Leo Sayer / The Complete UK Singles Collection 1973-1986

Edsel will next month release The Complete UK Singles Collection, a new 30CD box set featuring the work of Leo Sayer.

This extensive anthology will feature all of his UK singles (and B-sides/extra tracks) from the period 1973-1986, when Sayer had nine top 10 hits and a transatlantic number one When I Need You.

The ‘Meck featuring Leo Sayer’ Thunder In My Heart single from 2006 also went to number one in the UK and a bonus disc with seven remixes features as part of this set along with a second bonus CD of 1979’s The Very Best of Leo Sayer album.

The discs come in mini-vinyl replica wallets, and the box includes a booket with liner notes by music journalist and author, Chris Welch.

The Complete UK Singles Collection 1973-1986 is released on 25 March 2016.




CD 01

  • 1. Why Is Everybody Going Home 4.14
  • 2. Quicksand 2.40

Produced by Adam Faith and David Courtney

CD 02

  • 1. The Show Must Go On 2.54
  • 2. Tomorrow 4.12

Produced by Adam Faith and David Courtney

CD 03

  • 1. One Man Band 3.35
  • 2. Drop Back 3.20

Produced by Adam Faith and David Courtney

CD 04

  • 1. Long Tall Glasses 3.03
  • 2. In My Life 3.26

Produced by Adam Faith and David Courtney

CD 05

  • 1. Let It Be 3.46
  • 2. Another Year 3.09

Produced by Adam Faith and Russ Ballard

CD 06

  • 1. Moonlighting 3.59
  • 2. Streets Of Your Town 2.58

Produced by Adam Faith and Russ Ballard

CD 07

  • 1. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing 2.48
  • 2. Magdelena 4.25

Produced by Richard Perry

CD 08

  • 1. When I Need You 4.03
  • 2. I Think We Fell In Love Too Fast 3.07

Produced by Richard Perry

CD 09

  • 1. How Much Love 3.35
  • 2. I Hear The Laughter 3.13

Produced by Richard Perry

CD 10

  • 1. Thunder In My Heart 3.38
  • 2. Get The Girl 2.46

Produced by Richard Perry

CD 11

  • 1. There Isn’t Anything I Wouldn’t Do 3.12
  • 2. World Keeps On Turning 3.21

Produced by Richard Perry

CD 12

  • 1. Dancing The Night Away 4.15
  • 2. Tell Me Just One More Time 2.43

Produced by Richard Perry

CD 13

  • 1. I Can’t Stop Loving You (Though I Try) 3.29
  • 2. No Looking Back 2.55

Produced by Richard Perry

CD 14

  • 1. Raining In My Heart 3.16
  • 2. Don’t Look Away 3.30

Produced by Richard Perry

CD 15

  • 1. When The Money Runs Out 3.38
  • 2. Takin’ The Easy Way Out 4.51

Produced by David Courtney

CD 16

  • 1. The World Has Changed 3.57
  • 2. Oh Girl 3.45

Produced by David Courtney

CD 17

  • 1. Once In A While 3.30
  • 2. Living In A Fantasy 4.25

Produced by Alan Tarney

CD 18

  • 1. Where Did We Go Wrong 3.54
  • 2. Millionaire 4.22

Produced by Alan Tarney

CD 19

  • 1. More Than I Can Say 3.37
  • 2. Only Fooling 3.37

Produced by Alan Tarney

CD 20

  • 1. Heart Stop Beating In Time 3.58
  • 2. The End Of The Game 3.28

Produced by Arif Mardin

CD 21

  • 1. Bye Bye Now My Sweet Love 3.20
  • 2. You Win – I Lose 3.43
  • 3. She’s Not Coming Back 3.50
  • 4. Once In A While 3.30

