Last chance for Bobbie Gentry box

Such was the success of the acclaimed Bobbie Gentry 8CD box set The Girl From Chickasaw County that it quickly went out of print and has become hard to get hold of in the UK and many other regions.

The news is that Universal have committed to a very small repress to give fans an opportunity to own this set without having to pay through the nose. It’s a little more expensive than before (due to higher-per-unit production costs), but this realistically represents the last change to get hold of the box for ‘sensible’ money.

I’m pleased to say that SDE can offer this title via the SDE shop, along with the another title that’s as good as out-of-print, The Police’Every Move You Make 6LP half-speed remastered box. We will definitely have stock of both titles and these will ship from the UK in late February.

The Girl From Chickasaw County – The Complete Masters

CD 1: Ode To Billie Joe
1.  Mississippi Delta
2. I Saw an Angel Die
3. Chickasaw County Child
4. Sunday Best
5. Niki Hoeky
6. Papa, Woncha Let Me Go to Town With You?
7. Bugs
8. Hurry, Tuesday Child
9. Lazy Willie
10. Ode to Billie Joe
11. The Seventh Son [previously unreleased]
12. I Saw an Angel Die (Demo) [previously unreleased]
13. Niki Hoeky (Demo) [previously unreleased]
14. Papa, Woncha Let Me Go to Town With You? (Demo) [previously unreleased]
15. Hurry, Tuesday Child (Demo) [previously unreleased]
16. Mississippi Delta [Alternate version] [previously unreleased]
17. Sunday Best [Alternate take] [previously unreleased]
18. Show – Off [Stereo version][previously unreleased]
19. La Siepe Original 7″
20. La Citta E’ Grande ”

CD 2: The Delta Sweete
1. Okolona River Bottom Band
2. Big Boss Man
3. Reunion
4. Parchman Farm
5. Mornin’ Glory
6. Sermon
7. Tobacco Road
8. Penduli Pendulum
9. Jessye’ Lisabeth
10. Refractions
11. Louisiana Man
12. Courtyard
13. The Seventh Son [Band version] [previously unreleased]
14. Feelin’ Good [demo] [previously unreleased]
15. I Didn’t Know [demo] [previously unreleased]
16. Morning to Midnight [Demo] [previously unreleased]
17. Refractions [Demo] [previously unreleased]
18. Louisiana Man [Demo] [previously unreleased]
19. Sermon [Demo] [previously unreleased]
20. Morning Glory [demo] [previously unreleased]
21. Jessye’ Lisabeth [demo] [previously unreleased]
22. Courtyard [demo] [previously unreleased]
23. Louisiana Man [‘The Tom Jones Show’ 06/07/1968] [previously unreleased]
24. Ode to Billie Joe [‘The Tom Jones Show’ 06/07/1968] [previously unreleased]

CD 3: Local Gentry
1. Sweete Peony
2. Casket Vignette
3. Come Away Melinda
4. The Fool on the Hill
5. Papa’s Medicine Show
6. Ace Insurance Man
7. Recollection
8. Sittin’ Pretty
9. Eleanor Rigby
10. Peaceful
11. Here, There and Everywhere
12. Hushabye Mountain
13. Skip A Long Sam
14. Conspiracy of Homer Jones [previously unreleased]
15. Sweet Peony [Alternate Version] [previously unreleased]
16. Cotton Candy Sandman [Demo] [previously unreleased]
17. Hushabye Mountain [Demo] [previously unreleased]

CD 4: Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell
1. Less of Me
2. Little Green Apples
3. Gentle on My Mind
4. Heart to Heart Talk
5. My Elusive Dreams
6. (It’s Only Your) Imagination
7. Mornin’ Glory
8. Terrible Tangled Web
9. Sunday Mornin’
10. Let It Be Me
11. Scarborough Fair/Canticle
12. All I Have to Do Is Dream
13. Walk Right Back
14. Sunday Mornin’ [Alternate version] [previously unreleased]
15. Let It Be Me [Without strings] [previously unreleased]
16. Scarborough Fair/Canticle [without strings] [previously unreleased]
17. Love Took My Heart and Mashed That Sucker Flat [duet with Kelly Gordon]
18. Fool on the Hill [Japanese language version]
19. No me quiero enamorar [Spanish Language I’ll Never Fall In Love Again]
20. En Todas Partes [Spanish Language Here There and Everywhere]

