Lee Hazlewood Industries / “There’s a Dream I’ve Been Saving 1966-1971”

Deluxe Edition of “There’s A Dream I’ve Been Saving 1966-1971”

Light In The Attic records have put together a very lavish box set commemorating the legacy of Lee Hazlewood Industries from 1966 – 1971.

Lee Hazlewood was an American singer, songwriter and producer. He wrote and produced the 1966 hit These Boots Are Made For Wakin’ for Nancy Sinatra and shortly after formed Lee Hazlewood Industries (LHI).

The core of There’s A Dream I’ve Been Saving 1966-1971  is a four-CD anthology of the LHI label which include many Hazlewood songs, covers, duets and songs by other artists signed to the label (see full track listing below). In addition a DVD is included which features the never-before-released 1970 film Cowboy in Sweden on DVD (made while Hazlewood was living in Sweden in the early 1970s) and most impressively this set comes with a 172 page LP sized hardcover book, that tells the story of LHI via rare photographs and interviews with the likes of Lee and singer Suzi Jane Hokum.



Although it already sounds quite impressive there is a Deluxe Edition of the box set that contains all of the above and houses it in a cloth-bound clamshell box with reproductions of LHI-era artifacts including press photos and a reproduction plane ticket used by Hazlewood back in ‘70. The real attraction with the deluxe box is that it comes with three further data DVDs which include just about every 45 single and every LP ever released on LHI — around 17 albums and 72 singles, totalling 305 songs. The are supplied in in both WAV and MP3 formats.

There’s A Dream I’ve Been Saving 1966-1971 is released on 26 November

Standard Edition (4CD+DVD+Book)

Deluxe Edition (4CD+4DVD+Book + Cloth bound clamshell box + extras)

Standard set includes:

• 172 Page Hard Cover Book

• Cowboy in Sweden The Film, on DVD (1970, 60 mIns):

• Four CDs (107 Tracks):

  • – Meticulously Re-mastered. Analog transfers captured at 24-bit/96-kHz. 95% of transfers from original analog master tapes (remainder transferred from mint vinyl).
  • – DISCS 1 & 2: Everything Lee recorded for LHI, including every 45 single and album (Cowboy in Sweden, Forty, The Cowboy & The Lady, and Requiem For an Almost Lady), plus a handful of unreleased tracks.
  • – DISCS 3 & 4: Key tracks from the LHI stable
 of artists, including Suzi Jane Hokom, The Kitchen Cinq, Ann-Margret, Honey Ltd., The International Submarine Band, Arthur, The Aggregation, Sanford Clark, Lynn Castle, The Surprise Package, Virgil Warner, and Hamilton Streetcar, amongst many others.

• Flexi disc featuring unheard Lee ‘studio chatter’ (“Play it like a cowboy song”)

• Reproduction of Lee’s original embossed LHI business card

• Five random copies include a “Golden Ticket” for a free subscription to Light In The Attic’s Lee Hazlewood Archive Series

Deluxe Edition extras:

Everything from the standard edition plus the below extras:

3 Data DVDs with Deluxe

Three DVDs (305 Tracks):

– LHI catalog as both WAVs & MP3s (320 Kbps) – covering 17 albums and 140 A&B sides. DVDs exclude The International Submarine Band.

  • – Meticulously re-mastered
  • – DISC 1: LHI catalog (MP3 w/ cover art)
  • – DISC 2: LHI LPs (WAV w/ cover art)
  • – DISC 3: LHI 45 Singles (WAV w/ label art)
Red clamshell box with deluxe

Cloth Bound Clamshell Box:

  • – Gold foil stamped and debossed silhouette of Lee
1970 airline tickets with deluxe

From The LHI Vault:

  • – 6 glossy LHI promo photos
  • – 1970 Hazlewood Airlines ticket

Track listing:


