Kylie Minogue / “Kiss Me Once” box


Kylie Minogue‘s role as a judge on the UK version of “The Voice” has certainly raised her profile here in Britain. She is taking full advantage, with the impending release of her 12th studio album Kiss Me Once.

There is a deluxe edition that adds two songs to the 11-track album (Mr President and Sleeping With The Enemy) and comes with a rather lame looking bonus DVD which features the video to first single Into The Blue, alongside some very thin, inessential content such as the trailer for Into The Blue, and the making of Into The Blue… you get the idea.

If you want a fancy box set version then you need to head to Kylie’s website, which is exclusively retailing a limited edition vinyl box. Although it looks quite nice, the content surely struggles to justify the £45 entry fee. Obviously, you get a vinyl and CD version of the record but the rest has a touch of the Cyndi Laupers about it. Sticker sheets! Life-size Kylie lip-print! A ‘Faux-Window’ with raindrops on it so you can manually re-create the artwork!

There clearly is a market for this since, according to her site “due to incredible demand we have increased the quantity – this box set is now limited to 3, 500”. Kylie’s too busy to sign them all though, so she’s only doing 100 and you have to ‘hope’ you’re lucky and get a signed one. In other words £45 buys you a signed box and but an unsigned box costs exactly the same. By our calculation that means Parlophone value Kylie’s autograph at exactly zero pence.

Kiss Me Once is out on 17 March 2014.

• Click here for limited Edition Vinyl Box


Vinyl + 13-track CD + Download Code


Deluxe CD+DVD



Track listing

  • 1. Into The Blue
  • 2. Million Miles
  • 3. I Was Gonna Cancel
  • 4. Sexy Love
  • 5. Sexercize
  • 6. Feels So Good
  • 7. If Only
  • 8. Les Sex
  • 9. Kiss Me Once
  • 10. Beautiful
  • 11. Fine

Bonus tracks

  • 12. Mr President (deluxe and vinyl+CD bundle only)
  • 13. Sleeping With The Enemy (deluxe and vinyl+CD bundle only)

DVD (Region 0, worldwide) – deluxe CD+DVD edition only

  • 1. Into The Blue (official video)
  • 2. Making of “Into The Blue” video
  • 3. Into the Blue trailer
  • 4. Behind the scenes of Kiss Me Once photo shoot
  • 5. Kylie on Kiss Me Once

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Why is it that in my box set instead of receiving a faux window with raindrops, mine is frosted instead of rain drops ??


Thanks for cheering up my Monday morning with an amusing (p)review, Paul! £45? Er, I don’t think so Kylie :-)


It’s not bad but I won the signed one so made me happy!


I bought this, but I had no idea it doesn’t include the DVD. Hmm…


I love Kylie but if you want to spend more on a limited edition set, then I want extra tracks and remixes and videos.

Thomas Williams

Buying the Japanese edition instead that has 15 tracks…


At least the Pink Floyd ‘Immersion’ sets no longer hold the title of most pointless bundled nonsense in a box set.

That cringeworthy ‘Lauper’ lunacy will take some beating and this one tried but didn’t come close.

There are too many artists/labels now trying to make box sets out of literally nothing.