CD 5: Touch ‘Em With Love
1. Touch ‘Em with Love
2. Greyhound Goin’ Somewhere
3. Natural to Be Gone
4. Seasons Come, Seasons Go
5. Glory Hallelujah, How They’ll Sing
6. I Wouldn’t Be Surprised
7. Son of a Preacher Man
8. Where’s the Playground, Johnny
9. I’ll Never Fall in Love Again
10. You’ve Made Me So Very Happy
11. More Today Than Yesterday
12. Spinning Wheel
13. Touch ‘Em with Love [Stereo version] [previously unreleased]
14. Glory Hallelujah, How They’ll Sing [Alternate take] [previously unreleased]
15. Seasons Come, Seasons Go [Demo] [previously unreleased]
16. Suppertime [previously unreleased]
17. God Bless The Child [previously unreleased]
18. Since I Fell For You [previously unreleased]
19. Save Your Love For Me [previously unreleased]
20. Here’s That Rainy Day [previously unreleased]
21. Stormy
22. This Girls In Love With You [previously unreleased]
23. Windows of the World

CD 6: Fancy
1. Fancy
2. Delta Man
3. Something in the Way He Moves
4. Find ‘Em, Fool ‘Em and Forget About ‘Em
5. He Made a Woman Out of Me
6. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
7. If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody
8. Rainmaker
9. Wedding Bell Blues
10. In the Ghetto
11. Fancy [Mono radio edit] [previously unreleased]
12. Apartment 21 [previously unreleased]
13. Away In A Manger
14. Scarlett Ribbons
15. Circle ‘Round the Sun [previously unreleased]
16. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head [Alternate take] [previously unreleased]
17. Wedding Bell Blues [Alternate take] [previously unreleased]
18. Apartment 21 [Without strings] [previously unreleased]
19. Scarlett Ribbons [Alternate version] [previously unreleased]
20. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody (Live on Top Of The Pops)

CD 7: Patchwork
1. Benjamin
2. Interlude 1
3. Marigolds and Tangerines
4. Interlude 2
5. Billy the Kid
6. Interlude 3
7. Beverly
8. Interlude 4
9. Miss Clara/Azusa Sue
10. Interlude 5
11. But I Can’t Get Back
12. Jeremiah
13. Interlude 6
14. Belinda
15. Mean Stepmama Blues
16. Your Number One Fan
17. Interlude 7
18. Somebody Like Me
19. Lookin’ In
20. Smoke
21. Joanne [previously unreleased]
22. Salome Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear [previously unreleased]
23. Benjamin [Alternate take] [previously unreleased]
24. Belinda [Alternate version] [previously unreleased]
25. Smoke (Demo) [previously unreleased]
26. The Girl from Cincinnati
27. You and Me Together

CD 8: Live At The BBC
1. Mississippi Delta [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 03/08/1968] [previously unreleased]
2. Papa Won’t You Let Me Go To Town With You [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 03/08/1968] [previously unreleased]
3. I Saw An Angel Die [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 03/08/1968] [previously unreleased]
4. My Dog Sargent [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 03/08/1968] [previously unreleased]
5. Ode to Billie Joe [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 03/08/1968] [previously unreleased]
6. Mornin Glory [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 27/07/1968] [previously unreleased]
7. Sunday Best [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 27/07/1968] [previously unreleased]
8. Hurry Tuesday Child [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 27/07/1968] [previously unreleased]
9. Nikki Hokey / Barefootin’ [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 10/08/1968][previously unreleased]
10. Penduli Pendulum [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 10/08/1968] [previously unreleased]
11. Ace Insurance Man [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 10/08/1968] [previously unreleased]
12. Chickasaw County Child [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 10/08/1968] [previously unreleased]
13. Recollection [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 16/07/1969] [previously unreleased]
14. Sweet Peony [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 16/07/1969] [previously unreleased]
15. Refractions [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 16/07/1969] [previously unreleased]
16. Greyhound Goin’ Somewhere [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 16/07/1969] [previously unreleased]
17. Cotton Candy Sandman [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 16/07/1969] [previously unreleased]
18. Open Your Window [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 01/02/1971] [previously unreleased]
19. Mother Nature’s son [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 01/02/1971] [previously unreleased]
20. Mr Bojangles [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 01/02/1971] [previously unreleased]
21. Your Number One Fan [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 01/02/1971] [previously unreleased]
22. He Made A Woman Out of Me [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 08/03/1971] [previously unreleased]
23. Billy the Kid [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 08/03/1971] [previously unreleased]
24. Wailing Of The Willow [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 08/03/1971] [previously unreleased]
25. Belinda [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 08/03/1971] [previously unreleased]
26. Circle ‘Round The Sun [Live on ‘Bobbie Gentry’ 08/03/1971] [previously unreleased]

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Daniel Reed Drown

Bobbie Gentry( who has not set foot in a recording studio in 40 years) is clearly having the last laugh. Andrew Batt, the archivist who spearheaded this project, has confirmed the box set has sold well past 10,000 units. A 5th pressing has nearly sold out. In about a years time, Gentry has sold about 100,000 c.d’s( 8 per box set). A truly remarkable feat in this digital age of music sales. How ironic it took the Brits to add a new luster to her legend when the American counterparts at Universal Records clearly dropped the ball on this one.