Produced by Alan Tarney

CD 22

  • 1. Have You Ever Been In Love 3.48
  • 2. I Don’t Need Dreaming Anymore 3.42

Produced by Arif Mardin

CD 23

  • 1. Orchard Road 4.29
  • 2. Gone Solo 3.58

Produced by Alan Tarney

CD 24

  • 1. Til’ You Come Back To Me 4.05
  • 2. Train 3.49

1. Produced by Christopher Neil /

2. Produced by Adam Faith and David Courtney


  • 1. Sea Of Heartbreak 3.44
  • 2. Easy To Love (‘84) 3.50
  • 3. Dreaming 3.40

1. Produced by Christopher Neil /

2. & 3. Produced by Leo Sayer and Simon Hurrell

CD 26

  • 1. Real Life 3.55
  • 2. The Girl Is With Me 4.10

Produced by Alan Tarney

CD 27

  • 1. Unchained Melody 4.32
  • 2. Heart For Sale 4.05

Produced by Alan Tarney

CD 28

  • 1. Solo 3.40
  • 2. Passion 4.40

1. Produced by Leo Sayer and Pete Bardens / 2.

Produced by Leo Sayer


CD 29

Meck feat. Leo Sayer

  • 1. Thunder In My Heart Again (Radio Edit) 3.07
  • 2. Thunder In My Heart Again (Miami Calling Mix) 7.59
  • 3. Thunder In My Heart Again (Miami Calling CD Mix) 5.45
  • 4. Thunder In My Heart Again (Hott 22 Mix ) 7.25
  • 5. Thunder In My Heart Again (Hott 22 Dub) 7.34
  • 6. Thunder In My Heart Again (Starlet DJs Groove Deluxe Mix) 6.48
  • 7. Thunder In My Heart Again (Starlet DJs Dub) 6.13

1. Mixed by Peter Craigie / 2. & 3. Mixed by Miami Calling (Lee Dagger and Marc JB) / 4. & 5. Mixed by Hott 22 (Chris Malinchak and Greg Bahary) / 6. & 7. Remixed by Pete Martine and Danny Nightingale



The Very Best of Leo Sayer (1979 / #1 ALBUM)

  • 1. When I Need You 4.03
  • 2. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing 3.41
  • 3. Raining In My Heart 3.16
  • 4. How Much Love 3.35
  • 5. Dancing The Night Away 4.15
  • 6. Thunder In My Heart 3.35
  • 7. I Can’t Stop Loving You (Though I Try) 3.29
  • 8. One Man Band 3.35
  • 9. Giving It All Away 3.52
  • 10. Train 3.49
  • 11. Let It Be 3.37
  • 12. Long Tall Glasses (I Can Dance) 3.03
  • 13. Moonlighting 4.11
  • 14. The Show Must Go On 2.54



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To Mr Paul Sinclair:- Just wondered what your opinion is on these Singles Box sets that keep appearing Paul. Do you think they are worth it for the price. Would you pay nearly £90 for one, even if it were one of your most favorite artists? Regards Colin.


I’ve yet to indulge in these singles-box-sets as the artists just hold no interest.

But if ones dedicated to Blondie or Kate Bush were to appear, the knees may buckle.

Nigel Hall

agree 100% Paul.


Here we go again with another pointless Singles Box Set that will be down to £30 by the time summer comes. Just like the Showaddywaddy one was reduced in price a few months after release date. DO NOT BUY – Wait til summer and get it much cheaper. Same Music can be purchased elsewhere for much less if you want it straight away!


80 tracks for nearly £90 – Bargain.

I predict this will sell like week old fish and stink up the warehouse at Amazon in the same way.

He’s best known now for going into meltdown on Big Brother, so who on earth is the market for this rip-off?

Rock Roll

Can’t wait for this box set to sell for about $25.


Why has a ‘Best Of’ CD ALBUM been added to a Complete SINGES collection boxset?


I prefer the complete album boxset, so will not be bothering with this collection of singles.


Very nice. One of my earliest music memories was seeing Leo perform Long Tall Glasses on Tv, around 1975 or so. In the states he had a few big hits and a couple of number 1’s.


I love love love Leo, but won’t buy this, I like Justin cannot see the point of singles cd. Takes up space and I’d be fed up changing all the time. I’d rather the whole lot on a couple of CDs or more, and the sleeves as extras.

