Led Zeppelin / Box sets and deluxe CD and vinyl reissues in June

LZI Deluxe Box
Led Zeppelin Super Deluxe Edition box set

Phase one of the much anticipated Led Zeppelin reissue campaign has just kicked-off with the first three albums slated for a 2 June release date.

Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin III will being issued as single CD remasters, two-CD Deluxe Editions, single vinyl LP remasters, and Deluxe Vinyl editions (3LPs for the debut and 2LPs for ‘II’ and ‘III’). The deluxe editions will feature previously unreleased audio on their ‘companion’ discs including ‘rough mixes’ of album tracks and in the case of the first album Led Zeppelin Live at the Olympia.

Furthermore, all the albums will be issued as a separate super deluxe edition box sets which contain ALL the content on CD and vinyl; a high-definition download card with ALL content in 96kHz/24 bit (live tracks are 48/24); a 70+ page photo book and a high quality print of original album artwork. The first 30,000 copies will be numbered. Led Zeppelin will also contain a copy of the band’s original Atlantic press kits.

All the audio on these sets has been remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page. Photos, details, track listings and pre-order links below:


Led Zeppelin

The first album will come as a single vinyl remaster and a deluxe triple vinyl edition which includes the original album remastered, plus two further records of companion audio on 180g vinyl in a tri-fold sleeve. The extra audio on the ‘companion disc’ is eight tracks from Led Zeppelin Live at the Olympia, a previously unreleased October 1969 concert from Paris, France.​ This content is repeated on the 2CD edition. The Super Deluxe Edition box set contains both CDs and all three vinyl records, plus book, digital downloads and more.

Unreleased audio on companion disc(s)

Live At The Olympia – Paris, France  (October 10, 1969)

  • 1. “Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown”
  • 2. “I Can’t Quit You Baby”
  • 3. “Heartbreaker”
  • 4. “Dazed And Confused”
  • 5. “White Summer/Black Mountain Side”
  • 6. “You Shook Me”
  • 7. “Moby Dick”
  • 8. “How Many More Times”
Single CD / Gatefold wallet

Single CD Remaster

2CDs / Gatefold wallet

Deluxe 2CD Edition

Standard vinyl

Single Vinyl Remaster

3LP Tri-fold vinyl

Deluxe 3LP Vinyl Edition

LZI Deluxe Box
Led Zeppelin Super Deluxe Edition box



Led Zeppelin II

As well as a single CD remaster (in a gatefold sleeve with an eight-page booklet) there is a deluxe 2CD version of Led Zeppelin II that has a second disc of previously unreleased studio outtakes. The Led Zeppelin II companion audio gives fans the first peek into the band’s recording sessions, with alternate mixes of five songs from the album, backing tracks to Thank You and Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman), and the previously unreleased track La La. The deluxe sets feature original artwork, plus a newly created negative artwork for the companion audio. The box set contains everything, including the book and hi-res downloads.

Unreleased audio on companion disc:

  1. Whole Lotta Love [Rough Mix with Vocal]
  2. What Is And What Should Never Be [Rough Mix with Vocal]
  3. Thank You [Backing Track]
  4. Hearbreaker [Rough Mix with Vocal]
  5. Living, Lovin Maid [Backing Track]
  6. Ramble On [Rough Mix with Vocal]
  7. Moby Dick [Drum Track]
  8. La La Intro/Outro [Rough Mix]
Single CD / Gatefold wallet

Single CD Remaster

2CDs / Gatefold wallet

Deluxe 2CD Edition

Standard vinyl

Standard Vinyl LP Remaster

2LP Tri-fold vinyl

Deluxe 2LP Vinyl Edition

LZII Deluxe Box
Led Zeppelin II / Super Deluxe Edition Box



Led Zeppelin III

The double vinyl version of Led Zeppelin III includes the original album (remastered) on one record with a second album of ‘companion audio’ which features seven previously unreleased studio outtakes from the album as well as three previously unheard compositions: Jennings Farm Blues (an instrumental forerunner of Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp), Bathroom Sound (an instrumental version of Out On The Tiles), and their take on the blues classics Keys To The Highway/Trouble In Mind. Both records will be pressed on 180g vinyl and will come in a tri-fold sleeve that includes the wheel and die-cut holes from the original LP sleeve. The 2CD edition contains the same bonus audio as the deluxe vinyl and also has a sleeve with the wheel and the die-cuts. Again, the Super Deluxe Edition box set gathers up all vinyl and CD content and adds hi-res downloads, a 70 page hardcover book and the high quality art print.