  • 1. Pray Them Bars Away – Lee Hazlewood
  • 2. Leather and Lace – Lee Hazlewood & Nina Lizell
  • 3. Forget Marie – Lee Hazlewood
  • 4. Cold Hard Times – Lee Hazlewood
  • 5. The Night Before – Lee Hazlewood
  • 6. Hey Cowboy – Lee Hazlewood & Nina Lizell
  • 7. No Train to Stockholm – Lee Hazlewood
  • 8. For a Day Like Today – Suzi Jane Hokom
  • 9. Easy and Me – Lee Hazlewood
  • 10. What’s More I Don’t Need Her – Lee Hazlewood
  • 11. Vem Kan Segla (I Can Sail Without the Wind) – Lee Hazlewood & Nina Lizell
  • 12. Trouble Maker – Lee Hazlewood
  • 13. Califia (Stone Rider) – Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane Hokom
  • 14. Alone – Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane Hokom
  • 15. I’ll Never Fall in Love Again – Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane Hokom
  • 16. No Body Like You – Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane Hokom
  • 17. First Street Blues – Suzi Jane Hokom
  • 18. I’m Glad I Never – Lee Hazlewood
  • 19. If It’s Monday Morning – Lee Hazlewood
  • 20. L.A. Lady – Lee Hazlewood
  • 21. Won’t You Tell Your Dreams – Lee Hazlewood
  • 22. I’ll Live Yesterdays – Lee Hazlewood
  • 23. Little Miss Sunshine – Lee Hazlewood
  • 24. Stoned Lost Child – Lee Hazlewood
  • 25. Come On Home to Me – Lee Hazlewood
  • 26. Must Have Been Something I Loved – Lee Hazlewood
  • 27. I’d Rather Be Your Enemy – Lee Hazlewood


  • 1. Sleep in the Grass – Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
  • 2. Chico – Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
  • 3. Am I That Easy to Forget – Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
  • 4. Only Mama That’ll Walk the Line – Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
  • 5. Greyhound Bus Depot – Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
  • 6. Walk On Out of My Mind – Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
  • 7. Hangin’ On – Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
  • 8. Victims of the Night – Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
  • 9. Break My Mind – Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
  • 10. You Can’t Imagine – Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
  • 11. Sweet Thing – Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
  • 12. No Regrets – Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
  • 13. Dark End of the Street – Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret
  • 14. It Was a Very Good Year – Lee Hazlewood
  • 15. The Bed – Lee Hazlewood
  • 16. Paris Bells – Lee Hazlewood
  • 17. Wait Till Next Year – Lee Hazlewood
  • 18. September Song – Lee Hazlewood
  • 19. Let’s Burn Down the Cornfield – Lee Hazlewood
  • 20. Bye Babe – Lee Hazlewood
  • 21. Mary – Lee Hazlewood
  • 22. For Once in My Life – Lee Hazlewood
  • 23. I Just Learned to Run – Lee Hazlewood
  • 24. Me and the Wine and the City Lights – Lee Hazlewood
  • 25. Nothin’s Gonna Blow My Mind – Lee Hazlewood


  • 1. Rose Colored Corner – Lynn Castle w/Last Friday’s Fire
  • 2. Need All the Help I Can Get – The Kitchen Cinq
  • 3. You Better Go – Raul Danks & Jon Taylor
  • 4. I Can’t Help the Way I Feel – Last Friday’s Fire
  • 5. Tomorrow Your Heart – Honey Ltd.
  • 6. Come On Sunshine – Suzi Jane Hokom
  • 7. Little War – Suzi Jane Hokom
  • 8. If You Climb on the Tiger’s Back – Danny Michaels
  • 9. The Street Song (New York’s My Home) – The Kitchen Cinq
  • 10. I Want You – The Kitchen Cinq
  • 11. Puppetry – Raul Danks & Jon Taylor
  • 12. Pastel Dreams – Michael Gram
  • 13. And They Are Changing – Danny Michaels
  • 14. Does Anybody Know – A Handful (Kitchen Cinq)
  • 15. Wasn’t It You – A Handful (Kitchen Cinq)
  • 16. Silk ‘n’ Honey – Honey Ltd.
  • 17. Invisible People – Hamilton Streetcar
  • 18. Flash – Hamilton Streetcar
  • 19. Maharishi – The Aggregation
  • 20. Flying Free – The Aggregation
  • 21. Something’s Happening – Last Friday’s Fire
  • 22. You Turned My Head Around – Ann-Margret
  • 23. It’s a Nice World to Visit (But Not to Live In) – Ann-Margret
  • 24. Sam – Ann-Margret
  • 25. New Way Home – The Surprise Package
  • 26. The Lady Barber – Lynn Castle w/Last Friday’s Fire
  • 27. When We’re Talked About Tomorrow – Colleen Lanza
  • 28. Sunshine Soldier – Arthur