Nick Ledbury

Sorry …………….but Leo Sayer does deserve this kind of treatment what do you have against him…………….class artist from the 70s/80s still touring doing 2 hour plus sets & releasing albums


@Justin Isbell — funny, I get exactly the same feeling at the thought of playing a mere side of an LP these days. “If I play this I’ll have to get up after 20 minutes to put something else on. How inconvenient is that?” Old age or laziness, hmmm.

Nigel Hall

I’m sure it will appeal to Leo completists but given everything apart from the bonus disc remixes and the two b-sides of ‘Sea of Heartbreak’ are on his 3-disc 2006 Singles As & Bs it’s not one for me…


“Leo completists”

Does such a thing really exist?!


Someone at Edsel must have been playing cards with Leo’s manager.


@Justin Isbell – took 13 responses before someone pointed out how dumb this is. Thank you.


I suppose the appeal is having replica covers of every single release, but I don’t think that feature is anywhere near worth what Edsel is charging (not to mention how wasteful it is having most of these CDs with only 2 tracks).

I would have put 4 singles on each CD (8-10 tracks total), then split each CD cover into 4 quadrants, each of which featured one single cover. That would have made this a much more reasonable 9-CD set (7 for the singles + 2 for the bonus content).

Justin Isbell

Is it just me but I can’t see the point of these massive singles only sets taking up valuable shelf space. Why not simply cram the tracks onto 5 or 6 CDs instead. Who ever wants to listen to 2 songs and then have to change the disc. If that’s your thing then fine…I’m wrong and will go back into my hole :-)


good to see another singles box set. hope more will start to happen.
the ‘best of’ cd seems a bit out of place though


Seems a little harsh given the pretty damn good run of singles he had – there are a number of quite simply excellent songs listed here.


Leo’s music is just plàin awesome!….in my opinion anyway.

Rob Wilcock

Sorry if my earlier comment was a little harsh. Love Orchid Row and Thunder In My Heart. Not so keen on 7 “remixes”.

Rock Roll

The 14-CD complete Leo Sayer box set recently sold for about $2/CD from third party sellers on Amazon.

Now, if this 30-CD single box sets for about $1/CD. I’d probably buy it.

Jarle Lilledal Nyvoll

Why so negative? I can think of many artists more worthy of such a release than Leo Sayer, but I am considering buying it for the inclusion of his version of Cliff´s “Dreamin´”. There are a few tracks not found on the “Just a Box” set, but that is the only one I want. Now, if only his tracks for the movie “The Missing Link” were to be found on CD somewhere, I would certainly buy it! Those songs are less contrived than many of his later songs, even though Leo himself seems to have forgotten about them.

Simon F

You think this is bad; Edsel have also knocked out a Showaddywaddy singles box as well! Actually some of early Sayer singles aren’t too shabby IMO.


i do like this idea of singles boxsets , but i agree with Foxee , that Leo Sayer doesnt deserve this treatment


“Slightly ludicrous” sums it up well – especially as virtually every track apart from the TIMHA remixes was on the JUST A BOX complete studio collection a couple of years ago for a third of the current price of this! (I think “Get The Girl” was missing from the earlier box, and maybe the single versions of a few other tracks might fade earlier!)

Rob Wilcock

Have to say I agree with 3 of the 4 comments.

Could we have an article on Larry Levan!s forthcoming CD “The Genius Of Time” which is out in March? This is a double CD priced at a very low £6.99.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get…


When you think of all the artists who have not had this kind of release, and the ones who really should, Leo Sayer, quite frankly, doesn’t feature on that list.

Mike the Fish

This seems slightly ludicrous. Why the best of CD? Why no promo 12″ mix of Thunder In My Heart?


You said it…’promo’…the original 1977 12″ mix it was a bonus track on the albums box set..this is a Singles Box set from that period, so what was actually released…nice sleeves which were all international 7″ sleeves not released in the uk because Chrysalis used their house bag…and he did win a BASCA Gold Badge Award last year, which, in the main, honours great songwriters/composers.

Mike the Fish

So sleeves that weren’t used in the UK are okay, but a promo mix not used in the UK isn’t? The promo mix is from the era.




,,,”the feck?!?”