Unreleased audio on companion disc:

  • 1. “The Immigrant Song”
  • 2. “Friends”
  • 3. “Celebration Day”
  • 4. “Since I’ve Been Loving You”
  • 5. “Bathroom Sound”
  • 6. “Gallows Pole”
  • 7. “That’s The Way”
  • 8. “Jennings Farm Blues”
  • 9. “Keys To The Highway/Trouble In Mind”
Single CD / Gatefold wallet

Single CD Remaster

2CDs / Gatefold wallet

Deluxe 2CD Edition

Standard vinyl

Standard Vinyl LP Remaster

3LP Tri-fold vinyl

Deluxe 2LP Vinyl Edition

LZIII Deluxe Box
Led Zeppelin III Super Deluxe Edition box


Track listings

Led Zeppelin

Disc One

  • 1. Good Times Bad Times
  • 2. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
  • 3. You Shook Me
  • 4. Dazed and Confused
  • 5. Your Time Is Gonna Come
  • 6. Black Mountain Side
  • 7. Communication Breakdown
  • 8. I Can’t Quit You Baby
  • 9. How Many More Times

Companion Audio Disc (CD and LP)

Live At The Olympia – Paris, France  (October 10, 1969)

  • 1. “Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown”
  • 2. “I Can’t Quit You Baby”
  • 3. “Heartbreaker”
  • 4. “Dazed And Confused”
  • 5. “White Summer/Black Mountain Side”
  • 6. “You Shook Me”
  • 7. “Moby Dick”
  • 8. “How Many More Times”

Led Zeppelin II

Disc One

  • 1. “Whole Lotta Love”
  • 2. “What Is And What Should Never Be”
  • 3. “The Lemon Song”
  • 4. “Thank You”
  • 5. “Heartbreaker”
  • 6. “Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)”
  • 7. “Ramble On”
  • 8. “Moby Dick”

Companion Audio Disc (CD and LP)

  • Whole Lotta Love [Rough Mix with Vocal]
  • What Is And What Should Never Be [Rough Mix with Vocal]
  • Thank You [Backing Track]
  • Hearbreaker [Rough Mix with Vocal]
  • Livin, Lovin Maid [Backing Track]
  • Ramble On [Rough Mix with Vocal]
  • Moby Dick [Drum Track]
  • La La Intro/Outro [Rough Mix]

Led Zeppelin III

Disc One

  • 1. “Immigrant Song”
  • 2. “Friends”
  • 3. “Celebration Day”
  • 4. “Since I’ve Been Loving You”
  • 5. “Out On The Tiles”
  • 6. “Gallows Pole”
  • 7. “Tangerine”
  • 8. “That’s The Way”
  • 9. “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp”
  • 10. “Hats Off To (Roy) Harper”

Companion Audio Disc (CD and LP)

  • 1. “The Immigrant Song”
  • 2. “Friends”
  • 3. “Celebration Day”
  • 4. “Since I’ve Been Loving You”
  • 5. “Bathroom Sound”
  • 6. “Gallows Pole”
  • 7. “That’s The Way”
  • 8. “Jennings Farm Blues”
  • 9. “Keys To The Highway/Trouble In Mind”

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[…] the complete “Basement Tapes“, by Bob Dylan and The Band and the massive Led Zeppelin box set reissues, for each Zep album (the first five have been released so far). Luckily, the albums are also […]

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Magnificent points altogether, you just received a new reader. What could you suggest about your publish that you just made a few days ago? Any certain?