  • 1. The Black Widow Spider – Sanford Clark
  • 2. Dying Daffodil Incident – A Handful (Kitchen Cinq)
  • 3. Lady Bird – Virgil Warner & Suzi Jane Hokom
  • 4. Summer Wine – Virgil Warner & Suzi Jane Hokom
  • 5. Emmy – Ray Chafin
  • 6. Luxury Liner – International Submarine Band
  • 7. California Sunshine Girl – The Shacklefords
  • 8. It’s My Time – The Shacklefords
  • 9. Hands – Danny Michaels
  • 10. Same Old Songs – Suzi Jane Hokom
  • 11. Reason to Believe – Suzi Jane Hokom
  • 12. The Man I Was Yesterday – Virgil Warner
  • 13. Dusty Roads – Eve
  • 14. Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham – Eve
  • 15. Warm Miami Sunshine – Joe Cannon
  • 16. Lonesome Wheels – Joe Cannon
  • 17. Cold Hard Times – Joe Cannon
  • 18. Peppermint Morning – Rabbitt
  • 19. Goin’ On – Phoenix 70
  • 20. Friday’s Child – Billie Dearborn
  • 21. I Feel Love Coming On – Jon Christian
  • 22. Ten or Eleven Towns Ago – Barbara Randolph
  • 23. Miracle on 19th Street – Barbara Randolph
  • 24. Cheap Lovin’ – Barbara Randolph
  • 25. Chain of Fools – Don Randi
  • 26. Angry Generation – The Woodchucks
  • 27. The Start – Larry Marks

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Movie reason for actuality an excellent website owner. It filling speed is actually extraordinary. It kind of feels that you’re carrying out any special technique. As well, Your subject matter are usually must-see. you will have completed a fantastic job on this subject!

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I received my box set today (actually arrived 2 days ago but had to collect it from my post office). This is an absolutely gorgeous box set; the best I’ve bought this year and certainly among my Top 5 of all box sets. The Deluxe version comes in a beautiful clamshell box. When you open it, you discover the book which holds the 4 CD’s on the inside cover inside these (in)famous wallets. CD’s are quite easy to remove though; only CD1 had some adhesive traces on the edge that I could easily remove and it played fine. I had no time to listen to the other CD’s. Then you have the 3 data DVD’s; 1 with all the MP3’s, 1 with the WAV files of the albums and the last one with the WAV files for the singles. There’s even a red flexi disc inside the book. Plus some memorabilia (an LHI airplane ticket !). The book is marvellous and of excellent printing quality. The funny thing is to discover all these artists and groups who didn’t make a name for themselves. Beside Lee Hazlewood records & Ann Margret, I had never heard of the other artists. It would almost be like someone invented it all. It’s a box set like any other.


does the first dvd have all the songs that are on discs 2 and 3 dvds?


C’mon Paul I thought you’d write something about how badly amazon have treated us. It’s a total disgrace and deserves to be taken up and highlighted.


I have ordered the deluxe box set from Amazon UK at the initial price of…£103. Now it’s £163 but unfortunately in back order.
I want the deluxe version with the DVD Rom’s; so I will wait. Some UK stores have it in stock but you’ll have to pay a much higher price (eg Norman Records selling it at £190).

Lenny Banter

Even though this was advertised as coming out this week, Amazon have informed me that it will not be delivered until 31st December at the earliest. WTF! Has anyone actually received their box set?


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Pre-ordered the Deluxe set. I’m really stoked for this. I’ve loved the way Light in the Attic have treated Lee in the past. This just looks like one of the best box sets I’ve ever seen. It really shows up a lot of the sets I have already such as the Floyd Immersion ones. Which were pretty naff.


Really looking forward to this!

Is it confirmed that the audio on the data-dvd’s in the Deluxe version will be hi/res?

The LITA site mentions WAVs but not the bitrate…


That’s what I call a deluxe edition!

Killian Scott

I’ll never pre-order from a label again. They usually charge you straightaway or else put through a poxy pre-authorisation charge. Amazon all the way – no charge until they ship and prices frequently fall.


Preorder the deluxe directly from Light in the Attic-it’s $62 cheaper