally all 3 last tracks What Kind Of Fool (Single version) (Tech No Logical Mix, No Tech No Logical Mix) (12’’ Master Mix), Celebration (Single version) (Have A Party Mix) & Where In The World, if not released here will never get the way to a reissue! A third CD in this one would have been needed!
Concerning the video : I’m a little frightened to see what will come out.. I bought several video DVDs of Kylie and all of them were …how to say that… Well, “Especially For You” for example : In several editions, the contrast has been so many times puched that in the last scene you can’t see Kylie and Jason faded in the sky, you only have the White sky! Many of the other videos qualities were also very poor… S wait and see!
Speaking of the price and the packaging : The price is a bit high to me, and the “big box” is also a bit “Too Much”, we see that they want to make a lot of money with it! I would have rather preferred a great digipack, as for Deacon Blue’s reissue for example… This is my only opinion and I May be wrong about this part ;-)

Mike the Fish

While nicely packed, there were some omissions in the Deacon Blue reissues too.


Yeah but most of those omissions were by Ricky Ross himself, and he explained most of that in interviews and even somewhat in the sleeve notes of the reissues. However, there definitely were several tracks which should’ve been on those reissues. But they’re pretty chock full already!

Mike the Fish

Ah, I didn’t know he had addressed the omissions. I would have loved more information in the sleeve notes. What we got were interested though!

Neill Havers

Well these releases are certainly a big improvement on the Japanese reissues which I bought a few years back. At least we are getting some of the classic remixes remastered like Better the devil you know – Mad March Hare mix. There are a few omissions like others have mentioned – mainly 7′ edits and the few new tracks from the greatest hits but aside from that these are worth getting if you’re a fan and want to have all the remixes/bonus tracks in remastered format.

Thomas Williams

Great tracklistings. Have already preordered the the 2CD/1DVD editions. My only disappointment is that the three songs from the 1992 “Greatest Hits” album (What Kind Of Fool, Where In The World and Celebration) have not been added to the Let’s Get To It album seeing as the music videos have been added. Also noted some of the 7″ mixes are missing (like 7″ versions of “The Locomotion”, “It’s No Secret”, “What Do I Have To Do” and “Finer Feelings”), these should be essential on an ultimate reissue in my opinion.


The tracks have been remastered from the original source tapes.


This is just sad. I was so looking forward to Kylie’s album re-releases, but I’m not going to buy them for these hilarious prices! The reason for this must be Pete Waterman cashing in on the biggest star his record label ever produced! I’m sure Cherry Red had to pay him A LOT to get the rights for re-releasing the albums. Otherwise the prices won’t be in this high range, which is VERY uncommon for any Cherry Red releases!
Also, Paul, I doubt that the prices on Amazon will fall any lower than maybe 18 GBP for the deluxe editions, since Cherry Red sells them on their website for 18,99 each, which seems to be the suggested retail price. They will never reach the “low price range” all the other reissues from Cherry Red and Edsel are in!
I’m also very disappointed that there are no unreleased mixes on the bonus CD’s. Everybody was expecting this. What’s even worse, there are still a lot of mixes missing (for example, where is “Celebration” and “What kind of fool”, all mixes are not there!). Even for these prices, I would have expected a “complete edition” of all albums, containing all mixes and single versions and instrumentals, even if that might have included putting in another CD and making it a 4-disc-set. Then the price of around 20 GBP might have been ok.
Please don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Kylie, and also of Cherry Red, because they put a great effort in most of their releases. Also, their customer service is fantastic (whenever you send them a message, you get a reply, and very quick!). But this time I’m going to pass on these, unless the price tag won’t get much lower…


totally agree!other PWL arists had better reissues with more unreleased stuff and rare mixes not so expensive prices.except”celebration and what kind of fool they missed Finer Feelings (Brothers In Rhythm 7″ Mix and other 7″mix

Mike the Fish

Yes, it’s that uh-oh Cherry Red and vinyl sourcing thing again. Is anyone from Cherry Red willing to talk about sourcing, and if vinyl that they will work on transfer quality?


Hi Mike,

on the Cherry Red Website it says : “Digitally remastered from the original studio tapes”, so no vinyl rips this time. Would have been very strange anyway, since these releases are highly pushed by PWL itself on their website, and of course they have all the masters in their posession in their vaults.

Mike the Fish

Hi Andy

Thanks. :-)

BE.D 12''

That’s news!!! many thanks to Cherry Red Records.
Hopefully they are also a remastered editions from the original master tapes (especially for the 12” inch versions).