Received my boxsets last night. Beautiful packages, even though audio-wise it doesn’t offer that much value for money. But the booklet with the die-cut zeppelin, all the great pictures and artwork in the booklet etc are well worth the price IMO. A lot of bands (I’m looking at you Queen Productions!) deserve packages like this.

Gary C

Hi Paul
@popmarket are offering the deluxe boxes for £73 but dunno about postage rates

Peter Chrisp

Mic & Ron by the sound of it you are very impressed with “packaging”
and are the inner sleeves quite extensive? Looking forward to receiving my copies next week from the U.K.


I’ve listened to the ‘companion audio’ cd’s for II and III. There is really nothing new and earth-shattering in this bonus audio for a Zep fan. The rough mixes seem to be the same instrumental backing with a rough vocal track. And the outtakes that are labeled as ‘backing track’ seem to be just that, the released backing tracks with the vocals simply removed. The stuff that has not appeared on any bootlegs (La La Intro/Outro [Rough Mix] / “Keys To The Highway/Trouble In Mind”) is pretty lame in my opinion. If you have any Zep bootlegs you have probably heard most of the bonus content already. If you want to hear some good Zep bonus audio hunt down a copy of Studio Magik and get out your headphones! Good thing these two disc sets are going for the price of one CD.


Not a comment on the box set packaging, but just as a FYI, the hi-res audio is purchasable separately (at least in the US) at HDTracks for $30 each. Tempting…


The Super Deluxe boxes are really well put together, beautifully designed, a high quality build and packaged brilliantly for safe delivery to our collection. Shame some pillock decided it was good idea to slap a white sticker onto the box before it was shrinkwrapped!


Use a hair dryer to remove sticker.

C Feeney

I’ve never been a big Led Zep fan, alwys thought Pink Floyd were better, butb his set of reissues could certainly teach Pink Floyd a thing or two about giving the fans the options they need to get what they want. Not perfect, but a lot better than the Division Bell fiasco.

Mic Smith

Just opened Zep 1 and it’s amazing! The book is superb. A top quality product throughout.
The actual packaging used to deliver was really robust with each album in its own cardboard packaging with foam lining and shrink wrapped. Someone thought long and hard about getting them to fans in tip top condition. Well chuffed.


Yep agreed. The packaging was great! Got mine last week Friday (all three of them). Although I kind of hoped to see some interviews or liner notes in each book and I now think that the companion cd’s could have been better. Still, each set cries quality!


I think if Jimmy Page spent time remastering and pulling together some unreleased outtakes for true Led Zep fans and offered them in different formats I think it is all good. Sure you won’t be able to please everyone but for some fans this is welcomed and will be enjoyed. Very enthusiastic about what will come out of them reissuing Physical Graffiti.



you can download the new remasters via torrent for free and burn them,
then write “safety copy of 90’s remaster”

a private copy of a cd you already have is legal ;-)


I have almost the entire catalog (as well as the British catalogue) on CD — the early 90s remasters. I gather we will be able to send those discs back and get the 2014 remasters at a discount. Am very glad that’s the case since obviously the earlier generation of CDs are now passé, outmoded, superseded and déclassé.



they could have put the Olympia concert on LP for 20€

and a double LP set called “rarities” with only the rare track for 20€

i’ll pass on this,I already have all the european mini lp,plus the song remains the same double dvd,plus DVD,plus all the albums except 3 and Physical graffity on vinyl

that’s enough

i’m not a milking cow…!!!!!

Kevin Courtright

Am I confused, or does the official Led Zeppelin II delete “Bring It On Home”? Not speaking of the Bonus stuff; just the original LP.


As others wonder…I too look forward to learning are the analogue master tapes the source for all the titles…and how were they are re-mastered…great to see you can have the 2 LP sets without paying for all the added printed paper :-)

Peter Stillwell

Sorry, I don’t understand what is going on, these have already been re-released on CD 3 times and not with the original mastertapes. What the fans want are the Live recordings. Why is teh cost so high as well £91.00 on Amazon for each box set?
Come on Page/Plant/Jones you don’t need the money that much.
I already have Led Zep I on vinyl and CD and Box sets. How many more times are you going to release it!!!