Universal Music Enterprises used to have a Select (formerly Hip-O Select) imprint for limited releases. With albums on the Select imprint, at least consumers could expect those albums to go out-of-print. Since Universal Music seems to have closed its Select imprint, there’s no way for consumers to be aware of limited releases.

tom m hans

I never heard Ode To Billie Joe but jumped the gun after this post. There is an excellent podcast “Cocaine and Rhinestones” dedicating 105 minutes to Bobbie Gentry – this is from 2014 and thus pre-dated this release but I devoured it during commuting. I ordered the box from amz.com for little more than 80 Dollars and so far I heard the 2nd disc only – I will re-listen to the podcast because it is so well executed.
I am very happy that there is still music out there that I never had heard of and SDE keeps me on my toes. First Mansun and now Bobbie Gentry. Thank you Paul!
Awaiting Paul Young Singles Box eagerly. Peace

Peter Stanton

Like so many others, I had not really considered this box set. I knew some of her music, and remember the TV series, but she was never of particular interest. I distinctly remember not liking the really MOR duets with Glen Campbell. However, so many glowing reviews, both here and in the likes of Mojo magazine, kept making me more and more interested. Then, it effectively sold out.

So, when Paul announced a a limited re-issue I finally jumped and have ordered it from SDE. £85 is a lot of money to me, but based on all I’ve heard, I am really looking forward to this set.


Bobbie Gentry has a great instagram page for viewing images of her during her record career. They list where her box set appeared in various publications end of year lists:


It’s unusual to find universal love for a project that the vast majority of music listeners wouldn’t have thought much, if anything, about prior to it’s release.

Well done to Andrew Batt for undertaking this project with such brilliant results.

Thanks to Rare Glam in the comments section for linking a great interview with Andrew Batt about this project.

So why can’t the music industry get other projects like this right more often? There must be a massive lack of imagination within the marketing teams, and lack of inertia to break down whatever internal barriers are placed in front of the various product managers. No doubt budgets on product and packaging get blown away, leading to hundreds of very average product launches.

What the consumer wants tends to get lost in many business decisions – people will pay a fair amount of money for the right package (sound quality, music content, presentation). The music industry seems to lose sight of this and transmits the impression of not being close enough to its customers, who often end up disappointed by releases rather than excited. Find product managers who love an artists music, empower them to deliver excellence and better products will emerge.

In this instance, Andrew Batt has delighted music lovers with this high class release. Bobbie Gentry has sold out and been reprinted. Paul has done some great projects with Tears for Fears and now Paul Young that have sold out. Barry White and his various projects had a brilliant selection of products released last year. It was a well thought out set of releases on cd, LP, 7″ box sets which served the memory and majesty of Barry White’s music so well, all done at prices that made it desireable to purchase.

Outside of these examples, the better packages on new recordings tend to come from an artists own shop, where they bypass the traditional record industry and sell direct to their fan base.

Brian Harrison

Thank you Paul and all the readers who posted already about this wonderful box set! I have been following this site for so long and have never posted a comment, however this set warrants action. I actually bought this on the day Paul posted it after having read everyone’s comments. I must agree that this is the best box set I have bought in such a long time (and I, like you have bought ALOT). I bought this blind solely relying on the readers here as I had never even heard of Bobbie Gentry. This is a very thoughtfully and perfectly constructed box set. The mastering is right where my ears like it. The book is perfect accompaniment to the music and the music itself is priceless.
I have so much to commune with here. I like so much already and believe this is going to be a favorite through the years.
This is the way a collection should be assembled. Thank you Paul and fellow readers for alerting me to this timeless music.

Pete {in Australia}

ORDERED! THANKS Paul, for the heads-up. So much going on when it was released, just kept shelving the purchasing of, but did want to add to the collection.
Being a carer, with not much income, that has a love of music, at times, have to be select of what i grab.
Yesterday i turned 54, and was first introduced to Bobbie, by my folks, at age 3, when they bought the 7″ of Lousiana Man, backed with Courtyard {always played the B-sdie first}. At 2.5 years old, i could operate their small portable record player. still have that 7″, too. :)


Happy birthday Pete!!

CJ Feeney

“It goes to show you never can tell” as Chuck Berry said.

Who would have picked this at the start of last year as the big hit of the box set market. It’s a bit out of my price range, but I was impressed by the RSD Live at the BBC LP. It proved to be the ideal taster for the box.

Philip Birtwistle

Ordered. Only problem is I don’t get to get my ears on it until my birthday in August……. Hopefully th missus will remember unlike with the Roxy Music box where I had to remind her!!


August? Seriously? Oh well, in the meantime you might get a glimpse of it on Spotify or the likes.

