Kylie Minogue reissues delayed


Cherry Red Records have announced ‘with sincere regret’ that their Kylie Minogue reissues have had their release dates pushed back by over three months.

Originally scheduled for release on 27 October this year, the PWL-era reissues (Kylie, Enjoy Yourself, Rhythm Of Love and Let’s Get To It) will now be released on in February 2015. 

The only good news is that the delay is because the label have gained access to some ‘additional materials’. The new track listings reveal that these additional materials are actually BBC TV footage for the DVDs (included in the collector’s and deluxe editions) which previously only had promo videos. There is no extra audio at all. The new video additions are as follows:

Kylie DVD

  • The Loco-Motion Top of the Pops
  • Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi Top of the Pops

Enjoy Yourself DVD

Kylie at the BBC:

  • Especially For You (on ‘Wogan’)
  • Especially For You (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
  • Hand On Your Heart (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
  • Wouldn’t Change A Thing (on ‘Wogan’)
  • Wouldn’t Change A Thing (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
  • Never Too Late (on ‘Going Live!’)
  • Never Too Late (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)

Rhythm of Love DVD

Kylie at the BBC:

  • Better The Devil You Know (on ‘Going Live!’)
  • Better The Devil You Know (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
  • Better The Devil You Know (on ‘Christmas Top Of The Pops’)
  • Step Back In Time (on ‘Going Live!’)
  • Step Back In Time (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
  • Shocked (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)

Let’s Get To It DVD

Kylie at the BBC:

  • Word Is Out (on ‘Wogan’)
  • Word Is Out (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
  • Give Me Just A Little More Time (on ‘Going Live!’)
  • Finer Feelings (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
  • What Kind of Fool? (Heard All That Before) (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
  • Celebration (on ‘Top Of The Pops’)
  • Celebration (at the Smash Hits Poll Winners’ Party)

All formats of the Kylie reissues will now be issued on 9 February 2015. More details here.

Kylie (box set)

Kylie (deluxe 2CD+DVD edition)

Enjoy Yourself (box set)

Enjoy Yourself (deluxe 2CD+DVD edition)

Rhythm Of Love (box set)

Rhythm Of Love (deluxe 2CD+DVD edition)

Let’s Get To It (box set)

Let’s Get To It (deluxe 2CD+DVD edition)


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I too got mine on Monday at £17.99 each to be precise (not £17). Had Kylie on order since August, the rest i decided on in November. I note there’s no 7″ versions. i wonder what is missing. And i wonder what the knowlegable ones think on the quality of the box sets. Haven’t bothered digging deep on this yet. Spent about 3 hours reading stuff on the OMD discs over the last 10 days!

Robert Brown

Amazon.co.uk are currently showing the box sets (vinyl/dvd) at 82 pounds. PWL website has them at 60pounds!!



They are very expensive price for not providing versionesnuevas or have never appeared on CD. I think it will have lower prices than enough if they want to stay with a lot of material unsold. I particularly if not down to £13 or £14  I do not think about buying it because all versions 12 “inch, remixes, etc have already come in cd format.


I too got my on Sunday (very surprised as I was super saver delivery with Amazon!). I too got mine for £17, , had it on pre-order since August. have had a quick look on Amazon at lunch time. the single disc version seems to be selling well, two of them are low in stock. The 2CD & DVD Lets get to it had a price drop to £19.99. The super deluxe on Amazon remained at £82 throughout, since August. Compare that with going direct with cherry red £59 and £18.99 for the 2cd dvd.

On a personal thought, the booklets inside the 2cd dvd is exceptional.


They are lovely, lots of nice extra bits on the DVD’s and the packaging is great, however, I agree, £24 is too much, I am glad I got them in the £17 window.


Received my deluxe editions yesterday. They are really nice quality but very expensive. Luckily, I paid about £17 for each off Amazon as they dropped in price for a few days but they are now retailing for £23.99 which is ridiculous.

Stan Butler

£23.99 is outrageous.

[…] Rick Wakeman re-releases both coming with original quad mixes on DVD. Those overpriced Kylie reissues have another five weeks to drop in price and the SDE already order is already placed for Hans […]

Michael Anderson

Hi Aevion (and any one else looking to purchase the PWL Re-releases in Australia, WOWHD have ‘Buy Any 2 Items get 15% off’. This brings the price of Special Edition – $16.96, Deluxe Edition – $33.96 and Collector’s Edition – $110.46. Sale ends 14/12/2014.


Oh my god, $38 for the 1-disc editions from JB HI-FI! And $67 for the 2-disc!! Outrageous!

Michael Anderson

The prices for these imports at JBHiFi is steep. If in Australia, you are better off buying from WOWHD, although wait until they have a 15% off sale (which is fairly regular) and you can pick them up for a more reasonable price.Special Edition $16.96 ($19.95 RRP), Deluxe Edition $33.96 ($39.95 RRP), Collector’s Edition $110.46 ($129.95 RRP).


That’s much, much better. Thanks mate!

Michael Anderson

The delay is due to remastering of the additional BBC footage. These are unlikely to be available in Australia (other than as imports) as Cherry Red hold the license in the UK (and other territories, excluding Australia/NZ and no doubt some Asian countries, which is held by Warner Music Australia). Whilst the delay may cause fans some to be unhappy, what we are getting will more than make up for this delay. These releases have not been available in the various formats since they were originally released. What is 4 months to wait, when most have waited over 20 years?