The ongoing deluxe/super deluxe campaigns by a lot of artists and labels is mainly seen as a last hurrah by them to get as much cash for physical products as they can before the digital age takes over with downloads and streaming, which is a much cheaper and convenient way of obtaining, playing and sharing music.

The previous issue with the unavailability of high-res digital files is now being addressed and audiophiles are now being increasingly catered for in the digital realm.

You will notice a lot of poorly thought out projects with little to attract the consumer in terms of new/improved audio or video content and which are bulked out with easy to produce memorabilia that adds little to the music it represents but which looks nice all spread out and convinces buyers there is something there worth paying excessive prices for.

The marketing people know how to entice the average buyer but you really need to assess what is being offered and whether you are getting value for money in terms of the content especially compared to previous issues or cheaper editions of a multi-format release.

In this instance you can buy the deluxe double CD and deluxe vinyl for £35-£40 separately and so for £50-£55 more with the super deluxe box you are only getting a book of photos and a print as extras. If the high-res digital files do not come with the individual vinyl then that is a consideration although high-res is usually entirely dependent on the mastering. I never hear any audio difference significant enough to make me want to pay extra for high-res.


Very good post Dan, sums it up really.
This is classic gouging of the consumer by the labels treating us all as suckers.

It’s simply ludicrous the hi-res versions won’t be available separately. Allow HDTracks or others to sell them for crying out loud. I won’t be buying the super deluxe editions to get them and will wait for them to be available by ‘other means’.


Dan, you da man. Cheers for your objective analysis of what the greasy marketers are up to that actually doesn’t surprise me at all. Roll on the advancement of the digital revolooooooooooSHUN


The double CD editions have reduced from £19.99 to £12.99 on Amazon UK.


I have a feeling in between what I had with Peter Gabriel’s SO and Paul McCartney’s RAM Super Deluxe Edition. If you bought RAM without the vinyl it would have cost about $80. But that gave you Ram CD + Mono CD + Outtakes CD + Instrumental Ram CD + DVD + High Res Audio DL. If you bought the vinyl separately add another $50 (Mono ~20 + Stereo / Out takes ~30 LP). For a total of about 130 for A true Super deluxe package.

We all know the PG thing, but at least it included SO CD Remaster + LP / 12″ Single + Live Concert CD + DVD video Concert + DVD making of SO + High REs Audio DL. Big Book and all for a final price of about $100.

Not sure where I am going with this but at current 114 each box for two LP’s + two CD’s + High Res audio w/o any DVD or Making of DVD, I am not sure it is at the happy price point yet. I hope it falls to under $100 when essentially each is very redundant. It would have been cool to see a making of DVD/BD or something like that tucked in there.

Gary C

very tempted with these…
These bigger groups, heritage acts (?) that are well organised and have full control of their catalogue, are acting like car salesman. That is, selling us something every 3-5 years rather than a catalogue dump. The continual package and repackage of their back list will always sell better and generate more interest than any new material they have to release, so best to drip feed it rather than throw the lot out. Keep em wanting… and complaining of course.
Jimmy is being a bit coy, saying he doesn’t wanna step on the bootleggers toes. Bootleggers can’t bootleg a £92 box set filled with deluxe art work mind you, but that Olympia ’69 gig, as good as it is, has been available for some time in excellent quality.
It’s difficult when music that is so familiar to millions gets re-tooled. I just can’t imagine the original music sounding any better than it already does.


Na I suppose there will be also in the end a complete box set out will all albums in it. So for me i’ll wait and see. Don’t have any zep so far except a best of on double mc and the reunion concert of 2007 on cd.


Looking forward to Physical Graffiti when it comes in Super Deluxe !


Now that’s the way to do it! Did you read it, Brian May and Roger Taylor??

Steven Roberts

So, the first 30,000 Super Deluxe Boxes will be numbered? Someone is obviously expecting to shift lots of ‘premium product’.