Michael Roberts

Thanks for the update and reminder about this great release. I had meant to pick it up earlier. I just Placed my order from Amazon US.

El Nino

Nice to see the label re-acting to demand from fans on this one.

Andy b in the place 2 b

I do have this set. Surprise box set of the year

Rare Glam

I concur with everyone else, this is a beautiful set, had it on pre-order from day 1. Maybe the Glen Campbell duet album won’t gt that much play in my house but everything else is excellent and her earliest few albums are almost a master class of story telling and tunesmithery. She makes cover versions sound like her own as well.

Fans should also read the lengthy interview with BG’s archivist Andrew Batt about the box set project here:



Thanks for the link – that was a great interview. Nice to see that Andrew shares my opinion of the duets album.

And I totally agree that the box set is brilliant. Reissue of the year.


I was looking forward to reading about a signed SDE edition. Guess not. At any rate, a great set.

Wayne Olsen

My advice: Get it. It’s marvelous.

Andy b in the place 2 b

Very good set. Suprise box set of the year.


It is CA$114 at Amazon.ca and there are only 3 remaining as per the website.
Hopefully this info helps.


Hopefully they keep this in print for a little longer as it seems to have ended up on most critics’ best box set of 2018 list, usually at the top. I know there are customers of mine who are still discovering it and will be wanting it as long is the price point stays reasonable. She is a lost gem.

Carl Parker

If you don’t have it but are a fan of Country/Americana this is a must have.
I got this last year and it is a very well produced set giving you Bobbie’s complete recordings plus a very nice book, a set of postcards (which are nice but don’t add a lot) and a copy of the handwritten lyrics to Ode To Billie Joe.


Fantastic box set – I really enjoyed this. It would be terrific if the individual albums were released on vinyl too (pure pleasure have an audiophile version of the first album BTW).

R. Michael Cox

I only know “Ode” by her but have read so many good reviews of this set I just ordered it. Hoping to find a lot of good music in there.


One of my favorite purchases of 2018. Highly recommended.

Uncle Meat

A magnificent set! If you consider yourself a true music fan, then grab it while you can.


I agree, the Bobbie box is absolutely superb – full of old gems and brilliant surprises.


Meant the Bobbie Gentry set!


Bought it when it came out. Brilliant set and would recommend to anyone on the fence to grab it.

David Glennon

Got this at good old HMV for £70 just after Christmas. Glad I did now! :)


For me the BG box was THE release of 2018. Thoughtfully compiled, stellar sound quality, beautifully packaged and fantastic notes and photos by compiler @andyB.

Well worth picking up if you haven’t already got it – it’s an essential release.

Richard Anderson

I pre-ordered Mercury Rev’s ‘Bobbie Gentry’s The Delta Sweete Revisited’ lp and then decided to check out Bobbie Gentry’s own music as I had only ever heard one song – Ode to Billy Joe. I bought the set that Paul is selling and I must say I was blown away at how fantastic a singer Bobbie Gentry is. This is a great set, brilliantly compiled, and well worth buying before it goes out of print. I am now looking forward to the Mercury Rev album on 8th February.


Bought mine from the Amazon in the States at a slightly higher dollar price and with shipping and the pre-paid import tax it worked out at about £82.00.
If I remember rightly, I think I commented on one of the ‘threads’ on this site about the limited availability of this one, quoting Andrew Batt, the box set’s compiler, who was trying to get what would be a second re-press organised, given particularly in the States that they gravely underestimated the demand for what is, in effect, a UK only pressing/product.
So as I said before, grab it while you can: it is, the same as the lady herself, magnificent, and one of, if not the re-release of 2018.


Paul, maybe you could explain the fees and taxes that those of you in the UK have to pay in order to purchase from the states for those of us in the USA to understand? Sounds like the UK must get the short end of the stick. I buy from Amazon.co.uk all of the time for deals. It benefits me quite a bit.

Phil Hammond

We will have to pay a sales tax (VAT) at 20%, regardless of the tax paid locally on items worth more than £15 delivered.

Import duty varies depending on the product and the value so only a box set costing more than £135 delivered will attract this. Rate is 2.5% – 5% probably. I couldn’t find on the Revenue website.

The above taxes are based on the total cost including packing and shipping.

Then Royal Mail charge an extra £10 on top for working all that out for you and charging you, and paying the Revenue.

So with Brexit coming it’s going to be fun times all round.

Justin Cole

The Gentry set is my pick for the best box set of 2018. As I am only a casual fan of hers, I believe that is quite a testament to the quality of this set.

One thing that strikes me as odd about this small reprint situation: if compact discs are so unpopular nowadays, why enough demand to sell out the first run in, what, 4 or 5 months? Surely this has to show the major labels there is still life in this format they seem to want to die off.


The Bobbie Gentry box set is a very nice collection indeed!