Madgie Cichie

Would it not be great if the Kylie Non-stop history 50+1 also got included as a suprise CD???

laslo tempus

who the hell buys this crap any way ?
always the singing budgie

Thomas Williams

I am also very disappointed with the delay of these releases. If the delay was due to adding more tracks, previously unreleased songs, additional remixes and especially the 3 songs off her 1992 Greatest Hits CD I wouldn’t mind so much. But I am not keen on waiting another 3 months just for some DVD content which I will probably not end up watching anyway.

Darren sumner

Also I think Cherry Pop will release a remix anthology like the 5 star one. Cherry pop will have paid a fortune for the Kylie reissues and will need to make their money’s back.

Darren sumner

If you ring your order through using Cherry Pop, they deduct the money on the day of release. The phone number is on their web page :)


I’m only going to buy these if Cherry Red use the extra months to rethink the track listings – ridiculous to leave off Celebration and What Kind Of Fool – these were the final singles of her PWL era and should be bonus tracks on ‘Let’s Get To It’ – I really wish Edsel were doing these –


Still no instrumental of I Should Be So Lucky…. this was the b side and is only available on the very rare cd single…


I’ll be happy if Cherry Pop release the remixes of fool and celebration on a greatest hits CD in the future at some point.


The deluxe editions are still retailing on Amazon for £23.99 each and direct from Cherry Red at £18.99 which is incredibly expensive when you compare the price to the Lisa Stansfield and Donna Summer reissues plus many others. I’m also disappointed they will not include remixes of what kind of fool and celebration. Could someone email Cherry Pop and ask them if they could at least add the remixes?


I e-mailed PWL right after the announcement of the reissues and was told that What Kind of Fool (+ remixes), Celebration (+ remixes) and Where in the World will not be featured on the reissues, but they are available for purchase on iTunes (like I didn’t already know that).

This is pure speculation, but my guess is that PWL/Cherry Red will release a 2-CD Kylie PWL Greatest Hits at some point in the future (perhaps Fall 2015) with a configuration like this:

Disc 1: Same as original 22-track GH, but with 7″ single remixes where appropriate (Loco-Motion, It’s No Secret, Shocked, Finer Feelings)

Disc 2 (Bonus Disc): 2 or 3 remixes of What Kind of Fool, 2 or 3 remixes of Celebration, a previously unreleased remix or two, plus some remixes and remix edits that didn’t make it onto the Deluxe Edition reissues of the four studio albums (like the Harding & Curnow Remix of Step Back in Time, the Original 12″ Mix of What Kind of Fool, the Summer Breeze 7″ Remix of Word Is Out, etc.).


WOW a deluxe expanded edition of the 1992 Greatest Hits CD would be heavenly. I hope they would also include the “Shocked” DNA Alternate 7″ Edit/Mix with both Jazzi P rap bits.


Her tour isn’t to far off from hitting Australia by then so I hope that means we’ll get them too because they weren’t destined for a release here as far as I know.


Still no interest if they don’t use the time to improve the tracklisting of the Cds…
We’re still waiting for them to follow the Dona Summer’s reissue and take care of the COMPLETE discography of Miss Minogue (INCLUDING her australian singles !)



Is there any reason you just seem to hyperlink release to Amazon?

With these Kylie releases their prices are far higher than buying direct from Cherry Records. In particular the box sets are £23 cheaper if you buy from Cherry Records

Paul English

Cherry Red take your money straightaway which is uncool. Amazon don’t.


Also Cherry Red for international orders don’t deduct the VAT (like Amazon do) and Cherry Red use Very Expensive International Couriers with no alternatives for mailing. The cost for shipping 4 of the boxsets was the price of another boxset VERY UNCOOL !


Jeeez!! Cherry Red/Esoteric seem to be delaying most of their releases just lately. Wonder what the problem is?

My Jelly

The wife will be disappointed with the Kylie delays but she will have a Happy New Year.

My Christmas came early bought The Beatles Mono Vinyl box set £230.33p on Amazon UK this afternoon Baaaaagain!
Change the Breaking News Headline Paul!


Jim I will add to that a few additions. Firstly

Kylie. I know from having bought these VHS videos from Australia there is a great behind the scenes videos from the making I should be so lucky that was included on the 2 video track Kylie video and there are additional scenes and outtakes included on the kylie collection video that was not included on the UK edition of Kylie the videos 1 and 2.

Enjoy Yourself. The early spinning shoes version of hand on your heart would be a nice addition.

Rhythm of love. As per YouTube the full rhythm of love tour video was recorded at some stage a nice remastered version of this as an extra would be great and also there is an alternative video of step back in time on YouTube also.

Lets get to it. Kylie live in Dublin would be also great.

David Ford

Wouldn’t be surprised if these releases get cancelled all together.


Why do you say that? Do you know something more about this delay than has been disclosed? And you’re not ‘Mixmaster’ Dave Ford, are you?


You were completely wrong!


I know this won’t happen, but with a three-month delay, I’d like to see PWL/Cherry Red go the “Lisa Stansfield reissue” route and do the following:

1 – Add Kylie’s previously released PWL concerts (On the Go and Kylie Live) to the DVDs
2 – Create Special Edition, Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition bundles that are less expensive than buying the four items separately
3 – Add a bonus disc to each bundle that includes What Kind of Fool (+ remixes), Celebration (+ remixes), Where in the World, and other remixes missing from the reissues (the Harding & Curnow remix of Step Back in Time, the Original 12″ Mix of What Do I Have to Do, the Summer Breeze 7″ Mix of Word Is Out, etc.)