Me, I’m expecting to see lots of boxes full of ‘overpriced tat’ heavily discounted by the Autumn…

Mr Tim

Im not currently loving the £92 quid here (uk) and $114 and change in the US. I suppose it was forever thus, but still… whats the exchange rate these days. Even at about X 1.4 thats c. £80 in the US. Sigh.


preorder for the deluxe boxes at the US amazon was $134 yesterday, down to $114 today….

Michael Ostrich

On Amazon.com, the price went from $135 yesterday to $115 today, so that’s a pretty good price for the super deluxe editions.

Keith Lambert

Pre-ordered, can’t wait.

However, the Super Deluxe sets are currently $51/£31 more expensive from Amazon UK than some US/Japan retailers (not taking VAT into account).

Hopefully the price will shift a little in the right direction before release day.

Tim Larkham

These look very good and hopefully will sound amazing. I hope to get the Deluxe 2CD versions but disappointed that the packaging resembles the cheap card sleeves that somewhat devalued the Pink Floyd remasters from a few years back.

Any particular reason why “Hey, Hey, What Can I Do?” from the US 7″ of “Immigrant Song” is missing from the second album?


This was never going to be simple, despite Led Zep having one of the most straightforward back catalogues out there. Glad the bonus tracks are not exclusively locked up in expensive box sets. For me, however, new content or improved audio resolution is what this should be about, and again it’s costly to get both. I am surprised that Page didn’t have a go at 5.1 mixes, but I’m getting too old to worry about it any more…we have to enjoy what we have while we can. Bring it on!


Not liking the looks of the cardboard CD sleeves. If they’re not Japan-style mini-LP’s (with inner sleeves) then they’re unacceptable.
Also: I cannot understand the point of HiRes *downloads*. HR is not gonna be of much use if it can’t be played on the stereo system. …So why not SACD or BluRay with the 24 bit stuff?!

Mr Tim

I see the single and double cd’s are in those rather naff cardboard sleeves. A bit like the pink Floyd remastered ones. Never liked them. Shame no deluxe style folding pack with plastic sleeve outer, or a jewel case for the single CD.
All said though, releases look good, as mentioned all the audio content (bar downloads) is availible at the lower price points. Probably the best compromise. The £92 is just a tad steep however.


Given the number of times Led Zep’s back catalogue has been remastered and reissued, all personally supervised by Jimmy Page, it’s probably fair to ask if he’s finally got it right this time.


The Led Zeppelin catalog has been remastered only once, in 1990.

The tracks on the Mothership compilation were newly mastered for that collection.

Neil Wilkes

And the 1990 remasters are appalling! I have both the 4CD Box set (the 12″ box with 4CD in it) as well as the “complete studio albums” 10 CD box, and the sound on those is so bright & toppy they are almost unlistenable when compared to other versions I have got. I avoided the “mothership” sets completely as I already have a couple of sets of bad remasters & did not want another.

That aside, I have pre-ordered all 3 of the SDE versions as I want the 24/96 versions – but have to pay almost £100 an album to get them. That is outrageous, and the more I think about it the more likely it is that I will cancel this order as that works out at £50/album to get downloaded files & not even physical replicated content.


Super Deluxe is fifty pounds more over the price of the separate CD and vinyl formats for a book of photos, a print and some files that to most people will sound no different to the CD.



I am a bit disappointed. Was hoping for the opportunity to buy just the 24/96 versions.

Also, any updates on a boxed-set of the 8 track versions? The word is that a numbered version would sell for £300. Also, I gather that the entire catalog will be available on “super virgin” vinyl which obviously is better than just virgin vinyl as it is purer and newer than new.


Does the Deluxe vinyl version come with the hi-res downloads or is that only available in the Super Deluxe version?



My main question is ” what will the vinyl sound like?”. Will they be mastered from the original tapes? Will they spend time and money getting it right?
Mothership , etc were crap compressed sound, hope this will not be the case again…
I hope there is not a trend of now placing more importance on nice presentation than sound quality for all these vinyl deluxe set that have, or are coming out from a number of artists. When they get it right, the sound is worlds apart from a CD. Only my opinion, and interestingly I only see 1 other comment, out of over 20, asking the same question.


I was hoping for an LP boxset similar to what the The Beatles did.

I don’t see myself buying the deluxe albums simply because I’ll never play the bonus content. If they were numbered, or if the first 2500 were coloured or had some other collectable advantage, it would be a different story.

Prices on amazon.ca are pretty damn good, $22.86 for the 1-LPs, $32 for the 2-LPs, and $38.45 for the 3-LP… so no complaints there at all.


I just want these & bonus tracks on CD and high res i.e. BluRay

Alan Fenwick

Looks like a far better deal for the Super Deluxe Sets if your a Canadian.

They are all only £63 at Amazon Canada, a substantial saving compared to other countries.


Ahh more LP’s to re-buy…. IF I buy Zep III again (I bought the orig, CD & the remastered CD) I should be able to get some sort of credit if they want me to buy it again. My bank account can’t seem to keep up with all these LP’s I’ve bought more than once over the years. Oh yeah, remember that 1990 box set? Where were all the “rarities” then?????


Well, it’s a bundle of riches.

But I’m still not happy. I’d pay extra for the Super Deluxe editions – but I don’t want the vinyl. And I don’t want to have to pay for the vinyl in order to get the book. Given the option I’d want isn’t available, I’ll stick with my Japanese Mini LP’s.

Sorry to p*ss and moan about a release such as this. I just have zero interest in spending money on Vinyl.


Same here! I haven’t purchased vinyl since 1979.

Ed Bliss

Exactly, Dean. Who needs vinyl?! Anyone who thinks vinyl sounds better than cd needs a new set of ears or (more easily) a better cd player/ amp/ speakers. If I were Prime minister,I’d make vinyl reissues ILLEGAL!

Robert Plant

When this stuff came out there was no such thing as CD, Thank the Lord.The only way to hear Zep at their best would be to follow Apple’s example and go back to the original master tapes,cut new stampers (metal masters) and repress on 180 gram vinyl. I’ve just,this week recieved my Beatles in mono box set and so far I’m half way through and as a listening experience it has been stunning.So until Jimmy gets back to the roots,the orig’ tapes and does the same,I’ll just stick with my Five original 1st pressed LPs,they started to loose it from six onwards. Ta Ta.

Marcus Sigismund

Do the vinyl only reissues also have download cards for high (or at least standard) definition content? If so, I don’t need the super deluxe boxes.

Thanks in advance!

mark t

the superdeluxe editions are superfluous unless you need a hardback book and hi res downloads. buying the cd and vinyl separately saves you $50 right there. this is how to do multiple formats, not stick extra tracks on the most expensive edition (take note pete townshend and pink floyd). well don LZ.


What great news as none of this material has ever been reissued before ever…..since the last time!


Very nice but what are the details of the remastering? Anything that has come out of the LZ camp for the last ten years or so has been pretty dreadful in my opinion. I would spring for the deluxe vinyl if I thought it was properly transferred from the original analogue master tapes without the usual ‘brickwall’ compression. Oh and a decent engineer. As close as possible to the sound of the original UK ‘plum label’ LPs is what we need here…


So, what about those companion tracks on III? Are they outtakes, alternate takes, rough demos or what? Live versions, perhaps ;)?


3 super deluxes order , there goes the kids college fund , I’m sure they will understand ….. A bit disappointed about the lack of 5.1 versions but I can’t wait for these to come out


How many more times?


Well, could be a waiting game this one … The more pre-orders the price may well come down for the Box sets. The first 30,000 will be numbered, but i am sure that means they will keep producing them un-nummbered. Not sure great for the investors out there, only time will tell. (Much like the Beatles Mono Box, originally going to be numbered then, didn’t & five years later still knocking them out)!

After selling x-amount numbered that could mean a discount in the long term, but for £92, each box, at the moment, think alot of people might pass, i think i will.

I must agree, it’s good to see all of music content available much cheaper, so every taste & budget is catered for. A very comprehensive release with great extras. It’s going to be a very interesting release for sure. Thank once again for letting us all know first here! Thanks!